How to Stop Biting Nails for Kids

Kids Biting Nails.

If your constant nail biting in in any way causing you concern, it's high time that you seek for assistance. This write up looks at some of the easy techniques on how to stop biting nails for kids. Scroll down to know more on this.

Nail biting, scientifically known as onychophagia, is a nasty habit usually followed by many kids and even adults. Though this habit does not usually cause any serious health issue, it should be avoided since it can easily lead to very many negative effects.

For some people, nail biting is normally considered as an effective stress relief habit. Most nail biters see it hard to completely get rid of this habit since there is no specific cure for this nasty habit. Let us now have a look at some of the effective techniques that can be used to stop this habit in children.

How to Stop Biting Nails For Kids.

Here are some of the effective tricks, which might assist kids in effectively getting rid of this pesky behavior.

Applying Bitter Foul Tasting Solution on the Nails

Applying a bitter foul tasting solution on the kid's nails is a fool-proof remedy you can use for biting nails. This way, each time the child has craving to put his or her fingers on the mouth or also if unconsciously his or her fingers end up inside the mouth, the bitter tasting nails will act as an ideal reminder for him or her to stop biting nails.

It is essential also that you select a solution that is very bitter and apply it on your kids' nails. This solution should act as an aversion therapy and protect the child from being stimulated by it. Also, it is ideal that you ensure that this solution is reapplied each time the kid washes his or her hands.

Wearing Gloves

If the child has the tendency on inadvertently nibbling at his or her nails, covering up his or her hands or wearing gloves is an ideal idea. Putting on bandages or stickers on the child's fingers is another tested and tried remedy you can use to end this habit in your kid.

Offering the Kids with Rewards

This is another effective and essential technique you can use to end this habit in your kid(s). Rewards are believed to act as effective reinforcement for the changed behaviors. Thus, promise your child that you will buy him gifts if he stops this habit of nail biting.

Explaining to the Kid Why this Habit is Unhealthy

Explaining to your kid why nail biting is an unhealthy habit can also assist you stop this habit in your child. However, while explaining that, you must ensure that you use a tone that is matter of fact in order to prevent increasing the child's anxiety level.

Last but not the least; I guess by this time, you are conversant with effective ways on how to stop biting nails for kids. Start making use of these techniques today to witness their effectiveness.

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