How to Stop Hay Fever - Permanently! (Nearly)

Some Facts About Hay Fever

  • Hay fever effects around 1 in 4 people.
  • It is a direct allergy to pollen.
  • Much more likely to occur in the summer months.
  • The most common symptoms are Itchy eyes, running nose, blocked nose, and constant sneezing.
  • A large number of people have hay fever but do not even realise it!
  • People with a bigger nose are less likely to suffer from hay fever.
  • Those who do not suffer with hay fever tend to under estimate the suffering that it can cause.
  • Hay fever sufferers spend more time indoors than those that do not suffer.

How to Stop Hay Fever!

OK so can hay fever be stopped permanently? The answer to the question is NO, but it can be stopped temporarily.

  • Benadryl allergy relief will ensure that your hay fever is controlled to the point that it no longer becomes a problem. The best thing about Benadryl allergy relief is that you are no subject to applying a remedy 10 times a day! This is a simple tablet that needs to be taken just once a day. It is the quickest acting hay fever tablet available and gets to work in just 15 minutes.
  • Hayfever remedies are one option that many swear upon. These are natural remedies that consist of only natural ingrediants.
  • Nasacort Nasal spray, is a simple spray that you can apply to the nostral whenever you feel the need to. This is a quick and simple way to stop your hayfever, especially if you are a temperamental sufferer, who can go one day feeling fine, to the next feeling terrible. These are small and easy to keep in a pocket or a bag, and can be applied whenever neccessary.
  • A good intake of vitamins can help to eradicate hay fever.
  • If you suffer severly then you should keep an eye on the weather and try to plan your outdoor activities on days when you know that the pollen count is due to be low - and equally try to keep indoors as much as possible when you know that the pollen count will be high. However you may possibily end up living your life in misery - especially if you like sunny weather!
  • What is the best? BENADRYL!

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