How to fight strep throat without antibiotics

Every year millions of people get infected with strep throat. While the cause of a sore throat can be traced back to a flu virus, strep throat is actually caused by the streptococcal bacteria. Most often but not always do the accompanying symptoms include headache, fever, nausea and pain during swallowing.

If not treated properly and immediately the bacteria has a chance to spread and eventually cause further illness such as rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever is a serious condition which will weaken your body severely. It takes a lot longer to recover from rheumatic fever than from strep throat. Practicing preventive medicine and paying immediate attention to alarming symptoms are your first step in fighting the foreign invaders that cause such agonizing, weakening and painful symptoms.

Conventional Medicine

The traditional way of combating strep throat is a ten-day regimen of antiobiotic treatment. Usually 24 hours after starting the dosage the infected person is no longer contagious. But what exactly are antibiotics ? Antibiotics are in a sense another foreign invader which is sent into our blood stream to kill the bacteria that has caused the infection. Unfortunately, it doesn’t just kill the strep bacteria but also the good bacteria within our digestive tract. That is why we are told to eat live cultures such as a plain yoghurt or we can supplement this loss with acidophilus and bifidus capsules.

Alternative Practices

The bacteria that causes strep throat, just like any other bacteria or virus loves an acidic environment, the more acidic the faster they can spread. Therefore practicing ph balanced nutrition and supplementing with a nutritious superfood such as pure aloe vera juice is giving your immune system all the necessary fighting force to dissallow the bacteria to enter. But if we notice that we are already infected and practicing preventive medicine is far too late, there might still be some measures we can take to fight the bacteria without having to use antibiotics.

Change your diet immediately

Stay away from food that is metabolized into acidic ash and focus on consuming only alkaline food. Acidic food are all meats, all sugar, milk, flour, breads. Eat fruits for breakfast, green salads with potatoes for lunch, potatoes and vegetables for dinner or home-made vegetable soups. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas without sugar.

Aloe Vera Juice

Drink plenty of pure aloe vera juice that is at least 90% pure. Drink 6 ounces before breakfast, 6 ounces before lunch and 6 ounces before dinner. Pure aloe vera juice comes with a long list of truly incredible healing benefits. Research studies show what effect it has on aids patients. Aloe Vera Juice, if pure, contains a sugar molecule known as acemannan. It is the only plant on earth that naturally contains this sugar molecule. It plays a big role in the healing capacity of the aloe vera plant and might be the reason why no other plant or healing herb can celebrate equal success. You can read more about medical studies done with aloe vera here.

Water intake

Water is important as it keeps our digestion in tact. A slow digestion can slow down our immune system, and a slow immune system will allow for foreign invadors to take over. Water is also the vehicle that will transport toxins out of the body.

If you follow these instructions you probably won’t need antibiotics. If for some reasons your symptoms have not improved within two days, you should seek the assistance of a doctor.

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