How to build your confidence-be simple and logical

Uniqueness of this article

Opps you have find a different type of article, I don’t want to waste your time I am just trying to provide you what you want. If I talk about the uniqueness of this article then I just have say that it helps to build your confidence by grooming your soul, polishing your mind and giving peace and satisfaction to your heart.

Simple I can say that money, dress, look etc aren’t able to build one’s confidence own their own, creating a confident mind is the basic need. So let’s check out my article, I have tried my best to give you the best I have found in building the confidence.

Confidence isn’t a materialistic thing so you can’t build it in materialistic way, you can just support a little it with materialism

How to build and improve your confidence
How to build and improve your confidence

Its easy to build ones self confidence

Do you think it’s hard to build your confidence; I think it’s the easiest way if you believe on yourself. Some simple things you need to make up your mind and you will build your confidence automatically without much effort of confidence building exercises and courses.

Be very clear to you

I am not talking about acting

I have seen that most of the articles on the internet just try to give you the tips that can be applied in just a movie or play, the tips can’t help you in real life and you aren’t able to build confidence for whole of your life, to be confident you must have to come out of you and your fantasies.

I am talking about grooming yourself, your soul and your mind so you can be confident in all situations and in all aspects of life; I am not here to waste your time.

Building the confidence is your battle with yourself

Yeah, it’s true you have to fight with your self,

You have to convince yourself to do what is right and avoid what is wrong, instead of doing what you like and what you don’t

Just prepare your mind to be confident

Preparing your mind to build your confidence is must before you proceed further, tell your mind that you are confident and try to repeat in your mind that you have to beat everyone and you must have to survive to build your confidence, there is no way out.

Don’t give your mind options or choice just order him to prepare to face this world like a confident person, this is the thing which make you strong, this is the thing which make you bold and brave and give you power to hold yourself.

"Those who cannot obey themselves will be commanded, it’s the nature of living creatures."

No one can lose or build your confidence but you

Do you believe that you are most powerful creature in the universe, if you don’t believe it analyze yourself, you are the greatest mystery, a mystery even you yourself cannot understand.

You are created by God to live freely and all other species are under your command and control, you are the one born in centuries, you are different from everyone, if you don’t agree with me analyze yourself from different point of views and then compare the results of your research, I hope you will find what I am saying.

Remember if you will find yourself, you will find the confidence.

Give yourself answers of some questions about you

Who are you?

From where you are?

Why are you in this world?

What is purpose of your life?

What is the goal of your life?

What type of aims you have?

What is your destiny?

How are you using your time? (Every second of your life)

How you manage your relations?

How you manage your religion?

Confidence comes when you just admit things happening in your life

If you are not satisfied what you have then automatically you lose confidence in front of those who have what you desire, so keep in mind that if you are satisfied with your luck then automatically you can build your confidence, if not you will always lose your confidence in front of others who impress you because of what they are or what they have.

Don’t blame others or don’t blame God for all this, I think you have to keep the desire of gaining something better but no need to unsatisfy with your present.

"You can build your confidence when you come out of fantasy and start admitting realities of your life"

Confidence is build when you accept changes in life

Whenever life changes and the things change around us most of the time we don’t accept these changes and become a disturb personality, if we live in this way we wont be successful in our life.

One must have to control him/herself if he/she faces this type of situation, remember those who are afraid from the changes in life are afraid form everything even themselves and fear is the most common reason to be unconfident. So get out of this rubbish and feel free don’t afraid what happen, build your confidence and believe that you can face and handle the situations.

You are able to build your confidence when you become able to set goals of your life

If you never know what you have to do exactly and what are your goals, if you don’t know what to achieve then automatically you want anything, you become confused and frustrated on those failures which aren’t yours because your path and purpose of life differ from them but you don’t know what you have to do and where you have to go.

Remember if you just want success and don’t know success in what then you become confused and may lose many of the things in you including confidence, if you want to build your confidence, want to keep motivated, want to succeed in you life and live a respectable and honorable life then you must have to set your goals, you have to set what to do? You have to set what you want? You have to set your time to achieve goals, you need to change you life according to what you desire, it gives you motivation and satisfaction and these are the things you need to build your confidence.

The answer of the question "how to build my confidence?" is in you
The answer of the question "how to build my confidence?" is in you

What comes when you admit I can’t change the world?

The common thing which you faced to build your confidence but many of times you don’t know

Do you want to change the world because you think there is something wrong here?

Do you want to become the president and change the things which look odd to you?

Do you want to get money, power and authority to make changes in the world, in your country, in your city, in your home and in your life?

Do you know these types of questions disturb you and your life? Because in reality you don’t have these things all these are in your fantasy, so stop living in your fantasies and start building your reality.

Be real, be confident.

If you want to build your confidence live in reality, don’t frustrate from the realities and make your way to get out of the troubles and situation. It’s hard but it’s easy because you just have to struggle and don’t worry about the results.

Do you believe in God?

A question comes when you want to succeed in something, when you feel helpless

You know this world isn’t created by me or by you, it is created by Almighty.

If we want something and we want to live successfully in this world then we must have to follow the rules made by the creator for this world. If you are a non believer then I think you are missing something in way of your success, Believe on God is the most easiest way to build your confidence because if you believe that there is somebody who is superior then all of this and he is managing all of the universe, without his permission no one can hurt you and without his permission no one can give you benefit.

Exact Answer

So if you want the exact answer of the question “how to build your confidence?” The answer is

Believe on God, No one can hurt you or give you some benefit, just pray to Almighty whatever you want; either its successful life or you want to build your confidence.

Your fear; which block your way to build your confidence?

Are you afraid of failure?

Do you fear your boss?

Do you fear who those who are more powerful then you?

Do you fear yourself?

Fear is in your mind just in your mind, try to clear your mind don’t try to clear your life; fear is the direct reason to lose your confidence so if you want to build your confidence lose your fear.

You can build your confidence when you are able to manage your life?

The last proper answer of “how can I build my confidence?” is to take control of your life and manage it properly, handle it gently and make decisions in your life. If you are a good manager then you are a confident person.

Easy way to manage your life is to write and write, write what you want, write what you need, write your goals, write your feelings, try this I had tried it myself too and now I am living a satisfied life.

God bless you all

Waiting for your feedback

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Mohammad Mohsin profile image

Mohammad Mohsin 5 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

thanks alocsin :)

alocsin profile image

alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

Interesting tips. Voting this Up and Useful.

fucsia profile image

fucsia 5 years ago

Great points: respect for the reality, respect for who we are, respect for our desires and how set the goals. Thanks for this useful and stimulating page.

Mohammad Mohsin profile image

Mohammad Mohsin 5 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

yep... temirah you are right...God bless All of us

Mohammad Mohsin profile image

Mohammad Mohsin 5 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

thanks for the feedback farah

Temirah profile image

Temirah 5 years ago

Being comfortable in your own skin is a great human confidence. Knowing that The Big Guy is looking out for you is even better!

farahzachzia profile image

farahzachzia 5 years ago from Indonesia

Very useful. Will try to practice it. Voted up

Mohammad Mohsin profile image

Mohammad Mohsin 5 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

yep... Believe on God is the easiest thing to build your confidence

tinku 5 years ago

awesum...simply luv the exact ans.

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