How I Got Rid Of Boils on Inner Thighs

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Boil Remedy For Boils on Thighs, Armpits & Buttocks

If you never had skin boil otherwise known as cysts they can be very painful. And, how I got rid of boils on my inner thighs is to help you if you experience the same. Anytime you experience a sudden tightness under your arm with minor pain accompanied by a little bump, chances are boils are on the horizon. Depending on the site of the boil ,you're in for some form of discomfort.

As a kid I had my share. I had skin cysts on my face, cysts on my inner thigh, and at one time my mother said I had a carbuncle in the groin area. They were very huge because they were filled with pus and so painful that I had to be confined to bed for days. In those days, hot compresses after which Epsom salt on a gauge was applied and some times soft candle heated over an open lamp. These were the only boil remedy used because hospitals were so far away, that in times of illness homemade remedies sufficed. And they worked.

Here I am today, an adult and skin boils have revisited me. It all started when my husband who works at a hospital started complaining about a painful little bump under his arm, which the doctor confirmed was a boil. I was not aware that boils were contagious and applied hot compresses to his boil only to find myself with skin boils popping up all over my body, one at a time. He went to the doctor and antibiotics (cephalexin) were prescribed. After taking those pills 1 every six hours for ten days the boilis disappeared only to resurface. I took the same pills, but they were just quick fixes.

Research on the internet did not reveal that boils are contagious, but yielded several homemade boil remedies which proved to be futile - just a waste of time and energy. So, when out of the blue three boils popped up on my body at the same time- boil on buttock, boils on inner thigh, and boil in the armpits, I started taking my husbands antibiotics again, then stopped.

I consulted my doctor. By the time I saw her, two boils healed on their own and one remained, which she had to cut open . The doctor said that, that I should stop applying hot compresses, that boils are contagious and they should not be touched with the naked hands. She also advised me to take precautions, because anybody around me can get skin boils. She prescribed sulfamethoxazole TMP which was to be taken two every 12 hours with lots of water for a week. The first day I took the oral antibiotic pills, I experienced great pain and spent a great deal of time on the toilet. Today, I am boil free and hope to remain that way. I hope this is helpful.

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Nick 24 months ago

Are you still boil-free?

Johne859 2 years ago

Hey, thanks for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged. fkfaaekgakag

Pj 2 years ago

I had no idea they were contagious, my grandmother use to get them all the time, now I do. I have a boil on my inner thigh. I just put aspirin on it. I made it like paste, hope this works, I normally have to go and get it lanced, but can't take that pain,

john 2 years ago

Dose Advil work? 2 years ago

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givingfairy profile image

givingfairy 4 years ago from some place in the Big Apple Author

Thanks Akisha for the comment and for refreshing my memories because as a child growing up my mother also used soft candle which she would melt over an open flame and that worked. How could I forget that?

I am also having boils from the time I was 23year they are very painful but I use soft candle on them and with in five days they so away but thank for letting me know it have something that can work 4 years ago


givingfairy profile image

givingfairy 5 years ago from some place in the Big Apple Author

Painful and contagious. That's how I contracted them in the first place. I had no idea that boils were contagious. Thanks for the comment.

LillyGrillzit profile image

LillyGrillzit 6 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

I used to work with a lady who has been plagued with boils her whole life. When I was a kid I had them, from shot sites. They are very painful. Thank you for trying to help others.

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