How To Go Into Labor?

How to go into labor?
How to go into labor?

How to go into labor?

It is a fact that approximately 70% of all babies don’t seem to be in any hurry to be born into this world. If your baby is less than a week overdue, then doctors will likely advise you to just to wait patiently. And because it is so normal and common for babies to be born past their due dates, this is good advice and there is usually no need to encourage the labor to start. However, when you have passed the estimated due date two weeks ago, or there are any issues, why the pregnancy has to concluded, it’s essential to learn the basics on how to go into labor.

How to go into labor: Medical labor induction


Medical labor induction is usually done using Pitocin and Oxytocin administered as gel and via IV (intra venous) drips. Unfortunately this medical procedure severely restricts your freedom and ability to control your own labor. Additionally, medical induction commonly results in many other medical interventions, such as epidural (because of intense contraction pains) and a caesarian section (due to failure to induce labor or stalled labor). It's very common that medical labor induction fails to start labor, or it could take more than 48 hours for you to go into labor. In these cases the doctors are prone to do a C-section.

How to go into labor: Natural ways to go into labor


Medical labor induction is sometimes necessary. It's always, however, important to consider both the benefits and risks of medical labor induction. Medical labor induction is often unpleasant and come with side effects, and some can even endanger the health of the baby. This is why it's very good that you are looking for information on how to go into labor naturally. So, if you're facing the risk of medical labor induction, here's some natural ways to go into labor:

How to go into labor: Walking


If you want to go into labor things in motion, the first thing you should do is to put yourself in motion. Walking helps your baby to descent better. This will cause the baby to press his head down on your cervix, and this can prompt labor or at the very least get your baby in the ideal position for labor. Any active, yet gentle, movement like this can help you to go into labor.

How to go into labor: Sexual intercourse


One of the ways to go into labor is to have an intercourse. A couple who is eager to welcome their baby could have sex to speed up the process. Sex can help you to go into labor because sex makes the woman to release a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin causes the uterus to contract. Furthermore, the man releases semen which softens the woman's cervix. For women who find the idea of sex to be completely unappealing during the third trimester of pregnancy, then nipple stimulation is another option, as it also increases the release of natural Oxytocin that helps your body to go into labor.

How to go into labor: Labor acupressure


If you have already tried walking, sex and nipple stimulation in order to go into labor, but nothing has happened, Labor Acupressure might be the right natural labor inducing method for you. Labor Acupressure is the most effective and safest ways to go into labor naturally is labor acupressure.

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Tina Garner 8 years ago

I think that if sex makes that hormone come out then it should be the first thing that people should try.

gordon 7 years ago

i am at the stage where my partner has 3 weeks to go but suffering a lot of pain well she has from the begining so i am now going to run her a hot bath and give her some sexual pleasure till she climaxes then i gunna make love to her as i have been told that seamen has simular effect as being induced so hopefully a good orgasm and some manly cream will get her going wow cant wait to make love to my partner again and this is a good excuse that satisfies myself and hopefully help my partner go into labour so she can relax with out having all the pain she is already in

Melissa 7 years ago

Nothing works until the baby is ready. We have done everything, and still no baby.

peachie 7 years ago

i was 4.5 centimeters and 75% effaced as of last thursday. i went to the hospital and they sent me home because i was in false labor. Iv'e walked, had sex, evenran alittle after sex!, accupressure and lastly castor oil. The castor oil kept me on the toilet for upwards of six hours. to only have mild contracions more often. So my advice is just sit back and relax you baby knows when its supposed to be here according to him he will be right on time no matter what you do.

rachel 7 years ago

i'm past ready to go into labor and i've tried spicy food, sex (still trying but not working thus far), walking, even cleaning a whole lot till i'm so tired, nipple stimulation which sucks. screw nasty castor oil that crap will just give you the poops. i'm soooooooo tired of this

Nikki 7 years ago

I'm in my 38th week and my doctor is finally believing me in that my due date is not last week but a few weeks ahead. Yet it makes me wonder if my doctor feels I'm the size of a woman that should be due so in that case I've tried warm baths, spicy food, sex, walking and I've even danced to Tina and Ike Turner's "Proud Mary," still all I've had were a few mild contractions that were not constant. I'm tired of trying and I guess my baby will come when she gets good and ready. But I have one last thing to try and that's drinking Red Rasberry Leaf Tea, but after that if nothing happens I'll have 1 to 2 weeks until the big times.

brittney 7 years ago

well with my last baby i had sex took a lot of hot baths (to the point you cant stand the heat) then i did some squats and then jogged in place and i was in labor but with this baby nothing seems to work

Josephine 7 years ago

Ive tried walking, jogging, having sex, accupressure and a lot more but nothing seems to work for me. Its getting frustrating but my husband told me to be patient. And I guess we'll just have to wait. Im past my due date already and i might be scheduled for an induced labor. Its too bad that its taking me time to get in labor when my maternity leave has started already without my baby. :(

jen 7 years ago

well i tried the caster oil thing and i began having contractions 10 hrs after i took it. but apparently i was dehydrated and the contractions stopped. they were 5 min apart for 3 hrs and then nothing i got sent home from the hospital to wait it out. my mom still swears by. if u can get threw the thickness then go ahead and try's ur decision

Chrissy 7 years ago

I'm 40 weeks, today's my due date, according to my cycle. According to the ultrasounds that have every 2 weeks, baby is already 42 weeks. I have an appointment tommorrow, I wonder what's going to happen!

Brittany 7 years ago

Im pregnant with my second child, my 1st was so eager to be here he was born a month early. This baby is stubborn, my husband and i have tried everything. ive realized he'll be here when he's ready dont rush him.

Brittany 7 years ago

Im pregnant with my second child, my 1st was so eager to be here he was born a month early. This baby is stubborn, my husband and i have tried everything. ive realized he'll be here when he's ready don't rush him.

lisa 7 years ago

im 38 weeks pregnant and i am soo ready for my baby boy to be born it driving me insain me and me and my partner try having sex but it is so uncomfortable for my partner and he is scared that if he leans on me the wrong way he could hurt our little boy i try walking a lot but every time i do i get the worst leg cramps i havnt yet try caster oil but by the sounds of it it isn't really worth it i really don't want to wait anymore im so over waiting for my baby i just want him in my arms not my belly :(

crystal 7 years ago

Im 39wks and so tired of waiting for my baby boy to come on out. He is so stubborn and I'm so anxious to meet him. I go to the doctor tommorrow and I'm hoping for some good news because I cant take being pregnant any longer it's really becoming a pain in the neck literally!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabby 7 years ago

im 38 weeks and 3 days on sunday ill be 39 weeks im having a baby girl and im naming her ariana i tried hot baths that's all i take dosent work seriously i just want her out i usally don't wanna have sex but for the pasrt 3 days i been really horney i wonderr if the babys making me like this to have sex so she can come out faster i know kinda stupid but just wanna seee herrr and nothings working~!!

alyce 7 years ago

esterday was my due date, still no baby. if hes not here in 3 more days i go back to the doctor to have my cervix checked again and will have an induction scheduled for 2-3 days after that.. I really want him here naturally and now! i've tried spicy food and sex to no avail... i refuse to try castor oil and raspberry leaf tea, besides walking and warm baths any other suggestions?

brittany 7 years ago

i am currently 30 weeks and im pregnant with my 2nd child and i have had 2 misscarages the best thing u can do to go into labor is to use a hot tub. the constant motion and heat of the water against ur stomach causes contrations that's y they say not to get in a hot tub while pregnant and that's y at some hospitails they use hot baths when your in son that was a sucessful pregnancey was born at 30 weeks due to preclamsia and that labor i had no control over but if

Aaliyah 7 years ago

Iam 38 weeks pregnant and want this baby out,am having much discomfort plus i wentfor my 2nd ultra sound today they told me the baby is 9lbs....i realllllly want her out any idea's would help

Kelly 6 years ago

Please let me know I'm 40 weeks today. I was told if your husband massage your feet and akles this will put u into labor.

jazz 6 years ago

i've been walking && having sex && bouncing on exercise balls for the longest! my cervix still hasn't boyfriend && i are planning on trying the sex again..this time he'll ejaculate in me though..hopefully it works!!

Noah's Mother 6 years ago

I think the baby will come on its own. Don't rush it. Remember a chicken is not done till it's cooked... Same thing for a baby, he -she will come when they are ready

Chels 6 years ago

I am 40 weeks tomarrow, so through with being pregnant. Ready to get the whole labor over and done wit. Had an appt last thursady they told me i was dilated to 1, tried walkin, sex, going up and down the stairs still nothings happened. No heavy pain jus regular braxton hicks contractions. I refuse to drink Castor oil or Sage tea cus i don't want no after effects on me or my lil stubborn mama. If anybody know's any other suggestions please let me kno!

Malihah 6 years ago

Cant wait till my baby comes I'm four days over my due date and still waiting for her too come I'm getting impatient and know I'm looking for ways too go in labor soon...cant wait any

jayvian's_mommy profile image

jayvian's_mommy 6 years ago from Georgia

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and I have tried walking, spicy foods, cleaning, and castor oil! I have done everything that everyone has suggested besides the black cohosh and tea! I am so desperate to have my little boy but he is very stubborn! Im due on thanksgiving day, 3 days b4 my birthday n he doesn't seem 2 want 2 come! I have dilated 1 and a half cm!!! ITS TRUE THE BABY WILL COME WHEN HE/SHE GETS READY!

abigail 6 years ago

well im 39 weeks and i want to go to labor already but he just don't want to come out.... i have done the nipple... sex .. walk and he still their i just want to met him already im tierd of being prego........

Erin 6 years ago

I am due tomorrow and i have tried lots of sex, skipping down hospital hallways, running stairs, cleaning house, pineapple, walking countless kilomeaters with my dogs my dr. even manually stretched my cervix becouse we fear the baby is getting to big for a vaginal delivery. My other two children were 9 and 16 days early and 8'1 and 7'12.6lbs what is this one going to be?I need help ahhh, what to do..

Amanda  6 years ago

I am 35wks and 2 days, this is my second child. my first one wanted nothing to do with coming out. i had to get the hole 9 yards with her. well im ready to have this one and i did the red rassberry tea so hope it works. this one is in position ready to come where my first wasent so i hope it works!!!!!!!!

john 6 years ago

At 35.2 your baby is still premature. You should not be trying to have your baby now. I work in a NICU and 35 weekers can have some respiratory issues esp. if it is a boy.

stacey 6 years ago

I am 39 weeks today - i am more than ready to have this baby, im so fed up. Was late with my first boy - had to go into hospital 10days after my due date for a medical induction, which wasn't pleasant. It ended in a ventouse delivery on the 11th day after due date. Really desperate to go into labour naturally, but it doesn't seem to be happening not even started dilating :(

Feeling very large and in loads of pain but fingers crossed within the next week :)

Autumn 6 years ago

Hi I'm 33 weeks prego and will b 34 wks in two days I'm so tired of the weight gain and being prego been depress lately and tired but I'm hoping to have my boy at 37 weeks so I can be free again but let's hopes he's healthy can't wait :)))))

Autumn 6 years ago

Hi I'm 33 weeks prego and will b 34 wks in two days I'm so tired of the weight gain and being prego been depress lately and tired but I'm hoping to have my boy at 37 weeks so I can be free again but let's hopes he's healthy can't wait :)))))

shawna 6 years ago

hi I am 37 weeks tomorrow I have been given 4 different due dates and they are going by my first Im 16 I don't know what to do I want this baby out now and I have no boyfriend so i cant have sex what can i do?

bekki 6 years ago

i am 30 weeks pregnant and getting realy fed up off being pregnant i found out at a really early stage so its been draggin for me i know im ready but is baby i know whey r still quiet fragile and stuff at this age but seriously im fed up :(

Brandy 6 years ago

Hi I am 36 weeks pregnantand having my third child which is another boy. I have been in an out of the hospital the past four months My first child was two months early my second i had preclamsia and had him at 39 wks. I have been dialated to a 4 for a month now i am getting so tired any suggestions on how to get this over with now?

mama4two 6 years ago

what is with people thinking they need to go into labor any time around the 30th week?!?! I had just turned 17 with my first child and knew better then tryin to start labor that early!! and my second i went over 2 weeks over due and didn't try anything till the first week over due! If you're that overwhelmed any time before the 37th week and unwilling to wait it out, you shouldn't have gotten preg. in the first place!!! it's a given, u will get HUGE n uncomfy, hormones will fly and you'll be just about crazy, but for the baby you should just DEAL with it, NOT RUSH IT!!!

sammy 6 years ago

i was 28 weeks when my water broke i was exspecting twin girls it was scary they were in the ninc. just wait till ur dute its safe

anne 6 years ago

im 34weeks,i already have 2 boys

both born 3 weeks early. Wondering if it going to happen again with this baby which is a girl.i heared when i come to baby girl their r very stuborn. So lets c what happens.

Chantal 6 years ago

i'm 36weeks pregnant, 3weeks ago i started having contractions and the dokter stopped it becuase she said it's too early and i'll have to wait 2weeks more and then i can have my baby but now my baby's extra hyper moving all the time and not letting me sleep. i have not sleeped for a week. and the sad thing is by having an ultrasound 1week ago we saw that the baby is very big and my dokter even told me my baby probebly can't be born naturaly so i'll where planning a c-section in a week. but i can't take this anymore!

amy 6 years ago

Im 37 weeks and my scheduled c-section date was March 10th. My Dr. told me today that he was taking the baby on March 19th. I was so disappointed to hear 9 more days! I HOPE to go into labor before then. I have noticed today that I wasn't as constipated as i usually am so im hoping that's a sign of things to come!!

Sabrina 6 years ago

If you are not past 37 weeks you shouldn't be attempting to go into labor!!!!! As for me I am 39 weeks and 3 days. Since this is my 5th I know he will come when he is ready. But of course that hasn't stopped me from walking, having sex, nipple stimulation and hot baths. I was medically induced with my first one and it was the hardest labor I have had. like the one that says my husband needs to massage my feet and ankles, I will be bugging him tonight for a foot rub! My Dr has already offered to induce me so I know that I don't have to go past Friday if I don't want to. Last appointment I was dilated 3 cm, 75% effaced and soft. So my body is ready, I'm just thinking my little Jayden is really comfortable and not wanting to come out.

cheri mom in texas 6 years ago

I am 35 weeks with my 4th child, hoping I go into labor soon after I'm full term, I know I'm just a lil bit under now but still hopefull that I only have a 38 week pregnancy:) I wouldn't try putting anything into my body i.e castor oil, herbs, spicy foods as these rarely work they just make you very uncomfortable and irritated which is not good for baby!! But I will be taking walks, increasing sexual activity, and finally enjoying hot baths!!! hopefully it all works out!!!

Katie 6 years ago

I'm almost 41 weeks pregnant and i want to have my baby so bad but nothing seems to be working. Ive been walking and it just seems to make me have bad ligament pains. I really hope to have my baby real soon.

maryam 6 years ago

hi i am 39 weeks pregnant and i want this baby out of me with all my heart but you no what its all in gods hands this baby will come when he wants to come!!!!!

jdaughtry 6 years ago


Heather 6 years ago

I am 36 weeks today. And I am very ready to have my baby girl. I was induced with my son and only dialated to 2 in 16.5 hours and ended up having a c-section. So this one my c-section is scheduled for april 21st. I hope I go into labor early so they can go ahead and take her. I have been having contractions since I was 26 weeks.

Samantha 6 years ago

I am 38 weeks and 3cm dialated and 50% effaced, my doctor gave me the go ahead to go into labor.ive been having mild contractions and lost my bloody show yesterday, so im hoping it will be soon.. Ive tried all kind of things like walk, have sex, boucing on a ball and nothing seems to work, so i guess she will come when she is ready.

newmommy 6 years ago

hi i'll be 35 weeks tomorrow and i've already lost my bloody show two weeks ago and as of tuesday baby weighs 4.7lbs and is very healthy. all her organs are working properly and she's fine. i had to get a shot 3 weeks ago to stop her from coming also. I've been having some serious contracting these past few days and hoping for labor soon!!! she's already in head down position and as of 3 weeks ago i was only dialated to 1 cm :(

grandma2 6 years ago

My daughter in law is 38 weeks and has had contractions for the last month, nothing strong enough to do anything. She is using a birthing ball and it seems to help with the pain. She is ready and has tried everything mentioned. I think she will come when she is ready.

dija 6 years ago

i am 36 weeks and 5 days..i'm hoping to have my little girl before 39 weeks. i was wondering how much do you need to walk to get yourself into labor? And i know they say a hot bath is helpful but i'm scared of hurting the baby with too much heat.

frankie mummy2b 6 years ago

oh stop being selfish saying you want the baby out early im 37 weeks and 18 years old and want to meet my baby 2 but i would rather wait until she decides that shes healthy enough 2 come in2 the world its only 9months then you have to have a life time of looking after them so enjoy the time of been free ad relaxing for a bit because once the newborns here your gonna be exhausted

Mandy davis 6 years ago

I am 36 weeks and i really hope that i can go into labor soon, I have two children prior to this and this pregnancy is really hard and more uncomfortable then the pregnancy with my other two children I have been pregnant 3 years in a row and i will gladly get the tubal done now because i am finished

Sarah 6 years ago

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and I am so tired of it, I have tried sex, but it is painful and when I walk it puts a ton of pressure on my vagina and it is very uncomfortable and at other times I get leg cramps that are so bad that my leg just wants to give out. I have tried hot baths everything, but nothing seems to work I'm so tired of being pregnant and I want this baby out of me, but apparently she is perfectly happy where she is at right now. I went to the doctor 3 days ago and I was already dilated to 2 and he is wanting to induce labor on Thursday, but I am trying to avoid being induced because I have heard that it isn't very safe for the baby.

Jennie 6 years ago

Hi mamas-- I am 40.5 weeks with a 9 lb. boy. My first boy was 10 days "late". You have to remember that 40 wks is only an estimate. Every baby and mother progresses at a different pace. It is so hard to wait, especially when you are huge, uncomfortable and can't sleep. But you will have easier labor and less likely to have problems if you let your body do its thing.

Jessica 6 years ago

I am 38 weeks and 3 days... I really cant wait to met my baby girl... as of 2 weeks ago i was dialated to 3 cms but my cervix was thick... but im goin to be patient and wait til she is ready to come because i don't want to rush her and then maybe something will happen.... she is about 5.5 pounds already

angie 6 years ago

I am 39 weeks with my third we have 2 boys and we car'nt wait to met this baby as we don't no the sex it makes things evan more exciting whoooo. i refuse to try casteroil as it makes you feel realy poorly but the sex thing we do regular.

camdyns momma 6 years ago

I'm 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm already dilated to 3 cm and I'm about 50% effaced. I'm so ready to have this little boy and to hold him in my arms. I've tried walking, castor oil, and having sex nothing has worked for me. Help what else can I do?

crystal 6 years ago

Don't know who told you all to take hot baths but they sure the heck don't know what they are talking about. The drs say stay clear of a hot baths b/c it increases your body tempurature which will increase the baby's temp and can cause your baby to cook. As for using them while in labor its to have the baby born into water that is the same temp as amniotic fluid not so hot it burns the baby. Hot baths are dangerous for the baby that's why they say no hot baths or hot tubs. Lots of sex is supposed to help do to the semen having proglastands in it, the same thing that pitocin has. It helps the cervix to soften and thin out, as for castrol oil anything u take goes to your baby and if labor doesn't start immediately you are risking your baby having his/her first bowel movement in utero and inhaling it. Very dangerous can cause pnymonia and possible death. Best thing is the sex even if you don't orgasm, but safe, and staying fit.

amanda s 6 years ago

Blah blah blah

Jessica 6 years ago

OK.....This will be my 3rd kid and i am 38 weeks pregnant and 4cm dialated and having irregular contractions and I can't really tell that I am having them (no pain)I really ready for this baby to pop out long you think i have to wait?

jazz 6 years ago

i am 36 weeks pregnant with my second son, i am in so much pain. i cant handle the wait i want it over now!!my muscles have vementis so its very painful constantly, i ant even lift my left leg at all, im starting to feel like im crypled.i had preclamsia for my first pregnancy and he was premature but he never gave me a hard time during the pregnancy,, i feel ike changing my mind and asking for a ceasarian again but i really want a natural birth this time.glad to see im not the only one with so many problems though.good luck ladies :D

Anitha 6 years ago

I'm pregnant with my 3rd child

1st one was born at 34 weeks and 5 days had ceasearean second was born at 36weeks normal vaginal delivery

I'm 33weeks pregnant and everythings going ok so far

I'm happy for baby to come when he's ready

goodluck to all

p.s doctors said eating pineapple can make u go in labour

Nehemiah's mom 6 years ago

I'm 38 weeks and I'm ready to have my baby but if he's not ready to come I guess I have to wait....I won't try anything but the sex method(my favorite) it's the safest and the best one...mmmmm

amanda 6 years ago

im now 37 weeks nd i have not tried anything. i have very painful contractions but only at night. i am having a boy nd i cant wait til he comes out. im 2 cm dialated nd im waiting patiently for him to come instead of tryin all this non sense. the baby will come when he wants to because he knows when hes ready. of course i am very uncomfortable but im willing to wait until he feels its time to come into the world.

kristan 6 years ago

what can you do to go into labour?like what do you have to eat & do?

2ready&fustrated 6 years ago

Hands down it up to the almighty jesus to decide when ur baby is ready...God has given us all knowledge,wisdom,and understanding and having that said e should kno if the time is right and if it hasn't happen then we should relax and wait on gods timing, because gods timing is perfect timing...i am totally ready to have my baby but if it is not god will i will stead fast unmoveable always abiding in the lords will...i know when god is ready for my baby to grace this earth with his pressence it would be the perfect time...i am not going to rush anything i am going to wait and see what the lord is finishing cooking...thank u all for reading GOD BLESS!!!

mrs wright 6 years ago

It is so ironic how everyone is saying the baby will come when it is ready, and stop being selfish, its up to god, blah blah blah. If you really feel that way why are you even on this site.

Ms. Cooper 6 years ago

I have tried it all I am almost 38 weeks. The Spicy food gave me acid reflux...My boyfriend is too scare to have sex with me. What can I do that is safe for me and the baby? I was told that HOT seat down tube bads are bad for you after 8 months is this true? I would love to take me one the shower is cool, but a HOT bath is sooooo relaxing.

Lady J 6 years ago

I'm 37 weeks, and so ready for my baby to come out. My doctor told me yesterday at my appt, to take hot baths-it won't hurt the baby, walk, go up and down stairs, and sex. Sex isn't appealing to me at all, my baby is already in birth canal and it hurts. My husband was excited to hear we need to have sex. Doc told me to lay down for 10 mins before we have sex to make it more comfortable.

I'm dilated 2 cm for 3 weeks now. I've been walking and taking a hot bath every night for about past month now. It's very relaxing and really helps my back pain. So far, only mild contractions. She said sex is best thing, guess I'll try that. My nurse told me she drank castor oil and chased it with orange juice for labor, and 3 hours later she was in hard labor. I'm considering doing that.

Carla 6 years ago

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am so ready to have this baby. I am getting pounded like a bottle of ketchup, drinking lots of castor oil and getting my nipple constantly sucked by my man. Come out already!!!!!!

Rachel 6 years ago

OMG! i really hope you are not serious! if you try to have your baby now he/she will NOT survive! even the best docs wont be able to do anything the baby is supposed to kick you its a good thing i think you are selfish and not ready to have a child!

Carla 6 years ago

LOL! I am not doing any of that. I am just making fun of some of the other ladies here who are trying to have their child at 35 weeks or less. Irresponsible but who am I to judge so I just pokse some fun at it.

I am actually due this coming Monday, SO EXCITED! So uncomfortable though, I really can't wait for him to come out. Thanks for your concern Rachel, Have a good one! :-)!

AMY 6 years ago

i am being induced next wednesday at 38 weeks due to health reasons how ever i would love for him to come out natuarly before then. he is already at approx 8lb so we no he will be a big boy. the thought of sex is not nice for me at the mo. i have been trying to walk a lot and jump up and down. not successful as im on crutches and have been for 24 weeks now. but guys you shouldn't even be thinking about babies coming out anywhere before 37/38 weeks. give them a chance its your child

karen 6 years ago

i'm only 34 weeks and cant take my pain anymore. have been on meds for the past 4 months, some of us are taking pain meds and have the worst pelvic pain and have been having so many contractions and cramps from nowhere that it would be better for her to be in my arms then in my belly, not irresponsible i just think its safer for my little girl.i have an hour and 15 min ride to the closest hospital and i have to have a c-section so mine needs to be well planned and i have to also stop meds a week ahead of time ( anxiety and heart meds and pain meds that i don't want her addicted 2). im in a hard situation! i was told my placenta isn't doing good either so it just seems safer don't you think ?

Mrs.Maric 6 years ago

I am 38wks preggo and ready to have my son. i tried tha walks, jumping up and down, sex, jogging a little, but happy to say i have 4 days left til my scheduled c-section. A month ago my boy was 5 pounds and 10ounces so hopefully by now he's at least 8 pounds. good luck to all tha new moms, i know tha pain and been there, hope all is well.

Melissa 6 years ago

I am 36 weeks pregnant with my daughter Cambria and I will agree pregnancy can be rough. But keep in mind we made the decision to open our legs lol don't rush your baby. They are gonna come..... eventually:) I mean I'd like to have her now but you don't see me suckin down the Castor Oil. I've heard that it's potentially dangerous and can harm your unborn child. If you absolutly MUST try and move your labor along quicker go for the natural labor inducers. Such as walking, sex, yoga, etc. You need to be relaxed for labor to start. You want your baby born into a very calm environment. So just calm down sit in a warm bath, light some candles turn on some peacful music and just chill. The baby knows when that your trying so of course they're gonna be stubborn:) but to you at 30 weeks tryin to have your babies, you have 10 weeks left. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are babies:)

Jaime 6 years ago

I can't believe some of the stuff I was reading. First 20 weeks you should have never even had sex. Second of all its a blessing being pregnant. There are thousands of women out there that can't have kids.

I am 38 weeks and so tried of being pregnant. However it was my choice and now I'm dealing with it. I cant wait to see my baby and been having contractions for 2 weeks and dilated to 3 and 50% for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes I think there is no end to this. But I remember that I will have the next 18 years with him and he is my blessing. By the way this is my 3rd.

Christina 6 years ago

I am 33 weeks now and at my last ultrasound I was told that my baby boy is a week ahead of me so he is 34 weeks at the moment. I REALLY want to just hold him and cuddle him, I'd also LOVE to just be able to sleep on my belly again (LOL) and be able to wear my jeans again too! But I am NOT going to rush my baby into doing something he is not ready to do yet, save your child let them stay as long as they safely can, we all know this world is not as great as people make it out to be, yeah it's life we love it we live it but do we really want to rush another child into the world when there are a lot of problems at this time? I know I sure don't if he wants to take his time then so be it, I'm not going anywheres, I'm the one that had unprotected sex and got pregnant, he didn't ask to be created, so this whole 'pregnancy stage' (as we call it) is THE BABY'S time, not mine or yours. Let them do what they want because once they're out, we control them and we tell them what they can and cannot do, just like our parents did with us, right? Right now your baby has their own little meaning of freedom in our bellies, let them enjoy it while it lasts because once they're out they become more dependent then they were inside you. At least inside they got all the things they needed/wanted when you ate/took prenatal vitamins etc. When they're born they will have to wait until you get these things for them, play with them etc... Anyways, for those of you wanting to have your babies at only 30 weeks... Your out of your mind, please be careful, it may be causing you pain (trust me I know, I am need of a surgery that causes worse cramping then you'd ever imagine and it can't be done because I became pregnant) but it's not about YOU now it's only about your BABY. Don't be selfish, think about your child and their health, the longer they stay in the better off they are, unless there are serious health risks BUT in that case your doctor will induce you, don't force it yourself

Christina 6 years ago

Sorry for the REALLY long comment lol Just thought I'd explain myself very well and thorough, thank you for reading it though =)

stacey 6 years ago

I had no idea about the sex trick. My daughter now 4yrs old, was born 3 weeks early. Intercourse really did help but everyones body is different. I'm now pregnant again and about 2 try the same method, hopefully i'm just as lucky!

rendah 6 years ago

a lot of questions but not many answers.........5th baby and still looking for ways to get this baby out quickly. 1st baby came out after 8 hours of labour, 2nd baby took 3 hours of mild but regular contarctions-she nearly came out in the toilet as i had the urge to pee but nothing was coming out so i pushed and her head came out and that caused so much pain that i stood up and closed my legs and screamed-nurses had to pull my legs apart so she doesn't die.third one was about 3 hours too-4cm and nothing progressing until nurse asked to check and i told her i have an urge to push but the mid wife said don't push as baby isn't ready but before she could put her gloves on i had pushed and baby fell out on the bed. My last baby was according to my history was going to walk out 5 mins later but instead gave me weeks of braxton hicks, went to hospital twice and was released as i was having false labor then i tries black cohosh, castor oil which was a punishment and everything you could think of but he refused to join 40 weeks doctors induced me due to health issues and broke my water but instead of baby dropping the cord dropped and he nearly died-it was emergency c-section. Now 20 months after he was born i'm 36 weeks pregnant and wanting to go into labor but not willing to take anything and if i can control it i will never have an induction or c-section evr again as there is no comparison between natural birth and c-section. i wish this baby just comes out soon cause i am so uncomfortable with hip pain, i get a lot of contractions cause im still breasfeeding my 20 month old son and panadol has become my best friend!

misty 6 years ago

I am 38 weeks prego. have tired walking doing squats, drinking raspberry tea, taking hot baths, having sex, noting has worked, nothing is even bring on contractions.

And I have been 1cm now for 2 weeks. The dr. says just wait.

me 6 years ago

i am 28 wks preg. and at 24 weeks i went into premature labor and the doctor had to stop it i have been in and out of the hospital it is a scary thought that my lil boy could come any min. a baby is not fully developed until 38 wks. i would much rather wait the 40 wks n make sure he is fully developed then to have him here at 28 wks. i am anxious to see him but i am not trying to rush his arrival. my daughter was born at 38 wks and weighed 3 lbs 10 oz due to loss of amniotic fluid she was in the hospital for almost 3 wks. so to all the soon to be moms it don't matter how miserable you are or how impatient you are get over it. would you rather have a full term healthy baby or have one who could possibly have problems due to not being fully developed b/c mom was too worried bout gainin an extra 5 lbs or bein too impatient......

cheryl 6 years ago

i'm pregnant with my second child now..i'm right at 33 weeks and have went into labor once three weeks ago and the doc stopped it..i have a surgery to keep my son in and am on two different meds..i have a 22month old daughter who was born at 28 weeks and spent 8 weeks in the nicu...that's scary...she is fine now..has no problems at all...i'm tired of being prego but also glad that i am still pregnancy has been nothing but high risk and i think god everyday that my lil boy comes out fine...ladies the baby will come. give it time..preterm labor is not always the best thing.

Ke 6 years ago

I am 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant im sooo ready to have my little boy im going to try all of this when im 38 weeks :]

*SoPhIe AnN* 6 years ago

I am 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my first child, which is a little girl which her father and I have named Sophie Ann. At about 30 weeks I started having some pain in my lower abdomen, after testing my doctor determined nothing was wrong, a that point she was already 3 lbs 3 oz ... I was 6 weeks early myself and was told I had a higher risk of having a preemie myself, well, so far, so good. Despite the discomfort and lack of sleep and the desire to see my baby girl's face, I am willing to wait. I hope she comes on time and maybe even a little earlier, but so long as she is healthy that is all that should matter!

Muddy Footprint 6 years ago

They will come out when ready. My first was late by two weeks and I had to be induced. My second was early at 33 1/2 weeks. This baby I am on week 36 and in no particular hurry quite yet but I can tell I'm close. The sex does work for some people. My sister did that and went into labor in less than 24 hours. The key is to relax afterwards and let the semen do its job. Another thing to try is lavendar/lavendar oil. It helps bring on contractions. To the lady that suggested the hot tub...Do not try!!!! The reason you are NOT supposed to be in a hot tub is you can literally cook your baby like a crock pot meal and or cause brain damage. That's why there's a 15 minute rule posted on every hot tub for a non-pregnant person. Stick with a soothing warm bath enhanced with lavendar oil.

T greene 6 years ago

Iam 38 weeks and 5 days I have tried walking,sex.foods.and all the above..Still nothing Iam told by Drs.That babys come when they want to so feel free to try what ever but just remember they come when there good and ready!

Motherofalmost4 6 years ago

For all you people that think you know what you're talking about, I was but on bedrest at 33 weeks due to some pinkish discharge, contractions, and lots of pressure. My doctor told me at 36 weeks I will be able to resume normal activities. So that should tell you that 36 weeks is considered full term. It is not selfish to want the baby to come a little early, especially if you are like me and your stomach muscles are so stretched out that you can barely walk. I have been in pain since before 30 weeks, and I have 3 children to take care of as well. As long as you wait til after 36 weeks, there should be no problems. Unless there is some underlying cause. So all you people who are atleast 36 weeks good luck on bringing your bundle of joy a little early. I was induced at 38 weeks with all three of my children due to blood pressure problems and have not had a child under 7 lbs.

Motherofalmost4 6 years ago

Oh, and to the comment of we are the ones who opened our legs...yes I did open my legs but only opened them with no concern after I had had my tubal ligation. Yes, that's right, I got pregnant after being fixed. So I can want this baby to come a little early if I please. If I'm off bedrest I will do what I can to make myself dilate more. If God wants it to come, it will come. Andbu didn't see anyone saying they were trying to self induce at 30 weeks.

candy 6 years ago

I'm 36 weeks in I have no man to have sex with but I have been doing a lot of yoga n exercisies I want this little boy to come out so bad. I've been in pain and on bed rest since aug 15 I have a one year old to tgake care of I can't keep this up

Jamie 6 years ago

I really can't believe what people write on here, who they think they are and that they no better than anyone else. I am 40+wks pregnant and I am ready to have my baby now, I was ready weeks ago but hey this is what happens, I know that he will come when he is ready, but I can't help but want him to hurry!! Those who are trying things to help bring on labour, go for it, just as long as you are careful, those of you who choose to wait, good for you too, but no-one should be judging anybody, we are all different and at the end of the day just to be holding your baby is worth it. I particullarly have to laugh at the first timers who feel they have the right to chastise those of us who are having our second, third or fourth, we no our bodies and we know what we want, so be happy for each other and wish each other all the best for a safe and happy delivery of their baby.

Good luck to all Mums and may everone have happy healthy babies!!

Jill 6 years ago

I am 39 weeks pregnant and ready to pop the best advise is to talk to your doc and tell then if you are candidate for an induction...if you want to go that route if not you just have to wait.... i talk to my doc and she agreed that i was a candidate so i will be in the hospital in 2 day to be induced... i am so happy....can wait....

his_wife_his_babyma 6 years ago

I'm 41 weeks preg. I have had a lot of pain I did none of the above, it really is not worth it. No one ever said that pregnacy would be easy and pain free. Yea the thought of being preg may make yall the most excited women in the world and it should it made me. It made me even happier with the contraction pains because I knew it's close time for the baby. Everything happends on God's time v.s. You trying to take it in your own time and hands. Be grateful that God has brought you this far. And to contine to bleess you and your baby. By the way I'm 15 and have more common sense then some of you adults. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you spreaded your leggs because I know I did. So have blessed pregnancies.

*Jessica* 6 years ago

Today is my due date,... No baby yet! Iv been dialated at a 3 for 2 1/2 weeks now. Iv tried squats & crawling around. I'm so ready to meet my sweet lil girl, I sure hope she comes soon:)

Sapphire 6 years ago

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. While on a cruise when I was 20 weeks into my pregnancy I contracted a urine infection. The Doctor on the ship advised me not to take Ural as it could send me into early labour.

Laura 6 years ago

hi, i'm 38 weeks and two days along, i cant get into a comfortable position to sleep unless it is sitting halfway upright and every little kick hurts. Varicose veins ache i cant breathe or eat very much and feel i have little baby feet or something constantly stuck just under my breast region and im tired all the time. Sure i want my baby to come when she's ready but heck who could blame me for not wanting to suffer any more? Labour is right, every effort is a labour for me.that me having my whing- sorry gals.

Brittany 6 years ago

i am 37 weeks and 3 days. this seems like an eternity that i have been preg. im ready to have him an i know that i need to wait but i don't want to. i am gest diabetic an if i don't have him by my due date which is oct 3rd then they will induce me. i heard the pain is worse when you are induced that's why im already trying everything in my power to have him... i don't wanna be on the toilet for 2 days from castrol oil an i am not trying sex because im in way too much pain. i walk walk walk an clean clean clean an still nothing i think i might try nipple stim. tonight but i think that's just about the only thing i haven't tried. well wish me luck! i know im gonna need a lot of it!

Kim 6 years ago

I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. This is my third and last. Your only pregnant for 40 give or take 2 weeks. Enjoy it. Every little kick, nudge, contraction because it's only for a very short while and they grow up so fast. I was induced with my first, she was 3 weeks early, because of my blood pressure and I was starting to get protien in my urine. She was 8lbs 3oz. My second, I chose to be induced because my first induction went smooth and almost pain free. I had him 2 weeks early and he was only 6lbs 13oz. He was tiny for an almost 7lb baby. My first dr. was wonderful, but had died a month or 2 before I had my second. And the dr. that induced me, first off, let your water break naturally, it hurts like he ll for them to break it. My first labor they started inducing at 10:45 pm, water broke at 12:15am, had my epedural at 4:30 am, had my baby girl at 7am. All and all it was great, no complaints, I stayed pain free for nearly 6 hrs, then only suffered before the epedural for about 30 minutes. My son was just as short labor, but the whole manually breaking the water was awful. I plan on induction with this one as well, but I think I will go to nearly 40 weeks this time. It all depends on your dr. Some will induce as early as 38, some 40 some 41 0r 42. It's not that bad having it all planned out. If I go into labor naturally, then great that's fine to. Don't worry about it. It's between your baby, you, and your Dr.

Kris 6 years ago

I'm 36 weeks and 6 day. This is my 2nd son and last.. I will miss feeling my baby moving in my belly but I have been having contractions since I was 29 weeks, and in and out of the hospital, they will stop the cantractions/ labor and they just keep me for a little bit and then send me home. I have waited this long and want this one to come out and play.. My first son was born at 36 weeks to the day, and was heathy as can be and has never been sick beside a little runny nose here and there like every kid gets. So far I have tried walking, sex, all of the above besides herbs and castor oil... I have hard that drinking a class of wine and taking a warm bath will do it. But will the class of wine hurt the baby at all? I don't know if I dare to try it. But any other ideas that will help please wright back...


sarah 6 years ago

Im 36 weeks pregnant and just want to meet my little man. I was born a month premature and was fine, i think its different for everybody and if you think you and your baby are ready its your choice nobody else has the right to judge you.

ginger 6 years ago

raspberry tea all day

Amanda 6 years ago

I am 36 weeks today and i am so READY to have my lil girl....i am in a lot of pIN BT I AM STILL GOING AT IT!!!! I am still working a fll time ob and takig care of my son!!! I really want this bab to come bt i know i ave to wait it out!!! But im praying tat se will come next week or so on her own!!!!!

JENN  6 years ago

I am 37 week and want this baby out now. I have had mild contractions but nothing to rush to the hospital for. My doc hasn't even checked to see if I have dilated yet. I haven't tried anything yet but Im thinking I might. I cant sleep and getting comfortable is a joke. He is in position and ready but no baby yet. Any ideas ladies. I eat spicy food so that doesn't work just makes him move around a lot. I will try castor oil and raspberry tea and let you know what happens but I think it will just make me be on the toilet for hours lmao......

good luck and happy deliveries

Ali 6 years ago

All stories and questions, but no answers!! I NEED answers please ladies!!

Momma Park 6 years ago

Well I seem to have my own little opinion and story about rather or not it is or isn't safe to go into labor before 37 or 38 weeks! You see I have 3 toddlers already (1 boy, and 2 girls) all 10 pound babies and am currently expecting another little girl who is also a very large baby herself already weighing roughly 7 1/2 pounds, at 34 weeks pregnant! Her head is right in my pelvis and causing me a lot of pain and pressure and has been for sometime now, My doctor told me yesturday after a check up that she is ready to go and will be healthy and normal and just fine if born anytime soon! Her weight is her advantage and her lungs are fully matured and all is ready to go! I have the OK to walk and do whatever I can to try and make labor progress faster, since my babies like to go later than the due date and my doctors are afraid that this baby will be TOO big for me! So say what you will nasty or nice, My doctor gave me the Ok and said she is ready and I am hoping that she comes in the next week or two! I disagree with trying to make labor happen when its too soon, and since most women have tiny babies full term like 6-8 pounds I wouldn't advise pushing this to happen too early since the baby would be way too small and may have breathing issues and issues with holding body temprature and feeding! BUT if your doctor gave you the Ok and you are like myself with these huge monster babies, then all the power to you and best of luck! I wish all mothers a healthy and safe delivery of their new little bundle of joy!

jade 6 years ago

i am currently preg with my second child im 31 weeks on sunday im concerned about my hospital visits haven't seen a mid wife since like 7 weeks ago im worried as i have already misscarried a baby not to long ago and have been having warm back pain for a few days now im hoping someone can give me some advice im only 19 and i don't knoe too much about all this

brittany 5 years ago

im 17 years old and i am 40 weeks pregnant today and even though my little girl has been causing me a lot of pain and making me very uncomfortable, these 40 weeks has been the best ever. don't get me wrong, i am so ready for my baby to get here as much as the other person, and getting tired of not being able to sleep, but it was our decision to get pregnant and the womb is the safest place for a baby. i had an appointment a week ago and my doctor said i am dilated to 2 and my cervix is very thin. she also said she did not think i would make it to my due date. we should just all appreciate the fact that we can get pregnant because there are some women out there that can not and would give up everything they have just to have their own child. so even through the pain and contractions, i think we should consider ourselves lucky. :)

nicole 5 years ago

Im 33 wks preg on sunday and i want 2 hv my baby now but that's cos its my first and it took me over a year 2 get preg but at da end ov da day its nt guna last 4 ever my baby will cum soon im just guna enjoy da last ov my freedom and put up wiv bin preg let da baby cum wen it wants 2 no matter how much i want it 2 cum now !

Marissa 5 years ago

I'm 34 wks prego and I stay in pain but no point in rushing if a baby isn't ready to pop, they will let us know when they want to come and it'll go by fast so just sit back and enjoy the days you have left...

Sam 5 years ago

I'm 37 wk pregnant and can't wait to meet my 5th baby but all mine were late. Not gonna rush things though coz when the little ones here I know that it's all hard work and feeding feeding feeding! Yes breastfeeding is just as tiring as the end of pregnancy and then u get all those after pains! At least now I can rest whenever so I'm making the most of it,. Good luck everyone

Gladis 5 years ago

I'm 37 weeks and i cant wait to have my baby. my first baby i had here at 37 weeks and sex worked. for some reason with this baby it wont work i walk, ive had sex and bounced on a ball and nothing seems to work. I's there anything else that will work for sure....

Kelle 5 years ago

I am 36 weeks pregnant with my second child my daughter was born at 38 weeks I hate rushing things but I an in so much pain went into labbor a week ago and still only dilated one cm tried The walking/sex thing didn't work so far guess I just have to b patient Now..... Ugh I hate the waiting game sometimes

Kelle 5 years ago

I am 36 weeks pregnant with my second child my daughter was born at 38 weeks I hate rushing things but I an in so much pain went into labbor a week ago and still only dilated one cm tried The walking/sex thing didn't work so far guess I just have to b patient Now..... Ugh I hate the waiting game sometimes

Rizzy 5 years ago

So hate being pregnant Kant wait till I have this baby I'm 38 weeks nd aggravated I'm due in 2 weeks I'm so dne with this pregnacy I swear please give me some good advice so I kan have my Lil girl already

Alyssa 5 years ago

I am 38 weeks pregnant. I am dilated at a 2. This is my 2nd little girl. I have tried sex, castor oil, walking, raspberry leaf tea, and nipple stimulation. My first daughter was born at 39 weeks. But I am in so much pain and having tons of pressure that i cant even walk sometimes. i am trying to stay positive and think it will be soon.. but im starting to think I am going to be pregnant forever...

kay 5 years ago

I'm 30 weeks peg with my 3rd kid. I had both my kids at 38 weeks. I have learned that to relax even though it is hard with all the pain and all. I would take one day and just sleep then that night take a warm bath and then have sex with my husband. After that just lay the semen is what makes u go into labor and while you are laying there have your husband or partner massage your feet. I hate my feet messed with but these few things have worked every time. The key is to relax you get so worked up about "get this baby out of me" that it makes your body tense as soon as you just relax and give you body the chance it will happen. Hope this helps you.. Good luck and take care!!

Lori Frost 5 years ago

Try Black Cohosh Tea, it tastes like crap but works.

 5 years ago

hi i am 37 weeks in and im in a lot of pain. i was suppose to see my doctor last week but he had to take off so i saw another doctor who couldn't tell me if my doctor found a date to induce me. so i had to wait another week so i go tomorrow to find sucks but anything for my little girl.

Angela 5 years ago

I am 35 weeks. My baby has dropped. I keep having contractions they get stronger and closer than they quit. I also have severe lower back pain. I have 2 boys their pregnancies were so easy compared to this lil girl. Anyone have an suggestions on what to do.

Etoya 5 years ago

Hi I am 38 weeks and I am very much so tried of being FAT lol but it has been great the wole 9mos. I tried all the ways sex and walking and still nothing happens just a lil pain here and there but anything else. I guess maybe dancing or more moving around could help. Someone please help me

JohnsonC 5 years ago

Yes I highly suggest that you should be 38weeks + before you even try to go into labour. 37- the baby is still not ready. Doctors consider 38 weeks full term. Pregnancy gets very uncomfortable so i can understand what some woman go threw, and some woman get so huge they are desperate to get the baby out lol. But anyways. Sex worked for me. One Try and it worked. The male semen is the trick. I thought I would have had to keep trying different things, but 6 hrs later I didn't even notice i was in labour, i was leaking but thought i just needed the washroom a lot lol. Good luck ladies

smilie 5 years ago

I am 40 weeks pregnant 3+ centimeters 80% effaced and -1 and still no signs of labor is there anything I can possibly do to get him here I have already tried everything and he just doesn't wanna come yet

alisha 5 years ago

I am thirty six weeks pregnant with a baby boy. he carries so low that it hurts to even sit sometimes, my siatic nerve also acts up horribly. as much as i am in pain and want to meet my little man. i can wait. my mom was a month over due with my brother and he was only six pounds, and with me she was in the hospital all the time. i want to induce labor but if im like my mom ill have small babies so im sure i can deal and wait.

Samantha 5 years ago

I am on baby number 4 and am due today. Loved the comments and got a good laugh. Having babies is never predictable and never the same. Good luck everyone, as even I am still searching for ways even after so many times at this!

MRS.PERKINS 5 years ago


Devenique 5 years ago

Im pregnant with my 2nd child. 38 wks today. With my 1st child I was 42wks and nothing happened. I warmed up some hot cocoa and then mixed it with castor oil. Within 8 hrs. I was at the hospital and 6 cm. dialated. I guess it depends on how u take the castor oil.

momma_of_2 5 years ago

I think that all you women on here that are trying to have a baby before 37 weeks without a dr saying its ok is selfish ignorant and retarted you shouldn't have spread your legs if you didn't want to wait until full term you don't deserve kids if that's how you feel I'm fixing to have my second kid and I'm lookin at a 10 pound baby at 38 weeks my first was born at 41 weeks and my dr this time dosnt want me to go past 39 weeks I have gest diabetes heart palpitations low blood pressure and I'm going to let my baby boy stay in for as long as I can because he's comfertable there so do eveybody a fovor next time you all get pregnant stay off here because we don't want to know that you are trying to have yalls baby so early that they won't beable to make it

1st_time_mom 5 years ago

I'm 38 weeks and 6 days. I'm actually a little scared for my baby to come. After hearing that he is already 7lbs 13oz it makes me feel just a little anxious about pushing out an 8/9lb baby. I really want to have my baby naturally Gods will. So I'm hoping his size won't prompt them to do a cesarean. Then I read that overdue babies have an increased risk of developing cerebral palsy. My doctor has stated if he doesn't come by his due date they will wait a week to induce. Its not about being uncomfortable/the pain to come, because I've had it pretty easy throughout my pregnancy. I'm just concerned about my babies safe delivery. I'm sure the doc knows what shes doing but you cant help but to wonder. Well good luck & God bless everyone. I hope for safe deliveries & healthy babies. :)

ifyness 5 years ago

Am 37wks and so wishe i can ve dis angel now as is my 1st waiting patiently.God help us all.

Emily 5 years ago

I am 37 weeks and this is my second child, first one was a girl and i had delivered her naturally at 39.3 was a very long wait, and with this pregnancy im soo ready to meet my lil man..especially with the pelvic pain i doctor told me that the pelvic pain was just my pelvis getting ready for the baby, but its been 3 months that i have this pain! and i just want him out now! i have a friend that went jogging and did some jumping jacks a day before he due date and she was in labour the next day and had her daughter on her due date! so i guess that's wat im gonna try...not the jogging but the jumping jacks and some sex :P

Solene 5 years ago

I am on my third child and i am on my 36wk of pregnancy. Ive walked throughout my whole pregnancy, my boyfriend and i have sex constantly, i have heard good things about castor oil, i am really afraid of being passed due because my second son and i almost died during labor because of it and he was only passed due by 2 days. I hope he comes early. Good Luck

Sarah 5 years ago

castor oil and OJ worked for me. And i was only 38 weeks. But huge baby came out 9lbs 12oz! Anyways, you don't need A lot or you will get the sh!tz. get a shot glass fill it with the oil, than chase it with OJ. I took it at 7 or 8pm and by midnight i was having contractions! Had the baby the next day. So it can work, maybe not on Everyone but 100% worked for me! =)

nunu 5 years ago

I am 32 weeks and i been have braxton hecks since I was 6months I don't know bout the rest of y'all but I'm ready because.I can't deal.wit.bed rest and.all the pain and for.the one that think I'm selfish oh well mind your bussiness an worry bouta ur child thank you! And I quests immaterial have to try alllll the thing you.all have said

catherine 34 weeks 5 years ago

im 34wks and have had it hard on this baby iv tried every thing i don't think i can do aother 6wks dos caster oil work

Erika 36 weeks 4 days 5 years ago

I can definatly identify with woman getting tired of pregnancy. I am so done at this point. my last son went to 43 weeks on account of the doctor saying he was ok. I will not go that long this time. In a week of so i plan to try something. At least i will be close to delivery anyway. The excitement is killing me.

phindile 5 years ago

i'm 41 weeks and can't wait to hold my boy. My husband said we must not rush him but i'm really tired now. I've tried walking, sex, curry and cleaning the whole house to no avail, he's not yet ready come out.

dawn 5 years ago

hey yaa ladies..just a quick tip to hopefully help out i know everyone and every pregnancy is different and flamin hard work towards the end.but i found with my little boy that a shower rather than a bath worked extremely well i was in so much pain waiting for my bubby to come out.i walked around the room in agony and then thought sod this i need a shower and my waters started trickling out 5 mins after getting in the shower..4 hours later he was in my arms..goodluck all...

ashley 5 years ago

okay girls im 39 weeks prego i have tried spicy food castrol oil with oj a glass of red wine jumping jacks walking squats streches raspberry tea rye bread birth ball bounced on it for 2 hours warm baths visually thinking about my CERVIX DIALIATING ALL THAT AND NOTHING HAD HAPPENED AT 32 WEEKS MY BABY WEIGHED 7 1/2 POUNDS SHE IS PUSHING DOWN HARD ON MY BLADDER AND I CAN BARLEY WALK NOW WITHOUT FEELING CONSTANT PAIN..... I REALLY WANT HER TO COME OUT I HAVE 3 OTHER KIDS AND MY LAST 2 HAD TO BE INDUCED....I REALLY DON'T WANT TO GET INDUCED AGAIN IT WAS VERY PAINFUL....IN 10 DAYS I HAVE INDUCING SCHEDULED I HOPE I GO INTO LABOR BEFORE THEN ANY MORE IDEA PLEASE HELP!!!!

Mom2almost3 5 years ago

I'm currently 36 weeks with my 3rd girl. My furst eas born at 38 weeks (induced) & my 2nd was born at 37 weeks (natural). Every pregnancy is different, but thest advice I can give is to just chill out and relax & enjoy yourself. Don't think about the aches & pains. Continue your normal routines. You actually contract when you let your body relax

B HALPAIN 5 years ago


chanda 5 years ago

i m 40 weeks n 1 day today,yesterday was my due date,this is my first baby,i can't wait anymore to see my little one,but nothing happened,i don't try nothing,because when times come baby will arrive.i want natural birth.hop she come soon n safely,,gud luck everyone,,

sadie 5 years ago

Hey I'm 35 weeks and 1 day. I'm am pregnant with my third child which is finally a boy! I had both of my girls at 36 weeks the 1st one broke my water got all the way to 6 cm and 100 % thined out still had to have a csection. 2nd one had a plan csection and she broke my water at 36 weeks as well. I had premature labor starting at 24 weeks with all including him. Still having contractions doc said they will let him come if he come. So I'm ready hope he is too!

Jasmine 5 years ago

I Am 38 . 3d . I am excited to hace my first was a boit ,he was two weeks early due to the fact I drink castor oil and did alot alot of walking and was at the hospital the next morning. Now with this pregnancy my

daughter is not expected to live but I'm going to pray so everyone be happy if your baby is healthy.

Corrina 5 years ago

Eat a whole fresh pineapple, i did this with my first son and the next day i lost my plug and started to bleed and the day after that my water broke and 18 hours later.. waaaallaaaaa.. it works!! and its a safe and easy!

Lucy 5 years ago

Ok first of all for the people saying mothers are wrong for trying things to have there baby just need to hush. Doctors would not say use castor oil or have sex if they just wanted you to sit around and just wait.

I am 38 weeks 2 days and very miserable. This is my 5th pregnancy and they are saying I am 4cm and 80%. I have tried squats, sex, walking and skipping. Nothing is working so I am now just giving up for now.

stacy 5 years ago

Hi im 37 weeks today getting fed up coz this heat im going for membrane sweep tommorow as doctors don't want me to go past my due date as have dvt

Mrssalas  5 years ago

I will be 37 weeks pregnant this Saturday! N like many yes im in pain can't walk everything stays swollen. I cant sleep! i been walking for two weeks i heard it makes labor easier n helps baby go into position me n my husband have sex but at times its painful and unconfortable my baby is already 8lbs n 2 oz so im scheduled to be induced may 5 and would really love to go into labor on my own! So im going to try accupressure ill let y'all know how it goes but so far other than sex that's the next safest thing to try! and by the way God will have his will so trying isn't a crime if it happens great if not its okay but its not a crime to try and for everyone else judging bc mommy to b are trying stop googling how to induce labors y the heck are u on this page then other than wasting time bc u have nothing better to do than judge! but to the moms to b please don't try to bring bby out before 36 weeks. Unless u have a conditions where its best or needed i know it painful but member women can do everything a man can and better while wearing heels that's why we are the ones to give birth!

shauna 5 years ago

Try foot massages or hand massages, most RMT's wont massage pregnant woman because if they know there stuff, they know it can induce labor. Get ur hubby, friend or partner to do it free of charge. If it doesn't work it still feels good :)

shauna 5 years ago

Try foot massages or hand massages, most RMT's wont massage pregnant woman because if they know there stuff, they know it can induce labor. Get ur hubby, friend or partner to do it free of charge. If it doesn't work it still feels good :)

Nelly 5 years ago

I am 39 weeks and 4 days with my first bby

Don't really know wat to expect, but I really

want him to come out already. I can't wait to

see him. Hopefully he comes soon. Wat can I

do to speed up labor??

AMANDA 5 years ago

I AM 35 wiks preg n cnt wait 2 hld my son,da hip pains n sliples nyts r kilin me.i toss n turn al nyt thru bt m njoyin evry kik.da problm z l b rytin my exams soon n scared l go in2 labor durin my exams.m rly scared

hayley 5 years ago

. 39 weeks prego n im soooo fed up now i want to meet my little 1 now.iv tried everything walking sex hot food..i jst fink they'll cum wen there jst guna wait..

hh 5 years ago

Seriously. People. A term baby is 37 weeks, anthing before that is preterm. You should not try to induce labor before a DOCTOR or MIDWIFE have evaluated you and deem that it is medically indicated for maternal or fetal reasons. Just because you are around 38 weeks and miserable, it does not mean start trying to induce yourself. Castor oil will cause diarrhea, which in turn will cause dehydration, which causes contractions. It is also safe to have sex (saw a post where someone said not to have sex before 20 weeks) unless there is a medical reason (i.e. previa) and if that is the case your OB provider will tell you not to have sex. Sex can help get things going...but if your cervix is closed and you are not effaced and your body is not ready, it just won't happen. RELAX. And, just because there had been dialtion/effacement/the baby is at a lower doesn't mean you are going into labor, some women walk around dilated and contracting for weeks.

juliana 5 years ago a mother of 2 going on 3... My first born, i was never so eager to have him early, he came out a day before hes due date.It was a really easy labour and after i had him, i thought to myself, it didn't hurt as much as they say it does! My second pregnancy, was so different, i tried pine apples and it gave me the worse labour of my life. It was so bad that i was in labour and in pain for almost 12 hours! Now that im almost 38 weeks tomorrow. Im dealing with bad SPD, i really cant handle this anymore. Ive tried castor oil "ewwwww"soo disgusting, nothing happened thinking of trying my pine apples again..Hopefully it works again! I cant take care of my kids because of the pain ive been suffering

Sasha Fierce 5 years ago

I am 36 wks and patiently waiting for that day my water will break I'm not sure what to expect all I know is the pain is temporary but the experience last forever so can't wait to see my baby girl though!!!

michelle 5 years ago

iam 38 weeks i have try everything going to the gym walking having sex with my husband almost every nite and castrol oil this little boy aint try to come out and i'm sick of being prego. my doctor's told me im dilated 2 cm and i just want this to be over i can't wait to meet my baby boy.

Kat 5 years ago

I am 37.5 weeks pregnant, i can't wait for my little girl to get here, the pain os almost unbearable, but doc says give it another week and aee what happens. Im only dilated to 2 cm and 70% effaced and am very thinned. I have tried sex and nipple stimulation, nothing. I'm not exactly sure how i feel about castor oil and don't think i will try it, the pineapple seems the healthiest and safest besides sex. My lil girl is already head down and pushing harder every day. What should i do?

asia 5 years ago

I am 37.3 days pregnant with my 2nd child, I think I am so ready because I have been. Pregnant back to back ...I also have gall stones which can cause the worst pain ever..I'm eager to have her becaue I will be getting a csection on July 17 two days later thy will remove my gall stones and I will be free of pain .. so the sooner she comes out then my pain ends. .she needs to come out nowwww!!! Castor oil did not work for me neither does sex ugh ..but I must say reading these stories gives me great comfort

Mo 5 years ago

My mom ate macaroni and cheese with A1 sauce and drank a beer, she went into labor with me right after that!

netta 5 years ago

just like every pregnancy is different every woman is too some babies and ready earlier on then others and different things help different woman go into labor sex and walking might work for some while tea and castor oil work for another if you don't know the situation on the womans pregnancy then you should be on here judging othe woman yes a the babies will come when they are ready but sometimes they need alittle help to get things started and just because a woman want her baby out doesn't make her selfish i makes her human if you in pregnant and in lots of pain and you want to stay that way forever somethings not right everybodys different im 37 weeks and im ready to have my son too i have a schelduled c-section in two weeks but i want to go natural so im walking alot and having sex best wishes for you ladies and may god bless you all with healthy babies

Brit 5 years ago

I am almost 37 weeks with baby number 5 I am so tired and so ready for this little guy to join our family. My first son was a full week late and I had to be induced, Son # 2 I was induced a week early, With my daughter I was induced 4 days early, Son #3 I was induced a week early, I have never gone into labor and progressed on my own, with all of them I have had contractions and false alarms but I can't get anywhere so I have to have inductions. At my last check up I was dilated to a 1&1/2 and 50% effaced this has NEVER happened it got me so excited and ready for this little guy to come it is all I can think about :)I am hoping 5th one is a charm and I will get to experience the feeling of going into labor on my own this time! My doc has told me he will be inducing me again at 39 weeks because my babies are big, so here's to going on my own earlier then expected!!!!

summer 5 years ago

i am 38 weeks with my lil guy. my daughter was born on her due date and i progressed on my own...she was 8lbs 3oz and the funny part is i didn't even know i was in labor i just happened to have a dr appt. with this baby tho i have no clue what is going on. i still only see my doc every 3 weeks. i don't know if i am dilated or effaced. all i know is i went in at 36 weeks to get a shot to stop contractions. didn't even kno i was getting one. i have my appt tomorrow and hopefully i will here something other than what i weigh and listen to the heart beat. i don't even get measured half the time. just curious on how much he weighs at 22 weeks he was a pound that is all i know

Kati 5 years ago

Okay yall this my 2st child and I'm 39 weeks and I'm dilated to 4 and 50% effaced. I'm in a LOT of pain because I broke my lower back little over 2 years ago, and the extra weight of the baby really agitates it. I have been having some labor pains for the last 2 weeks and I have tried everything to make them progress but nothing has helped. I'm getting very impatient but I know she will come when she is ready and not a moment sooner. lol!!

jade 5 years ago

i am 39 weeks pregnant with my second little boy..when i had my first little boy he was 3 day's early..never had all these pain's with my 1st son that i am having with this one and really wish this baby would hurry up....i have tried everythink nothing is working have rolled around with my son,had sex,had curry everythink really and its not working....HELP!!!

Kimkat 5 years ago

I'm 37.5 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I'm so excited and anxious to meet my baby, but I know it's good if my baby goes to 40 weeks. I'm already 2 cm. dilated and 60% effaced as of 2 weeks ago. I can't wait until my next exam (3 days) to see if I've made any progress. My husband is in the military so we can't have sex, but I plan to walk as much as possible and keep busy. I'll probably work for one more week... It will depend on what the doctor says! :-)

jessica 5 years ago

I am 39 weeks and 1 day into my pregnancy...i have not dialated any,and i've tried having sex,walking,dancing and hot baths but nothing is helping me go into labor..i have a Dr. app. in 5 houres...I hope I get some good news..This is my first child and I am very exctied to meet my lil boy..I'm just having a heard time going into labor and dialating..

larena 5 years ago

I am 38 weeks and 1 day today!!!! Im having lower back pain all the time and my legs and vagina hurt really bad I just want this to be over im so tired of being pregnant.

baby #3 (girls) 5 years ago

hi ive been reading everyone comments and ive tried everything, but pineapple im going on 38w and im gonna try the pineapple if it works ill let ya know im so tierd baby has been head down for a couple of months now and in pain all the time( doc. say if i wanted to i could feel her head!!!) ill be back to let u know!!!

Holland 5 years ago

I don't blame everyone about trying..I wasn't miserable with my first but definitely am with this one. I'm 39 weeks today but with my first I went 41 weeks and she was 10 pounds. Hopefully I can be induced....I'm SO ready to be not pregnant hehe :)

Zzz 5 years ago

I know this isn't about going into labor but it's good to know. When I was three years old I still only blabbed out small words but not allot. My Mom was so worried even though I am her 3rd child. But normally I started speaking and, vualah! I talk perfectly now. So as any mom who is worried or if I never wrote this did worry should not worry,just let God's wonderful nature take it's course. In the future I plan to get married (when the right guy comes along) and have kids. :D

Autumn Rain 4 years ago

I'm 35 weeks pregnant with my first child.. I'm so ready for him to be welcomed into this world.. I'm considering drinking castor oil and orange juice ... but im worried that it wont work.. My partner and me we tired having sex, walking and hot baths but nothing seems to be working so i think i might just wait until my lil guy is ready to come out by himself..

jillian 4 years ago

Castor oil worked for me with my son at 38 weeks I did it because I was so afraid to go over due like I did with ny daughter two weeks after my due date. Just a warning though Castor oil did give me diharria and that was quite embarrassing. But worth it when I had my son. Good luck!

Teaka 4 years ago

I'm 38 eke with mu 4th pregnancy my 1st was still born@29 weeks. 2nd was 37wks. 3rd 40wks induced on due date. But ladies the feeling is mutual My kids are 5&2 it's so hard for me to give them the attention they're needing rite now between back pain and baby kicking I'm exhausted I never tried anything besides sex and walking. But the Castro oil and pineapple R a must.

Shana 4 years ago

I'm 32w & 5d. This is my first pregnancy. I'm pregnant with a little boy. Some days i really don't feel pregnant, I'm very small for my 8th month, I'm ready for him to come but then again I'm not rushing him because i really don't want any problems at birth. I have had sex since I've been pregnant, and i also attend school & work. I'm very active, i walk a lot, clean up a lot. At first i didn't have problems with my pregnancy at all, but after my ex boyfriend and i stopped having sex for a while then later started back i started receiving really bad back pains, i was scared i was expecting labor but i WASN'T, but then we kept doing it after that and i will only experience a little back pain it'll hurt for minutes then later on calm down, so i just ignore it. I haven't had breast problems since I've been pregnant, they feel perfectly normal, i haven't tried none of the other things to make him come out early because lord knows i'm not ready at all, and me & my ex are having serious problems that we will never get over & it brings too many frustrations so i'm just waiting patiently for my little guy to come. but as for day by day back pains i can ignore them by getting on the computer so i know he won't be here no time soon .

Minnie 4 years ago

I got to 39 weeks and was really uncomfortable, doctor advised hot bath and sex, hubby and I had sex, he ejaculated and with half hour my waters had broken :)

Healthy baby boy 6lb 9

Sam 4 years ago

I am 35 weeks I have had 2 kids prior to this one both was 8 weeks early but heathy I have never been more uncomfortable this has by far been the hardest pregnancy yet

Chris 4 years ago

My first was a boy born 2 weeks early, then a girl a week late. My last was another boy born 2 weeks late. I've had all labored w no meds at all so I really wanted to avoid induction. I tried castor oil w my last preg as my son was 2 weeks past due but it didn't really help. Using a breast pump worked really well but had to do it for about 10-15 mins every 3-4 hours about 3 times to get things to go. I wouldn't advise castor oil though. My son had meconium in his amniotic fluid an had to have a suction tube shoved down his throat to clear his mouth and lungs so he wouldn't aspirate the meconium. It is extremely dangerous and he still has problems swallowing I think because of the violent suctioning at birth. Breast pumps work better than anything for nipple stim but please be very careful using anything you ingest! I'm due in 3 weeks now and I feel like I'm ready but I know better than to try to rush it too much. Good luck! I know it's frustrating I've been there!

Emzii 4 years ago

With all the trouble with my iron levels my midwife has failed to tell me if I'm dilating or engaged I'm 38weeks 1day got midwife tomoz hopefully with some answers I've tried sex, cleaning floors, even ate my first ever curry and nothing has worked, my first weighted 6lb 11oz at 9 days over due, but concerned this babies going to be huge :( finally think my iron levels are normal and want this baby to hurry up as I'm in constant pain with my chest and pubic bone :(

Larisa 4 years ago

I am 36 weeks and 5 days. Ive had a really hard pregnancy. Ive had 10 shots of trubutilin and got put on procardia to stop preterm labor. Ive also had a set of steriod shots to mature my sons lungs. My Dr. Finally said it is safe to deliver my little guy and now he wants to stay put! I have tried spicy foods, foot rubs, nipple stimulation, cleaning, lots of walking, and sex. I was having contractions every 5 minutes for close to 4 hours and it did nothing to my cervics. I was 50% effaced and dialated to 1 last Thursday and today I am 60% wffaced and almost a 2. I came home and had sex then went for a mile long walk. After dinner we are having sex again followed by a hot bath. Something has to work! Oh Ive also tried drinking Mt. Dew because I heard caffine will help induce. Ugh

Brooklyn 4 years ago

Im so tired of being pregnant it don't make no sense I mean this is my second child and all but im super ready I.don't have a sex partner cause I really don't feel like it half the time but I might have babys dad and get things on the way

Serenity & Sah'Miyr's mommy 4 years ago

I am currently 39 weeks & 3days i've tried walking, sex, dancing, and eating fresh pineapple and still NOTHING. This is my second child and i didn't have this issue with my daughter at all i was in labor four long days then she finally came the dat before my due date. I've heard and read alot about the castor oil and im going to try it today but if that does not work i'm forced to began thewaiting process and suffer with this terrible painful lower back pain that i've had for the last three and a half months until he gets here. I have a strong feeling he's goin to be the stubburn one. Hopefully something happens after the castor oil besides minor contractions & pooping alot.

Amy 4 years ago

I'm 39 weeks and I've been having sex almost everyday and have tried accupressure. On top of that, I know they say your baby is supposed to feel less active in the last few weeks, but he his waaaay more active now in the last 2 weeks. Most of the time it feels like his hand is going to push through my cervix, not to mention all the pressure of his head sitting there! I think he's trying as hard as I am to meet...It's just not happening yet and my instincts are telling me it's going to be a little while until it does. =(

Beth, baby #5 & 10 days overdue 4 years ago

It seems very odd to me to hear all these woman complaining about being pregnant still when they're not even overdue!!?? Isn't it still normal for pregnancy to last 40-42 weeks? Why are we always trying to force the baby to come on our schedule? This is not natural & will lead to complications that you will complain about later! My first, ten days over. Second, 7 over. Third, 3 days early. Fourth, 6 days late. Today, I'm ten days over with our fifth. Go through midwives & assure them, I want no induction methods. Ladies, be patient!

babybearbabygirl2012 4 years ago

Yes pre-contractions suck and not sleeping good sucks.But its all going to be worth it.When labor comes you will know and still wont get any sleep with a newborn so why rush it . I am 36wks and have the whle nine yards but just not dialating.

babyboys 4 years ago

wow some of thses people on here with being pregnant with one baby im 36 weeks pregnant with twin boys an i was at doc yesterday they are bout 5lbs 11ounce an 5lbs 15ounce almost 12lbs of baby thankfully if i don't hav them before im being induced in 8 days ive been out if work since i was 20 weeks bc i couldint do it anymore i cant wait till my lil guys are here im in so much pain its hard to even get out of bed as of monday im goin to start trying some things that people say mite make me goo into labor i really don't wanna be induced

Freda 4 years ago

Iam 38 weeks n I tried of being pregnant i want to hold my princess! I tried walkin,sex,the ball,castor oil hot baths but notin has worked

nikki 4 years ago

I am 31 weeks prego and i have decided to make myself go into labor when I turn 36 weeks pregnant I kinda trick question my docter.What I mean by that is my sis-n-law just had her baby at 33 weeks and their both fine I told my doc about her and she was not happy with that she was like that was too early the safest would be at 36 weeks cause the baby lungs will be developed So therfore im going to make myself go into labor like I did with my third child I walked and lightly ran around the park, and later went home layed down and started having contractions.I waited to go to the docter until i couldn't bear the pains anymore,I got there and had dialated enough they broke my water and she came on out that ws the easiest birth I ever had,hopefully this one too.And mothers don't listen to these stupid ignorant people putting you down just because you wanna have your baby early, long as you haven't had no complications then go for it.Different strokes for different folKS!! GOOD LUCK EVERBODY AND HOPE YOU HAVE A HEALTHY AND BLESSFUL BABY!!!!!!!!

4 years ago

You ladies taking hot baths are idiots! That could give your baby brain damage because it's too hot. Why do you think you can't get into hot tubs? Idiots!

Mrs jones 4 years ago

Im 35weeks 2day n im tired of everything I have 3other kids n a husband I needs 2do things 4so im goon 2try dis castor oil n oj n will post later 2tell I all da outcum...never had 2do anything with da other kids....

Justine 4 years ago

Hot baths r fine a Dr. Wouldn't tell u to take one if it wasn't OK...

So ur the idio LOL I'm 34 weeks pregnant and on my 2nd child I took hot baths with my daughter all the time and she came out perfectly fine she is almost two and smarter then most children her age and older.....

Rosa 4 years ago

I'm 35 weeks and wanting this baby out!! Any safe ideas ??

Anthonya 4 years ago

I wish people would shut up about other people saying they want there baby at 35 /36 weeks or any 30something weeks were very close to 37 weeks were baby is healthy and then you staying "I want my baby to but I wanna wait till my baby is healthy" but duhhh who wouldn't want there baby healthy and also who wouldn't wanna see there baby and not have to be pregnant it's been along journey almost a year of pregnancy so be quiet I been wanting my baby out since 34 weeks im now 36 weeks and I believe in god that she will be healthy either way early or not so have fun women who is 35/36 weeks were close enough to naturally put our selves into labor and others earlier it is better to wait but just think about it !

gloria 4 years ago

38 weeks and can't wait want this baby out trying every thing!!!

4 years ago

I am going to try jumping many should I do

Momma2be 4 years ago

I find it rediculous how some people are risking their babies health for their own comfort, like wanting the baby out at 20WEEKS! Im 38 weeks now, and just now looking at ways to speed up labor since I was only 30% effaced and tightly closed. I've been very uncomfortable and on bed rest since 17 weeks, but not for one second would I chance my babies development (which she seems to be healthy thank god! 33weeks she was already 7.5lbs!) because I was uncomfortable. Pregnancy comes with pain, I've had it all, hyperemesis where I was hooked up to IVs just to keep fluids in me, placental tear, and a tilted pelvic, but It was my decision to have this baby and sacrificing 9 months for a healthy baby is worth it in my opinion.

Ellemumzy 4 years ago

What is with all the teen pregnancy on here and why are they soo angry. People have different circumstances it can be difficult and no one wants to risk the life of there unborn child but after 37 weeks depending on circumstances i believe it shud be up to mothers and what they want

emdi profile image

emdi 4 years ago

May be some of the readers of this hub will find this article useful. It is about the importance of sex during the late pregnancy to induce labor.

Jasmine 3 years ago

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artistorn 3 years ago

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megryan 20 months ago

Can you have sex safely to induce labor if you are dialated to 3cm and 50 percent effaced?

Gina 19 months ago

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pamela 18 months ago


gepeTooRs 6 months ago

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