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Starting Medifast

Either you've placed an order for Medifast or you are getting ready to place an order, and what you are wondering is how to go about starting Medifast in a way that is going to help you stick to it. Nothing is worse than spending money on a new diet only to find yourself abandoning it less than a week into it.

But I think you'll find that if you can get through the first three to four days on the Medifast program, following the plan will be significantly easier than you expected, especially compared to other diets.

Let's face it, every diet is rough those first few days. The first week itself is probably the most crucial period to get through. So it really helps to have a plan.

Medifast is designed to be a relatively easy diet to follow. You eat five Medifast foods each day and prepare one meal for yourself. And once your body has entered into a mild state of ketosis, you'll find that your appetite is reduced and so you won't have as many cravings. This usually takes about three days to happen if you follow the plan exactly as written. My tips are designed to help you get through those first few days.

1. Carefully pick your start date

After you place your Medifast order, it should arrive in just a few days. You might be tempted just to get stuck right into things the moment your box of product arrives, but it is best to wait.

Think about when the best time for you to start your new diet is going to be. For some, you might do best on the weekend, giving you Saturday and Sunday to get familiar with the program. For others, like me, you might prefer to start your diet on the first day of the work week -- Monday. Or maybe you would pick a different day altogether.

You probably don't want to start your diet the day before a big party however, so take a look at your schedule. Block out a four day period for yourself where you don't have any commitments that might throw too much temptation in your way. That's the best time for you to start Medifast and stick with it.

Medifast Lean & Green Meal Shopping List
Medifast Lean & Green Meal Shopping List

2. Plan your Lean & Green Meals

If you are following the Medifast 5 and 1 plan, you will be eating one lean & green meal each day. For some, this is the tricky part of the plan since it is the only meal where you will not be eating food made by Medifast.

First, spend some time reading the materials that come with your first order. They explain how the 5 and 1 plan works and provide you with a list of food that's acceptable to eat and some suggestions on dinner combinations that are suitable for your lean and green meal.

Once you know what's what, decide what you are going to have for dinner for the next four days (actually, you may want to plan for a whole week), figure out what you need to pick up at the supermarket and go shopping. Only buy the foods on your shopping list!

3. Get Rid of Temptation

It would be nice if we could just get rid of all the food in the house that isn't allowed on our diets, but most of us live with other people who probably wouldn't be too happy about that. So the next best thing is to make sure that your worst temptations are out of the way.

Are cookies, ice cream or chocolate your secret vices? Clear them out of the house. Enlist your family's support and ask them to help you avoid temptation by keeping certain favorite snacks out of the house. This is really just a short term thing since once you've cleared that 3-4 day hump, you won't really need to worry too much about cravings. Medifast will help keep them at bay.

Now that you're ready to start Medifast, be sure to check out my Medifast food reviews to get an idea of what's good and what's bad, and also check my Medifast discount codes page, updated monthly with the current Medifast specials.

Good luck with your diet!

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