Gooseberry Energiser For All

How to Preserve Gooseberries using Honey

Gooseberry is one of the excellent sources of Vitamin C. Fresh gooseberries are available only during 2-3 months a year. But it can be preserved using honey, and thus used throughout the year. I will explain below a method by which you can preserve gooseberries using honey.

Before entering into details of preservation, a small note on honey.

Extracting Honey

A Small Note on Honey

Honey is considered holy and auspicious in Vedas (Hindu scriptures). It contains vitamins and minerals. On child birth and on sixth month people in India rub gold in honey and smear the paste on the child's tongue. Dharma sutra says this enhances the child's mental faculties.

Honey extracted from a mature honeycomb has excellent medicinal properties. Honey from a premature honeycomb gets spoilt easily. Honey once extracted should be kept for six months and then used. Honey by itself is an excellent remedy for various ailments. A spoonful of honey mixed in a cool glass of water and taken first thing in the morning is an excellent remedy for reducing excessive body weight. When a spoonful of honey is mixed in a glass of milk and taken daily, this can cure most of the ulcers in stomach, and colons.

About Gooseberries

Gooseberry is an excellent fruit rich in Vitamin C. Gooseberry is a memory booster and promotes memory capacity of the old age people. Chyavanaprash is a famous lehyam of Ayurveda, its main ingredient is gooseberry.

Indian gooseberry is also known as amla, its biological name is Embilica officinalis. Amala looks similar to the common gooseberry found in America and Europe. But they are from different plants. Amla came to be known as Indian gooseberry as it looked like the gooseberry of the west. It has a sour, bitter and astringent taste, so it cannot be taken in large quantities.

It is said that one big sized Indian gooseberry has 3000 mg of Vitamin C. That is equal to Vitamin C found in 5 oranges. found in 20 oranges. Indian gooseberry has good quantity of antioxidants.

Indian gooseberry is the main ingredient of chyavanprash, a famous lehyam of Ayurveda, well known for its rejuvenating properties.

The Indian Gooseberries

How to Preserve Gooseberries in Honey

Take required number of gooseberries and clean them in running water. Pierce the gooseberries using a babool tree thorn or sharp stainless steel edge at various spots. Now immerse these pierced gooseberries in a jar full of mature pure honey. Cover the mouth of the jar using fine white cloth and place the jar in sulight for an hour for 15 days. Now the gooseberries are ready for consumption throughout the year. Gooseberries thus preserved will not lose their nutritive value, in fact this combination enhances their nutritive value.

Take one honey soaked gooseberry first thing in the morning after brushing. This keeps you active throughout the day and drives away lethargy. This is an ideal rejuvenator for the young and old alike.

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Woody Marx profile image

Woody Marx 8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

wo! I love berries and your hub is making me so hungry for some. Love the tip about honey. :)

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 8 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Thanks for stopping by Woody.

Sterling Sage profile image

Sterling Sage 8 years ago from California

brindhaprabhakar 8 years ago


many a times it smells pungent while gooseberrys are soaked in honey and preserved. Should we boil it (amla)?

Dr. Brindha Prabhakar .

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

Thanks - I must try it - I buy the amlas and have one a day.

imad 7 years ago

how gooseberrys are helpful for tuberclouses pacient. and what is its name in udru language, is it same amla which is used for hair.

please email me on

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 7 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Thanks Shalini for your comments.  Amla is truly a wonderful fruit. It cures persistent cough and cold very quickly. 

sangeeta 7 years ago

That was very good info. thank you.

My mother wants to know if you have a recipe for amla achar that you could share with us?

Kavitha 6 years ago

jshaiju ji,

gooseberry with honey.

Should we boil the gooseberry or just keep it in sunlight is enough?

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 6 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Hi Sangeetha,

I will share some tips on gooseberries in the coming days.

Kavitha, no need to boil the gooseberries.

Thanks for your comments.

Kaushik 6 years ago

Your photo is not that of Indian Gooseberry.

Phyllanthus emblica(Ambla) is a completely different tree/shub.You can look it up in Wikipedia easily.

Jameel 6 years ago

Wow. thank you. I will try this as the Gooseberry season is now on.

Diana 6 years ago

Good tips but having some doubts. Wat happens if we live in apartment and no change to get sunlight ? Any suggestions in that case like boiling or etc ???

Raj 6 years ago

Thanks for your tips. What if i soke the whole gooseberry with out cutting. Does it absorb honey.

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 6 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Hi Raj, you can soak the whole gooseberry in honey without cutting, but cutting and pricking with sharp objects aid in better absorption on honey.

Heera 6 years ago


I kept the gooseberries with honey in direct sunlight. But the honey lost its thickness and turns watery. It would be like that?

Navdeep 5 years ago

Hi Mr Jshaiju,

Instead of putting the gooseberries as whole. I have cut it into 4 - 6 pieces and soaked them in honey. However i have noticed that honey has lost its thickness and became diluted moreover there is foam coming over not sure if this is how suppose to be can you please suggest



Kathy 5 years ago

You can also boil gooseberry and soak in honey. It will absorb honey quickly in this case. For hair, we generally dry the gooseberry until it becomes black. Later we make a powder and use along with shikakai powder to cleanse the hair or heat very little quantity with coconut oil. This can be used as natural dye for hair. But take care that the colour does not stick to your dress. It is not possible to remove this stain from dress

Ratan 4 years ago

The system is wounderful but I did myself and found worthless after 2/3 months. It becomes funcus and reduce honey thickness. and soak amala become damaged not in color. how we will preserve for long period without funcus or damage. Please advice.

raechal 4 years ago

thanks for ur can i find wheather the honey is original or not?

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