How to Stop Sweating Naturally

If you suffer from excessive sweating, or want more natural ways to stop being embarrassed by your sweat and body odour problems, read on!

There are many chemical and even surgical products on offer to stop sweating. However, there are things you can do that are cheaper, easier for your body to handle and provide natural ways to stop sweating.

What goes in must come out

Whatever you eat has a big impact on what waste products are emitted from your body. Sweat is one mechanism the body uses to release toxins and other waste products - far too minute for the eye to see. What you eat will therefore have a big impact on how much you sweat.

If you eat more chemically produced products, your body has to convert these chemicals into either usable products or emit them from the body as toxins through the skin.

Foods to avoid

Processed foods, particularly those which contain high-fructose corn syrup are more damaging to the body than more natural ones. High fructose corn syrup is cheap so many food processors love to use it in their food. It contributes to many problems with people's health because it is not easily broken down by the body. Often people who eat many foods containing this product will be overweight, which also will contribute to sweating problems.

Fast foods and cheap but fattening take away items with deep fried items or much grease are more difficult for the body to digest and therefore will also contribute to how much your body needs to sweat. Cut down on the fast foods and see how your body will naturally stop sweating so much.

Foods to eat

Fruit is one of the best things you can eat. Try for four or five serves of fruit a day. Fruit naturally helps the digestive system expel toxins and bad chemicals in other foods by providing good ‘sugars' or natural fructose (rather than the processed products listed above) and by providing the fibre needed to expel waste products in other natural ways.

Fruit also works to help make you feel full, so if you have a weight problem as well, this will help you to reduce the amount of other food you need to eat.

B Vitamin savvy

Complex B Vitamins are essential for helping our body deal with waste products produced by helping to break them down and help nutrients be absorbed more effectively.

B Vitamins also help your body to undertake these natural processes, without having to work too hard. Whenever your body has to work harder at what should happen naturally, for example to deal with products like high-fructose corn syrup, the body interprets this as being under stress. When you stress, you naturally sweat more.

Complex B Vitamins are found in foods like Whole grains (cereals, breads), Proteins (fish, eggs, meats, nuts), Fruits (bananas, kiwi, watermelon, oranges) and Vegetables (avocado, peas, sweet potato, carrots).

Eat more of these natural foods to help increase the complex B Vitamins in your body and most importantly to help stop sweating.

Stop the Stress – Stop the Sweat

Stopping stress will also help you to stop sweating so much. The best ways to stop stress-related sweating are to relax. Every person is different and you will find different ways to relax.

Positive affirmations and thinking are also important ‘tricks'. Take the steps to stop the stress and you will naturally reduce the amount you sweat.

Exercise to Stop Sweating?

Wait a minute - I hear you thinking - I already sweat too much. Won't I sweat more if I exercise? Obviously at the time of exercise, sweat is naturally produced but this happens to everyone. However, regular exercise may really help you to stop sweating so much all the rest of the day. How does this work?

Exercise naturally accomplishes many things for our bodies. It helps to reduce stress (by giving you another outlet for any tensions), it produces a ‘natural high' by releasing hormones in bodies that make us feel good, it helps stimulate the digestive system and helps the body work better and more efficiently to expel toxins from the body. It will also help you to lose weight. So if you really want to stop sweating - get out there and start exercising.

Stop Sweating Naturally

All of these things can contribute to stopping sweating naturally. Good food, exercise and reducing stress in our lives will help you feel better and will definitely help to stop the sweat problem naturally and without use of chemicals or even surgery.

Be sure check out my website for more great free tips on how to stop sweating naturally.

This article is general in nature and does not represent medical advice. Always consult with a qualified medical practitioner before choosing a course of hyperhidrosis treatment.

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Comments 27 comments

Armpit Sweat 8 years ago

Its good to see an article that puts places nutritional intake as important..

Evolution - World 7 years ago

Its really a nice post! all natural ways are very good to go for stopping excessive sweat....thnx buddy.

Rick johnson 7 years ago

Finally a good answer to my problem the natural way! Thank you!

von von 7 years ago

its so good to kno that there is someone out there in the world that just wants to help. most of the time i have to buy a book or pay some type of fee just to get the answer i need i just wanted to say thank you ahead of time because you are willing to help us in such a selfless way

johnnie 7 years ago


Night Sweat 7 years ago

I *LOVE* the fact that you include EXERCISE to stop sweating into your tips! Hardly anyone does this. Great! This really helps. Thanks a lot.

sarsar 7 years ago

ugh. but that's gonna take forever!!...isn't there a way to stop sweating now!!!!.....not deodorant.....that doesn't work!!!

HatesSummer 7 years ago

this article is so true, and I would wager most people know it deep down, just don't want to do it! thank you! im going to change some things from today on! :)

sweatybanana 7 years ago

i really appreciate you pointing to exercise and high fructose corn syrup... this is an excellent post amid a sea of non-answers and exploiters out to make a buck on other people's problems. thanks ever so much.

Mike 6 years ago

I'm going to do those exercise ASAP.

nandini 6 years ago

thanks for the tips.. i am one of the sufferer of over sweat.. i'll try it out.. thank you so much

ranbir 6 years ago

that was helpful

kyle 6 years ago

i am in excellent shape but the sweating continues.

Kena 6 years ago

These are wonderful tips...thank you ^.^

jenny 6 years ago

wonderful article, thanks for the tips. I exercise regularly but i never knew that it can help me to stop sweating. thank you again

megan 6 years ago

i am in good shape, eat well, exercise a ton; play softball, basketball, volleyball, and run track. i sweat constantly even when i am shivering. i have huge sweat marks under my underarms, they make it all the way to the bottom of my rib cage. this happens within ten minutes of school. i am relaxed and still sweat, which makes me stress. it is really embarrassing and i always get made fun of. antipersperants don't work and i don't want surgery.. but thanks

hema 6 years ago

good tips

Ashleigh 6 years ago

hi. i am in desperate need of a home remedy to cure underarm sweating. if any one knows a good home remedy they have used in the past and has actually worked, can u please please email me. i am very desperate and have tried medication, deodorants and some other home remedies that don't work. i only want home remedies not surgery, books, medecation or deoderants. pleasee

email me on

smiley 5 years ago

tnx a lot i believe it wil work 4 me. lemmie try

Nisa 5 years ago

I got a problem where i don't sweat at all even by going to the gym and im getting water vretention. How do i solve this prob

Nisa 5 years ago

Please reply to Thanks

james 5 years ago

this helped a lil but i still sweat a lot

john 5 years ago

thanks a lot, ive noticed i sweat less even after a week of eating right and exercising.

hannah 5 years ago

thanks ill definitely try this it's nice to know that i have other options than surgery :)

carlos 4 years ago

i eat right, exercise but i still sweat execively. im six feet tall and weight 170 so im not over weight. what can i do?

Ms.Fresh 4 years ago

Maxim. It changed my life. not the magazine. It is an antiperspirant that you put on at night time and sleep in it. completely stops underarm sweating after using it enough times. It will change your life!

merissa 4 years ago

so your saying to not eat like any food that's not helthy and i understand that a lot is just i have to stay away from it i understand that.

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