Quit smoking with jogging

Stop Smoking

Quit smoking with exercise
Quit smoking with exercise | Source
Quit smoking with jogging
Quit smoking with jogging | Source

Quit smoking with exercise

Quitting smoking may sound like an easy task to do but actually stopping the dreadful habit demands change, which will inevitable bring other changes into your life as well. Smoking is an addictive habit which is very difficult to stop. Consciously as well as subconsciously there are allot of stress associated with quitting smoking. One of the best ways to manage stress is through exercise. It's a very useful way of dealing with the changes.

Try working out at home or going to the gym but whatever you decide, turn it into a daily routine. If this is not feasible? then you should wake up about the same time each morning and go for a walk. After a few weeks, try a running walk or jogging instead. It's a great way to start the day. The effects of daily exercise are exciting and stimulating to both body and mind and, it makes you feel guilty whenever you try to smoke. That's one of the positive effects of daily exercise.

Remember exercise does not mean pumping iron. If the gym scene is not your thing? It's really no big deal at all. You can choose something that you enjoy doing, such as working out at home, taking long brisk walks, jogging, cycling, indoor or outdoor soccer, any sporting activity will do. Create a routine to look forward too.

A thousand mile journey begins by taking the first step

Whether you're training at home or working out at the gym, you should always be consistent with your exercise routine. Remember, a thousand mile journey begins by taking the first step, so getting started isn't really difficult to do. However, sticking to a daily routine has proven to be an obstacle for many people but you must try wholeheartedly not to make it your stumbling block.

Some people love making a show of themselves. They buy track suits, sportswear, exercise shoes, and many other types of exercise gear. Their first day at the gym is like attending a play but are they committed to the task. As the no pain, no gain syndrome sinks in, it becomes very difficult for them to meet the demands. Their lack of commitment slowly resolves into a complete failure. First commit yourself and then add the sports gear as per your need.

A miscalculation that many people do is choose the evenings to workout. If you're most active in the evening like I am, then the evening routine should fit your lifestyle. However, the evening hours for most people are tedious, they are totally burnt out after a long days work. They are simply too tired to exercise or to be bothered; plus, there maybe children or family to take care off as well. Therefore, early morning exercise maybe the best way to start your day and perk up your energy at the same time.

The best way to start the day

The best way to start the day is to awake an hour or two earlier each morning, put on your running shoes and hit the outdoors. At that time of morning, there's less pollution in the air, most roads are free of traffic and the streets are less crowded with people. Great opportunity to feel thankful and grateful for your life, which is really a great way to start the day.

Embrace your changes, avoid drinking coffee and use green tea instead. Try getting rid of everything that reminds you of smoking in general. If you are working around the house? then play your favourite music and add a few decorations that will reflect your positive attitude on life.

Always Plan a joyful end to your day; take your loved ones on a long pleasant walk or do something rewarding for others. It doesn't have to involve spending money. Spending time playing games with family and friends are worthwhile activities that doesn't have to cost you a dime. Always strive to appreciate life by exterminating the bad influences in your life.

How to cope with stress

Most people Watch television as a means of passing time unless they are watching a special documentary or watching their favourite sports team at play; otherwise, it's an activity that doesn't require much attention. In most cases, you can easily be doing something useful or constructive while watching the television.

Pay special attention to the things that trigger off your stress and create a list of them. Try avoiding stress at all cost. Check your stress list regularly and find ways to eliminate them permanently. Never use stress as an excuse to start smoking but instead use your will to master your urges. If you do ten sit-ups every time you get a smoking urge, you might be able to achieve a six pack abs in no time at all.

There are many different ways to cope with stress. Some of these methods are very well documented and easily accessible, such as Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises with an emphasis on deep breathing or even listening to relaxing music. Another great method is mental reconditioning, which means monitoring your thoughts diligently and replacing any negative or worrying thoughts with powerful, positive thoughts. This is a very important mental exercise; a natural way of overcoming stress. Heal yourself from within while permanently putting a stop to the smoke habit. Exercise is definitely a sure-fire method to stop smoking and beat the stress associated with it.

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moonlake profile image

moonlake 2 years ago from America

I wish my husband had figured this out years ago. The doctor always said to me "You need to make him stop smoking." I couldn't force him to stop smoking all I could do is make sure he didn't smoke in the house. Now he has stopped smoking but it is to late. It's a very hard habit to break. Voted up on your hub.

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