Home Remedy For Severe Asthma Attack

Asthma attack remedy

If you have asthma, you hunger and strain for air but the phlegm coating your nostrils, bronchial tubes and all your lung cells, shuts off most of it.

If you suffer one of these signs, it is good to follow the following steps:

Bring your head down to your chest.

Then bring your head backward as far as you can.

Open the mouth and inhale.

Then, exhale with the mouth open.

Anyone with an attack of asthma coming on can break it up instantly by this method, for when you raise your head far back the muscles which are fastened to the mastoid bones and to the clavicle, lift the ribs. That allows the lungs more room to expand, and when you breathe you can stretch every lung cell. You will no longer choke for want of air, since some of the cells will respond to the exercise, and you will be relieved.

It is true that you will commence to cough but that is precisely a good sign and what you want to throw off the impurities. It will bring the phlegm out.

Next, clasp your hands, bringing the elbows up to the side, and pound the side with the elbows, expelling short breaths of air at the same time. That little jarring in the lung cells causes the phlegm to break loose. More coughing will result, and more expelled phlegm.

How you would induce coughing to throw off phlegm in asthma attack?

Tickling will induce coughing.

Put into the mouth a teaspoonful of honey. Do not swallow it, but let it draw the saliva to the mouth from the salivary glands. There may be a sore spot in the throat or in the tonsils which irritates and produces coughing. Let the mouth fill with saliva; then spit it all out. Take some distilled water, gargle, and then wash out the mouth. Take another teaspoonful of honey and do the same thing, and continue doing this until it seems very difficult to get anymore saliva. About three or four times will do the work very nicely.

Then take a drink of some good fruit juice. Epsom salt baths, too will help in this case.

It is good to think of starting to live life naturally. Nature gives abundant things that man can utilize to live life to the fullest. Enjoy life. Be happy and healthy.

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Carla 8 years ago

This is a new one we are so wonderfully made all things are possible

Charlotte Colgan 7 years ago

Hey! Thanx for that! Read this cus it was 4 in the morning and i didnt have my inhalerso u tried the elbow flapping o and it worked so quickly! Thanx a bunch itherwise i would have had to go to hospital!

Mark 7 years ago

Thanks so much! This was great advice. It was 4 in the morning for me too and I needed an emergency solution

Denis Smith 6 years ago

I will let mom who has been a victim many yrs try this.

Bhimsen 6 years ago

A worker in my office suffers from this. I will advise him to try this and see the result

max 5 years ago

Thankyou soo much! x

shadow  5 years ago

thank god i found this

cherith 5 years ago

You are a amazing person to put this up. I had a emergency and all out of inhalers ! God bless you and thanks it all worked.

victor 5 years ago

Thanks it really works

yusuf 4 years ago

I have asthma attack but when i followed your writing i totally come good. Thank you for your writing sir.

Ahmed 4 years ago

thank you, it really worked for me

Ambie 4 years ago

Wanted to say I'm having sinusitis induced asthma and I've never taken an inhaler before. Even after I used it, I was still feeling like I need to cough stuff up. Found this article, and it worked so well! Thank you very very very much.

noenhulk profile image

noenhulk 4 years ago Author

I would be even more glad if you, my readers, pass this kind of relief to people suffering from severe asthma. This will help them alleviate a little the difficulty in dealing with asthma.

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