How to Slim Thighs and Lose Weight

2 Simple Exercises to Help Slim Your Thighs and Lose Weight

Would you like nice slim thighs and to lose some weight? Do you want to know how you can get them quickly and easily? If you answered yes to either of those questions then this article will provide you with what you need to do to start working on those thighs.

You won't do much better than the two quick and easy exercises that follow which will tone your legs and thighs, and burn off fat.

1. Don't just jump up and down on that trampoline!

Using a mini-trampoline is great fun but it can be used to exercise in different ways other than jumping up and down. For this exercise you will be swaying not jumping.

Swaying to and fro whilst on a trampoline works most, if not all, the muscles in your legs, butt and lower back, but is particularly good at giving the thighs a good workout. The reason this exercise is so effective is that your body automatically tries to stay balanced while swaying. This automatic response to the swaying leaves the muscles in a constant state of tension providing them all with an excellent workout.

It is a very simple exercise to do, but for those who require instruction here you are.

Get on your trampoline and start to swing your heels from side to side whilst keeping your toes firmly in the same position. You body will instantly start to sway and when it does your muscles will kick into action, countering every movement.

Very simple and extremely effective!

For the best results you need to do at least a 20 minutes each day, after a very short while you will definitely see your muscle tone improving and your weight coming down.

You can always break this 20 minutes up if necessary so long as you still do your twenty minutes by the end of the day...EVERY day!

If you thought that exercise was easy you should try this one.

2. Kicking to the sides.

There are not many exercises as good for toning your legs as kicking but an even greater benefit can be had from doing side kicks.

Forward kicking uses muscles that are used constantly for walking etc , side kicking will work those same muscles but will do so differently and will also work the muscles that are used less frequently. Here is how to do the perfect side kick.

Before you start, and most importantly, always make sure you have plenty of room to exercise in. There is nothing worse than kicking over and smashing your favourite vase or ornament (trust me I know!).

Once you are sure you have enough room, stand upright in the middle of the space you've created and with either leg kick out to the side, keeping your body upright and your knee locked. Continue kicking for a minimum of two minutes then switch to the other leg, There you have it...I told you it was simple didn't I?

So, there you have two exercises that you can easily do at home (as long as you have a mini trampoline that is!) that will help you to get slim thighs and lose weight. And if these two exercises aren't your 'cup of tea' then there are plenty of other exercises to choose from that provide similar benefits.

Don't forget though, exercise, although it will give good results on it's own, is just one part of of getting your body back in shape and slimmer.. You will get far quicker and better results when combining your exercise with a good fat burning, energy providing diet.

What are you waiting for? Believe it or not you can start getting rid of that fat today without changing your diet too much to start with? Want to know more? Then Click here and start to shed that unwanted blubber!!

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mariam 4 years ago

i want to loss my weight

amna 4 years ago

mai apna weight lose karna chahti hu mri problem yeh hai k mai skipping karte karte chor daiti hu koi khas farak nai parta aur 15 min skiping karti thi aur thighs smart karna chahti hu

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