How to Prevent and Cure Stretch Marks During Pregnancy! Women's Stretch Marks

How to Prevent and Cure Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

One of the most annoying by-product of pregnancy that bothers women is the “Stretch Marks”. These stretch marks appear on the abdominal area, thighs and breasts in a shape of white or grey cracks. They appear due to few reasons like stretching of the skin because of pregnancy, or due to overweight and sometimes due to over dosage of Cortisone, enhanced by the inflexibility of the skin tissues to accommodate the new body shape. Cracks will occur in the skin tissue showing elongated, horizontal and translucent grey layers which will change later to become white.

Unfortunately, most of the women freak out because of these marks during or even before pregnancy turning it into obsession. So, in order to remove this worry for good, you need to know few facts and healthy steps to significantly help you avoid those stretch marks or at least minimize their effects.

Steps to follow to reduce Stretch Marks:

1- Drink enough water not less than 8 cups a day to keep your skin lively and moist all the time and also to remove toxins from your system. The wetter your skin is, the more flexible your skin tissues will get, and eventually, the less marks you will have.

2- Consume a lot more of balanced food which has to be rich with Calcium, protein, vegetables and fruits. Healthy and balanced food will greatly contribute to your well being generally speaking, but while you’re pregnant, fruits and vegetables will enhance your immunity, dehydrate your skin and help make your skin even more flexible and stretchy.

3- This step is really important not only to prevent stretch marks, but also to help maintain your normal weight after delivery. Try your best to avoid gaining weight or increasing your meals ratio because most of the women complain about their weight after pregnancy. So, control your meals quality and meals system to stay in shape.

4- Use a soft body brush while showering and gently massage your thighs, chest and abdomen areas in a circular way. This will stimulate the blood circulation and make it easy for the water and nutrients to reach every skin cell or tissue in your body.

5- Use natural oils regularly like Cocoa Butter Formula, olive oil or Shea oil…etc on your skin because they will improve your skin, prevent stretch marks successfully.

6- Avoid sun tanning or sun exposure for long periods or exposure to cold weather then suddenly hot water during shower because doing so will decrease the skin moisture, increasing in return the chances of having stretch marks and accentuating the marks which are already there.

7- Exfoliation is also important to help rejuvenate your skin cells regularly which in return prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Use natural loofas to scrub gently and some other materials like Sodium Bicarbonates or oatmeal which will make your skin breathe and open up the pores.

8- Finally, it is always better to consult your physician if you need confirmed results about this. Your doctor might prescribe vitamins or special ointments and creams or might even advise exfoliation sessions using laser.

All the above is easy to apply consistently if you put your mind into it.

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shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 4 years ago Author

Thank you Katrine for stopping by. Right, women complain and they want things to come to them effortlessly. But, with few very simply steps, they can prevent troubles.

KatrineDalMonte 4 years ago

A truly wonderful hub, very useful. Been there 3 times. I was actually quite lucky when it comes to streatch marks, maybe because I continued to eat well and take care of myself just as you describe in your article. But I know many women who complain a lot about this problem.

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