How to Overcome Nervousness - Straight Forward Tips

Coping with Nerves..

Experiencing servere nervousness when approaching presenting is an extremely common flaw that many people suffer in day to day life. Have you ever watched someone presenting and thought, "I wish I could do it half as well as that person", "How does he do it so easily and have the confidence to do it", "Why does he not feel nervous, I would be so scared". If so then you are experiencing very normal reactions to your own fears with presenting. The most common symptoms are:-

  • Heart beating quicker than normal
  • Inability to get your words out clearly
  • Nervousness
  • Not being able to look people in the eye when presenting
  • Losing sleep
  • Low self esteem and confidence

Some simple tips to help you prepare for a presentation and how to stop the nerves from getting out of control

  • Practise - This sounds pretty obvious but it is amazing how many of us underestimate it. Speak in public on every opportunity that you get. After a while it becomes something that you are used to doing,and the nerves will lessen more and more over time.
  • Know your Audience - If you know the expectations of your audience then all you need to do is simply feed them the information that they wish to aquire. If it means speaking about something that you feel uncomfortable with then you should just remember that this is what they want to hear.
  • Know your subject, and the objective - By knowing the subect inside out you feel less nervous. If you know what you are talking about then you should really have no problems and your confidence will improve vastly. One common fear is the questions that might head in your direction. If you know the subject well enough then you should have no problems with this. Also, knowing the objective is extremely important. If you know why you are there and what messages you need to convey then you have something to focus on.
  • Preperation. Be prepared, you do not want to rushing around on the day and finding that your projector and screen an have gone missing and it will only panic you out more. Be ready.
  • Take deep breaths before starting. Bring your breathing to normal and your racing heart beat will follow.
  • Rehearse - You can rehearse in your bedroom or even when in the bath! Do not under estimate it. If you become good at presenting to yourself then you should also improve in real life.
  • Remember - Most presentations will not be the "be all and end all". Nobody is going to die, and it is very unlikely that this is going to change your life a great day.
  • If you have children or someone close that you love then you can think about them before and whilst in the presentation to help you with nerves. You know what is really important to you.
  • Do not try to speak too fast.

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