How to Survive Pancreatic Cancer


The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network says that pancreatic cancer is the deadliest kind of cancer with a five-year survival rate of 5%. Less than 10% of people with pancreatic cancer are diagnosed before the tumors spread to other organs.

Knowledge is Power


According to the American Cancer Society, "80% of [pancreatic cancer] patients are diagnosed too late to be helped by surgery. Of those that may be helped by surgery, fewer than 40% are cured." If surgery is an option, the typical survival rate is only 18 to 20 months.

In the article "The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies," the pancreatic cancer drug gemcitabine (Gemzarâ ) was reported to increase survival by only 5.4 months. It only stopped pancreatic cancer's progression for an average of 2.2 months. Overall, the study found that cytotoxic (or cell killing) chemo contributed about 2% to one's overall chance of survival.

Day 3 - Chemo Goes in Here by fran-cis-ca



With all this disheartening news, what can someone with pancreatic cancer do to fight this purported death sentence?

I ask you to think back on all the different things you've tried in your life to get rid of the hiccups. You've probably held your breath, stood on your head, drank water through a straw, put your head between your knees--even tried two of these methods at once. If you've ever considered the possibility that hiccups could be "scared" away by having someone sneak up behind you, then considering some pancreatic cancer treatments that are "outside of the box" shouldn't be a big leap!

Peggy Kesler: Surviving Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Pioneering Doctors


Let's look to what some pioneering doctors can teach us about the true nature of cancer.

The founder of German New Medicine, Dr. Geerd Hamer, has conducted over 40,000 cancer case studies in the last 30 years. His German New Medicine regimen has a 95% cure rate. ("Cure" being defined by conventional medicine as surviving for 5 years after diagnosis.) In the last 10 years, German New Medicine has been tested and verified by physicians and medical associations around the world.

Dr. Hamer has found that cancer is not a disease state--it is a phase during some people's physical, mental, and emotional healing processes. He has also proven scientifically that cancer is not just some haywire proliferation of cells. In fact, Dr. Hamer's research has been so specific that he even determined that cancer of the pancreas was caused by "anxiety-anger conflicts with family members" as well as inheritances. Does this apply to you?

Anger by Tommy Pariah


Another pioneering doctor, Dr. Arthur Janov, founder of Primal Therapy, says that cancer is caused by repressed feelings. "Repression cannot eliminate pain. It only puts us out of conscious contact with it so we don‘t feel the misery, but the damage goes on...The cells...become crazy. The same chronic repression welded to chronic pain that can make someone ‘crazy' can possibly result in cancer."

Dr. Janov also says, "Active suffering may be a good antidote for cancer...It is not just pain that makes us sick; it is pain plus repression...All things being equal, the more you suffer consciously, the longer you will live..."

In his book Why You Get Sick and How You Get Well, Dr. Janov explains that the immune system is where the mind meets the body. He says that stress and poor psychological health alter cellular function. Things like criticism and neglect cause cells to malfunction, which lead to disease. None of this is ground-breaking as a number of other studies have arrived at the same conclusion.

Due to the painkillers our brains produce to protect us from trauma, the immune cells are forced to experience our emotional pain too. Additionally, the immune system must establish a knowingness of itself in order to detect what is a foreign invader in the body. Long-term emotional stress debilitates our immune cells' ability to recognize and fight invaders. This impairment of immune function leads not just to tumor growth but to bigger, more aggressive tumors.

Read about Primal Therapy

The First Step


The first step in beating pancreatic cancer is empowering yourself with knowledge of how cancer works, pondering the critical thinking of some field experts who are not apart of "the cancer industry," and learning to correct the imbalances in your body that have lead to pancreatic cancer. The Cancer Immunology Program at Australia's Cancer Centre has shown that the human immune system can stop the growth of tumors and cause them to become dormant. This process has been called "equilibrium." During equilibrium, the body can, not just stop, but actually kill cancer cells.

Did you know Natural Health magazine reported that, "Fewer than one-fourth of doctors surveyed routinely ask their patients about their dietary habits"? Do you know what gives cancer the fuel it needs to grow? Sugar (as proven by Nobel prize-winning Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931). Has your oncologist told you to stop eating sugar and simple carbohydrates (which turn to sugar in the body)?

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor: Spirit of Hope (1)

Thinking Outside the Box


If you've just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you may feel like you've just been giving a death sentence. There are a lot more options to cancer treatment than what the big-business cancer industry would have you believe.

Have you heard of German New Medicine? Primal Therapy? Gerson Therapy? Essiac? Oxygen Therapy? Coley's Toxins? The Emotional Freedom Technique?

Each and every one of the methods listed above has been proven to halt cancer in a safe and effective way...unlike traditional toxic methods like chemotherapy and radiation.

Think back on all the things Americans have believed throughout history because commercials and corporations told them to...smoking, fluoride in our water, meat and dairy products, sugar substitutes, lobotomies and shock therapy, etc? Chemotherapy and radiation are no different.

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor: Spirit of Hope (2)

Learn More


To learn how to get your body into the cancer-eating "equilibrium" state, visit SurvivePancreaticCancer.Com, where you can watch helpful videos, read about conventional and alternative treatments for pancreatic cancer, learn 15 different ways to boost your immune system, read pancreatic cancer success stories, find pancreatic cancer suppport groups, and buy a helpful ebook entitled Survive Pancreatic Cancer: No Stone Unturned.

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Good 2 Know 8 years ago

Very good information... thanks! Often people have no idea how much whole body health matters, and how powerful the will and brain can be.

C. Authement 7 years ago

In a hurry, looking for something else, I came over this above article and just wanted to share my husband surviving cancer from 4 th stage. First, I want to tell people that cancer is an emotional disease. Your immune system is affected, mind/body belongs together. I cannot emphasize this enough. Everybody has issues in life-w/family or themselves. It is important how u deal with it -being true to yourself & life. Living life the way you want to live it (truly). The power of choice is there for everybody. There is not excuse. It is how we choose to approach things and deal with it. And there are many ways to do this. Even sometimes meaning loosing everything of e.g. material things, will give room for new things to come into life - a new way of living your life.e.g. What happens to us in life is actually our teachers and lessons for us to grow. So it is very important to deal with psychological issues. E.g. using antidepressant is just suppressing the emotions and make people walking around like ticking bombs as the issues are still there and will have to come to surface one way or another one day. Just think about how our shoulders get stiff when we are stressed or pain in the stomach. One of the big things in life is to forgive. You set yourself free as well as the other person. The dynamic changes. It is only one thing that can come out of this - a gain for anyone involved. This knowledge about mind and body is actually ABC and should be the first thing to be addressed when somebody is sick; e.g. having head ache or pain somewhere. When you have pain in the stomach or cancer - is about how you digest your thoughts. When heart problems or cancer in chest/breast area - sorrow. Breast cancer - often issues mother daughter that also goes back in generations. That is why we assume and such believe it has to do with inheritance or DNA. DNA can be altered as much as cells can be altered like cancer when we have not dealt with issues.

My husband had Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Aggressive 2nd time 1995 4th stage 49 years old. (He had the 4 years before gone through difficult time with work, divorce and more). I had to argue with the hospital to take him in. When we thought the doctors immediately would help, they instead asked us to find a family doctor.When he finally came into the hospital, his eyes came out of the scull in different directions. He could not urinate. I had to take him into the hospital in a wheel chair as he could not stand on his legs. Cancer had spread to pituitary gland, eye nerves and was in central nervous system. He was given chemotherapy, then ex rays. Bone marrow was taken out of his body, the immune system was knocked out and then he was given back his own bone marrow again. It was a very difficult time. I knew that this time we had to deal with different issues whatever they were. We dealt with his belief system that was very much rooted in religion. What rights you have as much as others, worthiness. Pray - learning to ask for help, not waiting for God to intervene. Religion is very good at telling people what to do and not, comes from the need for control over people. The real message from God is unconditional love which we have forgotten - not about hell that by the way does not exist. (The terrible belief that we are born sinners - I do not think God likes that idea that he his children are sinners. I just cannot understand how priesthood has been able to come up with all this. Jesus never preached anything like this - why do we have to... It is not strange people have problems). I worked with and on my husband a lot with also regard to healing and prayers. Used colors that each has a healing vibration. Also asking if my husband really wanted to live (which was not easy. Emotionally I was afraid this question would be too tough for him) - which he absolutely wanted. From the moment we started to clean up in beliefs, he started to improve. It was amazing and so powerful. However, it was a long road to walk. He was in hospital from August 1995 til ab. February 1996. He learned Qi Gong some months after coming out of hospital which was like taking him physically from a level where he had stagnated to move forward to 100 %. Qi Gong works on energies in the body and is very good for him/anyone. He does Qi Gong every morning. The Western medicine is so young and does not have the same "life experience" as the Chinese or Aurvedic or yogic medicine or other old cultures. It is a reason why these have survived. If one go and talk with shamans (healers, medicine doctors - high level) in Peru, they can tell you about DNA (how do they know...) and they say there is one more DNA that the western medicine is about to learn about these days. They/shamans are now talking about a type of human beings with a new DNA to be born on Earth. God works in mysterious ways and things comes when we have evolved enough spiritually and to receive the information. However, this time we need to do things right and not abuse our knowledge. At the end I am not saying Western medicine is not good, there is a lot of good things there but mind must be part of the medicine. My husband and I have been very lucky. We would never have made this without God and other beings and the knowledge that came through to us. PS - one of the colors I used on him in 1995 has to do with Archangel Michael - strong iridescent lighter green which has to do with healing cancer. I read recently that science now is looking at the green in clorophyl to help battle cancer. Hmm, interesting. Things are coming to us...

adsensesecrets profile image

adsensesecrets 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Great hub, thanks!

asbestos cancer mesothelioma

HERBCYCLOPEDIA profile image


@ C. Authement:

I fully agree with you, there should be more space for Ayurvedic and traditional complementary medicines, which together with the regular methods of western medicine will help patients to overcome this illness better.

Most of the times natural active constituents found in herbs and plants are used by pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs, which means everything we need is in nature.

Pancreatic cancer is an example, I recently published an article about Honokiol, an active constituent found in Magnolia grandiflora that exerted growth inhibitory effects on both the pancreatic cancer cell lines by causing cell cycle arrest at G(1) phase and induction of apoptosis.

I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.

mary king 4 years ago

My dad turned 56 on march the 19 2012 just a few days ago. He had an endoscopy on Wednesday march the 14 and they tell him that there is a tumor on the duct going to the liver and the gallblader duct. He goes in the morning for a biopsy. I have read a lot of information on the internet just need some advice on what to do and how to help him SURVIVE thanks so much Mary King

shakun govender 4 years ago

Mary King...I can't believe what I am reading dates and issues exactly the dad had been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, had surgery on 19 of March after his biopsy on the 14th.... The road to healing will be long...

sdstone1972 profile image

sdstone1972 3 years ago from Massachusetts,USA

Great hub! I think your right about the mind body connection I have pancreatic cancer and a positive attitude really can help your body fight off the bad cells. I can certainly agree with stress helps this grow and take over ,that is why I am trying to eliminate as much stress as I can.

Once again excellent job.

Johne542 2 years ago

Once I initially commented I clicked the Notify me when new feedback are added checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you possibly can remove me from that service? Thanks! kkdcdcfkckdd

ladyguitarpicker profile image

ladyguitarpicker 13 months ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

This is a great useful hub, and it can help many people. Thanks, Stella

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