How to lose belly fat

How to Lose Belly Fat?

People read about all kinds of ways that are supposed to show how to lose belly fat. There are all kinds of wacky diets out there and exercise regimens that are supposed to be miracle workers for losing weight, especially belly fat. The truth is, there is no magic cure when trying to find out how to lose belly fat. However, there do seem to be a few techniques and supplements that are more effective than others in helping to lose belly fat specifically and for weight loss in general.

Belly Fat Is Very Unhealthy

Learn how to lose belly fat by following these weight loss tips.
Learn how to lose belly fat by following these weight loss tips.

How to Lose Belly Fat and Why You Should

Extra fat and being overweight is not healthy for our bodies and for our self-image. Everyone knows that, although most people do little about it. But belly fat in particular is a dangerous type of extra weight to carry around, literally.

Recent studies show that belly fat especially increases the chances of a heart attack, diabetes, and even cancer. One of the ways that a fat belly increases the risk of these diseases is that fat cells in the stomach cause a person to become insulin resistant. This means that the body has to produce more and more insulin, which becomes a precursor to diabetes. Belly fat also seems to slows down a person's metabolism. Belly fat is much more dangerous to a person's health than being overweight in other areas of the body.

How to Lose Belly Fat with Diet

The obvious solution for how to lose belly fat with your choice of foods is to lay off of the fatty foods! You don't have to become a vegetarian (although it would certainly help), but you should stick to low-fat meats such as chicken breast and turkey breast. Avoid red meat if possible. If you must eat red meat, eat a portion no bigger than the size of your fist. Fish is perfectly acceptable, even fatty fish such as salmon. Don't eat meat that is fried, of course, if you want to lose belly fat. And only eat skinless chicken and turkey, as the skin is where most of the fat is located in poultry products.

Other things to consider in your diet when learning how to lose belly fat are to avoid all fried foods and avoid pasta dishes with buttery or other high fat sauces. Another culprit that is loaded with fat is salad dressings. Either use low-fat salad dressings or none at all. Try eating more fresh fruits and steamed vegetables.

Changing your diet in these ways should help you to lose belly fat.

How to Lose Belly Fat with Exercise

Most any exercise will help to lose belly fat if it is done consistently and for at least 20 minutes. Even a brisk walk daily for 20 minutes will help an overweight person to lose belly fat.

There are two types of exercise that I have found to be the most effective at targeting the stomach area when trying to lose belly fat. They provide the best weight loss results in the quickest time, at least for me.

The first exercise to target belly fat is swimming. I don't mean playing around in the water for a few minutes or lazily swimming around on your back. Lap swimming done at a vigorous pace daily will do wonders for getting rid of belly fat. Not only that, but swimming is excellent for toning the entire body. Look at swimmers' bodies and you will see what I mean.

The next exercise that will certainly get rid of belly fat is Pilates yoga. You notice I specifically mentioned Pilates yoga, not hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, or some other type. Pilates yoga is the type of exercise to do to target losing belly fat. It firms up the underlying stomach muscles and really does wonders for a flat belly. Pilates yoga has other health benefits as well, including stress reduction.

Try vigorous swimming and Pilates yoga for a month. See how much belly fat you will lose.

Buy Chromium Picolinate to Help Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat With Supplements

Don't rely completely on supplements when trying to figure out how to lose belly fat. It just won't work. However, using supplements in conjunction with a diet and exercise program can provide quicker, better results than just diet and exercise alone.

The one supplement I most recommend for trying to lose belly fat is chromium picolinate. Several studies have shown chromium picolinate to be effective in helping with weight loss, especially in losing belly fat. What's more, chromium picolinate helps to make a person more sensitive to insulin, which is one of the specific dangers of belly fat. 400 mcg of chromium picolinate daily is the recommended amount for weight loss and increasing muscle mass. Avoid taking chromium picolinate with dairy, as dairy products inhibit absorption of chromium picolinate. Wait at least a couple of hours before or after consuming dairy before taking a chromium picolinate supplement.

How to Lose Belly Fat 3 Different Ways

So there you have it- my plan for how to lose belly fat effectively and safely. When combining all of these ways to lose belly fat together, your chances of success are much greater. Not only that, but you will be much healthier overall if you follow my plan for how to lose belly fat.

So, watch your diet, swim and practice yoga, and take chromium picolinate. I bet you will be pleased with the results.

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robie2 profile image

robie2 8 years ago from Central New Jersey

Good advice angela, well documented and well presented--but will I follow it?? The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing:-) Another good one.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Robie2, I know how that goes. But I especially enjoy swimming and yoga, so that part was easy for me.

stephhicks68 profile image

stephhicks68 8 years ago from Bend, Oregon

Thumbs up! I started running again 2 weeks ago, 1/2 hour a day, and that is helping me tone up too. I've never been a swimmer. :-)

esocial profile image

esocial 8 years ago from California

haha - I love the picture!

profile image

sharikraemer73 8 years ago

Pilates has really worked for me. thanks for all the tips!

BeatsMe profile image

BeatsMe 8 years ago

Wow. Good advice.

ElleSor profile image

ElleSor 8 years ago

Thanks for the advice...will try running or maybe swimming to lose weight as well.

VernFin profile image

VernFin 8 years ago

Really,Really great article I have recently accumilated some belly fat and it is so very uncomefortable so I will take your advice, i have never done yoga nor am I a swimmer, but I will walk, jog, I will do pushups and try my best to eat right, I also have a great supplement that I am taking right now, thanks for this article

solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

eat less - move more - drink water

eat less - move more - drink water

Ernie 8 years ago

All good suggestions. Now where is the boot in the butt that I need to do them? LOL

wellness5 profile image

wellness5 8 years ago from Fondi, Italy

Thanks - did not know about the 'chromium picolinate' - I shall investigate.

Also, I agree with you absolutely about Pilates as I am doing a 10 minute abs workout and it seems to be working . It all helps !

flread45 profile image

flread45 8 years ago from Montana

Try tieing your shoes

julieannevanzyl profile image

julieannevanzyl 8 years ago from Gold Coast

Yes, swimming works for me also! I must do more of it though:-)

profile image

Cup of Joe 8 years ago


profile image

Cup of Joe 8 years ago


sdorrian profile image

sdorrian 8 years ago from Chicago

Great advice. As we get older, that's the one place that seems to expand the most.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Thanks for all of the comments, everyone.

jlyoung23 profile image

jlyoung23 8 years ago

Swimming is a great way to lose overall fat. But intense cardio of any sort, such as running and biking, will also help one lose fat. Good article.

RioTheYorkiePoo profile image

RioTheYorkiePoo 8 years ago from Miami Beach

First: Congratulations! You have a willing to change that damm belly:-)!

That was easy...Right?

Now the difficult part...Make it happen! You have some great tips overall.

Now get going!

wilhb81 profile image

wilhb81 8 years ago from Southeast Dreamland

Great article, way to go...

I'm need to tell my colleageus about this tips.

RavynSteel profile image

RavynSteel 8 years ago from North Wales

I like the sound of chromium picolinate! Anything to help me shift this excess...I think, combined with a daily sit-up/crunches routine it should work :-)

Banadux profile image

Banadux 8 years ago from Cary, NC

I've taken up doing jumping jacks, push ups, and crunches in the morning, every morning. It only takes about 5 minutes to do 100, 25, 100 and a friend who hasn't seen me in two months noticed the difference and asked if I go to a gym now. I think the extra working of the stomach muscles makes sure fat is burned in the right place, or maybe I'm just lucky.

Sue Huss profile image

Sue Huss 8 years ago from Oregon, Ohio

I couldn't loose any weight until I had my thyroid checked. It seems I have low thyroid. Now I hope to loose that belly weight.

profile image

Raky 8 years ago

Great article. I am constantly watching this article moving on first or second page of hubpages...........This is just due to Quality content...Great job Angela Harris

DanielMurray profile image

DanielMurray 8 years ago

Great hub. Some really useful info here that people can use right away!

Peter Fry 8 years ago

I'm going to die happy! Another pint of guinness and a big mac please. Who wants to live long, get old and crumbled and have others thinking about you caring for you etc. I'll be my own problem, go fast and go happy

nataliejep profile image

nataliejep 8 years ago

Enjoyed the article, keep'em coming. :)

Divia profile image

Divia 8 years ago from Columbus

Great adive I am stuggling with the belly fat right now. Thanks for the adivce though hard to take on but will try some of it for starters

Lex LaCroix profile image

Lex LaCroix 8 years ago from Orlando, Florida

Great advice :)

alexpapa profile image

alexpapa 8 years ago

Don't waste money on chromium picolinate, in depth studies have shown that there are no significant benefits with regards to weight loss or insulin. In fact, as is the case with supplement advertising, they often leave out the rest of their so-called clinical studies.

I have tried this supplement as well as many other weight loss supplements in my years of training, and I can conclusively say that you are throwing money away.

Rather buy yourself a good pair of sneakers and start running.

And regarding the diet - fat is not your biggest problem. Cutting out carbs, and especially carbs three or four hours before bedtime will show significant results in men and women in around two to three weeks.

Follow this simple formula - increase your protein intake, cut out bad carbs (research glycemic index on google) and eat your veggies. Then get some exercise, just increase whatever you do now gradually. Don't go all in straight away - you will burn yourself out.

And a few situps before bed time and after you wake up don't hurt. Try five minutes at a time and you will be good.

Lifebydesign profile image

Lifebydesign 8 years ago from Australia

Great advice - now I just need to do it!

shalani 8 years ago


interesting and valuable pages

Shirley Anderson profile image

Shirley Anderson 8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Angela, you have no idea how excited I got when I saw the topic of this hub! :)

My problem is that I am thin, but have a pot belly that seems oblivious to all my efforts to make it disappear. :( I have not yet tried Pilates (or any other kind) yoga, maybe that will be where I finally succeed.

Thx for writing this.


Rudra profile image

Rudra 8 years ago

Those beer belly.

profile image

newcapo 8 years ago

Great hub, makes me want to kick it into gear. Thanks :-)

Tania101 profile image

Tania101 8 years ago from Canada

Great info Angela :)

profile image

Buggy 8 years ago from UK

I'm inclined to agree with solarshingles...

eat less - move more - drink water

always works for me!

profile image

Ripped 8 years ago

Great advice, I'd say the information is spot on. I just started my own hub on weight loss and muscle building, so take a look if you can

profile image

ajubabu_01 8 years ago

Posted this link in

cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 8 years ago from North Carolina

Great post, glad I found it, great tips, exercise and proper food habits are the key.

First Eagle profile image

First Eagle 8 years ago

Brilliant article. Always a pleasure reading them.

Anne 8 years ago

I have been losing belly fat/ cellulite taking this supplement. I am a Realtor and have a sedentary job driving around, and am also in my mid forties.....seems to be an age/occupational hazzard of gaining weight around my middle!!!!. I didn't take this for weight loss, but for lack of energy and some other medical reasons, but have lost 10 lbs in three months as a side effect!

maryjoy_danggoy@y profile image

maryjoy_danggoy@y 8 years ago from Philippines


alexpapa profile image

alexpapa 8 years ago


10lbs in 3 months can be attributed to anything, one small diet change can do that - unlikely that it is the chromium P

m.24 8 years ago

How to do you lose belly fat in a week or two

kettlebellnathan profile image

kettlebellnathan 8 years ago from Calgary, Canada

Good info here. I have always found low carb diets and high intensity exercise best for losing belly fat. Belly fat is usually caused by spiking the old insulin system, so binging on carbs will make that belly grow!

chuckngayle profile image

chuckngayle 8 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

Belly fat is very hard to lose. I agree with your suggestions and have been taking chromium picollinate for years. It, however has not been that effective for me. I exercise relifiously and lately tried the Belly Fat diet that has been advertised. I did lose some weight, but alas my belly is still there. I am not all that heavy only about 115 pounds and I am only 4'11" tall, so extra weight around the middle is not flattering. I also learned that eating good fats is also very important. So I snack on a small handful of almonds and lots of fruit rather than items full of carbs. Lots of fiber rich foods also help and I still work on ab exercises. Good Article Thanks!

Doc Rich profile image

Doc Rich 8 years ago

Thanks for the great tips.

cloee Tan 8 years ago

Your belly is the part which attract most take good care of it.Thanks! for the advice

About-The-Home profile image

About-The-Home 8 years ago

I used to do Pilates, but after my burst appendix operation, I had to stop it for a while, which unfortunately got me out of the routine.

Recently, I bought some Yogalates dvds and have started doing the exercises again. I can feel the improvement already, after 1 week, but no reduction in belly fat yet.

SupremeCandles profile image

SupremeCandles 8 years ago from NY

great article, thanks


BernieQuimpo profile image

BernieQuimpo 8 years ago from Philippines

Angela. my husband could kiss you for writing on how to lose belly fat. He has been forwarding NY Times articles on the subject to me but I have pretty much been ignoring the info/advice. Now, you have gotten my attention. Thanks.

CeeGunn profile image

CeeGunn 8 years ago from Canada

Thank you for the nice hub and interesting information.

xotinyyxo profile image

xotinyyxo 8 years ago from atlanta

Lol, actually if you all really want to

lose belly fat, just stop eating the snicker

bars, reeses or other junk and

start eating salads :D. And work out

daily theres no reason why you should

not be able to do those simple steps

i do them and i lost some pounds

try it, it dosent takes a dummy >__<

Lukeybaby 8 years ago

I go on holiday to zante with the boys in 30 days... my belly isn't fat but i cud do with working it out a little... all my friends seem to have a slim tone body i just dunno why i dont! we all exercise by playin for same football team.. we all drink the same when we are out... i just want the best possible way to get a slim tone 6pack ish body for my holiday... anyone help me!?! i also want to try and do it with out going to the gym? i work long hrs so i dont really get time?!? thanks

profile image

multimastery 8 years ago

I hate belly fat! I think it's the most problem stubborn area to improve for most people. Some things may work for one person, but may not work for others. I guess one just has to find their belly-fat losing niche.

gss profile image

gss 8 years ago from Florida

Very good information. Thanks for sharing.

nicolap profile image

nicolap 8 years ago from Dorset, UK

Losing weight is so simple (eat healthily and exercise) but people make it so complicated.

profile image

madski 8 years ago

I have heard that sit ups for women don't do anything for that actual belly this true? I know that cardio, running, and swimming will help. My big problem is that I have had 2 c-sections (yep I had to go there) and I feel everything just went kaput after that. I DREAM of having a flat belly again. So, sit ups? I love to run but even when I do that, well, it's just plain gross to jiggle that much. You are right, nicolap, it is simple...the longer I let it go the harder it is going to be to lose it. Why can't lipo be cheaper!? LOL

Q8 Guy  8 years ago

thanx fot that intresting information about loosing fat it really helped. And again thanx :)

buhrandt profile image

buhrandt 8 years ago

Come right, eat less, and exercise. Stay away from the pills. But if you still need help, spend that pill money on NutriSystem.

theshadow777 profile image

theshadow777 8 years ago

I'll check

rutheena profile image

rutheena 8 years ago from Philippines

Thanks for the tips Angela. But I'm not into pills, I would surely do on the brisk walk thing.

cardiophile profile image

cardiophile 8 years ago from Calicut

Good article. Keep writing similar good ones.

6Pack 8 years ago

Great article seems everyone wants a flatter tighter stomache.

angie 8 years ago

thank you angela for changing my life i took every advice u said and i finally have a flat stomach i cant wait to wear my sexy black bikini

profile image

momonline 8 years ago

I've been waking and doing streght training but I will add the Pilates Yoga and swimming as soon as it warms up a bit here.

texasbel 8 years ago

This is good information. I did these things but also kept a list of calories consumed each day. I never eat over 1300 calories each day. I have lost 41lbs and have gone from a size 16 to a 6 and weigh in at 124lbs. I follow a low sugar low fat diet to maintain my weight and still write down every bite that goes into my mouth. I hope all of you have such good results. I love being thin and will follow this type of diet the rest of my life.

Sean 8 years ago

Well Angela, that is certainly good advice. Although, I run for about 12 minutes, cross trainer for about 12 minutes, leg raises n kicks about 500 n then swim for 20 minutes? should the combination of that and a vegetarian diet be sufficient to go from 190 to about 135 with body fat% of less than 10 % ?

audrey 8 years ago

i am 55 years old and would like to know how can i get a video on pilates yoga.

i relly enjoyed your hub

ClaudioXerez profile image

ClaudioXerez 8 years ago from Teresina - Piaui - Brazil

Very usefull information. Thank you for sharing ;-)

Hendrika profile image

Hendrika 8 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

Oh! I wish I could do what I have to do! Some very good info here, I'll have to read it more to absorb it all.

West2East profile image

West2East 8 years ago from Los Angeles . Ventura . Santa Barbara

Fantastic and useful article. Very, very good. Thank you so much!

Lgali profile image

Lgali 8 years ago

very good hub

hibiscus_mel profile image

hibiscus_mel 8 years ago from Marlton, New Jersey

Interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing!

Emmanuel 8 years ago

great post angela,i want to share another thing too on belly fat,stress also increases the accumulation of fat in the abdominal areas,fats in the abdominal area functions differently with those in the other parts of the body,in the abdominal parts there are stress hormones that increases the rate of fats accumulation.Thus we should also try to control stress as well.

topstuff profile image

topstuff 8 years ago

Here's the answer.

Archie Freeman profile image

Archie Freeman 8 years ago

I have struggled with body fat loss for years. It is always an uphill battle. Good article.


sachin 8 years ago

please reply to sachin

jennyj1 profile image

jennyj1 8 years ago from Los Angeles

that's a nice pic up there of the beach guy... thanks for the advice :)

iMindMap 7 years ago

I noticed many subject on this topic. That is the common problem face by many people that including me. hehehe.

Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor 7 years ago

Good Article! I use walking to keep my weight (and my belly) under control!

personaltrainer profile image

personaltrainer 7 years ago from Beverly Hills

Yes, losing fat really is a multi-variable approach. There really are not big secrets. Just follow a daily plan - week, after week.

James S. Thornton profile image

James S. Thornton 7 years ago from California

Yeah those fatrolls on your belly really are pretty tough aren't they.

I've always had the hardest time with belly fat as well.

But when it's gone, it doesn't come back quickly.

As long as you stick to your healthy diet!

Ladybird33 profile image

Ladybird33 7 years ago from Georgia USA

Great hub, I try very hard to watch all that I do, eat right, exercise, etc...but tips like this help so much. I appreciate it.

evyalin 7 years ago

i don't belive it so unture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i know this for a fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Arman 7 years ago

enthusiastic occupation angela,i need to percentage added artifact too on belly fat,express also increases the increase of fat in the abdominal areas,fats in the abdominal country functions differently with those in the additional parts of the embody,in the abdominal parts there are punctuate hormones that increases the range of fats increment.Thus we should also try to restrain difficulty as cured.

Eat Smart Age Smart 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing the information. Excellent hub!

I really appreciate your health related contribution in this site. Keep up your good work

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 7 years ago

Angela Harris

I appreciate these great tips. Thank You for sharing.


sultana657 profile image

sultana657 7 years ago from Dhaka

very useful

Info Help profile image

Info Help 7 years ago from Chicago

Great hub Angela! Thanks

Beth100 profile image

Beth100 7 years ago from Canada

Simple, easy to follow and great advice. And with your positive tone, who wouldn't try?

GojiJuiceGoodness profile image

GojiJuiceGoodness 7 years ago from Roanoke, Virginia

That's a lot of good information. Thanks for sharing! Very useful hub.

jamesmoralde profile image

jamesmoralde 7 years ago from Florida, USA

does chromium picolinate supplements really help? how many days will it take for a significant loss of belly fat?

carmellowyoshi profile image

carmellowyoshi 6 years ago

I wouldn't recommend pills, your body works the way it works, and you shouldn't use chemicals to change that. I recommend putting more pictures and adding some polls. Overall, good hub.

deutza1_d profile image

deutza1_d 6 years ago

Thank you for the good advice! I look forward to following your great tips.

rtaf444 profile image

rtaf444 6 years ago

great informational tips!

maikloe 6 years ago

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profile image

hubpageswriter 6 years ago

Hi Angela, your tips are very concise and precise. Trying to lose belly fat must be done consistently for it to work. Excellent hub, well done.

irenemaria profile image

irenemaria 6 years ago from Sweden

You make it sound so easy! Lots of encouraging tips. Thank you.

profile image

shygirl2 6 years ago

good advice, great hub!

Lisa 6 years ago

That was a lot of useful information. Thanks. I was thinking about this (Diet Solution Program), but now I don't know after these tips. What you guys think ? Could it be good ?

misard 5 years ago

I really recommend this : , I lost 35 pounds with one of these programs, without starving, I really recommend it. 100% Guaranteed

Mintoo 5 years ago

Its all useless things written. Show exercise photo instead of written a long article on how to reduce fats... FYI, All fats guys and gals did regular exercise every day in their dreams.

monet 5 years ago

best way to lose the weight is by eating right! Try yoga. Yoga is the best way. Don't believe when people or advertisement says that you can loose weight in 1 hour because that's just a rip off. Eat right(no junky food), drink plenty of water and work daily. That's all!

Margaret 5 years ago

I agree with many of the comments that the best way to weight loss is to watch what you eat, when and you eat. In order to lose wight, healthy eating and exercise are very important. To keep your weight off you've got to eat healthly, eat right and exercise regularly.

Robie3 5 years ago

Hey Robie2, sounds more like the flesh is fat... and the spirit is hungry.

youness011 profile image

youness011 4 years ago from Casablanca

Getting rid of belly fat may improves sleep efficiency

A recent US study revealed that getting rid of overweight can help you to improve sleep quality among people who are obese or overweight.

Researchers have found that improving sleep quality is linked to weight loss process, either by changing diets or through physical exercises.

Thank you for Interesting hub.

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