How to tell if you have Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition characterized by severe disturbances in mood. People suffering from bipolar disorder, a term which has replaced the outdated ‘manic depression‘, go through episodes of mania (exaggerated highs) and depression (debilitating lows) that they cannot control. Although doctors do not know the exact cause, it is believed that chemical, genetic and environmental factors all play a part. For the most part, bipolar disorder is caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. If certain neurotransmitters are not properly balanced, the brain is unable to regulate moods the way it is meant to.


Approximately one in seven people suffers from bipolar disorder, with symptoms usually originating among men and women in their early twenties and sometimes occurring in children and adolescents. The mood swings that people with bipolar disorder cycle through are vastly different from the moods of an average individual. In adults, their manic or depressive episodes can easily last up to weeks or even months. A teenager suffering from bipolar disorder can go through cycles of mania and depression over the course of a single day. Sometimes the episodes are unpredictable and will come on without warning; other times, the episodes follow a pattern that goes along with the changing of the seasons. Rapid cycling of moods (at least four or more per year) is more common in women, children and adolescents, whereas slow mood changes over time are seen more frequently in adult men.

What is mania? Mania is characterized by an extremely elevated mood and seemingly endless energy, a decreased need for sleep, excessive irritability and anxiety, and strange or unusual thought patterns.

What is depression? Depression is a feeling of sadness and melancholy that disrupts one's daily functioning. A person with depression loses interests in activities that were previously enjoyable, is unable to concentrate, feels fatigued, worthless and even suicidal.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder are seen on a spectrum from severe depression to extreme mania
Symptoms of bipolar disorder are seen on a spectrum from severe depression to extreme mania


Bipolar disorder can be difficult to diagnose because there is no blood test or brain scan that can detect it. It also has a long history of being either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. A physical exam is the first step towards diagnosis and blood work is taken to rule out any medical illnesses, such as syphilis, which can present significant psychological symptoms. A brain scan is ordered to exclude epilepsy and brain legions, and a verbal history is taken.

There are four types of bipolar disorder: Bipolar I, Bipolar II, Cyclothymia and Bipolar disorder NOS (Not Otherwise Specified).

Bipolar I requires one or more manic or mixed episodes. A depressive episode is not required.

Bipolar II, which is the most common form of the disease, is characterized by alternating episodes of hypomania (at least one instance) and depression. The manic stage must be present in order to distinguish bipolar disorder from standard depression.

Cyclothymic disorder involves numerous hypomanic episodes with a spattering of depression. It is usually a low grade mood disorder that does not generally interfere with daily functioning.

Bipolar disorder NOS means that the person is clearly suffering from a type of bipolar disorder but does not meet the full criteria for any of the above.

This graph shows how bipolar disorder differs from standard, or unipolar, depression ((
This graph shows how bipolar disorder differs from standard, or unipolar, depression ((

Diagnostic Criteria

Criteria for a manic episode

  • Abnormally elevated mood, energy and irritability lasting at least one week
  • Three or more of the following symptoms during that week: decreased need for sleep, unusually talkative, racing thoughts, unable to concentrate or easily distracted, partaking in activities with no regard to consequences (e.g. shopping sprees, promiscuity). The mood disturbance is severe enough to impair functioning and at time require hospitalization. Psychotic features may also be present.

Criteria for a major depressive episode

  • Decrease in mood for a period of at least two weeks
  • Five or more of the following symptoms present: depressed mood every day, lack of interest in all pleasurable activities, loss or appetite and significant weight loss, insomnia, fatigue, lack of energy, feeling worthless or guilty, unable to concentrate, indecisive, recurrent thoughts of suicide or death.

Criteria for a hypomanic episode

  • A period of elevated or irritable mood lasting at least four days
  • Three or more of the following symptoms: Inflated sense of self-esteem, decreased need for sleep (at least 3 hours), more talkative than usual, racing thoughts, easily distractible, partaking in activities with no regard to consequences (e.g. shopping sprees, promiscuity). What separates it from a manic episode is that hypomanic episodes are usually not severe enough as to impair functioning nor require hospitalization.

Criteria for a mixed episode

  • In order to classify as a mixed episode, the criteria for both manic episodes and depressive episodes must be present every day over a period of at least one week.


Bipolar disorder is a serious medical illness. It can be difficult for someone who does not suffer from the disease to understand, and yet it is understanding and patience that is needed to help your loved ones manage bipolarity. A bipolar individual cannot just "snap out of it" when depressed or "calm down" when manic. It is not a weakness or character flaw; the chemistry in their brain simply does not allow it. It is a biochemical disease that new information shows may be genetic in nature as well, and although there is no cure, bipolar disorder can be dealt with by working closely with a professional psychologist or psychiatrist to develop a treatment plan. Usually the treatment plan involves administration of a mood stabilizer such as lithium or Risperdal, in conjunction with talk therapy. If a well-informed patient is kept on an adequate dose of medication and participates actively in therapy sessions, he or she can live a full and successful life despite the presence of bipolar disorder.

Explanation of bipolar disorder

As a disclaimer, I am not a doctor and am not qualified to give medical advice of any kind. The comments below, however, are a great way to share your personal stories and interact with others who may be living with bipolar disorder. For more information, and to read about the story of a fellow hubber who has battled this disorder, I encourage you to check out Why I Love My Medication? Bipolar Disorder and All of the Excuses. If you think you or someone you know may be suffering from bipolar disorder, please contact your doctor right away.

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barryrutherford profile image

barryrutherford 9 years ago from Queensland Australia

great explanation. I might as well come out and say i suffer from it !

Lyn Bell profile image

Lyn Bell 9 years ago from Christchurch

great information

Earth Angel profile image

Earth Angel 9 years ago

GREAT Hub!! I come from a long line of bi-polar sufferers!! For years and years I lived in chronic fear that this "black cloud" would somehow "get me" as the years rolled on!! Now at 50, I am pretty sure I dodged the bullet, although my siblings were not so lucky!! Years of their lives were lost and tormented needlessly!! For every bi-polar sufferer, there are an average of nine other lives that are turned upside down trying to be supportive!! Fortunately, dialog and medication for this disorder has helped sooooooooo many and it no longer has to be as frightening as it once was!! For those still suffering in silence: THERE IS HELP!! YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!! It's mostly a chemical imbalance!! May Health-filled Blessings find you where ever you are!! Earth Angel!!

William F. Torpey profile image

William F. Torpey 9 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

Well done.

sparkster profile image

sparkster 9 years ago from United Kingdom

very infortmative article, it seems that a lot of people have been misdiagnosed as suffering with depression when they are clearly suffering with bipolar disorder.

cybeross 9 years ago

Hi all, im not sure if i have bipolar or not, as my manic moods aren't as severe as stated anywhere on the internet and neither do they last as long. Definitely not even a day, maybe a few hours. Does anyone know if this is bipolar? Any comments welcome. Thanks!

Alyssa Hardman 9 years ago

i don't really know if i am bipolar. i need to talk to someone....quick! if you think that you can help me, please go to to message me thanks!

Kyle gonzales 9 years ago

this helped me to understand a lot better. my moods are all crazy and change throughout the day. i'd start crying over the littlest things, get angry over the littlest things and i didn't know what was going on and this video has help me to understand how to ask my doctor check me for it.. thank you! :)  

Carter 9 years ago

Thanks for the info. I'm a med student but people think that means I should know these things and recognize them in myself. I'm pretty sure I fit into the criteria, I don't even know anymore. Anyway, forget it. So many things I'd like to write right now - don't know what though!!!!!! Anyway, thanks.

David Binfield 8 years ago

Not sure if I have it or not...

Have trouble sleeping ( a lot )

Have mood swings fairly quickly sometimes

and they often aren't because of anything... although subconciously maybe they are. I just don't know.

profile image

MOmmagus 8 years ago

I recommend leaving the diagnosing to the professionals. Every person has ups and downs, but bi-polar disorder is a persistant and debilitating disease that requires treatment. Thanks for the insight.

mrs know it all profile image

mrs know it all 8 years ago from The Windy City Suburbs

Interesting and informative hub. Thanks! I concur, however - I believe any diagnosis should be left to professionals.

Sandilyn profile image

Sandilyn 8 years ago from Port Orange, FL

Very informative hub on the medical end of bipolar. I had a friend that hid it from me for almost 14 years.

He was apparently on medication. He had episodes before but I had explained them away. Finally he had gone off of them. He wanted to have more enegery. That is when it kicked in full force.

It was a nightmare. I had no idea how intense a situation could be with a bipolar person. He refused to go back on the medication and I had to severe the ties of friendship.

Wangeci Kinyanjui profile image

Wangeci Kinyanjui 8 years ago from Kenya

Love it! Love it! love it! great article

vreccc profile image

vreccc 8 years ago from Concord, NH

You say 1 in 7 have bipolar. That was new information to me. That seems quite high. On the other hand, if "bipolar" can exist in varying degrees from mild to severe then I can see 1 in 7 being possible. And... if that is the case, then I wouldn't doubt it if I was bipolar.

Thanks for the info!!!

flutterbug77 profile image

flutterbug77 8 years ago from USA

I know a couple people with this disorder. It's awful to live with and just as hard on their families.

starrkissed profile image

starrkissed 8 years ago from Arizona

Very informative! Thanks for this. My fiancé and his parents have been convincing me that I'm bipolar. His mother is bipolar and from what she sees, she thinks I may have it. Guess it would explain the insane mood swings that come out of nowhere, but I'm not particularly proud to admit I have it... if I do.

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 8 years ago from California


knslms profile image

knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina

great hub! very informative

kristin 8 years ago

i have bipolar disorder and this helped me understand it in a better way thank you bunches =)(=

Sand Box Vet profile image

Sand Box Vet 8 years ago from Germany

Nice Hub. It’s important that people seek help if they feel they have a problem. But more importantly, patients need to try to figure out what they have also. I was diagnosed with PTSD after serving in Iraq and was given anti depressants for over 3 years. I felt like s***t everyday and was really loosing it! Finally, it took me figuring out that I was also Bipolar and telling the doctors that I was able to start on treatment that wasn’t destroying my life. Ultimately it’s YOUR responsibility for your well being. You have to become an Expert Patient. If I had kept my faith in my doctors and not did my own research I think I’d be dead now. Nobody’s perfect, but I had seen several doctors and clearly explained my symptoms. I think most doctors have the complex of “Me Doctor, You Patient, Shut up!”

Emily 8 years ago

most of my friends say i have bipolar and i agree with them

but im afraid to tell my mom

Kenz 8 years ago

I'm 15 and I have it. But i'm not on any medicine, but people are starting to notice and ask me "are you bipolar" like a joke, but don't realize how hard it is to live with this disease.

Dave 8 years ago

hmmm sounds like me i have like rly weird stuff im nice and then suddenly i just hate people and like i just start doin mean things and then im back to nice and or sad ect ect

A concerned citizen 8 years ago

I think your article is misleading. There is no such thing as a "chemical impalance". Patients are not given MRI's, or CT's nor are there blood samples which support this theory. I understand that people have issues in life which they don't always know how to deal with, but to drug people based on an untrue theory is not okay. Nearly all of the drugs prescribed (that I have seen so far) have side effects of suicide, severe depression, addiction (which often leads to dependencies on other drugs), insomnia, violent behavior, heart palpitations/fibrilations & death. Ritalin for example is a schedule II drug, this means HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, like in the same category as heroin, cocain & morphine. Have you noticed the number of school shootings recently? Guess what, everyone of those kids were either on psychotropic drugs, or on withdrawal from the drugs. My point is your article should communicate the entire truth, instead of dropping facts which misguide people. You should care about real peoples lives, instead of making your money off of the very people you are misinforming from your position as an "authority".

somebody 8 years ago

i think i have bipolar, i've looked it up on different sites and they all give the information differently, it's hard to decide if i have it or not, i am going to a doctor soon so i'll mention it.

emily you should tell your mom, i did and i'm going to see a doctor. i wish you the best

Julia 8 years ago

The DSM diagnoses of bipolar disorder needs to be completely overhauled.

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....

I'm going to try to print this one for my wife without getting punched

Ashley Tyler profile image

Ashley Tyler 8 years ago from Oklahoma

I wish more people would read this. Or maybe I will just keep a copy on me or print this out like goldentoad suggested so I can hand them out to a few people I know....great hub!

Lgali profile image

Lgali 8 years ago

very good hub

Lil d 8 years ago

I would like to offer this to everyone in this hub who might carry the thought of " I'm bipolar". I thought for the longest time I could be the 1 out of 7. Which lead to other thoughts of maybe Multiple Personnality, which lead to maybe OCD, which lead to so on and on till you get my point. I know that there are people out there in serious need of help dealing with this "disorder". However, everyone in the world is not bipolar as the shrinks would have you think. Take into consideration this, What would doctors and shrinks have to gain by telling you you are in fact bipolar? What if the pills you receive are nothing but placebo's ( sugar water pills) with a name on it? Do you know how to check these pills? What does those chemist stand to obtain with this Epedimic. Think of this, What has and does the economy look like and how does it affect your demograph? I know for certain that a great number of people claim bipolar as a scapegoat to the actions that they commit. The doctors don't know what's really going on in your personnal life, but I will tell you this, They do see a chance to have you coming back over and over again. This means the doctors have one more person to help with feeding they're practice and families. If you can't afford Health Coverage then you have even more bills, of extreme amounts which leads to more stress and more aggitations. Now you need another doctor and another pill for a different "disorder". Payday for you Shrink huh? If you just didn't have to think about your actions because noone taught you any better, wouldn't it be great to put a label on it so the punishment would be less? If your brain is racing all the time, then learn some meditations and manifesting chants. Your brain is more than likely racing for the fact, there are a lot going on in the world, your world, at any given time. Maybe your just now becoming considerate of who you are and what actions have lead you where and your scrampling to fix all of your era's at one time, accomplishing nothing and becoming upset about it. I don't think that we all should just buy into what we are being told by people who gain for our "suffering". Most of you will not do this, but go buy a couple hundred books of personal development. Contact me via email and I'll tell you some really good title's that will put your brain back into control. Simply said is this, if you focus on your mood swings, you WILL have Mood swings. If you focus on crime, you attract crime. Your mind controls your brain. You can refer to the mind with what ever name you want to give it. I.E Infinite wisdom, the better half, or if you follow the study of quantum physics, you can call it GOD. Do your homework people. Try learning more about controlling your mind and your brain and chemicals in it will follow. Even the least amoung you can accomplish the greatest things.

Lil d 8 years ago

I thought that maybe I should ad one thing. I added to my previous comment an email address. I am a business owner 2 very successful business's. That email is attached to both of those business's. Now, you guys might not believe this and that is fine, but I care a great deal about people. For people's financial, Mental, Social well-being. The words that I have posted are to enlighten all of you. Do not send me "I disagree" emails. However, if you are in need to talk about what you have read for whatever reason. I would love to help anyone out there as much as I can. If your scared to talk to anyone close to you about what you think that you might have, then Email me I'll send you my number. I have two perfect ears. I will say this though, If you do not like hearing truth or someone asking you questions, I'm not the one you want to talk to. I blunt and honest I really don't know any different. I am certified and qualified to listen, but I'll talk to you like a friend.

shashigai profile image

shashigai 8 years ago from New England

There is good information in this article, but it does take some work to figure out if you are bipolar. There are a lot of things that can mimic this disorder, including PTSD and substance abuse. It takes time, observation and working with a qualified professional. When I say qualified, I don't mean someone that has a credential. I mean someone who has experience and can differentiate between bipolar and other things. For some people, bipolar disorder can be managed without medication, but for others life is ruined wiwthout it.

Kulsum Mehmood profile image

Kulsum Mehmood 8 years ago from Nagpur, India

Great hub. Very good information. I needed to have this info. Thanks.

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 8 years ago from Tennessee

Bipolar is not always ups and downs. I am bipolar but almost always am on the depressed side of it. I do experience the hyperactive side of it on occasion but with me its usually triggered by activity of some sort. If I start doing something such as cleaning an area of the house I will be going for hours afterwards. Until a person has an outside view of their behavior they will never understand what they are doing is abnormal. Therapy is key to getting bettter as well as medication for depression and anxiety. The anxiety meds however are dangerous as many bipolars tend to be addictive like me. Ive been through all of it really. Self medicating, anger, depression, compulsiveness, and never realized at the time that was I was doing was abnormal. Getting an outside point of view on your behavior is key. Many people are afraid of seeking help for mental illness because of what people may think. Do not let that concern you if your actions are causing problems in your life. Its better to admit you have a problem than to do something you regret.

profile image

sybercat 8 years ago

Funny enough I stumbled upon this same topic earlier today on the net. I think somebody is trying to tell me something ;] nah I don't think I have it but I meet a few people with it so I must attract them for some reason..........

Nice job, thumbs up from me.

profile image

survivor2 8 years ago

Well done "becauseilive", it takes courage to publicly state a mental condition which some people ridicule.

Whilst I am not a sufferer myself I am very close to a loved one who does, I consider myself to be a survivor also.

I hope to collect as much information about this insidious disease and publish it as a service, but you have done very well.

ashley 8 years ago

this is a very imformative page i like it

i really don't know if i am bipolar or not but i sure so know i do go off really bad

this year i have had really bad mood swings

ashley 8 years ago

this is a very imformative page i like it

i really don't know if i am bipolar or not but i sure so know i do go off really bad

this year i have had really bad mood swings

leslielou820 8 years ago

What should I do if I suspect a family member (my mother) may have bi-polar, and doesn't recognize it? Her attitude is that all the problems are always with everyone else, and never with her. I don't think telling her that I suspect she may be bi-polar would be received well, at all. But she makes it so hard to be around her, to live with her and to love her-what should I do? Does anyone else have experience with this at all?

Ann Reys profile image

Ann Reys 8 years ago from South Wales

Very good hub, Great source of information, Iv suffered with bipolar for 17 years but was wrongly diagnosed with clinical depression until I almost committed suicide in October last year. I agree with you that getting the right diagnoses is very difficult but so important.  If anyone reading this is not sure if they have been diagnosed correctly, please read the hub I have written about my experiences due to the fact I was wrongly diagnosed.

Quentin 8 years ago

this was great info to know...i know puberty has come and gone so i think im just bi-polar like my sister

Michael 8 years ago

I Think I might be bipolar I have gone threw life thinking im sure everyone acts like this but I started to get curious So I started searching and thought of bipolar. So I looked at the effects and I think I Might have it honestly. I took tons of tests online to see if I have it and all of them came up positive I can't but all my trust in computer tests of it but it really seems like I have it. if anyone has a myspace add me so I can talk to someone about this. and if not I really would like to talk to someone about this so my email is thank you I really want to get to the bottom of the way I act and feel

anonymous 7 years ago


I understand it now!

I think I have it...

Joseph 7 years ago

WELL Done :)

nick 7 years ago

My friend suggested that i might be bipolar. I think after reading this that i am. Very good job on the author's part on explaining it.

rainydaybutterfly 7 years ago

I'm currently a psychology student, with hopes to be a psychologist someday. We recently finished studying Bipolar and other mental diseases, but manic depression really stuck out to me. Last year I tried to commit suicide, and when asked why, I couldn't give an answer. It was spur of the moment, it was stupid, but I had been experiencing severe mood swings, and that particular swing of depression hit pretty hard that time...

I haven't been diagnosed for bipolar yet, nor have I discussed it with my doctor; I am actually hesitant to discuss it because I haven't kept a journal of my feelings day to day, and while I "fit" the criteria, I am 17, and at this age it's difficult to determine whether or not the mood swings are due to puberty and adolescence, or if they are due to an actual disorder.

The point I am getting at here is that we are all human, we all react and adapt to our surroundings, but in general we revert to our "normal mean of behavior". This is not to dismiss any thoughts of "do I have it or not?", but normality in mood swings is simply something to keep in mind. So, if you are truly concerned, don't jump to conclusions until you have something to back it up with (a journal of day to day feelings, events, etc. OR without telling a family member or friend why, have THEM keep a journal over the course of a month or so of your behavior (no bias that way)).Best of luck to you all!Side note you may find interesting:

There was a study done in 1973 by David Rosenhan where he and seven others went to a mental hospital on fake accounts of hearing things (automatically assumed they had schizophrenia). After the initial diagnoses these "patients" gave truthful responses to questions and stopped complaining of "noises in their head". It took an average of 19 days for them to be discharged (all days of which they asked to be sent home, and either ignored, or not taken seriously). During the course of these 19 days, it was the other patients who noticed that these people were not mentally ill, but staff and doctors "mistook" normal activities such as note taking to be symptoms of their disorder....Just goes to show you how much a bias or a preconception can do to people! Keep that in mind when you are "self diagnosing". It's certainly something I have to catch myself on sometimes ;)

Almost Poetry 7 years ago

The boy sings on his way home excited at the prospect of presenting the bag with the diamond inside to his father. He carries scares from battle having chosen combat boots instead of running shoes. He lost his mustard seed to gain a mountain. A deck of cards has 2 jokers one in color and the other in black/white. A loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter. Old School. I hope you have the key to the house when you get home. Bipolar means you are torn between two poles. Sometimes healing can come in the form of fire. Don’t forget to take your meds. Look to the wicked gate.

download-peace profile image

download-peace 7 years ago from MN

Great information on Bipolar Disorder! I have a 20 year old son, who has rapid cycling Bipolar. He wasn't officially diagnosed until last year, but looking back, he had signs and symptoms from the age of 5. Bipolar does present differently in children than in adults. Puberty seems to accelerate the illness by leaps and bounds! And then add in high school and dating, stress, and self medicating, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Yes, my son suffers greatly from this "Monster", but so do we all as a family.

If you are a parent of a child with bipolar, or another mental illness, I created a site just for us. Because, just like no one can imagine how it feels to be bipolar unless you have it yourself, no one but another parent raising a child with a mental illness can know what it's like unless they are living it also.

If you, a parent, need support, go to

We are just a family of parents who truly understand!

Daniel Carter profile image

Daniel Carter 7 years ago from Western US

Great article, very well presented. I hope you'll keep writing. You are a strong writer.

I have some experience with this area myself, and there is some amazing information coming to light in the area of mental illness in general. If interested, check these links:

Again, thanks for a great article!

unknown 7 years ago

hi im been reading and im not sure what i have everyday i wake up im etherier happy angery or depessed and every little thing get me mad 1.2..5 then 10 mintes later im perfecly fine and this i do at lest every 3 days or more and happen all tru the day any advice thanks

Keshia 7 years ago

please i have these really mental outbursts i fall out with my friends,ive destroyed the classroom a couple of times's, i been reffered to CAHMS,but im not mentalhealth [my uncle is] but can someone please tell me what i have if its bipolar or not,im one minute happy next minute down,and when im down i take it out on other people very strongly.i take everything down & i will hold onto things for dear life like a guy i will become increasingly obsessive. please can someone help

welshboydave 7 years ago

all my mates say i might have bipolar, i'm not 100% sure i have it but i do have some of the symptoms. can anyone tell me what to do, my e-mail address is:

and this page has helped me a lot, thanks !!

Dan 7 years ago

My mum has Bi-polor, althou it is undiagnosed it's symptoms match well.

I belive that the bad marrage she was in (to my dad) caused the illness, it would seem to me that missery and suffering coupled with crushing someones personallity is what's required to bring about bi-polor syndrome, and once they have the illness they will do everything in there power to spread it.

So we are dealing with a cultural disease, I do not belive in anything a genetasist would have to say regarding it being genetic, as they do not understand how time works over basic dimentional physics etc.

But I will say this, when parents divorce (which seems to be a fashon since the 80's) they go on to treat there children like extentions of there ego in a battle against there ex-partners, in my case my mother does everything in her will to make my life as horrible as possible while pretending to care, put simple she takes out on me what she would have liked to have done to her ex husband, which is make his life a living hell, in part she must think she is somehow getting at him by hurting someone else and defacing them to there own family.

Her behaviour has become out of control to the point where she belives everyone is out to get her, and I have noticed than even the mildest thing in conversation can cause her to agressivly explode,

The kind of things that set this off are usully something said that the utmost bitchy of minds may be able to somehow construe in to her not being a perfect individual, example:

If I fell an grazed my knee as a child, and it was mentioned in conversation, she could explode in to a full blown argument (which I ofcorse I started :/) agressivly accusing you of calling her a bad parent.

The kind of damage years of her abuse and family manipulation has caused me, coupled with the family not recognsing anything wrong with her, and in all cases unwittingly fulling her syndrome, I belive that the long episodes of her missery is starting to cause me long term depression and other behaviour associated with someone going down bi-poler road.

It is not people with bi-polor that need the help, it is the victims in there wake that need urgent support.

The worst case was when I fell ill for a long time, I went to the doctor who was going to run blood works on me, my mother found out and went to my doctor and somehow said whatever to stop the doctor from doing the tests.

The doctor informed me of what she had done but refussed to do the tests or tell me what my mother had said (that doctor btw is now has there own surgery!), A week later I brought it up with my mother, I simply said "I know you went to my doctor and somehow stopped me from getting medical treatment", she calml;y got up and walked out of the house.

Two days later she returned with some staff members from a local mental hospitol, she had got in contact with them by getting there phone number from one of my friends who has mental health issues, these doctors and heavy weights where talking to me like im dangerous and not at all conciencious, after a chat with one of them seperatly I learned that my mother claimed I pulled a knife on her. the result was that I had the choice to be locked in a mental home by force or to go freely, well I was happy to get away from her, so I spent two weeks under observation, and her story changed so many times that they knew she was lieing.

A year or so later I find out that someone had tried to order life insurance from my bank in my name, and the penny drops.

So I move away to somerset, and to my horror find out that my mother is taking care of my nans medication, for which my nan has had to take many pills throuout the day for many years, and my nan becomes ill and confussed if her medication is interferred with.

When I visited my nan she was in a terrible state and my mother was talkiing really patronising to her and making out my nan had forgotten things that she hadn't, my mother was messing with her mind and her medication.

My nan is now dead, she fell off of her bed in a confussed state and ruptured her stomoch.

Ofcorse while I was away in somerset, my mother 'helped' my nan write her as the executive to her will.

Througout the entire time of my nan being in hospitol dieing I had my mother in my face with how much she hates her brothers and that shes gonna cut them from her life, you know the usual bi-polor 'everyone is out to get me' thing

Now a few months later one of her brothers has terminal cancer, I have been watching as she runs everyone down to him using manipulation and lies, making out she is there for him, she has done it in such a way that again, I bet she kindly takes care of being the executer of his will also.

I have absolutly no help with this from any medical profession what so ever, despite having made several serious attempts to get help, I'm always told this: "there is nothing we can do unless your mother comes to us seeking help", She will never do that.

So those of you whom are under the illusion that bi-polor disorder is a simple thing that a pill can fix, and isn't dangerous atall, think again, because people that suffer from bi-polor disorder that have not had treatment and are in denial, will get to such and advanced stage that they become dangerous to the extent of the above.

And no one is gonna help, another example was the lady that took in thousands of cats for the rspca, she had bi-polor and was drowning the cats instead of homeing them like she claimed, she got away with this cruelty for years and years.

here is my email:

xXMANSONXx 7 years ago

I honestly have no fucking clue if im bipolar. This is the most helpful article or whatever that ive read and yeah. But does it have to be way severe mood swings or stuff like that or can it just be a little bit of uncontrollable emotion from the littlest things?

xXMANSONXx 7 years ago

I honestly have no fucking clue if im bipolar. This is the most helpful article or whatever that ive read and yeah. But does it have to be way severe mood swings or stuff like that or can it just be a little bit of uncontrollable emotion from the littlest things?

Andrizzle 7 years ago

most of my dads side of the family has this disorder

and it would be pretty sucky if i have it

it feels like i do sometimes...

but what evs haha

its all good i guess

im just gunna drink my mt dew

grab my skateboard

and have funn

cause that's all i feel like doing right now


Deon 7 years ago

Im a 16 year old teenager and i never ever thought i was havign just regular mood swings through hormone chainges the way my friends are, iv always thought the must be an explination for me feeling the way i do, but iv been to scared to go and see a doctor, i didn't ever wana here the truth. but it was distroying me. at times i feel invinsible i feel i can do anything becase i am grate and everythigns going to go grate, and with out warning i crash land, i have no confidence the once great empire id started to build just sinks like atlantis, its made me feel exams, for instance my art exam, i started with a grate high, i felt i could acomplish the piece i had set out, alought it was far too out ther and over the top, and then once i got started it was going fine and then i just distroyed my confidence i hated it it wasn't working although nothing had changed, for days i didn't do anything and my mood was swinging from high to low and i ended up failing with an unfinished piece. im going to go see a doctor now becase i know i have it and i need help. you have helped me and so many more people so much, Thank you x

David 7 years ago

I suffer from sever depression and anger. I hate everhthing in life that does not go my way. I don't know a lot about this yet because my mother just told me that I probably am. My father whom I never met tried to commit suicide twice. I am in a marriage while deployed to iraq and wonder if my "problems" is what is causing our marriage problems so that my wife is leaving me. I hate this world and everything in it again. Why does this have to happen to me. I am tired of feeling this way. It is getting worse. Forget the army and forget Iraq. I don't care about this stupid place.

YellowPad 7 years ago

This explains it. But crap, I have no effin idea if I'm bipolar. I don't experience mania that much, but I do experience depression almost everyday. oH nOes....

So it's either, I've got bipolar disorder or just a major depressive disorder.

greg 7 years ago

this hub has helped me accept the fact that i'm bipolar

greg 7 years ago

this hub has helped me accept the fact that i'm bipolar

Rynaldos profile image

Rynaldos 7 years ago from USA

Great Hub. Very informative and well written. Keep up the good work and be sure to stop by sometime.

Rynaldos profile image

Rynaldos 7 years ago from USA

Great Hub. Very informative and well written. Keep up the good work and be sure to stop by sometime.

profile image

joebaroud 7 years ago from dro city LA

and if ud like help be free too ask here and me and soon enough along with many other people that go through the same things u do can give u their different insight on how to cope with this !! plz feel free to open up discussion and its all anonymous. thank you!

Jennitasia profile image

Jennitasia 7 years ago from Arkansas

Thank you for writing such a wonderful hub about Bipolar Disorder. I have this disorder, and want the word out there about this illness. Many people do not understand the effects that this disorder causes the person or person's surrounding the disorder. I dream that one day people will better understand this problem, and not just simply label the person "crazy" or insane! I enjoyed reading your information and look forward to more of your hubs!

Sara Tonyn profile image

Sara Tonyn 7 years ago from Ohio, the Buckeye State

This hub is very helpful but I must repeat what some others have already said:

If you suspect you might be bipolar make an appointment with a mental health specialist (not just a regular doc unless that's your only option) and let THEM diagnose you.

It can be dangerous to diagnose yourself based on something you read or because "everybody says" you're bipolar. Unfortunately, the term is sometimes used casually by people who aren't qualified to make a real diagnosis.

Many symptoms that fit those of bipolar disorder can be found in other medical problems and not all of them are due to mental disorders. Everyone has mood swings -- sometimes big ones -- but that doesn't mean they're bipolar. So please, let a professional determine what's causing your problems.

Take care!

Sexy jonty profile image

Sexy jonty 7 years ago from India

Very well written hub .....

very much informative ......

Thank you very much for your great hub, for good advice, good wishes and support. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

Barry 7 years ago

I have been diagnosed as being dual

diagnosed, bi polar and manic depressive.

The docs put me on some major medication like

huge amounts of zyprexa but it all made

me act like a zombie and I felt retarded.

After trying to kill myself like ten times on the anti psychotics

I quit the meds and

coming off them I had seizures and for

three months I felt like I was in a red hell. Thank god the drug

come off didn't kill me

three months I was in a red hell.

Chuckie 7 years ago

but wat if u have been diagonsed as having adhd as a kid, and later on in life all of a sudden it is considered to be bi polar. Cause I have been trying the meds, I have expericened everthing from paranoia to insomnia. I really want to get a hold on this so that i can get on with my life. can anyone let me know how they cope wit it so that i can get on and be more productive and not destructive wit my life.

JDaddy 7 years ago

Marijuana cures my bipolar :)

thing 7 years ago

im not sure if im bipolar of just suffer from a form of depression, but one moment uring the day i could be hyperactive and having the best time of my life and then suddenly i feel really down and i just want to die. i have self harmed before, through sadness and anger, and im just not sure anymore...

Jordan 7 years ago

I think i may have bipolar disorder :(

Lewis Strongforde 7 years ago

Well , after reading this among other articles I think that I may have some type of mental illness. Mental illnesses run strong on all sides of my family. My friends have always joked around sayin " are you bipolar" or "Bro you have to bipolar or schzophrenic". If I am I do not think this is funny. I do not know how to tell my mother that think we should go see a psychiatrist. I think she notices my behaviour but does not want to or does not know how to talk to me about and I do not know how to ask her about. My mom and I have had a drastic change in our realtionship these last two months. Before we were close and inseperable, now slowly but surely that is changing and we argue 24/7. Jeez, I don't know what to do.

MountainCat 7 years ago

This was very informative. I am trying to find more research on disorders, more than others, bipolar disorder. For years counslers and friends have pondered and suggested that I may have this disorder. But as I am already ... distracted with my anger aggression disorder I have been unable to do proper research on the matter or see a licensed professinal to help with diagnosis. I would consult with my mother and father but neither sides of the family, including them, believe in mental disorders. I have gone 4 1/2 without continued consultation with an anger councesler and 3 1/2 years with out any diagnostic on my mood disorder. Which feels like I'm PMSing one way and then the other for weeks, but to the extreme of like 10x. Well ... more like happy extreme times 10 for a few months and then ... suicidal for a week or two maybe a month... *shrug* oh well ... it can be very difficult and confusing at times. And like so many others I'm not sure how to approch this. (side effect of parents not believing in shrienks and docters who tell you if your mental or not) But this helped! :)

Anonymous 7 years ago

Makes me wonder if i have it now!!!.......wouldn't be looking if i didn't think so though!!!

Jennifer 7 years ago

After Reading this I've come to terms that I have bi polar. I have all the symptoms but as I'm growing older I'm learning how to control my anger and learning not to hurt myself when I'm depressed. My bipolar started when my mom started being horrible, I changed, I stlll have problems with it everyday but it's much better than it was before. Always helps to talk to someone :)

daughter of the spaz 7 years ago

I think my mom might be bipolar, but everyone thinks there mom is bipolar right?

daughter of the spaz 7 years ago

I think my mom might be bipolar, but everyone thinks there mom is bipolar right?

claire 7 years ago

I am 22 and have been suffering with what i thought was depression. Over the years since i was 16 i have been on different antidepressants but never stuck with them as i hate feeling like i need tablets. I have now got to the point where i will do anything to stop me feeling and behaving the way i do. My doctor has just shrugged it off and given me antidepressants which i took for 3 months but didn't help at all. I went back to him and pleaded with him to help me, told him the tablets wernt working and he just prescribed me a different set of pills which again are not working. I am sure that i suffer from the bipolar II disorder i spoke to my doctor about my concerns and he just said no you don't have it. I persisted he then said what makes you think you have it? I told him my symptoms which are the symptoms described above for the bipolar II and he said they are not the symptoms. He then said i would be getting a letter for councilling. Which i have waited for for 4 months, he said i would get it within a month. I spoke to him about this and he said he would chase it up but never has, despite my repeat asking. I feel im getting fobbed off and he isn't listening to me. don't know what to do. Please can anyone give me some advice.

Thank you

profile image

Writer Rider 7 years ago

Well, I have pretty bad depression from time to time followed by a relatively high mood that doesn't need clinical attention. I'll let you guess what I have.

Spongebob93 7 years ago

I Dunno If i Suffer From Bipolar I Get Terrible Mood Swings Like Really Bad Depression And Cant Stop Crying Over Nothing And Next Minute Im Fine..And Sometimes Im Im A Great Mood And So Happy With Everyting And Next Im Depressed Getn Reli Mad AND All Of A Sudden Im Intrested In Absolutly Nothing i Hate Myself..I Feel Like Im Going Crazy ..Is It Bipolar?

TheShockest1 7 years ago

I know that I have very rapid mood swing's. I can be in a good mood and with in the next minute I am ragging out of control. I feel hyper but at the same time I lack motivation. I always feel that I am loosing myself because I can't get myself together to do what need's to be done.

laine 7 years ago

I think I may be but I want to go through a professional, how do you do this? What would you say to the receptionist when you ring to book an appointment when you have to explain what it's for??? HELP

Pixie 7 years ago

hey guys, ok, a lot of thinhs have been going on in my life right now. im only 12 but I just, it's so difficult to explain, please i need help please just take the time to read through this and tell me what you think.

I have mood swings all the time, i feel there are so many different parts of me, and sometimes i get so depressed and have suicidal thoughts and cut myself too.

I talk really fast, write really fast, i like to write to express my feelinngs, but i usually interupt my friends and everything, i know its rude but i cant help it, other times when im really sad or just feel tired or really depressed i don't speak maybe ill just nodd or whatever

Sometimes im just so random and come up with weird stuff, and im bubbly cheery and happy then ill go do something else and be down

i eat a lot more than usual, and i am constantly feeling tired, even getting out of bed is hard - most the time

my opinions change aot sometimes and im easily distracted most of the time,

i sometimes when im really really sad lose interest in everything, nothing seemes fun and i just want to kill myself,

my whole opiniona dn out look of the world has changed, soemtimes it changes again, its confusing.

theres so many mood swings, im really irritatable too, and i all but chew out my friends on every little things sometimes,

please guys i need you to tell me your opinions, i know im only 12 and it could just be puberty but still, sometimes i feel so alone and ehartbroken i cry and then when its really bad i hit myself and maybe even cut myself, i need you to tel me your opinions what's wrong with me? do i have bi polar disorder or am i depressed?

and if so what do i do?? id be terrified to tell my mum, she wouldn't believe me anyway, i need help, pelase guys help me.

x-x 7 years ago

pixie i read through your post, im not sure if i can help as i don't know a lot about bipolar disorder but have been reading through the symptoms and can realte to a lot of them, i too do not know if i have bipolar or am just depressed, i have cut myself aswell and have a lot of mood swings some even leading to bad thoughts of wanting to kill myself. I am 16 and am not sure if every teenager goes through these periods but i am starting to believe mine is a lot worse. I know the professionals say go to the doctor but i am not brave enough to do that and don't feel that anyone would believe me either or would understand if you need to talk reply to this comment as i think we are going through the same situation.

JH 7 years ago

im stuck my girlfriend has these ups and downs, her last one was the other day but this was under the infulence of alchol. she hit an amazing low and was talking about sucide we rowed and then she stormed off within 5 minutes she was back and as if nothing had happened, she goes like this after a few drinks but then she will do it even if she hasn't she will walk with me round the shops being happy and giggly then within a snap second she goes quiet she ignores us and is really blunt and off until i manage to calm her down and sit her down to chill out, she says she nos that she gets like this but she cnt stop it and she doesn't realy reaslise when it happens until its over, she asked her mum but she said its just hormones, is this her just being a stroppy woman (sorry) or is there really something more to it? im stuck i need help and the other night just got to much i am now really worried

christy 7 years ago

i like how ppl are so quick to assume they're bipolar.

you would of known for years. as for the teenagers, it's most likely your hormones.

WBRG23 7 years ago

Wow, this hub has really opened my eyes up as to what might actually be wrong with me. I was diagnosed with depression after several family tragedies and a substantial amount of stress, and was put on citalopram. It had no positive effect at all and i went back to the doctor to let him know how i felt. Unfortunately this coincided with starting college, where initial problems focussing became worse with withdrawal symptoms, and i felt like i couldn't cope. Since then ive done terribly, despite getting brilliant gcse grades. I was also prescribed Prozac, which worked wonders initially but soon began made me feel worse than i did to start with. Since doing some research ive discovered that tablets for 'regular' depression can worsen possibly undiagnosed bipolar disorder, which im convinced i have because of certain existing issues like lack of self esteem, suicidal thoughts,self harm, problems concentrating, racing thoughts/anxiety & short periods of extreme restlessness between longer periods of severe depression, being able to sleep 14 hours a day ( 7 days a week) and not feel rested at all, as well as lack of motivation and drive to do anything i was once remotely interested in. I cant talk to my mum about it because i swear she thinks im talking complete waffle, and i all ive wanted is someone to talk to who knows what im going thru, psychologically and physically. After reading the above ive now decide to see a specialist, who can hopefully help end this disaster. If anyone reading this experiences such symptoms, id advise u to talk to a family member or close friend about it, because suffering alone with this disorder can be depressing in itself. If anyone needs to talk about how they feel plse send a msg to me at Im lookin to become a psychologist in later life so id love to be able to help someone in my situation. Thanks a lot x

Lacey... 7 years ago

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to know how to get tested w/bipolar disorder behind my parents back...HOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

Zachary 7 years ago

We learn something new about ourselves everyday. I have just found out something grim, but thankyou for the information.

bubblegumpink 7 years ago

how do you ask your doctor if u have it without feeling stupid?

emelia 7 years ago

i dont know if i have bipolar but my mum has mentioned it to me but i started yelling at her because i didn't want to have this didorder but i have had enough of my mood swings now and would like to feel normal for a change not go all hyper one minute and dpressed the next !!

does it sound like i have bipolar i have tried to slit my rist a couple of times but never had the guts to pugh ard enough but some time i do feel like i coould kill myself !!!

should i seek help or is it just teenager stage oh by the way im 14 nearrly 15 if that helps !!

sami 7 years ago

i have bipoler and i get mad easily

Katie vandesse 7 years ago

Thanks for the helpbecause i just find out that i have bipolar 2

Anti-Dolt 7 years ago

The field of psychology has a name for everything now, but I agree, there is definitely a lot of kooks out there. Luckily for some of these people, the drug industry has a pill for everything.

Joanne 6 years ago

I suffer from sever bi-polar and its good to know that im not alone.I have attemped sucide over 4 times.

Amber 6 years ago

Wow.. I actually have all these symptoms and my dad has bipolar. This has helped me understand so much and now I'm not as scared to go to the doctor and talk about this. This helped me not feel crazy, so thank you!!

christalluna1124 profile image

christalluna1124 6 years ago from Dallas Texas

Excellent hub. I think anyone living with or loving a bipolar person shouls have to take classes. i have been diagnosed 10 1/2 years. Right now i am going 90 miles an hour after a month long depression aggravated by the death of three family members. My roommate and family can not understand that I can,t help laughing inappropiately or bursting out crying for nothing I noer they can understand. The crisis team was sent out today but I have gotten so good at knowing what they want to hear it's scary. if only they knew what goes through my head. My doctor says I know more about my illness than he does... that's really scary.

warmest regards,


Jessica W 6 years ago

My boyfriend brought it to my attention that my mood swings occur more then the normal teen, so i looked up the symtoms of bipolar disroder and it matched me perfect. I tryed telling my mom so i could see a doctore but she wont believe me. so idk what to do. if anyone can help me figure out if i have it or not please contact me.

Chad s 6 years ago

Ive been in a major depression for a few years now and i don't know what to do i know i need help. I ended up hurting myself about a year ago because i was so depressed. If u know how to help me my email is

lou 6 years ago

i don't know if i suffer from it ... and i am scared to go to the doctors because i don't want bad news ... i get depressed most the time and i have tried to commit suicide ... i just don't want my mates to treat me differently =( im frightened ... anyone have any good advice to give me

Moriah 6 years ago

I have Bipolar Disorder NOS (not otherwis specified) and i am going throught the same things that you are going through. i don't tell my family and or freainds.i am also sorta kind skitzophrenic. i don't tell no cause i don't want them to treat me diffrently. i am afraid my family wont love me no more. can any one help?

Rob_E_P 6 years ago

really good info to know if u suffer from it, pretty sure i got it

karent profile image

karent 6 years ago

Great information. When I was originally diagnosed, nobody told me there were multiple types of bipolar.

RANDOM 6 years ago

i feel worthless right now.. ive been bawling and hating myslef for nearly and hour and i cant stop crying. my sister had to leave the house cause id be sad and then id scream at her for no reason.. i cant even describe this feeling. when i get like this i feel so alone so stupid just like i shouldn't even be mom and sister think i phsycotic cant speel because im stupid and i don't know i don't know what to do i want my mom.. but she will just gripe at me. i don't know i don't know.

Jarod 6 years ago

I don't know if I'm suffering from bipolar or not,i used to be a natural smilng person now i hardly smile at all.Most nights i can't get to sleep for half an hour or more and at night when i can't get to sleep i become extremely depressed.I'm 13 years old and have low self esteem, I'm fat and i'm like a contagious flu to almost any girl,some days i wake up and i'm really down about life then i get on the bus for school and i get happy again because i talk to one of my friends then we get to school i go to my first class then bam!,i get depressed again the at the start of lucnh im happy then i go to the library and bam! again im sad, i find it hard to concentrate on schoolwork the only thing i can concentrate on in school is when we rite narratives and i like doing that because i rite war stories and thing like that so i can express my self by writing about my sadness in war.Anyway i need some answers so please help me if you could send me messages on my private email please the email is, so please send me some anwers if you know them because they will help....

John Bipolar 6 years ago

All this time, I was wondering what was plaguing me. I think that I now know. It all finally makes sense.

Thank you.

Margaret 6 years ago

Interesting Information, All the symtons for hypomanic occurs to me and I'm finally admitting that I'm bipolar. I hate it it okay to take a depression medicine for bipolar?

MELISSA 6 years ago


James 6 years ago

Thank you for this, I only wish I had found this sooner. For the longest time I always thought that my thought patterns were "special". It felt like I was one of those genius' that are genius' in a special narrow field. Mine was thought multi-tasking, or so I thought. I certainly didn't feel I was so much smarter than everyone else, just how my mind worked...which is difficult to explain. I thoght I just naturally needed less sleep than everyone, my mind jus races, to the point of insomnia. I become irritable a lot. A majority though, seems very justifiable at the time.(irritability), but almost always looking back in retrospec, it really wasn't...maybe only in a all abstract kindnof way. I constantly. Im late to stuff because I always get busy at the last moment, and I'm driving the love of my lIfe away. I have pretty deep bouts of depression. I never outwardly harm my self, but I cut my self internally, like self sacrifice. I don't lash out.... mostly, I make my self go without because i'm undeserving...I deprive myself. I was honestly feeling worhtless and was rapidly losing all hope.

James 6 years ago

It started getting bad enough that I started to experiment with a drug to even me out. It seemed to, but it only managed to push me further away.

So I say, thank you for the insight. I have hope now. Knowledge really is power and I am going to pursue the correct help.

God bless

Dan 6 years ago

Not sure if i have it or not either, I deffinately have depression but why i think im bipolar is my mood swings and being agitated a lot, also have trouble concentrating and get paranoid a lot especially around people then that makes me feel like there judging me then that turns to anger its a vicious cycle. I get down very easily even at the slighest thing then start thinkin about it and i'll dwell on it for ages. Would like an opinion

Dan 6 years ago

I wanna add that i did push my last g/f away because she couldn't handle my moods when minute things would be great then bang something knocks me off and ill be depressed for days about something, and that doesn't seem normal.

Ash doesn't know... 6 years ago

this really helped i looked through all this and watched the video yeah i would be so happy on time then really really ticked another then sad and depressed and wanna cry and i sometimes have low self esteem then other times i have really high self esteem sometimes i just really hyper then bam! all ofa sudden i'm pissed off over something really stupid. i'm glad i finally know cux i've been dtruggling for a while with this and never really had information on it and i didn't know but i always would consider it and i never concentrate on school work or frankly anything else i'm a 14 year old girl and i've cut myself and tried to kill myselfr sometimes i just absolutely hate life and other times i queen of the world and nothing can't touch me. now i know.... and all of this absolutely true btw.

Dan 6 years ago

I got a thing about dating older women and once went with a 43 yr old when i was 21. Few months ago i spent over a grand on texting women for sex and didn't think anything of wasting all that money i just wanted to keep doing it.

coralie 6 years ago

Sometimes I feel so happy that I could fly. This is usually during or after I exercise, when I have eaten something delicious, found something amusing, or have had a conversation in which I can express myself. I feel sexy, confident, and intelligent. I noticed a correlation between the late hours and when I have what are defined as "manic episodes." These manic episodes often occur when I have settled into bed. Though my body is exhausted, my mind races with thoughts of my present and past; I reflect upon those who have hurt me, reprimand my social disabilities, pinch my sides and wish that I were skinnier (even though I am already at a healthy weight), feel as though my future is empty, curse those who were unfair to me. The combination of depressing thoughts and exhaustion triggers anger and sadness. When I suffer from these manic episodes, I end up trying to cause myself physical injury in order to "wake myself up" from the suffering that I am feeling. I bang my fists, kick at the wall, and hit my head, as I struggle to control my unstoppable sobs. During this temporary lunacy, these phrases repeat in my head: "I hate people," "I hate myself," "I wish I could disappear," "I'm better off dead." Sometimes I will try to reach out to someone when I am upset, but my mood becomes burdensome to them and they push me away or make me feel as though it is my fault that I can't control my temper. This, of course, upsets me even further and only proves that there is no one in my life to whom I can show my true self. After the manic episode ends, I feel as though I am high. I either get super exhausted or become cheerful over nothing.

Treatment? I had seen a counselor about 6 months ago when I wasn't aware that I might be bipolar but knew that something was abnormal about my personality. I went with the purpose of figuring out how I could become more social, but after 3 sessions, I stopped going because I felt that I was continuously asked to explain myself and wasn't given the answers to my problems. At that time, I was dating what you would call the "wrong" guy for me. He dated me as a test to see if I would change into his ideal girl: Social, athletic, and independent. Being the fool I was, I tried to change myself at a pace faster than I could keep up with. Any sensible person would've said at that point, "You should never have to change yourself for someone else," to which I would respond, "Well, what if the changes were for the better?" Being social, athletic, and independent has many benefits. I want to become these things. It also ties into confidence, a trait which I lack.

So why did I stop seeing the counselor? I am ashamed of my past, I wish I could take an eraser, rub off the mistakes I've made, and brush off the leftover over bits so that look clean. However professional a psychiatrist may be, a psychiatrist is still human. Like all humans, they will make judgments. I do not like to be judged by what I choose to do or what I have done, hence, my inability to open up to people face-to-face.

After this guy who I had been dating dumped me because he couldn't see us working out in the future, I spiraled into a deep depression where I had my manic episodes every night, possibly because I had slept with him by my side several times and I couldn't stand the loneliness I felt at night. During these episodes I would cry so hard that I felt that my heart would just burst. He was the closest person I had at the time and the first person to whom I had spilled all my secrets to. After a month, I managed to snap out of the worst of the storm of depression by flirting with several different guys, searching for someone who could make me eternally happy. I continuously dated the wrong type of guys, all who shared the same thing in common: They never loved me. I was just something to pass time with when there's nothing to do, like a video game that loses it's appeal after several hours of gameplay.

I am not sure what to do about this disorder. Should I go see the counselor again or should I go see the doctor? I feel ashamed to even have to mention that I have this problem. I feel that it is my fault for not being able to control my mood, that perhaps with time I will mature and the symptoms will disappear. What good will being officially diagnosed with this disease do for me? I don't want to go through psychotherapy because I will be asked about my past. When I think about my past and how pathetic I am now, I cry in anger of myself. If I cry, all the ugly sides of me, inside and outside will be shown to whom I am communicating with. It is shameful. If I could open up to others, be comfortable with who I am, then all my problems will disappear. How can I achieve that if I hate people and loneliness at the same time?

sarah 6 years ago

im 13

a lot of these symtoms apply to me

durring the day (at school) i feel ridiculously excited but really hyper or even spazy at first i thought i was ADD at night or even when i get home i cant help but to feel shitty i sob uncontrolably, and end up having a major freekout usaly ending up in cutts or scratches on my arm some times i cant take it my mind races with a million thoughts at once the only thing i can do i sleep to just quit thinking. everyday i feel like theres something i should be doing, i feel like i want to do something but i never know what it is and a lot of the time i can think of things that bug me and i try to fix them but nothing changes. A lot of the time im just sick of life sick of people sick of thinking. I don't hav any trouble sleeping, bipolar disorder doenst run in my family but is this bipolar, depression, teenaged hormons or something eles


plese if you hav an opinion email me at

Alejandra Guerrero 6 years ago

I am so happy that y'all included adolescents because I am 14 and I am bipolar and I am taking Fluoxetine and I am all good

Stacey 6 years ago

I am from the UK and as a child was diagnosed with ADHD and personality disorders. My mother presented some information to me about bipolar and it matches all of the symptoms that I have. I think that bipolar should be more recognised by doctors as i am 24 now and this has never once been mentioned in any of my appointments. If this illness was more recognised then sufferers would not have to put up with the ups and downs and can live a happier life. I have also heard it being misdiagnosed with depression - treating the depression only can lead to mania which makes the bipolar worse. Thanks for the info - was much needed.

Kasey McDermott 6 years ago

I'm not Sure if i m Bipolar, i go thorough extreme and rapid mood changes like one minute i'll be happy and laughing with friends the next i'll be extremely irritated at something small and unimportant and sometimes i even lash out in angry fits without reason or explanation.

Diana galaz 6 years ago

idk if i am but im afraid to find out i wanna become a psychologist and i don't wanna have to be denied so i refuse to get this checked i don't want this please i don't want this

angel baybee 6 years ago

Ok so I think my "friend" just might have it and if so than I need to no becuz I can't go on n on puttin up with her attuide for eveer with out noin cuz if she don't I will cut her friend ship off n just be gone me n my other friends think she has a serious problem so this is why I looked bipolar up my best frend is like my sister and I will be there for her if she has it so I think she needs to get tested a sap

Danno 6 years ago

Not sure if I have it or not, my moods definitely fluctuate more than your average person my moods never seem to be stable for more than a few months at a time. I get angry very easily and dwell on things for along time of what people have said and I'll run the converstaions I've had with that person over and over again till I get anxious about it and real depressed, then suddenly I can suddenly be happy and completely forget about it. Think the bipolar 2 is more me because it says type 2 doesn't have the extreme mania sides to it and doesn't interfere as much with your daily life but still feeling really energised and happy about things then one slip up can send me right back down again. Just wondered if certain anxiety disorders can be mistaken for bipolar?

electricsky profile image

electricsky 6 years ago from North Georgia

I did not know bipolar disorder was caused by a chemical imbalance. Are the chemicals serotonin and dopamine that are out of balance in a patient's brain?

Does it have anything to do with right brain, left brain thinking, or feelings?

It would take a lot of education to figure out how to help someone with bipolar disorder; but I agree use drugs only as a last alternative.

unsure 6 years ago

im a 13 yr old girl and i think i might have it, i self harm and think about suicide a lot, sometimes in class i cant stop smiling and messing about and other times i just cant be bothered, im scared what i might do in the future.

sure 6 years ago

Hey, unsure... don't worry :) I was a 13 yr old girl once too, and I, too, thought about self harm and suicide. Think about if there are certain things going on in your life and heart that are making you feel this way; like, if you feel like you've done something you think you shouldn't have, tell someone you trust. If these feelings are based on nothing, tell yourself over, and over, and over that these emotions are NOT TRUE! :) Also, you might try making a list of your best qualities, and things you like about yourself.

I'm now 20, and I have bipolar. However, I've done a lot of studies on bipolar, am in college for psychology, and have talked to many psychologists with phD's. Bipolar is not so much an illness, as it is a personality type. It can be a difficult personality type to live with, BUT, I've learned a few things over the years.

1) you are in control of your actions. No feeling or emotion or illness will MAKE you do anything you don't want to do. Sometimes it can be hard to resist doing certain things, and you may want to get help from people you trust or a counselor; they can help you make a plan for avoiding certain actions.

2) The world, and your life, do NOT revolve around your moods. Some days I feel really sad. But then I think about it, and consider whether or not this feeling is based on a real, true reason. If it's not, I tell myself - this is just the way I feel right now; it's not based in truth. And then, I make myself go about my day, even if I don't "feel" like it.

Hang in there, unsure :)

profile image

Maisie675 6 years ago

I have bipolar and when i get sad i feel like dieing sometimes i plan to run away or to stop eating or i cut my slef or andthing . my my head just fills up and its very heavy i cant think and i want to scream so loud ! I always hate my body image, When i get mad i cant stop but thinkin of hateful things and i freak and freak none stop unconcable

and when i get in fights with my boyfriend i feel like killing my slef and some days we would talk and for no reason i would just flip or freak! :( what i want to know is what is wrong with me is it bipolar or dispersion? or other i need help , please

profile image

Maisie675 6 years ago

Please some one anwser me ! please :(

andi281 6 years ago

Wow. you know i didn't even read the comments i read your guys post.Let me tell you . all of you are very wonderful individuals. I truly mean. you don't realize this but you sharing your story may have helped anohter person. I am not sure if i have bi polar or not. but as the reading said 1 out of 7 people have this disorder. so i guess i am not alone am I? As far as going to the doctor and seeking medication. WE all have problem and no ONE except GOD is perfect. So if I can vent and get my problems out so be it. It is hard for me to tell my problems to family members because they just want to give you their opinion. Dr's usually don't do that they only offer suggestions. Thanks you guys! I sincerely wish you all the peace and happiness in the worls to all of you!!!

profile image

Maisie675 6 years ago

Umm okay.. ?? i wish the same to you !!!

chidsg3 6 years ago

i think i have bi-polar im 14 and i start shaking and have a huge mood swing is this normal?

profile image

Maisie675 6 years ago

you are prob starting your rag . or pms?lol

me 6 years ago

I have personally come to the conclusion after years and years of study, that bipolar disorder, and the way they currently diagnose it, is pure shenanigans. Its painfully obvious. Theres something dishonest going on there.

the writer of a research paper 6 years ago

This was really useful, I am writing a research paper about Bipolar Disorder and wanted to thank you. My mother was diagnosed with bipolar about three years ago and living with her, although I support her 100%, has been a struggle. This hub seems to have really helped people and maybe even broken the stigma, somewhat, about mental illness in people's minds. To everyone who has commented with concerns that they have this disorder I hope you tell someone and see a doctor, no one wants to take the chance of anything happening that could harm someone. :D

laura 6 years ago

so that pretty much confirms it.. at least i know now why i feel like this

motherof2 6 years ago

So I've always felt very emotional. And my husband thinks I'm crazy most days. And so do I. I try to hold it together for my kids. And I do a pretty good job. But I really want to get help. I think I fit the bipolar profile

princess vicky 6 years ago

im 11 and have bipolar im so scared i need help please im scared to talk to anyone i get angry a lote and sometimes i get depressed please please help

Emily 6 years ago

Thanks for the page, definitely helpful.

My only problem is I can't tell in I'm bipolar.

I'm currently 17 and I've found times where I'll be having a good mood which can last anywhere from 20-minutes to a week at max. Then the next second, my mood has done a 180 and is the complete opposite. This has been an on-going problem for me for a long time, and I'm not sure what to do about it. After reading the symptoms, I think I may be, but I'm not entirely sure.

Any help or insight would be much appreciated.

Sebastian 6 years ago

hey hey

i mean i cant really tell if i am or not bipolar because i do in fact sometimes feel on top of the world like nothing can harm me and like im soo damn happy that no1 or anything can stop me from happiness then all a sudden ill have a day in which im literally so depressed that i jus wish i cuud die to not deal with my problems its very strange how my head works and im confused at what it is dats wrong wit me.... i mean i feel like i have a strong mind cuz on the most part im trying my hardest to jus forget all the bullshit but styl get those days of jus misery and i hate it

tiffany 6 years ago

my husband has bipolar and it's so hard to be with him.

me 6 years ago

My brother has bipolor 1 i think but my dad wont hav him checked for it

Liam Boyd 6 years ago

when i was younger, a bunch of people (doctors and such) told me there was no way in hell i had bi polar, and that i had depression, and to just get over it. 6 years later, and im still having complete ups and downs (nothing else). i don't know how to live with this, this year its been getting a lot worse, and my parents still wont listen to me, or stop telling me to get over my depression. fuck them, i hate this life so much, bi polar isn't the worst thing that's happened to anyone, but it is so shit,makes every day shitter then the one before, and everytime i wake up, i feel more useless and more like noone cares, its a very hard thing to beat without help

kandy k macmillion 6 years ago

well im 13 and im always different so ya and i really think im bipolar and it runs in my famiy so ya

Nessa 6 years ago

I'm a 13 year old girl. I've recently (for about a year or so.) been acting differently. And I highly doubt this is due to hormonal changes. I have read several different articles on Bipolar disorder and they all sound similar to how I'm feeling and acting. I get so angry over very small things. And then the reason I get angry about dissapears and turns into something bigger, it's like I'm giving myself more reason to be angry. It's awful, I cry over small things as well. I get so upset, that I sometimes even cry about nothing. When I get angry, I sometimes shake because I'm so frustrated. I feel worthless at times, like I should just give up on my dreams. I don't know if this is normal, But I've been told by my friends, goofing off that "Do you have Bipolar?!" kind of thing. I don't know what to do. I sometimes have trouble sleeping, I get so hyper that I can stay up for days. I don't get tired and then all of a sudden I'm extremely tired, it's like I don't even feel it coming on. I have never intentionally harmed myself, and don't plan to, though I have felt I "wanted" or "felt" like dying, I haven't considered suicide. I'm not sure of what to do, I just recently came to the conclusion that I should search up Bipolar and put it as an option, I'm not sure whether or not to tell my parents. I guess I could say I'm afraid to be thrown aside and called crazy. My father has a chemical imbalance in his brain, it is not Bipolar, I'm not sure of it's name. I am nothing like him though. So I'm very confused about what I should do. Thanks for listening. ~Nessa~

Jezz 6 years ago

im confused. i don't no if i have it. one moment i am fine and talking to my friends, then randomly i start crying (lucky i was the only one in the house) and i sit on the floor and i cannot move. im breathing fast and crying hard and loud for about 30 mins. then i become so scared for no reason. I am only 14 and i don't know if i have this or not..

Daphne 6 years ago

I'm not sure if I'm bipolar but my mood changes fast and I get all mad and irritated so fast and then I'm about to bawl my eyes out for nothing! I've had my energy go to nothing for two whole weeks, all i could do was lay down and I was just so tired. The doctors had no idea what was wrong and said that it moth just be a virus. Do you think maybe this is bipolar? I could really talk to someone about this please feel free to email me!

monylovey 6 years ago

I think may be bi polar

rowdyrebel 6 years ago

I have no idea what's wrong with me I will be perfectly calm one minute and the next minute I snap scream an take all my anger out and theb am usually ok till some little thing pisses me off and then what'ya know I'm madder then hell again and tale all my anger out an scream again. This usually happens around 1-3 times a day usually 1 to 3 days a week.... Does any got any sort of answer? It has progressivley gotten worse in the last 2 years . I'm afraid of losing everyone around me because of it. They can only forgive for so long.

MW 6 years ago

Reading over all of these comments sounds like me, all of it.. I wake up with the feeling of impending doom.. I have never had a sucessful relationship I'm a different person from one minute to the next.. I snap one minute and regret it the next and sometimes I think it's better to have no one around me so they don't have to suffer with me...

nicola timms 6 years ago

Really thk i need help..Going 2 finally do something about it and go 2 my doc's!!!!!!Scary but need 2 know,no9t fair on my family............

bethany clarke 6 years ago

i dunno if i have bipolar please can someone email me at : to talk to me about it ??? xxx thanks x

Paige 6 years ago

i don't know if i have bipolar disorder or sot, if any of you could help me email me or add me on my msn my email is id apretiate it thanks x]

Lilly 6 years ago

I need help i dnt no if i have it or not i get mad over very little things and when i get mad i am like freakin evil and i dnt get sleepy a lot i can get by on like 2 hours of sleep and i am having trouble paying attention i get mood swings often and one minute ill be interested in everything and the next i dnt care bout it i am only 13 and this stuff isn't happening cuz i am growing up okay all my friends and teachers think i have it and football players r scared of me cuz my moodswings are so bad and i am literally the skinnest girl at skool Here is my email address tell me if u think im am bipolar or if i need to go to the doctor to get whatever i have checked out PlEASE AND THANK YOU

kary 6 years ago

It took me a lot of 5 yrs to figure out i was started when i was 15 i enter really bad depression for no reason i would cry everyday for no reason.I did not understand what was going out with me so i went to doctors and they put me on anti-depressives i was on them for 2 yrs.they did work i was happy with my life for monthe great than i always felt back to my depressive..I was in Rehab 2x because i was having suicidal thougths its and effect of anti-depressant..After that i change my doctor started going with different phycologist we did history background he dected me that i was Bipolar he took me out my anti-depresive now im taking lamotrigen is a medice that stables your mood i feel great it took me long time to find a cure now im working to deal with it leave good life like everyone else..

Hi-D 6 years ago

I have had an eating disorder since i was about 16, Bulimia I suppose. I have a hard time accepting that I suffer just from that, as I feel as though there is something greater, such as Bipolar or BPD (borderline personality disorder), that causes me to binge/purge. I am having a very difficult time pin-pointing which disorder I may have, and if it is Bipolar I suffer from, it's extremely hard to decide which one it is as well. To a "T" I fit the BPD description, however I can not discount my ups and downs and similarities to Bipolar either. I am wondering, can one suffer from Bipolar if there is no highs where the person is "un-able" to sleep? I can't really say that when I have been on my highs that I have never NOT needed, or COULD NOT sleep. I am just tired of my up and down and all over the place life. I just want to figure out the problem, and live an even-keeled life is all. ...sigh

theprincesska25 6 years ago

I am 13 years old and after reading I have my doubts that I am bipolar but still I have the manic though it only lasts a few hours and i have hypnomania that lasts days on end, I am writing this at 3 in the morning and for the past few weeks I have not been able to sleep, it maybe because it's summer but ive never been able to sellp much it's just been getting worse. Most times the manic happens during the school day and right after then it turns into hypnomania some times i have a mild depression for a while but I can hide it pretty well around friends though my therapist once suggested that i was depressed.

I cannot tell if I have bipolar and I know that it is uncommon for people my age, I have also thought that I have multiple personality disorder but having bipolar makes a lot of since. If there is anyone who knows a lot about it and can tell me if i am likely bipolar or if this is just normal that would be greatly appriciated.

Sorry for spelling mistakes


HB 6 years ago

Wow, this has explained so much to me, it may be severe mood swings or bi polar, im too scared to check it out though, not sure what to do about it.

misha 6 years ago

i am sure I have bipolar, A friend asked me last year if i was bipolar and I just shrugged it off, Now my 20 year old daughter thinks I may have the disorder, I am going to the docs next week. My syptoms are I fly off the handle at the smallest things, I am always right never wrong. I always interupt people in conversations and I talk quickly. I also do everything really quickly, I am overly confident too always thinking im the best and no one is better than me at anything. my sleeping patterns are so varied sometimes I come home from work and want to sleep in the afternoon , other times I just cant get to sleep at night as my head feels so heavy and my mind is racing from one thing to another, I lack concentration and forget where im going if out in the car, I have been caught stealing from shops even when I don't need the thing that ive stolen , also I have even thought about killing people who piss me off. God I think im going mad.

I will keep you informed of my doc appointment next week and let you know what they think.

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 6 years ago

A question, can a bipolar person's maniac or depressive episode triggered by something or an unpleasant event ? Or will it just come and go on its own ?

Lacey  6 years ago

I believe I am bipolar have felt like I was for a while now & after reading this info about it makes me realize I am. Thanks bunches for helping me understand what's going on with me :)

Jordan 6 years ago

My exboyfriend called me bipolar and I thought I would check it out some more. It does seem like I am :\ I am 12 years old though.

ky 6 years ago

i think i'm bipolar, i just don't know who to talk to about it. i am fifteen years old and i'm not really sure what going on most of the time i just start to feel really depressed for no reason &break down crying! i have my highs and lows maybe i'll try talking to someone about it, all I know is i hurt inside and it's not only obvious to me.

sam 6 years ago

Hi I think I have bipolar disorder. But I'm still not sure. I have really bad ADD, but I get depressed a lot and at random but an hour later or whenever ill be all happy again. I don't know if some of it is because I'm ADD. and I don't want to tell my mom cuz she'll just say I'm fine. And blow me off..what should I do?

black dog... 6 years ago

I really need to just get over it and stop dragging people down with me.

xlx 6 years ago

hi i suffered bad pastnatal depression after my daughter as born three years ago and never took my medication . for a long while i had thought i was better but the last year i have been feelig a lot worse . I am extremley happy and hyper dancin round and cleanin and singin , then within a min or two i am cryin or screamin and shoutin at my daughter / partner ect. I have been thinkin for a while that maybe i have bipolar a its so severe. I am to scared to go to docs because i have my daughter and don't want people thinkin i am goin to be a danger to her . but i need help I don't no wot to do any more I just feel like i cant cope . wen i read the above i thought that's sound just like me . i just really don't no wot to do any more :(

Shannon 6 years ago

I'm not sure if I am, I have all the symptoms but normally I'm really happy(manic) or depressed for up to 3 days at a time but you've said that it's a week to two weeks...I'm so confused! help!

Shannon 6 years ago

I'm not sure if I am, I have all the symptoms but normally I'm really happy(manic) or depressed for up to 3 days at a time but you've said that it's a week to two weeks...I'm so confused! help! I'm to scared to tell my mum cause she'll thin i'm attention seeking or something, I afaid to go to the doctor incase i'm just being stupid!

I feel so alone right now, i can't stand it...I'm 15 What should I do!

Joshua Terry 415 6 years ago

well yea its helpful but i still want to pull my intestines out and tie them to a poll and jump off a tall building so i can hang like a pinata.

lambservant profile image

lambservant 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

Outstanding hub. Very factual and practical information which I am sure is helpful to many people. It looks like you did a lot of research. Are you a mental health professional, or a consumer who is just looking to help others who suffer as you do? Excellent Hub. Much thanks!

!!!!!!???? 6 years ago

I'm only 12 and Might be bi plolar I have really bad mood swings that could make me do

things that hurts me

Jessica 6 years ago

Hi I am 23 and I have some very nasty mood swings but the Docs have told me it i just depression.But when I take depression medication it does not do anything.I have a three year old son and I think my mood swings get in the way of our relationship. One min I will be happy then the next I am very angry or extreamly sad. Is this Bipolar? All comments welcome!

Beth 6 years ago

i have suffered from depression for around 16 months now and have some really high moments where i feel that i can do anything. i have tried to push the thought of it being bi-polar out of my head but i think it is time to talk to the doctor and tell him my concerns... i genuinely think i have bi-polar and could anyone tell me how life changing it is? thanks

Anya DeCarlo 6 years ago

Life has been changing a lot lately. I know I'm not who I used to be, I'm constantly sad, looking out the window like theres no tomorrow.

I don't want to ask because I don't think people will take it seriously.

I have had years of help but I never really understand what was up.

Now that I see these symptoms I'm startin to wonder..... What should I do next?

billy 6 years ago

not sure anyone anywere really understands me it a nightmare what's the point

christain 6 years ago

ok so i think i am bipolar okay i now i am but my doctor says i have bipolar depression. and so i take prozact but that does shit i have been taking for a long while like 6 months now and it hasn't help but he keeps uping my dosage went from to 10 to 60 mg a days and would like someone to please email me to help me out on this cause my doctor is wrong and i now it so please email

Kimberly Parham 6 years ago

I sure wished i could have been explained all this 12 yrs ago, my mother (may she rest in peace) was diagnosed w/ bi-polar and something else where you hear voices! when i was about 14yrs old and it wasn't easy at all, i kinda ignored her for a very long time didn't really have the best relationship w/ her till i was probally 18 years old. now im 26 she passed away when a little over a yr ago cause of her death the medicine she was on for her bipolar! this makes me so sad that she passed away from the very meds that made her ok! anyhow when i was younger the doctors told my family that my mom's kids could oneday be diagnosed w/ the same. I every single day worry about having bipolar i remember what my poor mother went through i pray to God i never have to grow through that or let my children or husband go through that as well!

shiann 6 years ago

every one thinks im crazy im in 6th grade and i get sad in class for no reason than i get really hyper and sometimes i get mad to like something just snaps in me and i freak out but i changes so much ill be happy and than ill be depressed ill be depressed all day but at the end of the day i get really hyper again my mom has not noticed anything i i don't want to tell her i think im bipolor or she might get mad and tink im just saying that

how i figured out i was bipolor is i was talkin to one of my friends about i guy i like and she said he was bipolor i didn't fully understand all the syempotoms so i looked it up and this came up so i read it and this sound just like me and i thought i was just weird but im not should i tell my mom and should i be worried ??

Paddy 6 years ago

I think I might have bipolar and will probably get checked out.

tommy 6 years ago

I have it. Im 80% shure.

vinnie65 6 years ago

i think we are all bi polar to a certain degree. its whether or not it disrups your daily life. If anyone is worried whether they have a condition be brave and take the first step. GO and SEEK HELP! no one will call you stupid!

Anonymous 6 years ago

"I think your article is misleading. There is no such thing as a "chemical impalance". Patients are not given MRI's, or CT's nor are there blood samples which support this theory. I understand that people have issues in life which they don't always know how to deal with, but to drug people based on an untrue theory is not okay. Nearly all of the drugs prescribed (that I have seen so far) have side effects of suicide, severe depression, addiction (which often leads to dependencies on other drugs), insomnia, violent behavior, heart palpitations/fibrilations & death. Ritalin for example is a schedule II drug, this means HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, like in the same category as heroin, cocain & morphine. Have you noticed the number of school shootings recently? Guess what, everyone of those kids were either on psychotropic drugs, or on withdrawal from the drugs. My point is your article should communicate the entire truth, instead of dropping facts which misguide people. You should care about real peoples lives, instead of making your money off of the very people you are misinforming from your position as an "authority"." - A concerned citizen.

It's the chemicals in your brain, you dope.

Craan profile image

Craan 6 years ago from Florida

Psychotropics do alter brain chemistry and cause adverse side affects not to mention a lot of weight gain. I hate the labels people get when there is something wrong with their behavior.

A Natural Medical Psychiatrist approaches mental illness very differently, looking into food intolerances and metal toxicity. He prepares a total wellness plan for the person taking everything into consideration Mind, Body and Spirit. The results at first are slowly realized however in the end the person usually gets cured of their mood swings or sickness. This approach does not make the drug companies rich and this is why the Natural Way of Healing isn't popular!

Your hub is very informative and has received a lot of steam. There is a lot of hope for all of us, I appreciate how you were able to bring it out to the surface becauseilive!

Dan 6 years ago

Think i have bipolar.. everytime i take antidepressants on its own, which is a 20mg dose it seems to be me more aggressive and agitated but if i go down to the 10mg it does nothing. I'm very up and down with my moods, never seem to be stable for more than a few months at a time. I was just wondering if mania can be displayed in an agitated and restless sort of way, i get very anxious a lot too. I'm starting to think it is a mild form of bipolar because im not depressed all the time, some days i can feel great and confident but other times i don't feel like leaving the house or talking to anyone! email me, id like to chat to someone about this. thanks!

Samantha 6 years ago

I'm an adolescent, and I think I have bipolar II.

I suffer from like 90% of these symptomes; with extreme changes in mood in anyone day :( But I don't want to worry my parents :S

Az 6 years ago


profile image

Nurse14791 6 years ago

just want to say that the comment made by "a concerned citizen" is completely UNTRUE. i am a nurse and that person doesn't know what the heck they are talking about!!there IS such a thing as a chemical imbalace - it can be due to hormones and neurotransmitters and many other disorders - our bodies have natural "chemicals" called neurotransmitters that help us function and sometimes a persons chemicals don't always work properly, for many different reasons. people who suffer from this need true medical help and medication in order to live a normal life! mental illness is a real disease and if left untreated can have serious harmful consequences! Of course, with any drug there are side effects that can occur, but those same problems can also occur with normal unmedicated people, and even more so in patients left untreated who have a real psychological disorder! Also, for everyones 411, heroin is a schedule I drug and is a street drug, it has no percribed medical use and therefore when a drug is taken and the body does not need it, it WILL cause side effects. Ritalin is a scheduleII drug, however, it is approved by the DEA, which means that when perscribed to a patient who actually NEEDS it, it does not produce the same effects as if given to someone who does not need it. It is also mainly perscribed for those with ADHD; when medications are used for unperscribed reasons or abused, then problems will arise. further more, those teenagers who decided to go on shooting sprees at their schools- most definitely were psychotically challenged; however, they probably weren't being taken seriously or weren't speaking up or people were blowing it off just as you seem to be doing. AND, unless you know for a fact that ALL those people were currently on antipsychotic medications you shouldn't go around making such accusations. And, yes, in some psychotic individuals, stopping medication use can cause them to do extreme irrational behaviors; but it is not a result of medication use, it is a result of their psychosis! Now, PLEASE, PLEASE educate yourself before you try to education professionals who have actually studied the subject in debth!! AND TO ALL THOSE THAT READ THAT COMMENT - PLEASE, DO NOT ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ; IF YOU ARE UNSURE -RESEARCH AND EDUCATE YOURSELF, ASK PROFESSIONALS, BUT do TAKE THINGS ON THE INTERNET WRITTEN BY UNTRAINED, UNEDUCATED PERSONS LIGHTLY. Lastly, if you believe you, or some one you know, is suffering from a medical condition, especially psychotic issues, which are EXTREMELY serious, seek professional MEDICAL advice and/or help immediately.

(I just want to add that i am not getting paid a dime to say this, i truly am concerned with peoples lives and it's sad to read people try to educate others when they are ignorant about the information they are telling others. As a nurse is is my DUTY to educate and inform, and thus i felt that i needed to address "a concerned citizens" response; hopefully this can be a lesson for at least one person. if so me taking the time to create an account and write all this was worth it.)

SUMMER 6 years ago


Oliver 6 years ago

I think i have all of the above. Im a mess

profile image

raj6421 6 years ago

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rach  6 years ago

thank you for the information i'm a women off 29 and my mood's are always up and down and little thing can set me off i sleep strange i have thoughts about killing my self as i can get so low i'm going to book my self to see a gp

Amanda 6 years ago

Bi polar runs in my family.. I am 29 years old and have been fighting with myself and my own thoughts for years.. My moods has effected everyone around me and my personal/ sexual intimate relationships.. I had been told I was depressed or suffering for anxiety from bad child good up bringing.. I did seek help numerous times .. But gave up with no positive results.. I even saw a psychologist for a short time who was clearly doing his jib and nothing else.. It was crushing to try and explain to a professional things that u yourself could not even put into words and he was watching the clock as I was frustrated in trying to tell him about the things that were going on in my head and my life all of my

Own doing and I couldn't stop myself or figure out what in gods name was wrong with me... I have been engaged twice.. In numerous relationships that all ended badly and I'm pretty sure may could have lasted if I had not been the way I am.. I live with guilt every day.. Sometimes for no reason.. I wake up crying in the mornings and can't get together the normal every day things I'm supposed to do. Than suddenly I can snap turn on music really loud and dance around my house with a smile on my face.. And in the same time frame be thinking about the past present and future all in negative and positive out looks.. My beliefs and morals are never set in stone.. One minute marage is important the next I am making fun of people and feeling bad and angry against them for doing so.. I get bored in my intimate relationships and want a new different one asap.. I have broken up with almost everyone I seem to start to get close to.. I believe it is because I know if it gets to comfortable I will get agitated feel trapped and I don't want them to see who I am.. The freshness of a new relationship over and over stops people from getting to know me fully.. That horrifys me because I feel as though I don't know who I how is anyone else supposed to know.. I live everyone around me one minute and the smallest thing can trigger me to dislike them.. Ex.. A loving friend I have known for 17 years of my life.. Who has always been there for me.. Once commented on a relationship I was in and that I needed to be alone for a while to get help instead of being in all these hurtful empty relationships.. Instead of thanking her for her advice I snapped on her and said things to her that I later had to apologize over as over for saying even pin pointing issues in her relationship and attacking her for her own faults.. Through saying sorry I started to wonder what I was saying sorry for and quickly started to dislike her for "making me feel guilty" when to a "normal" person would have known that was clearly not her intention..

The thing about bi polar with me is a lot of the time I can't explain why I say or do things and it ears me

Up inside and I'm always fighting with my

Own thoughts even as I am writing this I am feeling guilty for putting this ip in this page and being paranoid of who is going to read it and judge me or make fun of me and thinking I should delete it..but I don't care anymore what people think that's half the reason o have spent So long being this way afraid of people calling me

Crazy.. I'm not insane.. I'm sick.. And I'm tired of hiding from it and self medicating and being Aline with this dreaded ailment that is eating me whole... I used to make joes to my friends when I was acting in a"mood" I would tell the

Sorry having a bipolar moment .. I don't make that joke anymore because it turns put it wasn't a joke at all.. My younger brother my mother and distant family members have all or all are suffering from it and I guess I got so used to making joes about the

That it made me question myself.. When I realized I may also be suffering from it I started to research it and the out come scared the hell put of me .. So in closing.. I'm done with being sick and alone.. I'm 29 years old.. Time to fix this and move on with my life the beat way I can.. And as for the people in the world who don't believe mental illness exists.. Try sleeping in my brain...and waking up in it.. Or that of someone with bipolar disorder... Than turn it off.. It won't happen .. Because YOU VANT JUST SNAP OUT OF IT!

Amanda :)

Amanda 6 years ago

One more thing before I go..the reson i wanted to comment on this site was becase of what i read the "concerned citizen" write... than to thank nurse14791 for wht she took her time to do...It is disheartning for people in my and the others on here to want to open up but afraid to do so because of other peoples negotive outlook/one track minded opinions.... clearly do not suffer from bipolar... in which cause have no right to voice your opinion and you "snap out of it" theory...when u clearly have no idea what is it like to be this way. Do u think it is fun? people want to be this way? and don't u think if it was that easy and didn't exist than we would all be jumping aroung for god damn joy all the time??? why is it can i ask u happened to be browsing a "bipolar web site? nothing better to do? over opinionated? it because u too have an issue and instead of being openminded abot it are making others feal bad about there own efforts to seek help...everything we put in our bodies is bad for a days...even the water u drink...a medication given to help a mental illness is not a bad idea.... and u would knowthat if u woke up every day wanting to traid your brain on the black market for a new one...not only is it offensive to me...but all the other people who wrote on here in hopes of having someone help tham and listen to them...putting negotive ideas in a persons head who is suffering with this can be crippiling...most of them would love to be able to fix it with a good woram glass of milk some yoga and sure everyone who has posted on here has all or some of those things set up in there house as we spaek and has tried everything to help themselves without even sharing it with family trying to make it go away... than to top it off to give your opinion about medication u know nothing about besides what u have read or heard from other people.... that's just stupid for lack or better people just an fyi if u are posting things on here..if u have a negotive outlook about things like that..the people on here are afraid angry and want out of there own head so do u think it is a god idea to throw a glas of hot water in a pot that's already boiling?? p.s i suffer from bipolar and can explain it better than anone i know. the hard part is fixing it...and to the younger children/teenagers who have posted and asked for help..please don't listen to things like that and let it scare u away from opening can be helped but u have taken step went to your computer and came here... good bless u... and if you are afraid to tell your parents...find someone else who u know and trust to talk to ... an uncle aunt sister brother...just don't be afraid of saying tok me 17 ears to get here...u don't need to wait that long :)


lucy 6 years ago

I am a 14 year old girl . I'm not sure what's wrong with me or is it just normal? I feel sad about once a week , most of the times I am very close to killing myself. when I'm happy a feel just a little happy , but not manic . I'm not sure what that is though :/

lesly 6 years ago

im 13 n i guess i might be bipolar not to sure tho i feel happy at one moment the depressed at the next i have trouble sleeping or don't even sleep at all n some times i feel suicidal but i don't knw its the being bipolar or not people say i am but im not to sure

John 6 years ago

Amanda is stupid.

Kyle 6 years ago

I'm suffering from major depressive episodes right now :\

hobbie turner 6 years ago

i don't really know, the couseler said i could be manic, but my friend says that its jus life but every one around me jus gets sad, and i break down over things that arnt even there, i need help, if you can think of anything, email me at thanks

tammy  6 years ago

this is the best site i have found right now. My ex husband has some undiagnosedmental health issues and it seems that it has been passed to our son who is only four at present but getting worse as he gets older. I have three other children who are not to the same father and they are find. My son has mood swings that go from happy and playful and cuddly one minute to cranky the next. Cranky goer from yelling and telling everyone he hates them to hitting or throwing things around the house. This happens so many times a day that i loose count and there is never a day it doesn't happen. He has trouble with social situations and does not respond well to any change in his life no matter how small. He gets such an evil look in his eyes which scares me and i get sacred to leave him alone with my other children who don't want him around them for what he is doing. It kills me as a mother to see this and today i just broke down and cried. I asked him why he does what he does and he told me he cant help it but that he doesn't mean it and knows its wrong. He is seeing a counsellor but that i not helping and being young they don't want to put a label on him which i can understand but its tearing my family apart and i need to know so that i can learn to help him and try to help my other children understand. I have spoken to doctors and they believe his dad has bipolar and so does his own mother. Some of the things he did to me whatever changed my life and not for the better and there is a dvo out now thank god.

tammy  6 years ago

this is the best site i have found right now. My ex husband has some undiagnosedmental health issues and it seems that it has been passed to our son who is only four at present but getting worse as he gets older. I have three other children who are not to the same father and they are find. My son has mood swings that go from happy and playful and cuddly one minute to cranky the next. Cranky goer from yelling and telling everyone he hates them to hitting or throwing things around the house. This happens so many times a day that i loose count and there is never a day it doesn't happen. He has trouble with social situations and does not respond well to any change in his life no matter how small. He gets such an evil look in his eyes which scares me and i get sacred to leave him alone with my other children who don't want him around them for what he is doing. It kills me as a mother to see this and today i just broke down and cried. I asked him why he does what he does and he told me he cant help it but that he doesn't mean it and knows its wrong. He is seeing a counsellor but that i not helping and being young they don't want to put a label on him which i can understand but its tearing my family apart and i need to know so that i can learn to help him and try to help my other children understand. I have spoken to doctors and they believe his dad has bipolar and so does his own mother. Some of the things he did to me whatever changed my life and not for the better and there is a dvo out now thank god.

Unsure_Girl 6 years ago

I'm 12 and think I have bipolar disorder. There is no family history of it in my family tree but I don't want to tell my parents my suspicions because they'll just say i'm overeacting and it's just hormones. I have more than 5 symptoms of bipolar and I'm scared. I can't tell anyone. I really want to be diagnosed, so I can use the treatment to control it if I gave bipolar.

kaykay 6 years ago

hi, uh. i need some help here. i'm 13 and a lot has gone on in my life, and i have a huge amount of these symptoms... i'm not sure if i am bipolar, but it has been running through my mind for a long time. my uncle was bi-polar, and he killed himself last year. i have been extremely depressed, and i have come really close to killing myself, a lot of the times i just stay in bed all day too. then other days i'm out playing football, getting yelled at for yelling and "going crazy" as my parents like to put it. i haven't told anyone about it, because my parents don't really have much time for me, and i already take up more than i usually would, plus i'm deathly afraid of needles. all of this has been going on for two years now, and i just want to know if this would explain it. my mom signed me up for counselling, but i don't know if i should even tell her about it. i just want to know what's wrong me. please, just help me out here.

Luciano 6 years ago

I have constant mood swings, i don't use it as an escape route. It's something that i've been dealing with for too long. My mom, my 2 older brothers and my twin sister have it.

benny 6 years ago

I think I'm suffering from it. I couldn't understand my crazy highs. I kept hearing ADHD, but wen depression kickd in, and I would switch from one 2 the next like a light switch, I realised, something was different,m I hardly have normal stages. I'm scared! Help please.

Dandra Kay 6 years ago

My name is Dandra and I am 15 years old. My parents think I am suffering from Bipolar/depression disorder. I read this article and everything Seems to be right.. They want to get me help. But, I don't want it. What do I do?

Dandra Kay 6 years ago

Shiann. I personaly would tell your mom so you can get some help. Otherwise. I'm in the same kinda boat.

mayaro 6 years ago

well i did the spending sprees part in addition to the other symptoms. of course i didn't know it at the time. now i deeply regret it.

JD 6 years ago

I am 45 years old and have spent my whole life with these " mood swings". I am always "up" with constant energy and everyone calls me "crazy". These ups last sometimes for months. Then I have sever "downs". And these used to be very dangerous times for me. I have come close, many times, to taking my own life. What stopped me when I was younger was the Idea of all the life I would be missing out on, the fun, and excitement of all the time I spend "up". As I got older and had children they kept me from the darkness. I'v never been diagnosed by any doctor and as I researched this topic and found this article (for someone else... honest) I realized I was reading about myself. But it can be lived with... for all of you who think that a diagnosis of "bipolar" is the end of the world, don't worry... your not alone and if you can get help and not have to live with on your own. than do it!

emma 6 years ago

i am now scared i think i could have the 1st one but i don't want it. I want to go into the army when i leave school next yaer you sea and i don't think yhey will take me because of it what should i do my email is yhank you.

manda 6 years ago

hi was dignosed 2003 xmas with bipolar at the time i was high talking realy fast. since then ive been depressed. i did once go thro spendin on catalogue putting myself in debt. if i have money i will spend n say sod that this is pretty much all th time...xmas 2010 jus gone i was v emtional, high talkin fast, agitated, sleepin 2hrs nd cleanin cudnt sleep until docs give me 3 2 episodes over 7years of bein high.. today at cbt she said i don't av bipolar - but i have mood swing & social phobia.. do u think im bipolar?? thank u

Patricia 6 years ago

i am not sure if i am bipoler...i am only 12 i get anger or sad over little things sometimes i cry witch is really emmbarresing in front of my friends to cry over something so little.i am confused right now not knowing if i am bipoler.sometimes i get depressed about my past. now i think i am bipoler cuz my sis told me i was bipoler cuz one time i got mad at my friend then out of no where i was happy again.

Sarah 6 years ago

My dad has been bi-polar from the age of 17 but he was undiagnosed until his mid twenties. During that time he managed to graduate from University with a masters in mathematics. He has both ups and downs, and I remember from a young age him trying to jump out of the bedroom window, as well as spending time in tears. It's horrible to watch as a family member, especially when you're so young, as you really don't understand what's going on, he disappeared for a while when my brother was born and I was 2, he also has 'highs' where he thinks he can take on the world, this partly led to him going bankrupt, but still thinking an American business deal was going to swing things down (there was no deal, there was no job as he'd had to take voluntary redundancy because his condition was deteriorating and his work adding pressure wasn't helping). Although heavily medicated, he still has episodes, the problem with anti psychotics are the side effects, for which he has to take other medication to counteract. Luckily for him I have a close relationship with him, and I can see when he's starting to drop out of reality, the problem is they feel on top of the world, and then eventually crash and burn. I have bipolar tendencies, but, because I'm epileptic it's harder to medicate, so for now I'm coping. I also have a very close friend who hid their illenss from me, and made up several 'stories' that to them were true, a lot of friends 'dropped' them because of the lies, and the 'pull yourself together' line came out, I can't begin to describe how much that infuriates me. Although this hub has given an insight in to the condition, I would urge anyone to visit their GP if you are even suspicious there may be something wrong, it's not easily diagnosed, and the longer you leave things the worse it'll become!

chase 6 years ago

i like it n im only 15. a friend of mine shes bi polar n she told me that i might be to. i thinks rite to bt how do u ask. do i ask my parents or my gma? wat? that's wat i need help with. idk who to ask. so if u got anything for me give me a shout out at thanks. id really like it if u did. later

Chick 6 years ago

The lows are so hard I don,t think I can

Survive sometimes but the highs have made

my life so mad but interesting. I,ve moved,

left jobs, disappeared for no reason but

now I,m tired of not having a family as

all my friends have, I,m tired of doing

things that I don,t recognise myself for, and

tired of being the odd one out. Tired of

being me. I want to be normal. Please help!

Bronson_Hub profile image

Bronson_Hub 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA

^ Writing about the episodes helps. It also keeps our hands busy. True story :)

misty 5 years ago

Bi-polar recently i have been diagnosed with this conditon suffered intermitent depression for 20 years, the symptoms became more severe due to life events also i was predisposed to this as my father had bi-polar. I am sure a lot of people are being diagnosed with depresion really have bi=polar 2 it is very easily a missed diagnosis, really i beleive only a consultant can do this.If you have a severe episode of depression then an hypermanic phase lasting more than 4 days very likely to be bi-polar 2.

cc 5 years ago

when i was a kid i use to be a very angry my parents had almost put me on pills to settle me down

and now that i got older i have been feeling really depressed idk if im bipolar or just depression i have moods swings like crazy ill be all fine and then someone can say one thing and i can just trun into a hole different person

tanas 5 years ago

ive been told i might have bipolar......

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kims3003 5 years ago

well done - great information - nice work. I stumbled this too.

alice 5 years ago

can kids get it

Phoenix Ryder 5 years ago

I went to mental health, and asked for help and they treated me like i was a spoiled brat and told me i was Borderline Personality Disorder. I told them my mother who died, the coroner told me there were idicators she might have been bi-polar, my brother on my fathers side is also bipolar. i told mental health i get these episodes, roughly about every 2 months, as i been keeping track of it in my journal, i crash as i call it, i come crashing down for no reason, nothing is wrong in my life when these happen, i can't do anything, but cry, sleep, do nothing, sometimes 2- 3 days can go by- i loose track of time, and i am rendered useless at this point( sometimes the severity of the crash differs some worse than others)but the really bad ones usually end up in sucide attempts, or near attempts. then right after i come out of a crash, i bounce wayyyyyyyyy up high- like i am on a natural high, i feel so great, like i can do anything and i am happy and glad to be alive- i think i can plan amazing things, usually overbook my schedule, am busy like nuts, i go shopping, i run around my house cleaning at 3am, i think i can be anything i want to set my mind to, and my mind never stops racing with the thoughts they come so fast, i can't keep up with it, i feel like a creative genuis, i write, i draw, as i am an artist, but they don't last long, they don't affect me in the sense i don't get into trouble, i'm just broke, but then i come down off that high what i call neutral, and i can manage to do some normal daily activites, but not as much as before, i'm usually tired from not sleeping,right and my sleep pattern then becomes irratic or i become nocturnal, sleeping only when exhausted, and in the day. i fight back and slowly i can get my sleep to normal, usually right after a crash, but it never lasts, it lasts 2 weeks, when i am cycling back in neutral, and then for the next month and half it is a slow decline, first headaches and not wanting to do much, then sleeping more, then loosing interest, then becoming angry at society and i can't be in public much, and then my brain goes again into a hyper drive- it won't shut off, but this time it is not pleasant, i feel like i am going crazy, i can't sleep, i feel like i am going crazy, i think no one gives a dam about me, and i don't want to be here or am uneeded, i won't be missed, and i crash, sometimes i just lie on the floor or bed holding myself shaking, or crying, just hoping this torture will end, and i will survive this crash, but i am afraid one of these days i will not be strong enough and i'll end up in the paper- local girl killed her self from undaignosed episodes, that mental health professionals said was not bi-polar, when studies proove 90 percent of all bi-polar/bpd diganois are mixed up. i have friends who have the same symptoms and are bi-polar, others same symptoms but told bpd- but the treatment of bpd- a mild anti anxiety/depression pill, and when i asked for the treatment i needed, i was told by the supervisor i was not allowed what i asked for and treated like i was a spoiled brat... so i'm sorry it's not any help to go to mental health, not when they don't listen to me and dignois me properly... i just feel doomed to repeat this forever, and no one seems to understand what it feels like- a curse, to be misunderstood, and always alone. so do i think i'm bi-polar- well i know what those symptoms above feel like- hell, yet there seems to be no one to listen, and help...

Emma 5 years ago

i am sixteen and i always wondered what was wrong with me, because there are times we're im happy and full of energy, and i think a lot and often get good ideas and write and draw and that type of stuff during this period, but then it can happen just like that suddenly it feels like im tired, and everything is terrible and i just cant seem to get out of that thinking space, everything just seems to overwhelm me and i don't put any effort into anything and i often think what it would be like if i just died... i'm really glad i can at least put a name to what im feeling, describes how i feel perfectly, and the fact one in seven people suffer with bipolar makes me feel as if im not alone and im not the only one that feels like this.

Sean 5 years ago

I have just recently been diagnosed with bipolar II. My symptoms are irritability, swearing and cursing at everything, overanalysation on everything and everybody elses behaviour etc. Sudden need to injure or kill myself. Thoughts of death, suicide and planning it out. Feelings of there something wrong with my surroundings, like I don't belong on this planet. That humans are strange creatures. That my physical host of a body is strange and that I don't belong in it. A sudden desire to wanna do things that I don't normaly do or have done before that are or can be dangerous such as wanna scale a cliff or swim thru rapids, climb trees, drive recklessly etc etc. Talk non-stop about the same subject for hours even to the wee hours of the night and depriving my partners from sleep. Critical thinking. Mean and abusive speech. Changing jobs very frequently (haven't done that in a several years now) Pursuing new and wonderful places or educations or projects where I would just pour out over it with a burning desire and contentless searching and investigating of things. Sudden manic desires to wanna move to other countries and gather all the information that I can and search new jobs and visa information for the country of intresst.

This is how my ex girlfriends have experienced me. I now take Lamictal and it makes me stabilized and normalized like when I was a teenager cause that was the last time I felt good and normal and happy and with a desire to live. I completley quit cold turkey with all of this activity, thoughts and feelings totally. Stress gets me going severely. I will start to smoke and drink, which I never do otherwise. When the stress is over I just quit it cold-turkey.

Person 5 years ago

I am 12years old. I'm am very scared. When I was 10 years old I started cutting . I am very convince I have bipolar. I never considered having bipolar until I found out it runs in my family. I have always thought there was something ring with me. Sometimes I feel like my life is great. That last about 2-10 days. Then I feel like I should die. I feel like I'm worthless and I don't deserve to be alive. I'm very scared to tell my parents. Don't get me wrong I love my parents. But if I told they would call syco then go cry In there room. Once my sister found 2 knives and a lighter in my room. She showed it to my mom and when I walked passed her she told me "not to go mental" that made me up set. I also get up out of bed in the middle of the night and l

Dustin 5 years ago

I'm 16 and i do think i'm bipolar but not sure yet . I have almost all of the symptoms, I don't know what to do , i can get really depressed for several days then i feel very high just for a couple of hours , i cry for almost everything. I think Bad memories and the fact that i was being bullied since grade 1 might have triggered the depression.

I already told my mom , but she only said " it's all on your head" . She doesn't even wanna have me checked up , she also said it was just those raging hormones , but is cutting and suicidal thoughts are part of that? i don't know now what to do , everybody on this house thinks that i'm just a moody person, nothing more than that , i feel alone :|

Anonymous 5 years ago

Well im 15, Deppression, bipolar etc run through my family. i basically have all of above i always feel worthless, alone, never good enough, thoughts of killing myself, different kinds of thoughts of me killing myself, i feel like a freak. i feel that i cannot tell any one anything without them thinking im a freak, and i struggle to trust people. there will be days were i will cry about everything even something little. Then there will be days were be times when it feels like im on drugs and as happy as i can get. ive previously tried to kill myself a number of one knows what i am going trough because i struggle to trust people, i haven't told anyone how i am feeling. ive tried to tell my mum about it but shes convinced that im doing it for attention and that im just lying about it. she of all people should know how i am feeling because she went through the same thing when she was my age, had postnatal deppression with me, and still is very much deppressed. me and her do not have a very close relationship and still treats me different to my other brothers and sisters, i wish we had the bond what other mothers and daughters do but we don't i don't have a very good realtionship with my dad or any other family members, don't have many friends i struggle to fit in and i feel that even if i die i wont escape from these horrible feelings :( i just want it all to go away!

ollie 5 years ago

God im 14 and it seems like ive had this since i was 5... now i don't know what to do. my last therapist thought i had it... but my mom doesn't even know she thought that. suggestions?

anonymous 5 years ago

my boyfriend has very bad issues, he is 19 and he was diagnosed with adhd but im starting to think that he has got bipolar he has really bad mood swings and is really happy and cute for one moment but even 5 minutes later he just goes physco and physically grabs me. he doesn't trust me at all he always thinks that i cheat on him and says that he cant trust me.. he says to me that if i brake up with him or if i do anything bad to him he will kill himself he says that he has thought about ways to kill himself. the other night i had to call the cops of him because he had a few drinks and started wrecking my house grabbing me by the throat pulling my hair and bit my face. when the police came he started crying to me and was saying how sorry he was. mum doesnt let him come around anymore until he gets a job goes home and gets help. i dont know if its because of adhd or that he has got bipolor?

anonymous 5 years ago

my boyfriend has very bad issues, he is 19 and he was diagnosed with adhd but im starting to think that he has got bipolar he has really bad mood swings and is really happy and cute for one moment but even 5 minutes later he just goes physco and physically grabs me. he doesn't trust me at all he always thinks that i cheat on him and says that he cant trust me.. he says to me that if i brake up with him or if i do anything bad to him he will kill himself he says that he has thought about ways to kill himself. the other night i had to call the cops of him because he had a few drinks and started wrecking my house grabbing me by the throat pulling my hair and bit my face. when the police came he started crying to me and was saying how sorry he was. mum doesnt let him come around anymore until he gets a job goes home and gets help. i dont know if its because of adhd or that he has got bipolor?

Ron 5 years ago

darren 5 years ago

i am enlightened...

Susan  5 years ago

I'm 15, I get alot of the symptoms but NOS I often am very happy and need to move (energetic) but then I'll sit down and feel like I need to punch something or self harm (I am a si) it's horrible. I think I'm bipolar. But people think I'm joking or "attention seeking" i have trouble sleeping and have nytol every night so I stay asleep otherwise I'd be up all night (I think that's insomnia?) my mood changes so quickly and so often, more than my friends do. I don't know what to! Do you think I'm bipolar?

floden 5 years ago i know the reason....whew!

amy 5 years ago

im not sure if i have bipolar. i was convinced i definitely had it and i've seen a psychiatrist who suggested a mood stabiliser but im not sure im that extreme. not enough to be put on medication with such bad side effects. i feel fine mentally atm and my close friends say theres nothing wrong with me so im not sure. i havent felt deep depression for about a year or so but have felt very low at times. then other times im so happy and positive that nothing can stop me from moving about and i'll be very irresponsible with money and take risks. but i havent done anything life-threatening in terms of my highs. i get to sleep on average between 4am-6am cos i feel wide awake...but that goes in phases too! and i havent felt really low for about a month and a half :s can it really be bipolar?!

Anonymous 5 years ago

I thought I was bipolar for several years.

When I was 13 or so, I started getting depressed. I cut myself, had a really low selfesteem and thought about killing myself. Over a period of 3 years I even tried to kill myself a few times. I got online and tried to find explanations for these feelings, and one of these explanations was bipolar. I was not close with my family and they did not know what was going on, and conditions at home were not bad. I moved out when I was 16 years to go to school, and since then things have gotten better. I am now 19 years, and I still have days where things feel dark and the thought of leaving this world occurs. But I am not cutting myself anymore and I am looking forward to . I am convinced that I am not bipolar, but rather normal with my ups and downs.

So what I want to say is that even though it feels like you might be bipolar or like things never can get better, they can. It might help to break the pattern you are living in, e.g. changing your environment (like moving or force yourself to do try new things (sport, art etc.)

Letty 5 years ago

Sometimes I wonder what I have.. I had feel lately that I want to be gone from this world ... I have 3 beautifull kids and husband and sometimes I feel I give everybody my time except to myself.

grisell 5 years ago

im not so sure im bipolar but i think i am

Izzy 5 years ago

I'm thinking I have Bipolar disorder, because I was talking to a nurse practitioner on another site, and she asked if I was having cycles where I would be extremely active and creative and then spells where I would be much less active. I responded to her message and was actually in the middle of something else when it clicked that her word was "cycles" I've never thought about it like that until she mentioned it and then bipolar disorder popped into my head. But then I thought, no it can't be that because I was thinking about the bipolar disorder you see in movies where they go rampaging throwing stuff so i looked it up. I guess i must have had this disorder since i was little if I had it cuz i've had spells since I was like four. And to think this all started because I was looking for solutions to my insomnia but everything fits in. My mom even complains still because I go on spells where I'll talk so fast no one can understand me and other days its hard to convince myself to talk at all. And I have a friend who might also have it cause she does that too, plus she gets those crazy mood swings. I get those too. I literally was thinking about how i was feeling so happy and on top of the world and the next like life couldn't get much worse.

LoanlyGurl 5 years ago

Im preety sure that i have this, im so scared to tell my mom cuz she thinks tht everything i do is for attention but trust me imma talk to her tommorow!!wish me luck

angie ashbourne profile image

angie ashbourne 5 years ago

Hi! Becauseilive Good Hub! Angie

matthewJ 5 years ago

WOW!! my girlfriend has ben telling me i was bipolar for about a yr now and i never knew the symptoms, or anything but now i see and i think i am bipolar b/c i just get upset over the smallest things and even if nothing happens i get mad or sad and idk where it comes from!!!

Me 5 years ago

I am only 12 years old,nearly 13 and I'm convinced that i have bi-polar. All my family says it's just 'growing up' but I have each and every one of the symptoms. Before I thought I just had a wild imagination but I became soo happy one day and I realised it wasn't normal. From when I was about 4-10 I was always REALLY happy, anything would make me happy, even just getting lunch, and more recently from 10-13 I've been really depressed about nothing. I found myself pacing up and down my garden and I was saying to myself that I was a complete idiot and that nothing would be different if I died. The day after I was fine again but it wasn't long before I became upset again. Bipolar doesn't run through my family and no one in my family has learning difficulties or disorder, but I'm really unsure. Do you think I have bipolar? I want to be taken to a doctor but my family are convinced it's just 'growing up',

Me 5 years ago

I am only 12 years old,nearly 13 and I'm convinced that i have bi-polar. All my family says it's just 'growing up' but I have each and every one of the symptoms. Before I thought I just had a wild imagination but I became soo happy one day and I realised it wasn't normal. From when I was about 4-10 I was always REALLY happy, anything would make me happy, even just getting lunch, and more recently from 10-13 I've been really depressed about nothing. I found myself pacing up and down my garden and I was saying to myself that I was a complete idiot and that nothing would be different if I died. The day after I was fine again but it wasn't long before I became upset again. Bipolar doesn't run through my family and no one in my family has learning difficulties or disorder, but I'm really unsure. Do you think I have bipolar? I want to be taken to a doctor but my family are convinced it's just 'growing up',

Mee 5 years ago

Sorry bout sending the last question twice!! I just wanted to say, I'm constantly speaking really fast, no one seems to understand what I say, and to me I'm speaking at an alright pace. I have never tried to kill myself before but I have thought about it a lot. I remember some time this year, I was really upset because I'd had an arguement with a friend, and then I went to lunch to get a hot dog, and suddenly I was really happy. I've never gone on extreme shopping sprees, but if I had my own debit card I'm sure I would. No one seems to believe me and nearly lost all my friends at school, because I wouldn't speak to them or even look at them, I don't know why I did this, but then I was happy again and somehow I didn't lose them. They must just be great friends. Also I onlyget about 2 hours sleep a night. I'm sending this message at 10 pm but I usually don't even close my eyes until about 3 am, it's always taken me one hour to get to sleep, so I get to sleep about 4 and then I have to get up at 7 for school. I don't seethe need to sleep at the moment, and I got really angry at my sister, but I am incredibly good at hiding my feelings. My sister was always the gloomy sad emo but now she's perfectly normal. I spoke to my sister about this and she thinks it's hypochondria, but I don't think it is, infact I'm sure it isn't. I remember I scared my friends because I sat down in a corner at lunch and just stared at the exact same spot, without blinking for an entire hour. I've always been terrible at starring contests, please I need an outsiders opinion because nobody thinks I have bipolar, they say I'm just over-reacting or it's hormones,but I know it isn't. I want to go to a doctor desperately but no one will listen...

Emmy 5 years ago

I think I'm bipolar but I'm scared of what my family would think if I told them

rosie 5 years ago

i am 14 yrs old and i think i have it.all my friends have told me theres something wrong with me but im not sure. i really dont want to tell my parents so im getting a councillor. i have nearly all the symptems and my friend does physcology and he thinks i have it.

could someone please help me to realise if i have bipolar or not(: thanks

rosie 5 years ago

this carrys on from the last comment^^. as i was saying, i think i have bipolar but people say its juts growning up but i think it is more. i dont want to go to a doctor or tell my parents because im scared of what they will say. my parents would laugh and make fun of me and im scared about going to the docotrs becasue if i dont have it then i would look like an ideot:/ i have all the symptems but im still not sure:/ one minuite im really happy and laughing and then i start crying for no reason.

please help

megan 5 years ago

I'm fifteen years old and for the past few months I have been very sad and angry without explanation. My family doesn't know why I act the way I do, and neither do I. I want to know if I have bipolar disorder but I don't know how to find out or if I should go to a doctor or something to find out. How do I "get checked out"?

William  5 years ago

One of my Ex-friends decided to diagnose me as bi-polar the other day because I wasn't able to return his phone call within his specified time. He then proceeded to slander me on facebook and explained that I was mentally ill to our mutual friends. He wrote a series of hateful emails describing my illness and how my behavior was unforgivable. Much to his surprise I was in the emergency room having heart troubles and couldn't call him back immediately. This situation was unsettling to say the least.

144Ever 5 years ago

I may be bipolar but my mother does not believe it. She seems as if she's beginning to as I tell her more and more of the symptoms. I'm a teenager so I do get mood swings through a single day. But this can't be hormonal because it happens during,well, not my time of the month, or even NEAR It! I carry A LOT of the symptoms but too many to list on here. I've used a checklist of like 25 symptoms and only not had maybe like, 5 of those 25! And I've seen videos and researched. I think I should be checked. I also have morbid thoughts, along with trouble sleeping, irritable behaviors,etc. And that list goes ON AND ON.

Louise 5 years ago

I'm 15 and this is the first time I've told anyone it's just so hard to keep it all in.

I think I'm bipolar. But I'm too scared to tell my mum or go to the doctor cause I'm scared they'll just tell me it's all apart of being a teenager.

But lately I've been really down for no reason. My mum and friends ask me if I'm depressed but I can't answer because I have nothing to be depressed about! But sometimes I hate everything and everyone around me. I need to punch stuff at times so I got a punching bag thinking it would help but after a few swings I felt empty like I couldn't be bothered and that I wanted to sit doing nothing.

After a while I lost about a stone and a half because of my loss of appetite and I stayed in almost everyday of the week but other times I can't sit still and I have the need to jump about and dance and stuff so I joined a dancing class and got involved with more sports but the energy ran low and I was depressed again with the way I looked this time I told my mum about how I hate the way I look and she came out with the usual mum stuff. But then I got even more depressed at how many friends I'd lost through my 'angry sessions' I started arguments had a fight or two and regretted it afterwards. So my best mate said to me 'do you have bipolar or anger issues or something?' because theyre all concerned but me being my low-confidenced self I'm too shy to go to the doctors or tell my mum so I thought it's no big deal until it destroyed my relationship which is now being worked on between my boyfriend and me. He has no idea either. So I looked online and I have quite a lot of the symptoms but I'm really scared and confused. I start crying over the littlest things. I get angry of the littlest things. I hardly ever sleep it's 03:49 now and I haven't slept since 2 days ago I think it was. I have very short energetic or 'hyperactive' time it lasts no longer then an hour maximum. Just please could someone tell me? I'm really scared about this stuff and it's easier for me to do this anonymously.

Tina 5 years ago

I was recently diagnosed with depression but after reading this article and several others I'm pretty convinced that Im bipolar. I'm not sure wether or not to tell my pschyitrist because I have a feeling that she might think that I'm just trying to pretend I have huge problems. HELP

ally 5 years ago

i think i have it one moment ill be happy then the next ill just be so mad i just want to break somethin. then ppl try to tell me to calm down but it makes madder cause i cant... then sometimes at night i get these weird flashes of deppression and start crying

Jennifer 5 years ago

Hi, well my name is jennifer and idk if im bipolar but I have mood swings. Some days I might be happy, other momment, im verryy aggresive and angry but I also get veryy deppressive. Ive cut myself before but thats it. I really dont know whats wrong with me. Please give me your opinions. Thankyou

Jenniferand 5 years ago

And this all happends in one day. When I get maddd I really have to hit something. Ugh this is always

Lauren  5 years ago

Oh my word. I don't think I have it but recently I did think about it and wondered if I have it :/ I get so irritable, I get quite emotional (happy then sad) and I have like a million thoughts at once. I also can't concerntrate easily and don't finish tasks. I over sleep and am tired or undersleep and have energy. I am sweet then mean. Please help. Do you think I'm bipolar?

Nicole 5 years ago

As a preteen at the moment, I've really had trouble with crazy episodes that I'm pretty sure no other girl dealed with. My worst episode so far has been one Sunday, when I was just hanging out in my bedroom. My mood started slipping, and I just sat on the floor, holding my hands, and crying for no reason whatsoever. I felt like the most worthless, disgusting person on earth, and I wished that death would come soon. I crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep, and literally repeated, "Don't do something you'd regret." in my mind over and over. After I told my Mom about my thoughts on being bipolar, she dismissed it, and said it was mood swings normal for a 12 year old. I haven't yet told her about my episode, but I might soon when I find the courage to admit it. I've also suffered manic episodes, feeling high and as if I could go up against the world. At these times I can talk days on end, while when I'm not suffering from an episode, I'm not a talkative person at all, except to my closest friends and family. My guess is that I'm bipolar, and it's not 'just mood swings'. I'm glad I'm not alone here, though, ha ha. :)

Mg 5 years ago

I took an overdose of anti depressants (citalopram) and diazapam 4 days ago, obviously it didnt work although I was hospitalised, anyway, I go for months where I'm really happy, spend so much money I went bankrupt, want sex all the time, then I go suicidal again for a month or 2, every year.. My doctor has referred me to a psychiatrist, because the crisis team were useless, the doc thinks I have bipolar but apparently they have to diagnose it, does anyone know what happens when you see these people?

Bree 5 years ago

Oh My God... Im Pretty sure I HAVE This I Cry all the time nd have highs and lows constintly, MiGHT AS WELL KIIL MYSELF . fcuk it

lolie 5 years ago

I have this.. well i didnt check but im positive. i get these weird mood swings like everyday and i cant help but cry all the time. like everyday, i have severe depression most of the time. but when i tell my mom that something's not feeling right and that there's something wrong with me she starts a speech about how its just because of growing up and some issues im dealing with in my life. i dont know what to do. i havent slept n like 4 days now. even my teacher who i have on bbm (black berry messenger) came up to me one day and she was like ''im worried about u, ur not sleeping well etc''. Soo yeah.. im scared.

someone 5 years ago

i am pretty sure i have but i dont know who to tell i always find my self getting depressed and sometimes just hoping the world just end im not like suicidal but i just wish life was done with already other times i just feel normal i guess that means im more depressed i am also very smart when it comes to sociology and philosophy and psychology so now im just always so confused i need someone to talk to but at the same time i don't want to i just feel trapped and alone

Escobana profile image

Escobana 5 years ago from Valencia

Very interesting and Voted you up! I'm new here and like the clear explanation. Bipolar myself I know that life can be beautiful when you've been through a whole lot of trouble.

Liked your Hub!

Taylor 5 years ago

i really think i am bipolar sometimes im depressed and sometimes i feel as if im the happiest person ever it changes multiple times a day the smallest thing can trigger it to its driving me crazy what do i do

Alyssa Fausey 5 years ago

So is it a good idea to ask a doctor to check this? or would i be ok if i just went on without meds or help or anything because i dont really know for sure. like i do have major mood swings like i can be super insanely cheery and happy but then like in a minute idk why or how but i can be absalotly horrible like depressed thinking of suicide the whole 9 yards im just kind of worried

Alyssa J 5 years ago

My favorite part is: "A bipolar individual cannot just "snap out of it" when depressed or "calm down" when manic. It is not a weakness or character flaw; the chemistry in their brain simply does not allow it."

I strongly believe that I am bipolar. My mother is, so it would make sense...

laura 5 years ago

i think i may have it im 14 i have voices in my head and one mintue or hour im happy and the next i hate everyone the next i cry my eyes out

alexb 5 years ago

to be honest , im only 15 years old . but i come from a abusive family , and bi polar runs in the family . counsellors , family members say the i am "depressed" , or might have "bi-polar" . i dont know yet , and im scared to find out . experementing with drugs and alcohol helped me feel better , but didnt do good for my body , niether the harder drugs . made me feel even worse that i stooped that low . THIS shows that i should see a phsyciatrist . thanks for the info ...

Carla 5 years ago

So I have a feeling that I'm bipolar like alt of people do on here and it's good to feel like im not alone .next week I'm going to see a psychologist to find out anyway I feel I've been bipolar for around 3years now my life has been nothing but a mess since the day I was born alcoholic uncaring parents and everything else which is private I started self mutilating (cutting) at the age of 11 years old and I haven't stopped for 3 years now and it seems to have worsened none of my family know I do it except a few friends I could trust (well thought i could trust anyway)who also have self

harming issues my bipolar to me if I have it is severe my mood swings are costant and I also suffer from anger problems which doesn't help either . Most of the issues labelled above I have anyway I just want to say it's okay to get help even if you're scared because at the end of the day it's gonna help you in Many ways you are beautiful people and good luck

Kris 5 years ago

Im 15, and I think i have Bi polar but i don't wanna tell my parents:/

Phoebe 5 years ago

I'm thirteen. I'm not sure if i do have it it may just be hormones. This morning i woke up at around half part seven put on my favourite outfit got ready in about fifteen minutes. I was quite hyper. Like i went outside and started skipping. I was in a really good mood all day actually really smiley and generally happy. But tonight i cried my eyes out into my pillow just because mum said i should get an early night because i looked tired. Hormones or something more serious?

Enrique 5 years ago

I'm 15 in my sophomore year I have dealt with 3 years of suicide and pain but it got better or so I thought. Just like previous years, I wake up on top of the world then by about noon I'm dead to the world or visa versa sad then happy. Either way I'm very moody and don't know what to do. My friends ask me if I'm bipolar and I'm silent. I'd like to know if I am but my parents might just blow me off if I ask to find out...any suggestions?

Hannah 5 years ago

I do not know for sure if I have Bipolar disorder, but I feel that I might. I am so depressed to the point of hating myself sometimes and I have weird crying spells where I cannot stop. I cry for no reason at all. I am super paranoid, and sometimes I hear voices or see things. I get so scared. I don't know what to do sometimes. I want to die most of the time. I rarely experiences the "highs" that many people describe, but when I do, I speak rapidly, and feel that I can take on the world. What should I do? I hate feeling so low to the point where I want to end my life.

vanessa 5 years ago

After years of alchol abuse and ocd I was put on antidepressants to treat depression but after two year sober I still have ocd and feel lyk my head is going to explode the antidepressants don't work and no one will listen its so frustrating and my 15 year old son is showing exact symtoms of bipolar as I am, it takes the pxxx when no one will listen to you and then they wonder why so many people kill themselves.

karen 5 years ago

i have bipolar 1 and have had ECT treatment and a whole heep of meds to take to keep me on a normal level, i hated taking the meds they made me a zombie, with no emotions, The ECT treatment worked and i felt normal so slowly stopped taking the meds, now i year on my moods are back

Confused 5 years ago

I think I may have bipolar disorder, except these happen daily . For hours ill be giggly and extremely energenic but then I get depressed and don't even feel like moving. Could this be lathargy? Idk... My father was bipolar too. And also, idk how to bring this to my mother... I have a dr appointment next week.. What should I do? And how do I do it? Uhm... is my email please email me to help.

matt 5 years ago

I just found out that I am bipolar im 30 yrs old ive ruined my freindships relationships with most of my family...but worst of all I ruined my marrige of over 6 yrs. just started talking meds for it and im feeling better than I ever did in my entire life! except when I think about my wife who will never take me back or give me another chance I dont blame her and everytime I think about her I feel like I could implode and destroy every living thing on this planet. thats the only way I can describe the pain that I feel. Its 4:35 am...cant sleep again. Ive known now for a few months my whole family has this problem mother,sister,father..and me. I was seperated from my wife for over a yr. I live with her now we are not together she cant stand me. when i found out that I am bipolar at first I wanted to shoot myself. Then I wanted somebody to stick a sword in my heart for what I have done to her through our relationship...I know now she will never love me again and if I would have known I had this problem when I was teen I could have givin her everything she deserved but the doctors just told me I had A.D.D. !!! She understands whats wrong with me but any love that she had for me I have completely destroyed and for that I will never forgive myself!!! If you think you may have this condition dont wait go do what you have to to get help...dont be stuborn like I was and wait until its too late.

Armywife2248 5 years ago

my daughter is 13 and has been diagnosed with "mood disorder nos", (which is the same as bipolar, but they will never label a child as "bipolar"). She also has R/O ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), and when I tell you this disorder destroys families if you let does. she has been in and out of behavior centers in the past 2 months alone. @Matt, I totally understand what you are talking about. my daughters doctors diagnosed her with ADHD for 8 years just because she acted impulsively, but they didn't look at everything. so we have been suffering right along with her for years. anyone who thinks they may be suffering from this disorder should see their physician right away. it will save a lot of hurt, pain, anger, and money!

jenna 5 years ago

My doctor dignosed me with bipolar 2 but I don't believe him

jessica 5 years ago

I feel like i have some sort of bi-polar, like a slight bit of it, but i do not want to go to the doctors and say i think or i feel like i have some sort of bi-polar i feel i will sound stupid and if my outcome is negative then i just feel stupid. What should i do?

jessica 5 years ago

I feel like i have some sort of bi-polar, like a slight bit of it, but i do not want to go to the doctors and say i think or i feel like i have some sort of bi-polar i feel i will sound stupid and if my outcome is negative then i just feel stupid. What should i do?

I am not always depressed i do have slight mood swings, i have had suicidal thoughts, i have used a needle and cut myself with it, I used a scalpel blade and cut myself with it too slightly, I always wish i could cut myself more but it scares me. I dont know what to do.

ash 5 years ago

on the looks of things i am bi-polar... but also im a 16 year old been previously bullied and stuff but i dont want to go to the doctors to be told i am :( so dont know what to do...

jojo 5 years ago

I am bipolar. I stopped taking medication because I would feel ill and so drunk and off key.My husband thinks that I should not be taken anything, he is so afraid after a bad

thing had happened to me in a clinic I was resting at. He cried like a baby when he saw me how drugged up I was. I am also afraid of these medications. I all so a very nervous person.What should I do pleas help

Shayla 5 years ago

So true about teens, I am thirteen and at school my friend kaytylnn and I are in almost all of our classes together and one class period I will be all like 'hehe magic bananas!" and the next I will be like "If I jumped off a cliff would you be mad?" so yeah hahahaha I like how they use the word high to makes me feel like I sniff sharpies or something haha did you know you could get high by doing that? I did!!!! :D:D:D:D As you can tell I am super (as they say) High! hahaha never gets old

Kira 5 years ago

Wow... I'm fifteen, and every thing in the criterea fits... I don't think I like knowing, if it's true, that this is what's wrong with me... Then again, maybe this can help me fix it...

Cass 5 years ago

holy crap i think im bipolar

Lea 5 years ago

I think I may be bipolar. If I tell my parents that I'm serious about this, they may not believe me...even though they say I act like these symptoms. What do I do? What do I say?

Bianca 5 years ago

Would a doctor tell you if you were bipolar or would you have to ask?

Laura in Denver profile image

Laura in Denver 5 years ago from Aurora

Great information. I know I am mildly bipolar.

xMADxKIDx 5 years ago

um im 11 and i think im bipolar my brother says i do my sis to can little kids have it

Jacquilyn from Iowa 5 years ago

Bianca it depends on what kind 0f doctor you are talking about a GP would not usually be able to tell you if you are or not. If you really want to know you need to talk to a psychiatrist they will be able to diagnose you. The think that most people are forgetting that make you bipolar is the length of the symptoms. You can not just be snappy or sad for a day they length is partially what determines it. And to answer xMADxKIDx I doubt you are showing signs of bipolar for girls it usually doesn't show till your late teens to early 20's.

James 5 years ago

Ermmm i dont know if i suffer from bipolar or depression but over the past few years, well since i left skwl in 2008 ive bin experiencing a lot of highs where i just go hyper for a long period of tym and nothing can take me off it but then a few days later i get all depressed and ill admit it i do have suicidal thoughts and i have self harmed my self, but most of the tym when im depressed i just sit and cry for no reason please can someone help me i am going to see the doctor tommorow but dnt want to waste his/her tym if it aint this or depression so can someone help me with this am proper confused about. Thank u

stylezink profile image

stylezink 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA.

So much great information. I enjoyed your hub and learned a few things as well. Thanks for putting this information out there for those who don't understand this disorder.

Sarah 5 years ago

All you people who suffer from bipolar disorder should join us at Send a pm to sarah85 ifd youd like to talk to me about life and bipolar disorder.


JRock_Darkpoint 5 years ago

Wow, thank you. I'm 15 and I'm glad I figured out that this is what I have. I'm just wondering how to explain this to people...

Brianna 5 years ago

This information really helped me out because my mom suffers from bipolar and she is always telling me how she can tell that I have it. I never beleived her, but I thought reading up on it would help persuade me to think otherwise. All of the characteristics that come with bipolar are exactly how my life is. It makes perfect sense when I read this, because nothing else could have explained my life better than this did. I am a 15 year old girl who wants help but does not know how to treat this, seen as though I am afraid to admit this to my family. This really helped a LOT though, thank you (:

Elka 5 years ago

hmmmmmmm I don't know if I have this or not. For example I'll have a few hours where I'll be so low I just cry for no reason and then later on I'll be so happy I'll be dancing around the room like a mad box of frogs.

But each period only lasts for about half a day to a day... which isn't as long as it states counts

Kim 5 years ago

Not sure if this is what I have, I have all these symptoms cannot remember much especially if I been angry or facing conflict, I will have no recollection of it. The last week I have been in a down but very aggressive non sleeping mood. I have no emotional connection to my 2 young kids to honestly say they annoy the he'll out of me and I feel I never wanted them. (but in my other mood I get I love them more than anything an would die for them) but in this state I am today, I have no memory of enjoying anytime with them. And there wingin and loud noises set me off. I shout out things to my boyfriend without even thinking I hate my dog and think about killing myself but taking everyone with me. I feel numb and my eyes are droopy but I'm not tired. It's like I wanna be in my own place and hate being distracted I get sharp headaches around my temples and back of my this state I also hate eye contact as it makes me feel threatened and I wanna kill something and the list goes on and on. Does this sound like bipolar?

landi 5 years ago

i think im bipolar, but i dont know what to do about it, and its killing me... i get deppressed all the time :\

im 15 btw.

Kay Kenie 5 years ago

only now has it triggered me that i might be bipolar. i never understood my mood swings. one moment Im the happiest person alive and the next, i snap, i find reason in anything and everything to feel depressed. i tend to feel like the whole world owes something of great magnitude yet unknown to myself.

lately, i have been mute towards my bestfriend whom i share an apartment with. i have also lately stopped eating food that she has prepared. this has really gotten to her that she thinks its best that one moves out. its hurting so badly. how do i explain to her that the fault lies with me? My thoughts are always in a turmoil.

will medication really be of good help?

somebody help me on how to break the new to my friend without her rejecting me as she might think that its all a mind set

jaja 5 years ago

It started getting bad enough that I started to experiment with a drug to even me out. It seemed to, but it only managed to push me further away.

So I say, thank you for the insight. I have hope now. Knowledge really is power and I am going to pursue the correct help.

God bless

Dan 19 months ago

Not sure if i have it or not either, I deffinately have depression but why i think im bipolar is my mood swings and being agitated a lot, also have trouble concentrating and get paranoid a lot especially around people then that makes me feel like there judging me then that turns to anger its a vicious cycle. I get down very easily even at the slighest thing then start thinkin about it and i'll dwell on it for ages. Would like an opinion

Dan 19 months ago

I wanna add that i did push my last g/f away because she couldn't handle my moods when minute things would be great then bang something knocks me off and ill be depressed for days about something, and that doesn't seem normal.

Ash doesn't know... 19 months ago

this really helped i looked through all this and watched the video yeah i would be so happy on time then really really ticked another then sad and depressed and wanna cry and i sometimes have low self esteem then other times i have really high self esteem sometimes i just really hyper then bam! all ofa sudden i'm pissed off over something really stupid. i'm glad i finally know cux i've been dtruggling for a while with this and never really had information on it and i didn't know but i always would consider it and i never concentrate on school work or frankly anything else i'm a 14 year old girl and i've cut myself and tried to kill myselfr sometimes i just absolutely hate life and other times i queen of the world and nothing can't touch me. now i know.... and all of this absolutely true btw.

Yh; 5 years ago


K. V. 5 years ago

I have been through a pretty troublesome school career. I was always mocked, and just recently I had a pretty 'off-the-deep-end' experience, and ever since then I can't seem to focus, stay in one place, sleep well, become quickly aggravated with minor things, had very grim thoughts, including death, not suicide, jjust death. I'm usually a semi-normal person, but now I can't even calm down when I want to. When I know I NEED to. Others times, I can't even have fun around my friends, or I'll take a joke too seriously, making me rethink my choice in friends, when I know they're actually very good people. I can't exactly tell what that is, but I was wondering if mental trauma can cause Bipolar Disorder?

Drogheda66 5 years ago

The more we talk about it the quicker the stigma dissipates. We humans need a new term to take the place of 'mental illness'. I'm working on that, doing my part. Any suggestions?

Himanshu Seth 5 years ago

umm..i hav suicidal feelings ..i go sad whn i hear compliments bout a guy i hate frm d gal i lov..i m a quick mood swinger..!! i dunno wht to change of mood last for about 1-2 day..i m smtymes nt hppy whn my surroundings r enjoying..i also engage in fight so quickly with nybdy..evn my best friends..if i get angry i cant be normal very easily..and i many times belive in fantasy world of vampires,werewolf,harry potter, or any film or novel i study..i dont know wht is happening to me..and i am jst 16.. so i dont want to tell this to my parents..anybdy helpful can send me a message on my facebook profile-

please me..!!

carly 5 years ago

him when i was young they told me mumm i might have it but never been sure can u help me to know how

Sam (Anonymous) 5 years ago

I have done my fair share of research and I believe that I suffer from Bi-Polar and Paranoia. I am 15 and find it incredibly difficult to deal with. It interferes with just about every aspect of my life now. I am starting to not want to do anything , to just sleep and not have to worry about anything. I am popular at my school and have tons of friends but I feel as though none of them would really understand any of this if I explained it to them. I want to explain this to my parents but I doubt they would really take me serious.

What should I do?

If you have any advice drop me an email : "" or just repost here. I will check back in a few days. Thanks.

Bola macaulay 5 years ago

I believe this article is very educative, I have suffered from serious anxiety as well as mood swings all my life, it hasn't always been as a result of any adversity that I was facing at that moment, I understand to become dependent on anti-depressants isn't the way forward however I believe that the part about becoming reckless both financially or sexually is true. In my personal experience these episodes of highs and lows feels like been on drugs! I wake up sometimes with such an high that I feel like I won ten million dollars, I have to have alcohol I.e vodka to slow me down as it seems I am bursting with energy! The lows however is very terrible as it makes me think my life is worthless and I wish it was over! Sometimes this highs and lows takes place in 24 hours!it is very difficult to manage but now I know I am not a psyco

ashley 5 years ago

I am 13

I cry everyday usually at night when I'm all alone , I have sudical thoughts n often cut myself usually I'm happy or angry for no reason my moods change constantly so I wanted to see if I'm bipolar I'm not goin to a doctor or my parents when I tell my friends I'm depressed they don't take it seriously and would make jokes or comments because when I say it I look happy n have a big smile sometimes I'm in a down mood n can't focus and just stop caring n have stop eating breakfest lunch n somedays dinner my mom dad and brother all have tried to commit sudice so I hoping something won't push me to the edge to my breaking point I had moved 2 years ago sometimes I miss it but I like my new friends n place a lot when I come home from school I usually go to sleep wake up around 2 and either happy like crazy or sad and wanting to die ... Am I bipolar or depressed I have no idea

Denise 5 years ago

I have a new friend who is bipolar sufferer.She told me from day one.I excepted that and felt I would be able to cope but now keep reading that they can become physically abusive.I now feel scared to invite her to my house.Am I just being silly? I keep reading stories that they can become stalkers.I do have my child in the house so feel naturally worried.We have only met up once but we had a lovely day shopping even if she did go over the top with her spending.She was very happy and funny.I have this week spoken to her on the phone and asked what she has been doing this week but she does not know.I feel awful as I dont know what to say to her about it.I dont want anyone to think I am disrespectful but I just dont know what to for the best.I really like her but also feel scared.Any advise I would be grateful.

Anuk 5 years ago

Thanks for the information. I 45 years old woman that never thought I would look for such information about this subject until severe depression hit me. It's postraumatic depression and I cannot find my way out of it. I was on meds for long time, I go to therapy. I was jogging, I force myself to smile and function but I cry second I come home and close my door in my bedroom. I try to hide it from my kids but it's almost impossible... They feel it, they see how much their mom changed over last 5 years. I blame myself for not being strong. I feel horrified when I think about my future.

double-n 5 years ago

Great info..... I found out that i suffer from bipolar disorder when i was 9 and now that i am 13 and more confident about being bipolar. i told my friends and they wanted to know more about it. I glad that from your information they do because i could never explain it to them because i am sill kind of insecure about it..... well nothing much more to say then GREAT INFO!

emma 5 years ago

hi, everyone i think i have this but i`m so scared to go to the doctors as i have a little girl and feel they will take her away!!! i would really like to know can they do this??? i would never do anything to her but im just so scared, i need help and don`t know what to do for the best!

tony mcneiece 5 years ago

could i have mania and depression at the same time, because i think i do

dylan simko 5 years ago

idk but is this Bipolar?

when i hate my life

wher i hate my mom and i thenk (i am pritty shere she dose) she hates me to

wher i wish i was dead

i whant to kill myself


chris 5 years ago

i dnt know why im in a mood everyday i need help or i will end up with nothing anymore so if theres any help out there this is my e.mail address

Conor 5 years ago

I'm 15 and I have been looking on the Internet after receiving several comments from people about my random mood swings, all the sites I have looked on and all the symptoms I've researched all lead to one thing, bi-polar disorder. I'm not sure what to do, im worried to tell my mum but I am also worried to say nothing...

Hellooooo :) 5 years ago

I'm 15. i think i'm bipolar :( sometimes i wake up with a happy mood then i suddenly become mad and aggressive in a while and the cycle is going on and on everyday. one second i'm happy and dancing all around then the next second i'm in one corner, feeling depressed, mad or even against the world. few weeks ago my mom even told me "maybe you're bipolar." 'cause i told her about my mood swings and of how i get happy and depressed for no reason in a glimpse. my severe mood changes are affecting my everyday life and my relationship with other people. i can't control how or what i feel. it's so hard to be calm at one point when you're mad or anything. this is ruining my life so much. gosh. i need help.

this is my twitter account- @TheDamnTeen

in need of advice,help and suggestions.

thanks :)

Sam 5 years ago

Hey Hellooooo ,

I am 15 as well and am going through the exact same stuff. I will feel so good and content with life, and within a few minutes to an hour I may be feeling even better (mania?) or extremely bad an suicidal. It scares me because I have acknowledged that I probably have this disease and yet it is too hard to tell anyone else about it.

If you want some advice I have been dealing with this for a few years now, drop me an email:

jason 5 years ago

hey guys, im only 13 and i think im bipolar.

im always depressed so i hardly talk but when i do talk i usually get mad then for some reason i quickly get happy. This started happening a few months back.

jason 5 years ago

hey guys, im only 13 and i think im bipolar.

im always depressed so i hardly talk but when i do talk i usually get mad then for some reason i quickly get happy. This started happening a few months back.

foreverhurting.. 5 years ago

hey guys,

im only 13 too like as jason..and i dont know if im bipolar or just have anger problems..i can be UGHH I HATE HER..or i can be aw hello how you?..then i cn be a bitch aand want to kill yousimple..can anyone tell me if i have it or not?

jason 5 years ago

forever i think i have part of the samething. i just rage at my sisters for no reason i would be like i hate you. or i wish you were never born. but after i saw all that i feel nad. but yet i do it over

jason 5 years ago

forever i think i have part of the samething. i just rage at my sisters for no reason i would be like i hate you. or i wish you were never born. but after i saw all that i feel nad. but yet i do it over

jason 5 years ago

forever i think i have part of the samething. i just rage at my sisters for no reason i would be like i hate you. or i wish you were never born. but after i saw all that i feel nad. but yet i do it over

profile image

Yeahmanwhatever 5 years ago

I am 17 years old. Although I have suffered from self-esteem issues all my life, I am hesitant to say that I am "bioplar", because the symptoms don't last days. More like hours, at best. Usually, the way it goes down is that I'll be in a relitively happy mood, but then something will happen or someone will say something unexpectedly that hits me really hard. Normally, if things don't go my way I will get upset and take it out on people. From a very young age, I would cry myself to sleep (and I still do several times a month) reflecting on my past and how I've never been able to fit in.I was made fun of a lot in my younger years. Quite possibly the worst part is that in those particular instances, I don't really want to feel better. I want to continue feeling sad, because it feels good in a very strange, bizarre way. However, I rarely get suicidal, and when I do it's not so much from sadness and depression and more from just my overall disgust at the world and what it has become. I have very odd fears, as well. Most notably, an ongoing fear of sex...although that has gradually improved. In addition, I've noticed that I have ALWAYS lived in my own little fantasy world, and I am happier there than I am in real life. In real life, I am very socially awkward and often sensitive to the littlest things, though I try not to show it when I'm around people and just leave it for my nighttime tears.

But what initially brought me to this site was the fact that my boyfriend recently suggested that I take anxiety meds. I had known something was a little off about me for the longest time, but ever since I got together with him the mood swings have gotten noticably worse even though he has done nothing to hurt me. I know I'm pushing him away, but whenever I have an "episode" I lose control of my emotions and just sort of blow up. I don't really like the idea of taking meds and becoming eternally dependent on them, but I do know that my grandmother was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My mom, too, has a thyroid condition, and has suffered from a lot of stress and anxiety, which is very evident whenever you talk to her. Although I wasn't one to get stressed out and was relitively carefree before, I've noticed that as of late, this isn't the case anymore.

Like I said, I don't know if I'm bipolar or if these are just random mood swings, but all I know is that I need some help and guidance...I just wish I knew where to start looking. :(

Christina 5 years ago

My Dad has a serious case of Bipolar and has now been admitted to a mental hospital after having a serious outbreak and getting involved with the police, this resulted in him going to prison for a few months then them realising that a mental institute would be the best for him until his moods were stabilised and until he had served his sentence for the crime he committed. In which no 1 was hurt but he did damage his business and cause disruption to everyone in the town around him. He has a history of violence and that is why my mum kept me away as a young child. However my sister of 29 wasnt and not as a direct result but it certainly didnt help in her up bringing to become a heavy drug user and resulted in being a prostitute to supply her addiction. She has turned her life around now and has a baby and is off the drugs.

Now I am terrified that I have bipolar I am at university but have currently moved away on my placement 3 hours away from my amazing boyfriend and friends! I have given it 4 months and still I have not settled I am constantly crying everyday and finding it difficult to hold back even in a public place. This is not me at all I am the life and sole of a party but I have no personality left! I am either so high and in everyone face or so low that I just want to hide away and for some to hold me. I don't know what is wrong with me and I just want to be back to normal! I don't know if i am depressed or if all along I have been bipolar and have seen the side of the manic highs and now im just on a major low and just cant get out of it! Im constantly paranoid things are going to go wrong and just cant handle the pressure of a ten hour day placement, however I have worked since I was 12 and the old me would love this job! My boyfriend just keeps telling me to chill out and things will be fine and Im fine but im not im really not!!!!

shannon moody birmingham 5 years ago

brairwood class of 86 birmingham al sandy moody ru 486

tianna 5 years ago

I also suffer from bipolar disorder my boyfriend sometimes gets fed up with me it gets so bad at points

Dennis Teel 5 years ago

you posters who are ant-psychiatrist and anti-medication aren't doing anyone a favor here,except bing radical. one poster claims there's no such thing as a chemical imbalance.of course there is.the problem is,this same poster comes off as being anti- psychiatrist and anti-medication. people that have formed auch beliefs are radicals who offer the notion that psychiatry isn't logical or legitimate and that it's all about deception and money.people that claim such things are radical,uneducated and don't have any business giving advice to people who need help.another poster here iimplied that there's no such thing as bipolar.i wonder what planet he's from? anyway,bipolar does exist and medication can help and does help.please don't believe people that mislead you into believeing that the only help is in natural foods or vitamins.or that there's no such thing as bipolar or mental illness.there's actually a group that exists that believes and teaches that normal is not the same for everyone & illneses like bipolar aren't ilnesses at all.that they're personality traits which are (to the person that has them)normal for that person. scoffing off bipolar to be just some kind of normal personality trait for that particular individual.bipolar exists as do many other illnesses and they're not just normal personality traits that life has handed you as an individual./THAT would be scary!!

GP 5 years ago

Not sure if I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. But for the longest time, I've had trouble sleeping, I always have racing thoughts and there are also times that I cry for no reason at all. I just have this feeling of great sadness. So, am I bipolar?

jb 5 years ago

wen i out with the lads im sort of in a gud mood and bit of a joker but really im that low all i want to do is kill myself! 1 minute im really happy and then the next im breaking down in tears!! i have such a negative view on life its unreal! i really dont want to be here anymore! if i had a gun id be gone!!! i need some serious help! ive been the docs with depression and have done acourse of anti-depresants!! and they avnt changed a thing! im 36 and things are getting real bad for me now i just want to disapear i have lots of friends but they dont really know how i feel! all they see is a jack the lad joker in the pub!!! can some steer me in the right direction asap!!

Joe angel 5 years ago

I have been diagnoise with bipolar and since i've taken most the meds they given me I have become jmore aggressive

angie ashbourne profile image

angie ashbourne 5 years ago

Hi! becausilive I have been bipolar for 20 years. I enjoyed reading your hub. Angie

trina maxey 5 years ago

I've been misdiagnoised for most of my life. I'm 43 years old. Found out antidepressants make me much worse. Finally found a psyciatrist who put me on Risperdal. Now I feel perfectly normal. I have 3 kids. All 3 have some type of mood disorder. One refuses help. 2 are on meds. Grandparents think I'm crazy for puting my kids (12 and 14) on medicine. If they had diabetes, I'd give them insulin. Why should my kids suffer the way I have. Why not get them help if they need it?

John 5 years ago

i live with this and is crazy for me and for my family!!!

Andrea 5 years ago

Like others,

I think I am bipolar. I'm 13, and I have like all the symptoms like for being Hypomanic and Depression? But I dont want anyone to know because they'll think I just want attention or they'll say theres nothing wrong, but I feel like somethings wrong though, so I'm hiding it, but I dont think I can any longer -____- Probably when i go back to school, I'll try to gather enough courage to talk to the school counsellor?

oh and I have been having sucidal thoughts, I feel worthles and I dont know why.. I only slept for like 3 hours last week ( for four - five days ) but after that I've been feeling depressed. WHAT THE HEELLL. I was talking about suicidal thoughts,, I looked for pills!! to kill myself with! and I took a knife and tried to cut myself! But I couldnt, i didnt want to.. /: now I'm all confused and I have absolutely nooo idea what to do.

Miranda 5 years ago

I've been wondering if I am bipolar for a while and this pretty much proves that I am. I'm a teenager, I go through being manic and depressive back and forth all the time in just a day. I can wake up feeling completely fine and happier than usual and my day can be going well and then i become really irritable right after lunch, and then I feel a mix of sorta norma mood and depression and I usually leave school with suicidal thoughts. I have actually been diagnose with ADHD and am on a med for that but a lot of times i have to change my dosage because it seems like it stops working and i think some of my distraction issues and being hyper may be coming from being bipolar. Thank you for the article, now I have proof and can hopefully convince my mom to get me some help.

Kayla 5 years ago

I have weird mixed emotions like I'm never hyper or really that happy but one little thing can change my mood and sometimes I get depressed for no reason

mb 5 years ago

I'm 17, I do not know if I have this or not but what I do know is that at time I dont feel like going anywhere or talking to anyone. Other times I want to be outside having fun and going crazy. I have had suicidal thoughts before and I used to cut myself a couple months back. Right now, I feel fine but I dont know when I'll feel bad again because it wasn't the only time. I have tried talking to my parents but I am never able to tell them that I think I'm bipolar.

ElephantShoes 5 years ago

For years I've suffered from depression and I've also had my manic moments. I wasn't until recently I told someone -my mother- and she is calling the doctor tomorrow. I thoroughly believe this is what I have. It runs through my family; my brother and uncle have both been diagnosed.

I know during manic periods I am very irritable, grouchy and I have a lifetime of energy on my hands. I sleep less than usual too. I've been working out for the past months too, and lost over 25 pounds. I'm underweight now but can't stop, I am usually a workout crazed person when I am manic. (I also lose my appetite). My thoughts are crazed and I'm not coherent, I also talk rapidly and ramble on and on.

Then I have my depressive stages, where I guilt myself for the smallest things like eating ice cream. I have had thoughts of suicide and I get stressed easily. Social anxiety is something else I suffer from. I don't have as much energy and won't talk to anyone! I feel so empty... It lasts for weeks on a time! I also cannot sit still, I am fidgety.

Plus, on days like today, I have mixed emotions. I am full of energy and I ramble on and on, but when I get time to myself, I'm sad and lonely. I just want to cry. I also am irritable. I feel guilty and worthless and as though I don't belong anywhere.

I have a question too, for whomever is reading this. I get very lightheaded at times. I mean very, very lightheaded. To the point where I have to sit down. Could this be related to bipolar or is it because of my weight loss?

Some days I am confident, and other days I am worthless. With this disorder running through my family, I am going to my doctor. Maybe he'll confirm that I am bipolar, or maybe I'll be diagnosed with something different.

What is it like going to the doctor to get diagnosed? Will he run tests on me or take blood? Or will he listen to my symptoms, speak with me a bit, and finally diagnose? I'm not sure...

Julie-Ann Amos profile image

Julie-Ann Amos 5 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

Very useful thanks! I can't believe I haven't spotted this hub before, sorry.

Laura 5 years ago

I liked the video. Very helpful. I tend to be a social butterfly and a plain old chatty chic! I'm business it works as l use the cues and try to read others. Certainly a work in progress. So I know I have ADD at least the dr says, and it can go with anxiety - which I used to get more. But I have been in a low mood for a week or so

rachel 4 years ago

im extemely hyper in the evenings but depressed at mid day does that count

4 years ago

im pretty sure ive got it, ive lost my girlfriend over being the way i am, ive never know what was wrong with me and why i keep acting the way i do, i just dont help the situation. and now ive lost everything, i feel as tho my whole life is just falling apart. im always paranoid and accusing her of all kinds, we would argure and i would be really mean then 5 mins later i try and be all nice to her, she says i have 5 different personalities, which i strongly agree on what she is saying. im so embarresd at my actions and how i act. i seriously need help because it has turned my life into hell ;(

sahil jassi 4 years ago

now i knew my disease,i thimk m really suffer from bipolar disorder,i cannot contact ma eyes with another person while talking or while doing anything.

natalie 4 years ago

i don't know if i have it. but my friends say it look like i have the symptoms. i will be depress one minute but then i am happy. other days i am happy but then i get mad. my friend been telling me all the things the see. can someone tell me if this count

Amanda 4 years ago

I have bipolar 2

Kim 4 years ago

Both me and my mom have the disorder. She was diagnosed at the age of 21 and I was diagnosed this year at the age of 19. This disease is so hard for people who dont have it to understand, my boyfriend and I fight all the time cuz I'll have my mood swings and he doesn't know that it's something that I can control. I think any family members/spouses of people with this disorder should read this article its very informative

Jay 4 years ago

im 16 , and i think i have bipolar disorder...ive been researching this like crazy and everything i have read is relative to me scared to go to a professional to get diagnosed for sure. but i know i have to just in case. nobody wants to hear there is something wrong with them...

louromano profile image

louromano 4 years ago

Great information.

bob 4 years ago

Get 2 or three medical opinions. Tell the shrinks your problems thoroughly and compare their notes. It's a complex problem. Your own or other'(s) amateur opinions can actually bias a doctor's diagnosis. Give them details. Try not to diagnose the disorder yourself, give the details of your experience and let them form their own opinions.

quickvisit 4 years ago

during the day i go from really happy to really sad serveral times and sometimes i dont know why other times a lil thing triggers me to feel so crap and useless and i hate myself so much. my bf has mentioned i could be bipolar several times but im not sure if it is normal for someone in there 20's university. thinking about it i have been like this since high school but i always put it down to being a teenager but i am too afriad to go to the doctor or to talk to anyone about it incase they think i am just being silly.

Escobana profile image

Escobana 4 years ago from Valencia

Hi there again!

Just to let you know I linked your Hub to mine to get your Hub as much views as possible since it obviously deserves that.

I linked it to my latest Hub: Why I love my medication? Bipolar Disorder and all of the excuses.

If you like mine as well, I'd really appreciate you linking my Hub to yours as well:-)

Hope you're doing great Becauseilive!

Not sure 4 years ago

Im not sure if im bipolar or just having mood swings. But i go from the top of the mountain king of the world to hating myself and everyone and just wanting to be alone in the dark. Ill have the best day then one person says a tiny thing to me and i go off and get so angry over the smallest things.

I dont know maybe just moody?

Sam bone 4 years ago

I think o may have a mild bipolar disorder, im 15 and am very lively with my frineds but i have spells of being very depressed and cutting meself also i have a feeling of worhtlessness and even sucidal thoughts, i have no idea what do to can some please help, add me on facebook please help

Tyler 4 years ago

wow this helped that much, i thought i might have it, ive noticed i get hypo and silly and meow and stuff, yet other times i feel sad and worthless... i might get checked out, like go to headspace or something to get cheacked out, i knew there was a reson for my hyperactivity and sadness!

profile image

lonelygurrl13 4 years ago

Well i'm 12 years old and I have bipolar but i don't want to tell anyone because i'm scared of what my friends will think and i don't want parents to know that i think of killing myself.

shaneT 4 years ago

letting parents into any situation that you are having difficulties with is a super idea. please take care of yourself..

Anonymous 4 years ago

Hi, I may have bipolar disorder. I'm only 14 but I've been dealing with this for a year. Every once in a month, I get so incredibly depressed to the point where I think of death and suicide. I had a history of cutting before but I've stopped. During these times, I almost go back to it and take it further even. I also lose my appetite and barely eat anything and I can barely sleep. I'm also worn out but I can never close my eyes. My thoughts go crazy, I can't think straight. I can't make quick decisions and I easily lose focus. I also forget sooo many things like even speaking. This also affects my menstruation cycle. Before and after these periods, I'm very happy and lively. Does this mean I'm bipolar? Do I need help? Please help me. I can't take it anymore.

Desperate 4 years ago

I have had depressive episodes throughout my life but was hospitalized only once 30 yrs ago my life is in shambles, my husband says I'm an embarrassment and in the last few months I have had periods where I have spent huge amts of money on things I don't need or want. I was diagnosed last oct with a rare sleep disorder and take high doses of amphetamines , up to 110 mg each of Ritalin and adderal xr daily in order to stay awake. I have now been told I may be bipolar, I'm 53 and feel like I'm losing my mind. I don't have friends or family here as we moved to the us from my home in canada. I'm so depressed and alone I don't think I can take any more .

Escobana profile image

Escobana 4 years ago from Valencia

Dear Becauseilive,

I'm sure you don't mean to but I've noticed in this long list of comments how you rarely respond to a lot of people who comment on this Hub in particular.

A lot of them express themselves in an urgent cry for help. I wondered why you don't respond? You must realize how important it is to people who worry, they might have Bipolar Disorder to at least feel some reassurance from you as the writer of this Hub.

I'm not saying you can save them from whatever situation there in but not responding at all seems strange to me whhen you write about an illness that can isolate so many people from the outside society.

I was just wondering and now thinking out loud. I really don't mean to be judgemental but I do feel I have to stand up for the many comments you get of people who are absolutely lost in their lives.

Best wishes from a happy Bipolar woman:-)

desphwf 4 years ago

Thank You !

I'v been living and dealing with my Loves one for the past 12 years. and now Iam pretty sure he has Bipolar .

its really sad he seem not to Care or worry or try to get help

He thinks is nothing wrong with him.

i really feel sorry for my self because there 3 children in This

Marriage .

I wish he Will open his eyes and see there is help for him

Because no matter what i love him for the rest of my life


becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 4 years ago from N.J. Author

@Escobana - Thank you for your feedback. With over 200 hubs, I try to check up on the comments and respond to as many as possible. I do see people crying out for help and believe me I am sympathetic to their pleas. Unfortunately, I am not a doctor and cannot give any medical or psychiatric advice other than to encourage anyone who is suffering to see their own doctor.

I think I will add a disclaimer to the hub itself that states that :) Thanks again for the input.

Meanwhile, if you have any professional or personal experience with bipolar disorder that you think would be helpful to share with others, by all means feel free! Have a great day!

Escobana profile image

Escobana 4 years ago from Valencia

Thanks so much for your answer:-)

The disclaimer would be a great idea to add and I can only imagine it's quite a job to respond to every single comment you get.

With just 20 Hubs I can still manage:-) While adding a disclaimer it would be great if you link one of my Hubs to yours.

Exactly because I believe my Hubs about Bipolar Disorder are vey helpful to others just like yours is. That's why I linked your Hub to: Why I love my medication? Bipolar Disorder and all of the excuses.

Linking Hubs tos other after all is a great way to promote their work. I'm glad you could find the time to respond to my question. Really means a lot!

becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 4 years ago from N.J. Author

@Escobana - I added the disclaimer as well as a link to your hub :)

Hanna 4 years ago

im definately bipolar.. i cant keep a good relationship or even good friends for long periods of time. they dont understand and im 14, untreated, undiagnosed, and dont know what to do.

Escobana profile image

Escobana 4 years ago from Valencia

The disclaimer is a great add to your Hub and thanks so much for the link! I'm happy you took my feedback serious.

Your Hub will be a great help to everyone who's wondering if he/she's Bipolar. Shared your Hub with my followers!

pscho girl 4 years ago

im not sure if i have bipolar disorder yet but, i did some research and some bits of the disease relate to me.

iv'e tried to cut myself a couple of times and had suicidal thoughts.

whenever i'm in a happy or normal mood, i get angry straight away when it come to house chores because i do a lot of work around the house while everybody lazes about.

what do i do?

what if im wrong about having bipolar disease?

Escobana profile image

Escobana 4 years ago from Valencia

@ psycho girl

Saw your comment and couldn't resist answering your question. Hope you don't mind.

It's impossible to be wrong yourself, about having Bipolar Disorder or not. If you have serious doubts because of reading this very good and informative Hub, the next step for you to take is go and talk with a good friend.

Ask this friend if he/she wants to go with you to a doctor, tell him about your doubts and see if he can send you to a psychiatrist.

The only person who can actually determine whether you have this disorder or not, is a psychiatrist who knows how to distinct Bipolar disorder from other mental illnesses.

Trust me, you'll be better of knowing if you have this disorder or not because it can help you get the right treatment for it. Even if it's something else.

Life is beautiful and there's no need to struggle too much like I have done for years, because I didn't know what was wrong.

Hope I answered your question a little bit. Good luck:-)

jackie 4 years ago

i really sure that i amm i have wondered why i react so different from alot of people but i want help but my mom thinks i just want attention and i try to cover my problems with a smile each night i cant sleep i get distracted andd become paranoical

DanaTeresa profile image

DanaTeresa 4 years ago from Ohio

Very nicely done. I suffer from bi-polar II (just started writing about it). I even named my hypomanic state "shiny happy dana". Too bad i'm mostly depressed. That leads to "mean mommy dana" the "pouty face" and just all sorts of not good things... Thanks for putting some good info out there.

SSS 4 years ago

Its only when the person is ready to get help that is when you can assist them to get better, But if the loved one cannot admit that he/she has Bipolar Depression, you cannot do anything about it.

Its very difficult to live with them especially if they get aggressive and volatile.

Haley 4 years ago

This makes me think that I really am bipolar

Ms. Sweet :) 4 years ago

My dad and sister are both bipolar. I always thought my dad had a choice in his behavior which made growing up unbearable because he never took medication! Now i see that he can't help it and its sad. I understand now and I'm glad I don't have to live with it anymore. For those of u that have it Please don't make your children go through what I did.

leoni 4 years ago

i am 13 and recently watched stephan fry's ; the secrate life of the manic depressive and lots of the things clicked. i sometimes have days where i dont want to get out of bed and almost physicly cant as if my mind refuses to let me move then a few days later im going out with freinds, doing loads of exersise, randomly writing/drawing and shouting at my mum. does anyone know if thats just me being a teenager or if im actualy bipolar? i dont want to ask my mum but wondered if anyone could give advice. also im a bit obsessed with death almost commited scuicide on more than 1 occasion and cant stop thinking how easy it would be - i would neve do it now because i couldnt do that to my freinds but still its a rather odd obsesion...

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ljorna 4 years ago

sorry dont know if last one worked : i am 13 and recently watched stephan fry's ; the secrate life of the manic depressive and lots of the things clicked. i sometimes have days where i dont want to get out of bed and almost physicly cant as if my mind refuses to let me move then a few days later im going out with freinds, doing loads of exersise, randomly writing/drawing and shouting at my mum. does anyone know if thats just me being a teenager or if im actualy bipolar? i dont want to ask my mum but wondered if anyone could give advice. also im a bit obsessed with death almost commited scuicide on more than 1 occasion and cant stop thinking how easy it would be - i would neve do it now because i couldnt do that to my freinds but still its a rather odd obsesion...

samina 4 years ago

i think i have bi-polar, in the morning i'm so high, i'm really talkative and i laugh/giggle at something pathetic, & i can't stop, near the evening i feel like sh*t, really depressed... i'm 15 years old and i'm kind of worried - should i go to the doctors?

Angela 4 years ago

This isn't about bi-polar specifically, but what kinda doctor do you ask in order to find out if you have a mental disorder? And how do you say it?

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ljorna 4 years ago

samina - i have looked up quite a bit about bi-polar dissorder and i think that you are probably not, bi-polar mood changes end to last a bit longer than half a day but im only 13 and obviously not an expert. i hope you feel fine right now. good luck on finding out x


Worried 4 years ago

Im scared. I think that I'm bi-polar or depressed but I don't know how to tell my family, or tell them the things I do to myself, to ask for help. I don't know how they're going to react... I'm scared that if I don't, something bad will happen, that I'll finally give up and they'll blame themselves because they didn't see the signs.. Please help me..

Scared 4 years ago

I'm 16 years old and I think that I have bipolar and I have for a while now. I'll have a day where I'm extremely happy but even the whole of that day doesn't last in happiness, all of a sudden I will feel depressed and want to be alone and I often get suicidal thoughts. My moods can change in a split second and it takes just something small to change it. Ive told my mum about it before and she said we'd go to the doctors but we never did, she said she doesn't think I have it but in my opinion that's an outsiders view and they don't know what it's like to be me. I'm petrified in case I do have it. Even when I have suicidal thoughts it has often led me to self harm and afterwards I wonder why I did it and I know that it was a stupid thing to do. I'm scared to talk to the doctor as well about it. Please help

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ljorna 4 years ago

there are lots of confidential helplines where you can get help and advice, apparently they are good

Christina 4 years ago

I can understand being scared to tell your family about something that you may be struggling with. It is scary to not know what is going on with you and thinking that you may be crazy. I have struggled with depression for many years. I question if I am bi-polar but my therapist says that I am not. I do have a mood disorder. I can understand going from very depressed to having racing thoughts. It was suggested that I take medication. Medication is the only thing that has helped. I no longer have racing thoughts and no longer spends days in bed wanting to end it. People that think we just need to get over it or get back on the horse really don't understand that struggles that we have. I never wanted to spend days in my bed not wanting to go outside or spend weeks not being able to quiet my mind. It's ok to ask for help. If you are scared talk about it find a friend or a school counselor that you can confide in. Possibly a teacher. It's hard when your parents don't understand. It's not that they don't love you maybe they are scacred too and not sure what to do. There is help out there. You have to find it. Know that you are not alone.

Mimi 4 years ago

I found out I was BP a year ago. I had a mental breakdown due to immense stress and getting into stupid situations with people that at the time I didn't see as wrong. In fact it was very bad in judgement, I was vulnerable and trusted the wrong people. I have been drinking quite heavily for years and now I know why. I have had many episodes since a major one last year which made me go to the doctor. I was petrified at what happened. I feel that admitting that I have it has made me seem less in others eyes, especially as I do not work at the moment due to stress. I am ashamed at my actions of letting others make me feel so bad about myself and for the fact I became so weak minded but you can only take so much stress in life. I was naive and nice to everyone but that left me open to getting bullied/others jealous comments getting to me. I am so confused at who I am and what happened to me. I have really fallen. I find it hard to admit change and things to myself. I seem to find it harder to accept things and move on to others. I mean by a very delayed way. My self esteem is so low having BP due to how my mind works. I think admitting it hasn't helped my self esteem nor knowing others that I should have never told know and have taken advantage of that.

j. smith 4 years ago

You are not a doctor! Remember that!

j. smith 4 years ago

You are not a doctor! Remember that!

Dan 4 years ago


My Mum has been getting into these stupid moods swings. She she arguments with my Dad for stupid reasons and causes massive arguments. All day she is fine then she just throws into one. Is this bipolar disorder?

Annonymous 4 years ago

Hi for any of you who suffer from Bi Polar or are getting diagnosed or have just been diagnosed. Clearly from the comments here, you are far from alone. I am one of them and it is much more common than what you may think. You are not mad, crazy. In fact your probably quite creative and intelligent. If you think you are going loopy, your not. When people are going crazy, they have no idea about it. So, rest assured which ever part of Bi polar you are suffering - high part, extreme low part, or rapid cycling or normality (you choose what normal to you is). If you were to tell me or anyone on this page what terrible thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions. At least one of us would of had that and they are nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Now on to the part that makes you better. Never try to fight it to the point where you get frustrated with yourself. You know you are unwell and going into denial is not a good way forward. What is a positive step (and as hard as it may seem) is to go and get professional help. When you are so low that getting up in the morning fills you tremedous dread or waking up is like living in a nightmare (believe me I have been there) tell yourself their is at least one woman (me) who survived this at her lowest point and came through the other side smiling, and you will too. It may take a few weeks, a couple of months. But never ever ever give up. It may not seem like it right now if you are in the depths of your dispair. But what you are suffering from right now is not a self pity act (ignorant people say that), it is a real diagnosed and treatable condition. The brain like any other organ in your body is physical. So mental is in my opinion a term that is very out dated. If you had a problem with your liver would you say - oh my god, my liver hurts the whole world will think I am complaining and self pitying myself whilst I double up in excruitiating pain. No. If anyone says you are weak, stop feeling sorry for yourself, etc. They are people you do not need to be around. Ask for help and ask them to read up on your condition. You should never ever be subject for feeling bad about your illness. So, get support where you can and fortunately in this day and age they are providing that with the NHS in the UK and privately. You deserve the best, rich or poor it doesn't matter what background you come from, this illness doesn't choose which person to have. It just is. You only have to look online to see how many celebrities have suffered and have pulled through. I reccommend getting a small teddy ( I know it sounds a bit daft as I am 34 - but it does help) or if you are able a dog. Even if you can't do much having something else to look after takes the focus away from how you are feeling. Distraction is a powerful tool. Do not be too hard on yourself either, take each day at a time and each step at a time and before you know it, the tunnel will be over and there will be light - promise. Keep holding on and never ever give up.

Hannah 4 years ago

I've had a suspicion I may have Bipolar for a while now, this has made me think there's a very high possibility. I'm only 14, but I match most if not all of the symptoms. Thanks for the advice and for making it clearer to me.

Jessi 4 years ago

I think I might have it cause I'm really hypper and get distracted easy and then later I'm so depressed so I don't know:(

Cam 4 years ago

I think I'm bipolar. I am thirteen years old, suffer from endless periods of depression with hour long bursts of hypo mania A couple times a day. I have trouble sleeping, its 3:31 AM as I write this. I have lasted on 3 hours of sleep from 6:30 AM to 3:30 AM. For the most part I have trouble not crying or lashing out when I'm around others. When I'm expiriencing hypo mania I get violent and I don't care if I hurt anyone, and it scares me. I feel like a monster. I don't know if any family members are bipolar, my family has a thing about being perfect. Even if they did have it they wouldn't tell. I tried to tell my mom once, but since I keep most of the symptoms from my family she laughed and said it was only hormones. I don't know what to do. It's getting worse.

michelle 4 years ago

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mamo 4 years ago

I think am bipolar

sometimes i feel like laughing with out no reason or something that is not funny and other times i be sad or pissed or depressed

colby 4 years ago

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Sarah 4 years ago

Great article! Although, I need help. I'm scared to tell my parents that I've been suffering with various mood swings. When I was a child I was extremely violent. Now I'm not that violent.. but I'm extremely hypo, and get happy for no apparent reason. I swear I cry every week and then go on these random highs.. then I feel depressed as ever for a couple of hours. I don't know if I have it or not... It's been like this for a while now.

Can someone please reply and give me answers ASAP!!! Please...

Joe 4 years ago

Not sure

Joe 4 years ago

Not sure but i need help. My ex-girlfriend whom we are still talking and have to because I am her boss at work. We do most of communicating via texts and the relationship has been a real rollercoaster for the year that we have benn together. She has been verbally, and mentally abusive to me and has been physically abusive on more than one occasion. I am caucasion and she is hispanic, I have had a great childhood with a close nit family in a nice area and house. She had a bad childhood with a broken family in a bad area and in apartment. Always throws the caucasion in my face and I told her repeadtly that im happy and want to show off my latina girlfriend. She had abusive relationship in past and had to pay everything for her man, She goes on and on that im cheap and dont take her on vacations. She can be nice then all of a sudden it will go down hill. She is mean to me. She accuses me of her lonliness and calls me bipolar. I wish someone can help me with advice because i want to get along with her but I dont think there will be a future anymore as gf/bf. It has been really bad since middle of july. Please someone respond to my post so I can find someone to talk to about this.

Caroline 4 years ago

I still dont no what to think after reading this website. i dont no if i am bipolar or if im not. Im only 16 so im still young but im just not sure. The wesite had good information though.

Michelle LH 4 years ago

I pinned your article on Pinterest

and posted on Twitter@ bipolar_bandit

Lara 4 years ago

Yup, mood swings, highs to lows and often, thats me

john 4 years ago

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hayley 3 years ago

I think i have bipoler but i dont know what to do and i dont want everyone to know

lulubelle7537 profile image

lulubelle7537 3 years ago from Colorado Springs. CO

I just completed a very lengthy and time consuming hub on bipolar disorder and when your hub was on the page when I clicked "publish", which was quite exciting seeing as how I have had a severe migraine the past four hours I've been working on this. I very much enjoyed your hub, it was short, sweet, and to the point. Very nice. :-)

Dave 3 years ago

I am 24 and have suffered from bi polar now for 2-3 years, I have tried anti psychotics and various mood stabelizers, however never responded great with the treatment. I found it much more useful getting psychotherapy and cbt. Although every1 is different, I didn't want to rely on medication. I am now doing better than ever, obv still get the odd bad days/weeks. If you lie down and feel bad about it u will never feel better. U have to just be positive and keep yourself active.

nidayshs 3 years ago

my friends say i am and i agree alot my moods change and i have and i dont care attuided

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 3 years ago from Washington MI

Well presented hub for those wondering if they might have bipolar. Tweeted.

Annonomous 3 years ago

Has anybody had problems being on medication? I find that if I am on any type of medicine that effects horomomes I borderline lose my mind. I tried birth control pills for less than a month and it was like I was half dead. I wouldn't even mentally be there. I would use one word answers, and I could text the se thing six times in a row and not even realize it. It's like I was walking around brain dead the whole time I took the pills. Not sure if this has to do with bipolar or not. Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.

fidela conner 3 years ago


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LYNDA BLACK 16 months ago

Hi! I'm an ARTiST diagnosed with SChiZOAffECtiVe - BiPoLAR type. I've experienced { MaNiA } , hYPOMaNiA, and MiXeD episodes - Overwhelming Anxiety - and some SChiZOPhRENiA - Like symptoms every since I was very little. It can be very challenging to live with. It took 14 years since my first psychosis to get the correct diagnosis and then the right medication and dosage. I spent almost 10 years (age 19 - 28) sleeping 18 hours a day - and that is not an exaggeration. Having a Mental illness is mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting! BUT over the last few years I'm finally on the correct medication and recovering! I know everyone's experience is very different. BUT there is HOPE! I've been an ARTiST my entire life & my ART has always been a means for me to express my experiences and share the world I live in with others. I'd love for you to please take a moment to visit my ShOP + Website at:

Thanks so much! =)

I wish everyone struggling with a Mentall illness, peace and recovery.

InsasiaSic 15 months ago

I benefit from reading your websites. Thank you so much!

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