I Thought I Was a Superman, but Looks Can be Deceiving...Look Around You

Have you ever heard the "knock" of the spirit on your door?

 Have you ever chosen not to answer the call? Remember how many times morning has risen upon us without a warning and instead of embracing the day; all we realized is "Damn I should really get to bed?" So we curse the glare of the morning light and slither off to sleep.

I don't miss those days at all. I sleep in better conscious each day. I find fulfillment in each day...no matter of what as been accomplished or not. My days now are filled with the maintance of my inner peace. My desire to stay spiritually grounded, and development the most simple, yet surprisingly difficult of all religions...kindness.

My personal growth is based daily on basic principles and basic needs. I can not condemn some else's program, beliefs, or Higher Power. I can not shoot down my fellow addict for relapsing or put on any "airs" that my program is superior, because that could be me. Hell, actually it has been me before. If I would have walked back into the rooms after relapsing looking for help and received some of these "hardcore mentalities" at  some of the "holier-than-thou's" posecess. I would have spit at their feet, turned my back, walked out the door, and shook the dirt off the soles of my shoes.

Where is the caring and compassion for are fellow addict...the still suffering? Some think that it can't happen to them...read the statistics. Because numbers DON"T lie, but people do and you are fooling yourself if you think you are immune to the pain of the relapse of your addiction. It can happen to you...I'm not saying it will, but I can tell you I have lost a lot of friends and I have stepped over many bodies.

I do NOT want to step over yours...We can walk through this together. United we can stand, but together we rise above...just for today.

So I will say it again for all you "supermen" out there who like to make sure the whole world of recovery can see their cape flapping in the wind. Stop beating your chest, and remember you are falable...You don't need to tell everyone how strong and powerful you are...because we mere mortals know and remember what  power kryponite has over you...and ourselves.

Keep those feet on the ground, and stay humble...the head will follow

"Winter Song" (live)

"Winter Song" by the Screaming Trees


Jesus knocking on my door

 Late last night and early this morning

 Window glass, rusted and weary

 I went straight through

 Didn't hear no warning

  Just a roll of the dice

 And a precious vice

 To bring you round, it's easier

 When I'm wasting my time

 And I'm losing my mind

 Oh my mind

  Try to wait for the sky to fall

 It's kind of hard not to see it all

 Whisper a song of winter in your heart

  Dead end street, just out my back door

 I heard what's seen, a young girl laughing

 Now raindrops fall away like souls

 I wondered if she ever heard mine dying

  Just a roll of the dice, and a precious vice

 To bring you round, it's easier

 When I'm wasting my time

 And I'm losing my mind

 Oh my mind

  Trying to wait for the sky to fall

 It's kind of hard now to see it all

 Whisper a song of winter in your heart


 Trying to wait for the sky to fall

 It's kind of hard now to see it all

 Whisper a song of winter in your heart

  Jesus knocking on my door

 One last time, and early this morning

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RGraf profile image

RGraf 7 years ago from Wisconsin

This a beautiful piece. So true. We are working with addicts of all types right now and so many have been turned away due to the judgment of others.

Great piece.

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