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The minister said to the elderly man, “Now that you’re retired and have the time, you ought to be thinking more about the hereafter.”

“I think about it all the time,” the man replied. “Every time I walk into a room, I pause and say, ‘What am I here after?’”

When I realized this happened to me a lot, I figured Alzheimer’s disease I was attacking me, so I researched “Memory loss” in my computer browser. I found helpful information that you might also find interesting about memory.

1. Memory loss can be treated, even reversed.

2. We produce new brain cells all the time, and new learning can occur at any age.

3. As we age, blood flow to the brain decreases and brain-rich nutrients are processed less efficiently.

4. Forgetfulness is more a slowing of memory, not a loss. (How many times have you thought of information an hour after you needed it?) If you watch Jeopardy, how often do you know the answer but the contestant gives it before you can?

5. The wisdom and knowledge you got from living isn’t affected and neither is your common sense.

Here are things that are normal forgetting in aging

1. Where did I leave my glasses? (or my car keys?)

2. What is that person’s name whom I’ve known for years?

3. Oh my gosh, I forgot I had that appointment.

4. Those words are on the tip of my tongue, but they won’t fall out.

5. Why did I call my grandson by his father’s name?

If your memory lapses are interfering in your daily living, talk to your doctor about it.

What you can do to help your memory

Experts suggest these memory enhancers:

1. Exercise and take deep breaths to get more oxygen to your brain.

2. Eat a healthy diet including lots of fruits and vegetables.

3. Quit smoking if you have this addiction, whatever it takes.

4. Keep your stress down: it damages brain cells.

5. Get enough good sleep.

Fun ways to spice up your memory

1. Play strategy games like chess, bridge, and Scrabble.

2. Work puzzles: crosswords, Sudoku, Crostics, etc.

3. Read challenging books and articles instead of vegetating by watching television all the time.

4. Learn new things: take on something that involves design and planning. Audit classes for stimulating time without tests or grades.

5. Develop new social relationships. Invite people to your house (preparatory house cleaning will get more oxygen to your brain.) Or suggest outings to interesting people. Attend interesting meetings you find in the newspaper or join a club. Be a mentor to a child that needs academic help.

6. Get on a computer. It’s not as scary as you think. Many libraries and computer stores have lessons, or you may find a teenager who is computer-friendly. Then you can Email friends and find information on the Internet about anything that interests you.

The computer helped me to find out that I I’m not afflicted with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease as I feared. I’m only a victim of that common senior malady, “Old Timers.” And I can do lots to help that!

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The Old Firm profile image

The Old Firm 6 years ago from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

I reckon almost everyone who's read this is already doing "Fun ways.... 6"!

Although I have done all those forgetfulness bits - apart from the grandson one - for many years, I'm lead to believe that I have a pristine brain. - Still in the original packaging and almost never been used.



dotnik profile image

dotnik 6 years ago from Moscow, Idaho Author

You sound like a fun person. Alzheimers will never catch you! Dotnik

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