How to not treat Sinusitis

To all of you sinus sufferers out there, I feel your pain. Chronic sinusitis can take a toll on both your physical and mental health. This causes many people desperate to try any remedy that someone recommends when often the only thing it does is empty your pocketbook.

For this article to benefit you, you need to first have suffered over and over again the agony of chronic sinusitis. If you think that last sentence was a bit dramatic, then this article is not for you. Chronic sinusitis can affect some sufferers every month. This affects both the physical health and in the extreme cases, mental health. often times, sufferers require depression medicine.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Method. Neither the distilled or non-distilled has any proven efficacy. If it works for you, great, you cannot argue with success. But for people with terrible sinuses, do not waste your money or taste buds (if you can taste).

Sinus Surgery. I will no totally dismiss surgery but it has not proven to decrease the frequencies of "my" sinus infections. Scar tissue can become a problem which can obstruct the sinuses all over again.

Most of the "so called" remedies are a waste of money and I would not recommend any of them. Immune System boosters have not been proven to be effective either.

Aside from antibiotics which kill the present infection, there are a few things that have done some good. The Sinus rinses do help, but are by no means a miracle cure. Be sure to wear a face mask when cutting the grass. I have been rubbing the cloriseptic allergen blocker when I cut the grass but I am not sure if it does anything.

Recently, I have been using Nasonex twice a day with two sprays in each nostril each time. My doctor said that it will help to reduce the nasal polyps which obstruct drainage and harbor bacteria.

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