How to Increase Blood Sugar?

In this article, you will learn how to increase blood sugar levels with ease. You may be a person who has to constantly regulate their blood glucose. Whether you are a diabetic or something else, it is valuable to understand how to adjust your blood sugar so your body can return to a relatively normal state in the form of homeostasis. With this in mind, we can explore what blood sugar level you should attempt to reach throughout the day, and examine some ways to increase your blood glucose level with relative ease. First, we should cover some basics as to why anyone would want to do this.

Are you aware that learning how to increase blood sugar is important even for people who do not tend to have major dietary restrictions of conditions like diabetes? Blood glucose is in many ways related to blood pressure. If you are not eating enough food and getting an adequate amount of sugar in your diet, you may feel lightheaded or even sick in some ways. Many people tend to think these are symptoms of a cold or flu, but the truth is that a lack of sugar in your diet can lead to low blood pressure, which has a tendency to be noticed in the form of these symptoms.

Anyways, learning how to increase blood sugar levels will work best if you start by drinking a cup of fruit juice. You may also consider drinking virtually any liquid that contains sugar such as a non-diet soda. Of course, it may negatively affect your body if you drink too much sugar. As such, it is important that you begin with a maximum of one cup. Shortly afterwards, you should retest your blood using your blood glucose meter to see if your blood sugar is in the normal range again. If you find that you are still having low blood glucose, repeat these steps until you see some change in your levels.

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Understanding how to increase blood sugar levels also will require you to be aware of what your blood glucose levels should actually be at throughout your day. A normal blood sugar level will fall between 70 mg/dL and 180 mg/dL. The variance between these numbers is somewhat significant because of the difference between the “fasting” numbers (which is closest to 70 mg/dL), while right after a big meal you may have elevated, but healthy, blood glucose levels. Your individual number that is ideal for you may be in this range, or slightly different from it.

The final word of advice you should take from learning how to increase blood sugar levels is quite simply that you should consistently see a medical doctor if you have any concerns regarding your own blood glucose. Because every individual is a little bit different, there is no need to be overly concerned if your levels are a little bit low or high; yet you are not experiencing many negative side effects.

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Interesting hub. Most people want to learn how to lower their blood sugar. ;)

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