How to Massage and Crack Your Own Back

Massage YourSelf

Most people experience some level of back pain. You do not have to be injured to have back pain. Back pain can be caused from stress and tension.

Your bed can be what is causing your back pain. Sitting too much without getting up and moving around can cause you to get a backache.

Heavy lifting can strain your back. When you strain your back its more painful than having a backache.

Whether you have strained your back or you have a backache. You can get some relief by using this technique to massage your back.

How to Massage Your Own Back

You will need a ball. Most any kind of ball will work. The best ball to use is a basketball as shown in the photo.

Stand with your back facing the wall. You can drop the ball behind your head and catch the ball with your back by leaning toward the wall. You might have to give it a few tries because you want the ball to fall close to the center of your back.

If you're having trouble getting the ball in the center of your back. Take the ball place the ball against the wall even with the center of your back. Hold ball in place then turn around rolling the ball until the ball in comfortably centered.

Bend your legs to make the ball go upward.

Straighten your legs to get the ball to go downwards.

After you have perfected the up and down motion. You can go in a circular motion by incorporating the up and down motion with a side to side motion.

How to Crack Your Own Back

This technique is safe and effective.

Take both hands and place them under your arms but further down even with your breast.

Reach as far as you can toward the center of your back with both hands.

Hold yourself like you're giving yourself a tight hug. Your hands should be holding your lower shoulder blades.

Move your neck, shoulders and back around while you're squeezing yourself.

Slowly move your hands downward adding pressure. You should start to feel your upper back wanting to crack. In some cases your upper back will crack.

Stop hugging yourself.

Put your hands on your hips with your four fingers on your back and your thumbs toward your stomach.

Slid hands up as far as you can and add pressure while moving your back in a circular motion.

Take hands and place them on your ribs beside each breast with the palm of your hands on your ribs. Your fingers should be facing your breast.

Push in on your ribs until your back cracks. Work your way down toward your hips.

Note: your back may not crack the first time trying this technique. You must practice and find your own pressure points. Each time your back cracks take a break than start again where you left off.

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tamron profile image

tamron 3 years ago Author

I stopped going to a chiropractor because I just couldn't afford a chiropractor. A friend showed me how to massage and crack my own back. The only trouble is you have to practice in order to find your own pressure points. As you learn your own pressure points. Your back and neck will naturally adjust its self.

Thank You pstraubie48

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 3 years ago from sunny Florida

Good morning

These are interesting suggestions and ones which I will give a try. I am bookmarking this to come back to later.

I am unable to go to a chiropractor any more due to a serious back injury and am always looking for pain relief.

Thank you for sharing. Angels are on the way to you this morning ps Pinned

tamron profile image

tamron 3 years ago Author


It take practice to find your own pressure points but once you do its so rewarding!

rebeccamealey profile image

rebeccamealey 3 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

I'll try that, thanks so much!

Blond Logic profile image

Blond Logic 3 years ago from Brazil

This is just what I needed. I couldn't quite crack it but it felt better just to stretch it. You are correct about the bed causing pain. I now opt to sleep in a hammock which I find much more comfortable.

I'll be sharing this one!

Sandy Moore 5 years ago

Great tips

smcopywrite profile image

smcopywrite 5 years ago from all over the web

stretching you back out from time to time is a great way to keep it limber and from getting stiff if you happen to have back issues.

Sandyspider profile image

Sandyspider 5 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

Good tips for your back.

Brett.Tesol profile image

Brett.Tesol 5 years ago from Thailand

Interesting technique, voted up. It is amazing how much comfort can come after your back has cracked and realigned!

Rickrideshorses profile image

Rickrideshorses 5 years ago from England

Great advice. I often massage my own back. Like the idea of using a basketball!

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 5 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

I tried but I have fibromyalgia and the pain of trying this was more than I could bare. Loss of range of motrion doesn't help me either, but boy I know my back needs cracking! I used to be able to do what you describe.

Thelma Alberts profile image

Thelma Alberts 5 years ago from Germany

Wow! I have not heard of this massage technique using ball for your back. It is a good idea specially if there´s nobody at home who can massage you. Thanks for sharing this and I will try how it works for me. Voted up.

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