Hypnosis to Quit Smoking - Don't waste your money!

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

It is fair to say that at any given time there are thousands of smokers that are trying to quit smoking, or are in the process of considering it. The most common aids for quitting smoking are as follows:-

  1. Nicotine Patches
  2. Nicotine Chewing Gum
  3. Will Power
  4. Electric Cigarettes
  5. Hypnotherapy

As you look at the top 5 ways for quitting smoking, you can clearly see that the top 4 include nicotine. The only one that doesn't is in fact hypnotherapy. However in all fairness, a number of people do turn to hypnosis to quit and some of these peopledo actually quit. The big question is - Is it the hypnosis that causes them to quit, or not? How does it work?...

Hypnosis For Quitting Smoking

Hypnosis is an expensive way to quit smoking. A course will not usually cost you between $400 - $800. This immediately tells us that anyone willing to pay this amount of money to quit smoking must already be very determined to quit, and will most important want the hypnotherapy to work.

Hypnotherapy comes down to suggestion, leading and pacing. If you understand how hypnotherapy is performed then it will be impossible to hypnotize you. Hypnosis is performed using 2 key methods, these are:

  1. Leading
  2. Pacing


Leading is a technique used by a hypnotherapist that is telling you something that you already know. This instills confidence in you, as what you are hearing, you can confirm with. This gains your buy in and helps to make you believe that you will / are being hypnotized. An example of leading: "As you sit there comfortably in the chair, wondering if the hypnosis will work".


Pacing is used directly after leading has taken place. The pacing allows the mind to wander and is the command for the person being hypnotized. E.g. "You will notice that your arm will begin to feel slightly heavier".

"As you sit there comfortably in the chair, wondering if the hypnosis is going to work, you will notice that your arm will begin to feel slightly heavier"

This technique is used throughout the entire hypnotherapy. Leading and Pacing. If you would like to know more about leading and pacing then you can read the following website for more information. This page teaches us how to hypnotize someone in more detail.

In reality you are paying for someone to tell you that you are going to quit, because you believe what they are going to tell you will stick in your mind. When you actually take a step back and think about it, it really is quite a crazy thought. The idea that someone can sit us in a chair and 10 minute later we no longer want to smoke again. At least with the other options there is still an intake of nicotine. Only a very small percentage of people manage to go "cold turkey" when giving up.

Most Stop Smoking Hypnotherapists will offer you something like a 3 month deal. This means that if you smoke within 3 months of your hypnotherapy then you can go back totally free and they will try again. As soon as you go past the 3 month period you will have to pay again for the service. However if you fall into this trick your brain would be telling you that the hypnosis has worked 100% because you are able to go back for FREE if it didn't. The majority of people who give up smoking, generally speaking last about 3-6 months! The reality is that when this 3 month period is up, you suddenly begin to feel a little less secure about the whole quitting procedure. Temptation will creep back quick and fast and many people give in.

If you have the will power then you can quit on your own - you don't need some tom dick and harry to "Hypnotize" you into believing that you can quit!

 Electric Cigarettes

Electric Cigarettes are a much healthier and cleaner way to enjoy, cut down, and eventually quit smoking. They are soon to become the most commonly used technique for giving up smoking. Cartridges are far cheaper than cigarettes and hypnotherapy - and you are able smoke them pretty much anywhere you like, because they do not let out smoke - just water vapour. You get the same sensation as smoking a cigarette, and you still get nicotine, but without the smell and without damaging your lungs. This is a real way of quitting smoking that is more commonly being used all over the world.

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