How to build confidence- a life changing article

'With confidence, you can reach truly amazing heights; without confidence, even the simplest accomplishments are beyond your grasp.'

This article is just to make things easy for you

Searching for the confidence…. you may found some posts… making things complex for you… may found some articles giving you information like how to build your confidence in just you work place, school or college…. May found some garbage… me too hate those things when first time I Google on “how to build my confidence?” because of this I started writing myself online on “how to build confidence” … I started this to help those who are searching for real confidence building and searching for the real life easy ways to build confidence.

This post is just to make things easy for you and make them as such that you can understand them and do them easily. If it helps you don’t forget to pray for me

Trust yourself and then you will know how to live.

Do you want to be perfect

Most of the people precept that confidence is to make a man perfect… simply I can say on this that there is nothing perfect in human… but if we can’t achieve 100% then there is the possibility of 99.99% … so lets try to be perfect… or near to perfect.

Confidence can change your life but first you have to change yourself for confidence

Just try and try more… believing on you that you can do it. I don’t know how to tell you exactly that you have power inside you answering the question “how to build the confidence?”

How to build confidence
How to build confidence

What are your goals

Do you have some goals? Or not sure what to do and where to go?

If you have some goals, you know where you want to be after a month… after a year… after 5 years or ten years… then you can gain the confidence. If not I cant help you because you have nothing to do, if you are searching just for some moments of pleasure then this modern era of competition would not allow you to build your confidence.

If you have something to do you have some ambitions and you are trying daily to proceed some more towards your target then its much easy for you to know about how to build your confidence, how to maintain and improve your confidence because you have some priorities in your life and you are always scanning your life routine to give greater space to what you want, that’s the reason confidence itself will come to you.

People who have goals succeed, people who succeed have goals

Satisfy on what you have

In studying the topic of “how to build confidence” I have experienced many people losing the confidence just because they aren’t satisfied what they have

They hate what they see in mirror

They hate what they see in their home

They hate how they treated outside

They hate their dresses and the vehicle they have

They hate their life style

In most of the cases they lack cash that’s why they are unconfident.

I suggest to those very seriously and clearly that if you want to know how to build confidence in one line I can say that

If you are what you have, if you haven’t what you then who you are

I suggest you to work hard believe on God, pray for yourself, give hope to yourself, don’t worry what others have satisfy on what you have.

Think positive and live positive

Try to see things from various point of views

Broad your view more and more always try to find more and more points in everything, give options and choices to you, think positively as well as negatively, try to analyze every matter from different point of view, there is no limit of broadness of mind.

Grow and grow up

Think positive and live positive

The narrow-minded who undertake any work will never be satisfied. They cannot understand the actions of those who are large hearted andbroad-minded.

Love what you see in the mirror

Degrading yourself by minor odds in your look, it’s a great problem in disturbing a person’s life, if you hate yourself just because of your color, height and physic then I think you are making fool of yourself.

Do you know?

Thousands of people think like you about themselves and they become so much depress that they lose their confidence.

Others don’t observe you in so much detail as you observe and degrade yourself… everyone is more conscious about his/her look and beauty then of others.

How to build your confidence- Love yourself, it’s the best way to live happily, get positive points in you to give satisfaction to yourself, if you are happy with yourself then no can degrade you; if you have satisfactory answers about you then you can be confident and successful.

Make some rules and regulations to live life

Rules and regulations are much important in ones life, if one can adopt some set of principles in his/her life, he/she have much more chances to get what he wants and have more potential to live like a successful and honorable person.

Give your life a path a way, make sure that the path is good and recommended by God or some wise person which must be serious with you and your life, trust yourself and tart following rules.

It’s an important part of how to build your confidence.

Do you want to be an actor?

Confidence is just acting to be confident

If you love acting and want to be an actor confidence building is really awesome for you, you just need to act like the confident ones and who will build your confidence, simple rule.

Acting like a confident is not easy it take a lot of effort and fucks you initially but with the practice you feel comfortable with it.

how to build confidence
how to build confidence

Live in present

Do you know what the living in present means, it means focusing on present giving privilege to present, it means you have t forget about past or future, forget your mistakes and get rid of your future worries and expectations, enjoy the life of present as much as you can.

To live in present is to live for every second who is present… neither next second nor previous second, “how to build confidence?” question can be handling by making your mind, just think for a while that if some one degrade you for a while what will happen…. Think about the worst thing to be happening to you if you feel unconfident against someone due to some certain conditions… then… when you imagine it clearly just forget it….

Give your self comfort by the end of the bad and start of the good

How to build confidence- just live in present

Be social

Simply I can suggest you to be social to build your confidence, when you meet new people, interact with different type of persons you will be able to know how to handle different people, it gives you a confidence that you have met with many and now you can face many more trouble makers, so don’t to be worry about anything…. Feel free and feel awesome… be happy and be social… just because you are a social animal and you need to grow there… go and get your goals

No matter how others deal you… what matter is how you learn from others foolishness.

Give your time to yourself

A formula to build your confidence:

A wise man needs each day an hour set apart in which to examine his conscience, and measure what he has gained or lost

If you think being alone is boring and may look difficult to you but according to the saying … you have to be alone for a while daily to examine yourself… to analyze yourself... Just for few minutes… same as you leave others for a while for some peace of mind… to write your daily dairy…

If you think time is the most valuable thing in the world … give utility of this most valuable thing to yourself.

Create elasticity in yourself

Making yourself elastic is the most difficult step to build confidence according to me because I have seen many victims of inelasticity, if one is searching for “how to build confidence?” he/she must need to know that being elastic is the way to build confidence… if one possess this property he/she can bear many harsh things and forgive many who degrades him/her and try to stop him/her from gaining his/her goals.

Give yourself some properties of water… no matter in what type of container you are… reshape yourself like container but don’t be container.

Do you fear failure?

Trial and error are usually the prime means of solving life’s problems.

Fear of failure is the one of greatest thing to lose your confidence… if you are afraid of errors then you can’t succeed... simply failure kills your inner person, who wants to discover his world, who wants to get his dreams… so don’t kill all of it … Kill your fear to fail…

Life is a gamble. You can get hurt, but people die in plane crashes, lose their arms and legs in car accidents; people die every day. Same with fighters: some die, some get hurt, some go on. You just don't let yourself believe it will happen to you.

The simple method

The solution of how to build your confidence is

Think that what happen if you fail … think about the worst you can imagine to be happen… then get rid of it and feel free.

“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet.”

Take suggestions but avoid decisions

I write this for those who are unconfident just because they can’t make decisions, they consult with others… again and again and their inner is so weak that they always wait for others decisions for them, they don’t know that no body has to decide what to do but them

“If you don’t make a choice the choice makes you” I heard while watching a movie “ghost rider”

So how to build confidence’s formula for such type of persons to take suggestions but avoid decisions

What you believe about to aim high

Always keep your aims and goals high, don’t underestimate yourself. If your aims are high automatically you can build your confidence… people who have low aims and minor destinies… can’t work and behave like the great ones

Keep your aims as high as they can automatically motivate you and that motivation helps you to build your confidence.

A soul without a high aim is like a ship without a rudder.

Do you have ability to place yourself on observer place?

Have you ever observe yourself from third eye… while dealing with others, it’s the best way to judge yourself, neutrally and truly. If haven’t, try it, I hope you enjoy it.

So the other simple answer of “how to build your confidence?” is to observe yourself all the time 24 hours a day… check even and odds…analyze and examine yourself.

If others examine you, they will criticize on you… if you examine yourself then you will change you

What is being positive?

Positive attitude is expected from every person we interact, same is the case here if you are positive then others wont hurt you or make fool of you, if you are positive you have much relaxed feelings and you will be satisfied with your positive thinking… on matter what the situation is, It will surely build your confidence.

Positive thinking is a blessing of God for the people He love

how to build confidence
how to build confidence

How comparison works

The greatest monster to lose your confidence is comparison, keep yourself away from it as much as you can, comparison kills confidence and it will kill your abilities.

Try it; you will lose your confidence so steadily that you can’t even believe.

Comparison always hurts; the reason is that others aren’t like you; they are different form you in life style in standard and nature, so you can’t compare yourself with others.

Write what you think of yourself

The most successful method of solving the problem of “how to build confidence” is to write for your confidence, write for yourself, this is the way how you can understand yourself.

The more you know about yourself the more you gain confidence.

Writing is exploring, so explore you, write dairy and write journals, write and write… no matter what but write to build your confidence

Questions you have to ask yourself to build your confidence

Should I really change?

Am satisfied with what I am doing?

Do I love myself?

I much I give respect to myself?

Who is responsible for losing my confidence?

How many things I need to build my confidence?

Why others don’t take me seriously?

Why I am so depressed by all of this?

Have I done enough for myself?

Am I happy where I am today?

What things I must need to become happy?

Am I attractive to the opposite sex?

What motivates me?

How can I keep my moral high?

Do I believe on myself truly?

Do I believe n God truly?

What are the properties of confident personalities and what I lack?

How I look when I am talking?

How my voice acts?

How can my non verbal affect me to build my confidence?

It's easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you're a winner, when you're number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you're not a winner.

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thank you epi for the support

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......well this is something in which I need to do - build my confidence, and perhaps this hub subject has come along at the right point in my life - and it is a grand destiny that we met my friend write here like an expert and you show a lot of heart and intellect in your writing .... so I will be back to become further enlightened .....and educated ....thank you.

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