How to Stop Leg Cramps Whilst Sleeping : Doctors Advice

Muscle Cramps

The most common leg cramps occur in muscles in the lower leg and ankle region, but night time cramps can also occur in the thigh, toes, and pretty much anywhere on the body. Cramps experienced whilst sleeping can be extremely painful, as it is usually the pain that wakes you, and you have no warning that it is going to happen. Night time cramps cause sleep deprevation and can have serious consequences on day to day life. Night time cramps can also lead to insomnia in extreme cases. Muscle cramps happen for many different reasons, whether it be a medical problem such as Charcott-Marie-Tooth Syndrome, or just a lack of certain vitamins. If you suffer from lower leg, ankle and toe cramps in the night, then there are three things that you can attempt in order to stop it from happening.

  • 1) Firstly you should try stretching your legs, ankles, your feet and your toes before going to bed. Gently lift the toes upwards and pull your foot back towards yourself. Also use a wall and use to stretch your lower legs, as shown in the diagram. By doing this your are loosening the muscles and therefore give yourself a greater chance of sleep! It sounds simple but it can have a really positive effect.


  • 2) A healthy diet will help more than you think. Make sure that you get a good balance of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates in your food and it could well do the trick for you. A recommendation if you are not already so, would be to take vitamin pills.
  • 3) If you have tried the above and you are still experiencing nights where you wake up to agonising pain in your lower legs and ankles then you will benefit greatly from a Futuro Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support. This is a comfortable sleeping support that will keep your foot from dropping and will prevent the night time cramps. The Sleep support will cost you $24 but is a price worth paying if it means sleeping well, and not experiencing the cramp pains throughout the night.

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