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Do your Gums Bleed?

Many people suffer from bleeding gums every day. you a simple trick to stop your gums from bleeding and get rid of the bad breath it causes. First and most importantly, it is advised that if you are experiencing bleeding gums, you should make sure to get regular cleanings at your dentist.

Bleeding gums can be a sign you have gingivitis, periodontal disease or worse medical problems. It is important to check with your dentist, and physician, when you have bleeding gums. These methods here are not to be substituted for proper medical or dental care. However, I will show you natural methods that can help stop, tender bleeding gums and the bad breath it causes.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding is never a good sign. When gums begin to become sensitive and bleed when brushing or flossing, this is a good sign that something is wrong. If left untreated, bleeding gums can lead to more serious periodontal disease including the losing and loss of permanent teeth in adults.

Bleeding gums can be the result of many reasons. They are usually warning sign of Gingivitis and Periodontal disease. Gingivitis causes gums to become tender, swell and bleeding. Your first line of defense against bleeding gums, is proper dental care. Proper dental care is mandatory to healthy gums and teeth.

Even with the best dental care you can have medical problems that will cause these symptoms. Medications that cause dry mouth can also contribute to bad breath and bleeding gums.

Causes of Bleeding Gums

Improper brushing: Many people assume that the harder the toothbrush, the better it is for cleaning you teeth. The truth of the matter is the best type of toothbrush is a medium to a soft bristle toothbrush.

Not Flossing: It is important to brush you teeth and gums with gentle consistent pressure, so as not to bruise your gums. Flossing is a mandatory part of proper dental care. Flossing the teeth removed food, plaque and prevents cavities from developing between the teeth.

If you do not floss, you are more likely to develop gingivitis. Gingivitis causes inflammation of the gums and bleeding. If not treated properly gingivitis can turn into periodontal disease and tooth loss...

Dietary Deficiencies: Severe deficiencies in Vitamin C, K and Calcium, can lead to tender, inflamed and bleeding gums. Eat balanced diet or take a supplements if you are not eating properly.

Eating Disorders: Bulimia and anorexia can cause severe vitamin deficiencies and cause bleeding and inflamed gums. Acid produces by constant regurgitation of food can rot teeth and cause tooth loss.

Pregnancy: Some pregnant woman may experience swollen, bleeding gums, due to nausea, vomiting and not getting sufficient supplemental nutrition. If toothpaste causes nausea, try salt and baking soda.

Disease: Certain diseases such as leukemia, liver disease, and diabetes and kidney disease can cause bleeding gums and other problems with the teeth.

How do you Treat Bleeding Gums?

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Periodontal Disease
Periodontal Disease

Natural Remedies for Bleeding Gums

Grapefruit seed extract: is great for killing bacteria under the gums that can cause tender and bleeding gums. Place a few drops of grapefruit seed extract on dental floss and floss trouble areas. Also you can make a mouth wash with a few drops of GSE in a half cup of water and gargle briskly.

2.5 Alkaline Water: 2.5 Kangen water has disinfecting properties that kills most bacteria within 30 seconds of contact. Use it as a rinse three times a day after brushing and flossing for great results.

Milk of Magnesia: Pathogenic bacteria are killed by substances in Milk of Magnesia. Prepare a mouth wash of one tablespoon of Mil of Magnesia and in 4 ounces of water. Gargle after brushing daily to stop bleeding gums.

Supplements: If you are not eating properly or do not take vitamins, take a multivitamin with Vitamin K, C, Calcium and B complex in them

Salt water: Rinse three times a day with a salt water solution. Add one teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water.

Golden seal: You can purchase golden seal at the health food store. Make a paste of goldenseal and water and massage gentle on bleeding gums, to draw out bacteria between the gums... Golden seal is very bitter, so rinse thoroughly

PerioWash: PerioWash is an organic herbal mouth wash that helps with inflamed and bleeding gums. It contain golden seal black walnut, thyme, olive leaf rosemary, and other herbs that promote gum health.

See the Dentist

Visit your Dentist

Use these natural methods as a temporary measure, until you can visit your dentist to find out the root causes of you bleeding gums. When you visit you dentist he will make sure to clean any plaque or food trapped in pockets in your gums. X-rays can often detect hidden problems that can not be seen with the naked eye.

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2besure profile image

2besure 2 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

Thanks for the information! I will add it!

Samprita profile image

Samprita 2 years ago from Indore, India

Hi Pamela (2besure)

read this hub... it is quite informative but would like to just mention that bleeding gums/gingivitis during pregnancy is more due to hormonal changes rather than nausea and vomiting.

Dr. Samprita

Bert 4 years ago

Good hub! I just wanned to add that the remedy is indeed brushing and flossing and having a good diet qith lots of vegetables even raw. Also that the problem with pregnant women is more of about hormonal imbalance.

thanks for sharing

Naweed 4 years ago

It was an interesting information to be considered by everyone. I'm 24 years old and have gum bleeding. It occurs when i even rinse it with common water. It takes my one or two minutes to stop.

I'll try the above mentioned tips. Thanks Naweed Afghanistan

Jordan 4 years ago

Lovely stuff will put it to test have no money to afford dental care my gums bleed badly worse when I eat white bread I shy in front of people I'm bookmaking this page

eleana 4 years ago

I agree this natural remedies are truly useful.Thnxs a lot .

Camila 4 years ago

Interesting suggestions to keep your gum healthy. Not to sure if the Perio-wash product is found in South Africa ?

2besure profile image

2besure 4 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

I agree Richmond Dentist, it is so simple, many people don't do it with the necessary consistency! Thanks for sharing.

richmond dentist 4 years ago

We all know that having gum problems is a serious medical condition that needs to be dealt with care. And we know also that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Caring for our gums is not that difficult all we need to do is to brush our teeth regularly, floss and visiting our dentist twice a year.

Very informative post, keep on sharing one. :)

2besure profile image

2besure 5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

I keep grapefruit seed extract in my bathrooms. It works very well and kills bacteria that cause bad breath!

adrienne2 profile image

adrienne2 5 years ago from Atlanta

2besure, loved your hub on "How to Stop Bleeding Gums Naturally". I plan to implement some of your tips into my daily oral healthcare regiment. The Milk of Magnesia was a surprise, totally never heard of using MM for bleeding gums. The PerioWash I never heard of, and really would consider trying it out. Voted up, and interesting. Thanks for sharing with the HP community.

denture cream settlements 5 years ago

I need this natural advice to make my gums healthy and to avoid Gingivitis.

2besure profile image

2besure 5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

DentalimplansAZ, thanks for your passionate comments. You smile is one of the most important things we show people every day.

DentalImplantsAZ profile image

DentalImplantsAZ 5 years ago from Sun City, AZ

Really a very informative discussion.Your teeth are so important and yet people neglect them.How will you feel having a good body,good looks,proper dress up,well body language but a smile with rotten teeth! People cry for good smile but don't take care of it.We should take care of gums,because,they are worthy.How can you enjoy those yummy foods then!

2besure profile image

2besure 5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

CM, thanks for your comment and you are right you oral health goes hand in hand with you physical health.

CMHypno profile image

CMHypno 5 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

Interesting information on bleeding gums - oral health is so important, but still so neglected

Psalmist4M profile image

Psalmist4M 6 years ago from the Shelter of His Wings

Some very helpful tips and great for those who are struggling financially & unable to afford dental coverage. Every little bit helps. Thanks for sharing.

Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 6 years ago

This is really good to know, I have always had a theory that commercial toothpaste is causing bleeding gums. Dietary deficiencies makes a lot of sense as well as the improper brushing with hard toothbrushes. I like to use baking soda, its gentle, gets teeth clean and white too.

2besure profile image

2besure 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

bj you said a mouth full! LOL

BJBenson profile image

BJBenson 6 years ago from USA

Teeth are so important for good health.

2besure profile image

2besure 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

Very true. Healthy teeth improve the quality of our lives.

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Excellent hubs. Your teeth are so important and yet people neglect them. There is nothing worse than seeing rotten teeth - let alone how they must feel. Very Austin Powers...

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