The Do's and Don'ts to cure painful mouth ulcer as soon as possible.

Who never had a mouth ulcer? Of course everyone has faced that painful experience where speaking and eating has to be limited due to the pain. It is like a scrape or a cut in the mouth area including tongue, gums and lips. Do I need to elaborate more? The reason you came across this page is certainly because you are looking for ways to cure it because you cannot bear the excruciating pain not to mention the weird looks you will get when heard speaking like a retard.

Here's a fun fact, mostly smokers rarely suffers from mouth ulcer. Normally people get mouth ulcer when we accidentally bite our own tongue, our body lack of water and vitamins. Exposed to heat from the sun could also result to mouth ulcer or oral blister.

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Go to the nearest pharmacy. For example the fastest way I did it is with Orrepaste. It contains oral steroid but it is recommendable by physician.
  • Drink lots of water. Preferably plain water. Make it a habit to bring a big tumbler of 1000 ml of water everywhere u go.
  • Tend to do activities that can be sweating so the intake of liquids will be higher.
  • Avoid taking coffee as it increases the temperature of the body.
  • Eat and chew slowly. We do not want any more new blisters.
  • Avoid having a sour fruit as it contains high concentration of salt and could make the body dehydrates.
  • Lastly be patient. Having a new blister will take a couple of days for it get bigger. The surface area of sore will expand but after that peak, the sore will slowly shrink.

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Cogerson profile image

Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

Great advice for the next time I get a mouth ulcer....voted up and useful

Tweetmom profile image

Tweetmom 5 years ago from Newark Author

Thank you cogerson. I often suffer from mouth ulcer due to the hot wheater and sometimes just got occupied with work, i rarely drink plenty of water. Got tired of suffering from it, that's why i decided to write a hub about mouth ulcer. Hope it can benefits you and others ;)

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia

You have useful information. I really enjoy your tips above. Thanks for share this with us. Well done, my friend. Rated up!


Tweetmom profile image

Tweetmom 5 years ago from Newark Author

Thanks prasetio30, you are too kind.

Sumit 3 years ago

thank you my friend the ulcer was irritating me a lot for this tip

Janet 2 years ago

The answer of an exptre. Good to hear from you.

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