How to Use Medicinal Herbs: Lavender


I wanted to take a moment to leave you guys a quick note. When I started this series I had planned on going up and down the alphabet of medicinal herbs. However, I received a special request and decided to get a little sidetracked from the original plan. That being said, this hub is dedicated to the marvelous billybuc!


Although most people know lavender for its sweet, mellow scent, few people are aware of its many health benefits. Not only is this marvelous medicinal herb calming, it is also believed to be useful in treating a variety of skin conditions, speed along the healing process of common illnesses like the cold and flu, and promote a strong, healthy circulatory system. Because of its beautiful odor and plethora of health benefits, it is no surprise to find that, over time, people have devised a number of different ways to consume the lavender plant.

Lavender As a Supplement

Because most people prefer to indulge in the scent of these marvelous plants, pill form lavender supplements can be difficult to find. If you want to take advantage of the health benefits, but don't have the time to soak up the sweet smell, you can easily create your own pill-based lavender supplements with inexpensive, empty gel caps and crushed, dried flowers. You can also use lavender oil as a supplement. This oil can either be taken in small drops by mouth, or inhaled in a steam bath. Should you choose this method, please be certain that your oils are food grade, as perfume oils can be damaging to the body is taken internally.

Lavender in Liquid Form

Lavender tea is not only soothing, but also incredibly delicious. Pre-made teas are readily available on the market; however, many prefer to make their own, either by infusion or by placing homegrown or store bought lavender buds in empty tea sachets. You can also place drops of a food grade lavender tincture into pretty much anything from regular tea to plain water. Natural lavender honey is also a great way to get a healthy dose of this natural medicine, as it is not only tasty, but also filled with an abundance of nutrients.

Lavender in Homemade Beauty Concoctions

There is no question that the lavender plant is a favorite in the world of cosmetics. For those who want to reap all of the beautifying benefits of lavender without all of the excess, there are plenty of options. For instance, a homemade lavender shampoo can be made with lavender oil, Castile soap, filtered water and vitamin E oil. Leave out the Castile soap and replace it with either shea butter or coconut oil, and you have yourself a fantastically moisturizing lotion that can be used on both the face and the body. Lavender oils and teas can also be used to create healing toothpastes, fragrant face scrubs, and soothing bath bombs.

Lavender in Recipes

Though lavender is frequently used in sweet foods, it is also sometimes used to add a bit of pep to more savory dishes. It is also commonly baked into breads and pastries, placed into salad dressings, and used to give soups a unique flavor. If you have never cooked with a lavender plant but have always wanted to, give this simple recipe a try:

Grilled Asparagus with Lavender Aioli


2 sprigs of fresh, bruised lavender

6 cloves of minced garlic

1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

1 cup of olive oil

3 eggs

1 bunch of cleaned, cut asparagus


1. Combine lavender and garlic with olive oil, and, on a very low temperature, heat the oil in a small saucepan for roughly 15 minutes.

2. Before the oil mixture begins to bubble, take it off the heat and let it cool to room temperature.

3. Strain any pieces of garlic and lavender from the oil mixture. Throw away the herbs, and set aside a few teaspoons of the oil.

4. In a blender, mix the eggs and lemon juice until everything is blended. Put your blender on a low setting, take off the lid, then slowly add in the oil.

5. Once everything is well mixed, pour the aoili into a dish, and roll your asparagus pieces in the dish until well coated.

6. Place coated asparagus pieces onto the grill, occasionally turning them, until they are soft but not mushy.

7. When you have finished grilling, sprinkle some of the non-egg-and-lemon-juice sauce over the top of your vegetables and enjoy!

This recipe allows for a hint of lavender flavor. If you would prefer a more intense taste, you may want to let your asparagus marinate in the aioli over the course of a few hours. This dish is also amazing with a bit of lavender infused wild rice.

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profile image

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

A very unique and interesting hub. Awesome work!

mvaivata profile image

mvaivata 5 years ago Author

Well, thank you, Phoebe! :-)

cloverleaffarm profile image

cloverleaffarm 5 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

Love lavender. Use it all the time for all sorts of healing.

Also have a great recipe for lavender lemonade...Yummy in the summer.

Thanks for the hub.

SherryDigital profile image

SherryDigital 5 years ago from Here. There. Everywhere. Currently: Portland, OR

I am loving your herb series! I will definitely be back!

mvaivata profile image

mvaivata 5 years ago Author

Lavender is pretty wonderful stuff. I would love to have the recipe for your lemonade. I do love anything with lemon, so that should be amazing!

mvaivata profile image

mvaivata 5 years ago Author

Aaaw! Thank you, SherryDigital. I'll be adding more here soon! :-D

SherryDigital profile image

SherryDigital 5 years ago from Here. There. Everywhere. Currently: Portland, OR

Also try making lemon lavender butter cookies! They are heaven sent!

mvaivata profile image

mvaivata 5 years ago Author

Those sound fantastic, SherryDigital. I am going to look up the recipe tonight!

SherryDigital profile image

SherryDigital 5 years ago from Here. There. Everywhere. Currently: Portland, OR

Awesome! Let me know how they turn out!

Thelma Alberts profile image

Thelma Alberts 4 years ago from Germany

I love lavender. Lavender essential oil is what I usually use in my massage treatments. Good for burns and sometimes when I have a difficulty in sleeping. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend!

mvaivata profile image

mvaivata 4 years ago Author

Thank you, Thelma Alberts! Lavender is really great for massage and relaxation. I'm sure those who get a massage from you absolutely melt! :-)

biancaalice profile image

biancaalice 4 years ago from Southern California

This is really cool because I never would have thought of eating lavender. I'm not sure why I never thought about it before, but it's a great idea. You have a tastey recipe I'm going to try.

We just got a new grill last week, so I'm excited to use it!

Shared, up, interesting & useful!

profile image

Phoebe Pike 4 years ago

I recently tried the Grilled Asparagus with Lavender Aioli, and it was amazing. Just thought I would stop by again and tell you how much I LOVED it.

mvaivata profile image

mvaivata 4 years ago Author

You'll have to let me know what you think, biancaalice. I'd also recommend baking with lavender. It certainly adds an interesting touch.

mvaivata profile image

mvaivata 4 years ago Author

Yay! I'm so glad to hear you liked it, Phoebe!

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