How to Stop Morning Sickness

Getting Through Morning Sickness

Think of it like this: it's a small price to pay, considering what you get in the end!
Think of it like this: it's a small price to pay, considering what you get in the end!

Home Remedies for Nausea May Help

Why are women throwing up while pregnant? It’s a terrible side effect of pregnancy that is often unpleasant, but also short-lived. Most OBGYNs say that morning sickness usually subsides by the sixteenth week. That’s four months, and it sounds longer when you’re the one with morning sickness all day.

Why do they call it morning sickness when many women get it at night and in the afternoon, too? Nobody really knows, but maybe because morning sickness is often harder to bear in the early morning, as soon as one wakes up each day. There are two things that one can tell someone who is sick and pregnant (suffering from the miracle’s curse) that may ease their discomfort more than anything else.

Those two things are:

  1. It will pass, it is temporary.
  2. It’s normal and nothing is wrong with the baby or you.

Potential Triggers of Morning Sickness

Almost anything can make someone with morning sickness throw up; causes of nausea are numerous. Smells are tops on the list of things that will trigger nausea, especially strong smells like coffee and popcorn. Fried foods often belong in that list, as well.

An old fashioned way to stop nausea for smell-related morning sickness is to carry a cut piece of citrus fruit or sprig of fragrant flowers or herbs and put these to the nose in the presence of offensive odors.

Talking: A Natural Home Remedy

Discuss the problem with smells or any other triggers with your partner, that way he can help avoid some of them, at least during the first trimester of pregnancy. At times, complaining takes the stress out of what’s wrong and that’s helpful, too. Making a list of those triggers is helpful as well.

The best remedy for nausea is to do what helps the most. If moving ups the queasiness, don’t move, or move slowly. If just trying to get ready for work is tough, call in that day. Use a sick day or vacation day to avoid losing out on the pay, if you can, but do what will help the most at the time. Maybe later in the day work won’t be such a hard chore to get to.

If it’s hard to eat, be careful what you choose. If it simply repulses you, find something else to eat. Often high-carb foods like crackers, pretzels and dry toast are easy to go down and stay down. Ginger works wonders on nausea, just cut a small slice off the end and chew on it a bit. Crystallized ginger is delicious, if fresh ginger isn’t tolerated well. Chew small pieces half an hour before meals and see if eating isn’t so bad. Don’t be shy of trying unusual things, like, flat cola, it's a cure for nausea sometimes.

Prevent Morning Sickness in Early Pregnancy if Possible

Extremes can make you sick while pregnant and should be avoided. Don’t wait for hunger to set in and don’t eat until completely full, either. Eat several small meals throughout the day and go easy on the portions.

Eating extreme temperatures may be helpful, though. Try eating things hot or fresh out of the freezer. It may help while room-temperature and luke warm items can bring on the puking. It’s better than going without meals at this important time in the baby’s health.

Some proactive steps that can be taken are to try eating before raising the head off the pillow. Keep crackers or something high-carb next to the bed for easy access. Motion can set it off after being still in sleep all night. Get up slowly and take time to get on the feet.

If lying down is what the mother to be feels like, then she should lie down. OBGYN Donna Smith-Harrison in Ketchikan, Alaska, suggests lying on the left side. An idea that’s worked for many women and the cause isn’t known, but lying on the left side is easier for circulation and other systems in the body.

Don’t Hesitate to See a Doctor When…

Acupressure is a good idea, too. Remember those motion-sickness wrist bands they give out when traveling on the ocean? They work on acupressure. Try pressing on that little spot on the wrist.

If everything has been done and tried and it hasn’t gotten better and it’s affecting your daily life too many days in a row, then the doctor should be called. A shot of B6 and Unisom or other medication may be prescribed. Don’t worry about the effects on the baby, the doctor wouldn’t have given something that would do harm. And, it’s only taken for a short time period.

Don’t forget, morning sickness is temporary and will not last. And there’s nothing wrong with you or the baby, it’s just part of the process.


Distract Yourself From Morning Sickness in Pregnancy With Something Fun

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