How to get rid of constipation and hardened stools: Various measures to aviod constipation and their recurrance

Constipation problem

Constipation is an ailment which is faced by majority of the population one time or the other in their lives. It is not a disorder by itself but it may lead to series of other complications if left untreated. Constipation leads to anal fissures, hemorrhoids or otherwise called piles and various other gastrointestinal problems.

Let us see the various ways by which we can avoid constipation and the complications caused by it.

Drinking more water to avoid constipation

Water should be the essential part of every meal. It helps in proper digestion of food which greatly helps in avoiding hardening of the stools which leads to constipation. People with constipation problem should at least drink 2 liters of water daily to get relief from constipation.

Proper chewing of food to avoid constipation

Digestion starts in the mouth. When the ingested food is not chewed well before swallowing it goes down the intestines as bigger particles which are difficult to be digested and assimilated. Also chewing enables through mixing of food particles with the saliva which is greatly helpful in digestion.

Eating fiber rich food to avoid constipation

Eating fiber rich food acts as roughage in food and increases the bulkiness and the water content in the food. It also increases the water content in the stool and avoids constipation.

Avoiding caffeine for constipation

Caffeine rich food such as coffee and energy drinks plays a vital role in causing the constipation, so it is essential to avoid caffeine in all forms to avoid constipation.

Avoiding smoking to get rid of constipation

Smoking and the presence of nicotine and various other complex chemicals in tobacco cause constipation and hence it is important to quit smoking to alleviate the symptom of constipation.

Foods to prevent constipation

Foods rich in fiber such as oats, banana, apple, peaches, cereals, peanuts and all leafy vegetables greatly help in getting rid of constipation and prevent their recurrence.

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