How to prepare a home remedy for instant cold and cough relief?

Get rid of the cold and cough symptoms without taking antibiotics

Hi friends.

Today, I am going to share a secret home remedy with you which my mother used to give me when I was a child suffering from cough and cold.

Especially In India it has been observed several times that Gram Flour soup (Besan ka Sheera) does wonders in cold and cough that are without high fever.

So do you want to get rid of the runny eyes, runny nose, cold, cough, and tiredness. Are you fed of taking the routine antibiotics to cure these symptoms which affect your stomach a lot.

You said yes, okay then I will tell you how to get rid of these signs and symptoms.

You need the following things to prepare this home remedy:

  1. Gram Flour (besan)- half cup.
  2. Butter oil (desi ghee)- little less than half cup.
  3. Sugar - same quantity as that of butter oil.
  4. Crushed almonds - 1 tablespoon.
  5. Crushed cardamom - half teaspoon.
  6. Use milk 1.5 cups in case of dry cough without much mucus or use water 1.5 cups if there is only persistent mucus without dry cough.

Method of preparing:

  1. Warm butter oil in a skillet and add gram flour slowly so that no lumps are formed.
  2. Roast gram flour until it turns slightly golden brown (make sure it does not burn or turn black).
  3. Add milk or water as per the symptoms as explained above.
  4. Add sugar, cardamom, and almonds.
  5. Stir until the soup thickens.
  6. Serve hot. This soup needs to be taken spoon by spoon when it is warm and make sure that you don't get up from the bed after that. You need to rest and in fact take a good sleep, so I would suggest that you make it and consume it at night when you are about to sleep for another 6 to 8 hours. Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours is not mandatory but will help a lot in decreasing the signs and symptoms and curing the problem of runny nose, watery eyes, itchiness around the eyes, cough, etc.

Believe me, once you will get up in the morning, you will be as fresh as ever with no symptoms of cold, runny nose, or cough.

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Jay 8 years ago

I will try today. I never ever heard any remeady like this before and your reciepe will result in a good sweet some thing like Mysorepa. Any how i will try and let you know by tomorrow. Thanks.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 8 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks Jay for reading my recipe. It will taste very good dear. Please make it and le me know. Thanks.

vivekpremkumar 7 years ago

for the 1 st time hearing such a easy reciepe hope it works



soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes it really works as I use it most of the time I have cold and cough. Best of luck for trying it.

Hawa 7 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I will try this once I get home, hope it helps my runny nose and watery eyes!

RAM M KRRISH 6 years ago



soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

It's my pleasure Mr. Krrish. You will have a good result I guarantee as it has always helped me in times of cold and flus.

a.t. 6 years ago

I wonder why no one came back to post if it worked for them .... Just kidding! :) will have to try it.

Paras 6 years ago

Thanks for posting such a nice remedy. I'm suffering for last 15 days. Let me try it today and I'll come back with results.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Let me know about the results a.t. and Paras. If you are not able to make the sheera properly, let me know and I will tell you how to do it. I will try to upload a video to make this home remedy.

vikram 6 years ago

I have heard about the healing properties of besan. Does anyone know how exactly besan helps? I know it is also besan burfi and laddoo that helps.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Vikram, besan helps in curing common cold. Besan burfi and besan ladoo both work in same forms as they both contain besan.

richa 6 years ago

I just gave it to my husband..I hope it works..we r gonna sleep now.. Thanks for sharing this recipe..I will keep it handy...

nitu 6 years ago

can we make it widout using almonds??

Reader 6 years ago

My friend tells me that this recipe worked wonders for her!

soneeya 6 years ago

Does it really works?? will have to try as am fed up of this cold

Raji 5 years ago

Yes..I feel it reduced the severity..Thank you for sharing this..It helped me a lot

justin 5 years ago

i have just took what you have suggested.. but i m not going to sleep, i m going to office.. i dnt know,, whether its going to work, if i dnt sleep..

ruchika 5 years ago

my mom used to give me this...& its really effective...but u need to consider some things after having it, like avoid contacting with water, air conditioner or any other cold thing or else the results gonna be worse than before...

Jayant 5 years ago

Great recipe..its soo easy..thank u very much it worked for me...

keni 5 years ago

right now im having sym of cold with my eyes running, i read ur suggestion,hopefully im going 2 try it 2nite,i hope it works,wondering its unique cure,thanxxxxx a lot....

savita 5 years ago

Pls upload the home remedy video.Waiting for it.Thanks

Essam 5 years ago

Thanks a lot !

Angel 5 years ago

ya.. even we also prepare it d same way...

since childhood we have been taking this in tyms of cold and cough..

kulsoom 5 years ago

is this suitable for the young children age 7 years old?

Sofia Naaz 5 years ago

Hope it works! Tommorow is my play and i want to do my best. I am going to try this and i would tell the results tomorrow.

ovais 5 years ago

it really works !!

snigdha chakraborty 5 years ago

hope this works

Biswa 5 years ago

gonna try it! hope it works........

kanchan 4 years ago

thanks for sharing this.this has taken me back in time ,when 30-35 yrs ago my mom used to give similar remedy to my dad when he was suffering from severe cold.this remedy even continues till today.this was also my grandma's remedy.

Jyoti 4 years ago

My 19month toddler suffers from cough cold and running nose can this be given

To him at bedtime

preeti gupta 4 years ago


Abhishek 4 years ago

Hi! I will try it today. Lets see if it works.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 4 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

I am really glad that this recipe for cold and cough is helping you all plus take my blessings and get well soon.

Parag Joshi, Singapore 4 years ago

As per my doc's recommdation, one should avoid Lentils until cough is cleared. Since you have tried this remedy yourself, it is interesting to know.

richa 4 years ago


richa 4 years ago

had cold and running nose today so i made some besan ka halwa and then Google for it know if it is helpful in cold . just have had my plateful hope i be cured by tomo.

more than recipe the presentation of ur halwa is simple and comforting for those with cold.

thanks for sharing :)

meenu 2 years ago

It really work for cold and cough.does anybody know it is good for nasal congestion!!

aru 2 years ago

Its really good. My mom also give us same besan seera.

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