How to Prevent a Cold

Vinegar and Honey, a healthful tonic.

Vinegar and Honey can prevent a cold, alleviate acid reflux, stop a migraine headache and so much more.
Vinegar and Honey can prevent a cold, alleviate acid reflux, stop a migraine headache and so much more.

Why another hub on the Common Cold?

Before starting this hub, I did a bit of research to be sure I was not repeating what has already been done. In the early 1980's, I read a Reader's Digest artical about how to avoid catching a cold. The writer explained very clearly how the virus and one's body react to each other. He further went on to explain the techniques he used and why they work. Over the years I have added to that bit of wisdom and as a result, my husband and I very rarely have been sick over the past 16 years.

In this day of superviruses and higher population levels, these tips are more valuable than ever. Today my gift to you is HEALTH.

What happens when a virus is present.

Okay, are you rolling your eyes yet? No? Then go ahead and do so. If you feel any pain or tension, a virus is in your bloodstream. A virus feeds off of the oxygen in your blood which is what causes tiredness and aches. Your eyes are the first place you can detect a virus robbing your oxygen supply.

As the virus multiplies, you will begin to feel achiness in your joints and a low grade fever will set in. The purpose of a fever is to lower the iron count in our bloodstream. A lower iron count means less oxygen which starves the virus. This also makes us tired, chilled and achey. But it is the beginning of our own natural immune system kicking in to do what it is designed to do.

You can assist your immune system by taking a hot soaking bath or shower to bring up your body temperature and then wrapping in a robe and/or warm blankets and taking a nap. Getting rid of a low grade fever fights your natural immunity and is never a good idea. Sipping a salty broth or tea with honey and lemon is not only soothing, but supports your system while you fight the virus. Even though you may feel drained and tired, your should feel much better the next day and the virus should be on its way out. Here is where vitamin C helps, it flushes the body of the infected bloodcells. Do not take a multivitamin for the C in it. You will also be taking Iron which is very bad for someone fighting a virus. It can bring on a high grade fever as the body tries to lower the iron count in the blood again. Likewise, avoid foods naturally high in iron.

Vinegar and Honey, the wonder "Drug"

Most everyone can understand the necessity of keeping a swimming pool's ph balanced. If it goes off, all kinds of nasties grow in the water. Well, our body has a ph level we need to maintain to stay healthy as well. One tablespoon of natural, infiltered cider vinegar (From a Health Food Store) and one tablespoon of honey mixed into a glass of water is the real secret behind my family's health. Taken cold, it reminds me of a sport drink. Warm like tea, it is very soothing on a sore throat and loosens mucous. The natural vinegar is not as acidic as the processed vinegar and the honey softens the taste even more.

This drink is great before bed, it can work in your bloodstream while you rest. Taken any time it is a great preventative to many illnesses and very supportive to your immune and digestive system.

In summary...

Drink Vinegar and honey daily to prevent colds. You may never need to use the rest of the advice in this hub. But if you do become ill, following these tips will help you to recover much faster.


Here's to Health
Here's to Health

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midnightbliss profile image

midnightbliss 7 years ago from Hermosa Beach

thanks for this informative hub and also well expalined. I never new that fever is our boy's defense meshanism.

kittyasmith profile image

kittyasmith 7 years ago from Florida & Tennessee Author

I appreciate the comment, I hope this helps you stay well.

Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 7 years ago from St. Louis

Kitty: This is really great. Very informed. I didn't know most of this info, and I thought I knew pretty much about it. For example, I am increasingly using vinegar for a variety of applications in my home, but have never come across the vinegar and honey to prevent colds info. I don't get sick, but you can never be too careful.

Thanks for teaching me something in a straightforward and effective way! Good hub!

Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 7 years ago

I have heard of a similar concoction called joggin in a jug. Great hub.

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