I am so happy and grateful now that....

I am so happy and grateful now that....

This is a fun way to start your day or your week or your year. Simply by stating what it is that you wish to bring forth in your life. It's a very creative way for you to journal and express your highest aspirations for your life. Just start out on a blank piece of paper writing: I am so happy and grateful now that ...... and fill in the blanks, write your dreams. You are the creator of your moments and your hours and days and everything in between. So having an attitude of gratitude is the best way to start. As you write down what you are happy and grateful for, you begin to have ideas and images and possibilities bubble up inside of your consciousness. As these thoughts come up journal them. The more you journal them and think of the possibilities the more possibilities show up for you in the physical world, because you are focusing and breathing life into them. It's amazing to experiment with this and to watch how your life changes in the direction you are thinking about. There is a saying that" whatever you think about and thank about you bring about". I think the saying was from Esther Hicks. It is true that whatever we are thinking and feeling shows up for us in our lives. So if we are having a good day and things are going our way then we know we are on the right path and if we are having a bad day and everything that could go wrong does, just make a thought check and see what it is you have been focusing on and that is sure to show up for you.

So for me I am happy and grateful that I have found hub pages as an avenue to learn more about writing from other writers that know much more about it than myself. I am so happy and grateful for this life I have chosen . One in which everything is possible and where love and joy abound. I am so glad if I am able to help others reach their potential through whatever life tools I have in my tool box of knowledge thus far.

I send you all many ,many blessings on your lifes journey. Here's to enjoying the ride!

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healthylife2 profile image

healthylife2 4 years ago from Connecticut, USA

I really enjoyed this hub! What a great idea to every day write down even one thing I am grateful more to keep a positive perspective on life. I love that you said we are the creator of our moments rather than just being passive and letting life happen to us. Voted up!

moneyfairy profile image

moneyfairy 4 years ago Author

Thank you healthylifie2. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for voting me up.

moneyfairy profile image

moneyfairy 3 years ago Author

The benefits of being thankful are a fuller life. The more thankful we are the fuller everything in our life becomes. The more thankless we are the less we have. it's very simple.

Stacie L profile image

Stacie L 3 years ago

Yes,happiness is a state of mind. One need sot determine their own happiness and not rely on others to make you happy.Good advice. :-)

moneyfairy profile image

moneyfairy 3 years ago Author

Thank you Stacie :). Glad you agree :).

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