How to get fat and get there quickly!

Gain fat now!

A lot of people have been asking me how to gain weight recently. It seems that people are sick and tired of being healthy. So, here goes:

1. Skip eating a breakfast. By doing this you keep your metabolic rates low.

2. Exercise with an empty belly. If your body has no food your thermostats get turned down even lower to conserve fuel.

3. Directly after you eat you need to nap right away. Sleep as long as you can after eating as much food as you can. Rinse and repeat.

4. Eat as late as you can in the day. Going to bed with a full stomach is a sure fire way to gain weight. This way your body stores the food as fat. Fat and more fat.

5. If at all possible you should eat amongst friends. Researches have proven that we eat about 40% more food and about 25% more calories.

Lesson: If you're interested in getting fat (not just gaining weight) the key is to do less, eat more with friends and sleep a ton afterwards.

Good luck.

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davidbelden profile image

davidbelden 8 years ago from San Francisco

Clearly I'm doing something wrong. If I skip any meal I end up losing weight. Maybe it's the hours of exercise a day. Hmmm... eat more, sleep more, workout less. Seems like too much effort to me. But I look forward to reading your weight loss suggestions too. :)

jacobworld profile image

jacobworld 8 years ago from Ireland

I never ate breakfast lol

epictruth profile image

epictruth 8 years ago from Frisco Author

I've tested it out. It works. ;)

livelonger profile image

livelonger 8 years ago from San Francisco

Don't forget pasta, bread, pizza, sugary drinks - those carbs. Nothing makes you hungry for more food again and again.

wishiwasfat 8 years ago

thankyou so much i was 40kgs and in 3 weeks i am 61kgs!

hdoniv_87 7 years ago

lol... nice one... this is what i was doing for 4 months and gained nearly 10 kgs...

To lose weight, just mix two table spoons of honey in hot water for one month... you will lose upto 10 kgs in 7 weeks... :)

epictruth profile image

epictruth 7 years ago from Frisco Author

Nice, I'll keep that in mind. Take care

sparky 7 years ago

that's really cool ...uhm i barely trying barely 12 years old and weight 80 i hope i get fatter trying your edvise.

Mr. Skiney  7 years ago

I am getting started with thesed prenciples in mind. I am now 55 and i am planing to add 10 more kgs. Will it work?....i will see

epictruth profile image

epictruth 7 years ago from Frisco Author

Well, good luck with gaining weight and let me know how it goes. :)

pauly 7 years ago

having trouble due to muscle mass so will follow the rules for a couple of months I am 196 lbs looking for the magic 250+ any tips would be apreciated

joey  7 years ago

dude i luv ur site im 14 and way 134 lbs so im a lil on the thin side but now i hope i can reach 160 lbs with ur advice

joey  7 years ago

id also like 2 gain more weight after tht so im not skinny any more

dayday 7 years ago

im doing this to get breast u cant be skinny

vaibhav 7 years ago

If I skip any meal I end up losing weight


james 6 years ago

best ever i hav seen

paige 6 years ago

i sure do hope this works. i would be so disappointed if it doesn't. im 21 with 2 kids and weigh 99lbs. ive always wanted to gain weight. i think being called skinny, can hurt just as much as being called fat, except it isn't as rude.

Dale 6 years ago

I have been trying to gain weight for along time I use to be chubbier but I was short I only wiegh 112 pounds and I'm 14 and I'm 5 foot 6 I hope it works

How to Get Fat 6 years ago

Hey nice post! I learned a lot! Keep it going!

dev 6 years ago

don't take tension or stress!!! ma slogan is watevr u get to eat just eat as if ther is no day fa 2mrw!!! dis can make u chubby

CAR 6 years ago


CAR 6 years ago


CAR 6 years ago


Abby 6 years ago

how come it's not working for me???? :( i do all the five steps and yet nothing is working. i'm still 5 foot 2 and weight 100 pounds.

charles 6 years ago

its not working my mom says its because i have high metablism

futurefatkid 6 years ago

hey i'm 11 to i did this and went from 80lbs to 125lbs. still trying to get something to play and jiggle with.

kid 6 years ago

Im 14, 5ft7 and currently weigh 135lbs i will definatly try this out. I want to be atleast 200lbs (:

Kelly 6 years ago

I don't know what I way and I want to get really fat! When I get older and get my own house I'm gonna try this!

ThinFall 6 years ago

i weigh only 120 kg and are 24 i need wieght

Lola 6 years ago

I'm 9 and I 120kg and it's thaks to you I'm hoping to gain another 80kg before high school.

Shawn 6 years ago

does this work at all im tryna gain weigh

o'neal 6 years ago

it's working or not! ill be do it for my self... i hope it's working.....

kay 6 years ago

I rily hope this works cuss oda articles I have seen say the same thing. I sure hope u guyz aint making a joke out of the whole thing cuss it's a serious issue. I think wat we skinny from birth pple need is a safe prescription drug to slow down our metabolism so we can retain so fat!!

Annoynomous 6 years ago

how am i spose to do this, my parents said im getting fat and cut out all my fetish foods but im actually really skinny, for some reason my face is kinda chubby and my body isn't, is that normal?

bubbles 6 years ago

i want to be obese with fat flaps

CubsterFBL 6 years ago

I've been trying this for the past year, at the start I weighed 160lbs, I've recently hit 193lbs, and I've got a nice belly.

5 years ago

jujhujhnjbjhbm,bhjb #hj]#h


wannabefat 5 years ago

how long would it take to gain 20 lbs im 13 and want to get fat fast

Molly 5 years ago

People under 15 you should be happy with your body. I really want a flat stomach and I weight500 pounds. I am 12

FutureObeseDude 5 years ago

I was 14 only weigh 300 lb want to gain another 200. That was me 4 months ago, now Im 650lb and have a girlfriend who loves my body, this really works so thanks¡¡¡

mazouri 5 years ago

i am skinny i want to gain weight thanx 4 the advice

fatfat 5 years ago

thank you i love being fat

Alexis 5 years ago

i was fat before then i missed eating at night because of some problems so i lost weight and now, im having trouble getting fat again.. i have a fast metabolism, even if i eat a lot, i don't easily get fat.. but i really want to try this..

Amy 5 years ago

I've been doing this practically my whole life and i still have a sickeningly low BMI :/

aneesa 5 years ago

i don't think so

Ev 5 years ago

My BMI is about 17 not happy... I gunna gain till 25 at 125.1lbs, oh yeah and another good way is penutbutter.

werewolfgirl 5 years ago

i am 5 foot 10 and 110lb. gonna try this;)

Snake608 5 years ago

Awesome can't wait to try it :)

naiti :) 5 years ago

well im 13 5'3 an weight 113 i really want o gain weight hope this work :( if it dosent im goingt to be soo disapointed

Bella 5 years ago

Hey, m bella

i m 2 thin n skinny! I've tried all the methods 2 gain fat but i dnt feel any change in me neither in my weight! I'm 14 n just weigh 34 kg! All my frnz hav their boyfrnz bt not me... M beautiful bt people comment on my body! I WANT TO GAIN FAT! Plz if any1 cant give me suggestions! Plz plz plz... I want 2 hav a perfect body as soon as possible plz if any1 cn help me...

Bella 5 years ago


plz if sum1 can help me??

I do need ur suggestions!


bibin 5 years ago

will try ..:)

skinny 5 years ago

im 23 yrs nd stil weigh 45 kilo... jus not gettin fat but only chubby at tyms...

LinkTuyt 5 years ago

im only 11 and i weigh 120 pounds

ever grande 5 years ago

i'm 11 and i'm 50 kg(for a 156 cm body)

MR.BAKRA 5 years ago

ALL crap i tried i burnt my balls

peggie 5 years ago

need to gain weight asap nothing seems to help :(

janelle 5 years ago

i am 5'9 and now weigh 120 lbs,my starting weight was 108 lbs so i have gained weight. What i did was buy these chinese pills called ginseng kianpi pills and drank lots of soy milk,ate fried foods,junk basically whatever i wanted. I took 2 pills a day and put on weight fast and did not exercise at all,exercise is good but when you don't have any fat to begin with exercise wont give you any results,and whoever wrote this article didn't really answer the question how to get fat,i get so sick and tired fo people saying the same s*** over and over again,theres a million products and tips for weight loss but hardly anything for weight gain. if anybody would like to try and gain weight with me my email is,i am still at 120 lbs and haven't lost any of the weight i gained, i will be buying more ginseng kianpi pills soon so i can get back on my weight gain regimen. My goal is to be 160-180 lbs and im a woman,after having my son i lost a severe amount of weight rapidly within 3 days in the hospital recovering,by the time i got out and took my son home i looked very frail, i went down to a size 0 and now i can barely put them on so i need to buy a size 1. I still look skinny so i would need to be at least 160 to look healthy.

ashx 5 years ago

i will try this! tnx!

ash 5 years ago

i will try

ash 5 years ago

i will try

maninderjeet 5 years ago

i cant get it

bananas 4 years ago

imma dime i dnt need to no bigger otherwise ill look like a jumbo screen everybody like my body size thats whom is real skinny im the rite size

james 4 years ago

thanks for the help i waz 12 90 lbs now in 3 weeks i am 12 130 lbs!

lomep profile image

lomep 4 years ago from Pretoria

Your advice is great I'm 14 and I was 150 pounds now I'm 190

karan 4 years ago

i have a hight of 5.11 feet and weight is 42 kg so i want to get faty.

Yvonne 4 years ago

Ahh.. good info..

But, skipping breakfast???

shouldn't u eat more???

Taylor Mackenzie 4 years ago

Oh, my goodness. Thank you! I'm twelve years young and 106 pounds. I really want to get to 115 pounds, and even heavier and chubbier, after that!

janae 4 years ago

Hopefully This works for me I'm 15 years old & way 89 pounds, I want to be fat & it seems like if I miss breakfast I lose weight :( should I still miss my breakfast or keep eating my breakfast ?

Kem 4 years ago

I realy need dis

fernan victor 4 years ago

i will try at home buddy

Looes 4 years ago

I love beeing FAT it is cool and I am as fat as my car and the hole wold should be fat :)

Nes 4 years ago

im 13 and i only weigh 90 pounds so i really hope this works

lonleyboy 4 years ago

i have been wenging for 2years now i lose more evertime i did that i know but i need to stop that so i can follow this to gain thanks guy ,funny that,s wenging can make you lose wgth

craig 4 years ago

well im 11 im trying to gain weight wat is the best way to do this any segusstions let me know thanks!?

miss 4 years ago

yo....pray this works!!

3ahia 4 years ago

lies. these are all lieesss..

i'v been eating a lot and and sleep RIGHT after meal and sleep for long hour and i'v been eating healthy food n unhealthy junkfood and i'm still super skinny... 39kg

i started to gain weight when i started to go gym and join classes. (+3kg) and when i stop doing all that.. i start to loose weight again.

its super easy for me to loose weight than to gain weight.. :(

i'm a 26 year old petite lady :P i need curves !!! nghehehe

carla 4 years ago

i have a realy thin body an i want to gain weight but i may not be able to do so because my mom was thin too,so is it posible for me to gain weight

Hype 4 years ago

The trick is, lay on your bed ALL day, EVERYDAY, stay on the computer or something. I've done it solidly for the past 3 years, i'm 18, 5ft 5 and I weigh 230lbs. :D morbidly obese.

Keep eating friends.

Joe 4 years ago

i'm 13 and 121 lbs. i really want to get to 225 lbs. plz help me. i got the email thing so help me plz!

Ashley 4 years ago

I am almost 14 and only 73 pounds scared to not be able to grow... going to try these tips but i just wish i could gain like 20 pounds in a day!

Stella 4 years ago

Did you know that if you walk on your tippy toes a lot your claves will get bigger they can get really big! I tried this and now im growing and feeling better about myself.

zaynfan 4 years ago


I'm ( 16 ) and my weight is ( 41 ) .. i really need someone that he/she tried something that helps to gain more weight . most important is to be healthy way ..

i really look skinny plus i'm ( 160 cm )

I'm really thankful .

cezkha 3 years ago

hi..nice suggestions 4 my husband 2 gain more weight..He is skinny!

Me 3 years ago

I am 10 and 3 months ago I wieghed 64.6 while slowly gaining with the eat at night thing and now wiegh 200.7.=-0

Mohamed 3 years ago

I do almost everything above, but still im Thin. I never eat breakfast because i wake-up late at about 1:00 pm. I normally sleep at 2 or 3 am. I only eat Lunch and Dinner.

Can you give me any other methods to become fat :).

skini 3 years ago

I am 12 and weigh 112 pounds, I got ill and went from 130 pounds to 112 pounds. I have a med metabolic rate, hope this works.

mii 3 years ago

im 12 and 100 pounds

FatLover 3 years ago

I'm going to try this once I move to my girlfriends house, she's fat so why not get fat with her. :D

Tony 3 years ago

email me at I need help hitting 200lbs soon!!

FATTYFATFAT 3 years ago

I know another way to get fat. Eat as much as possible and don't forget to drink lots and lots of juice. Then, play video games without barely moving and eat again once in awhile. I did that for 2 days and I gained a LOT of fat. I went from skinny to a little fat. I probably gained about 20 pounds!

sexy 3 years ago

thanks for your advise, i hope it works

oscaragliano 3 years ago

im 13 and I have a 36 inch belly that wobbles and jiggles. it works but now my trousers don't button.

oscaragliano 3 years ago

and thanks for the advise

oscaragliano 3 years ago

my girl friend is trying this aswell and its working. she told me her waist has expanded by 6 inches! all her clothes look really tight and her jiggle belly hangs out of some. im currently 1o stone and counting and she is 9 stone. she used to be quite slim. ive allways been tubby but never as much as this. I love my fatter self and so does my girlfriend. u should see us when im in my swim shorts with no t shirt and when shes in her bikini with our bellys jigging under us! thankyou this articall really helped!

oscaragliano 3 years ago

ive lost the weight again and now im only 8stone and my belly is 34 inches. how long will it take to get overweight again? please tell me cause I want to fatten up again and get a fat belly. please tell me thank you. I am 13

BooBoo 2 years ago

I'm 24 and I used to be 140 Ibs now I'm 230, thanks so much! I love having a big jelly belly to play with.

Alexander 2 years ago

Is it fun to play with?

alexander 2 years ago

How many days does it take?

ThoughtsWriter profile image

ThoughtsWriter 2 years ago from America

There is nothing wrong with a little extra weight!

fat 2 years ago

How come I didn't foat even though I ate 10 biscuits before I went to nap

fat lover 2 years ago

Does it make you have a black hole in your belle butten

soccerlover 2 years ago

I gained 50 lbs now I weigh 200 I was so stupid now I'm a fatty and have a double cbin

sarvesh nayak 2 years ago

this is a good technic but still go one this site as it tells u the tricks to get fat

hilsyde emcee 2 years ago

hey thanks for ur advice. i would appreciate if u can be more precise on healthy diets that facilitates weight gain. thanks +2347037610202

wendy 22 months ago

please try to control that.

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