I have a problem with farting- what do i do?

What the causes are and how to eliminate these toxic fumes.

The Culprits of these toxic fumes

apples, apricots, baked beans, bananas, bran muffins and cereals, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, citrus fruits, corn, cream cucumbers, dried beans, dried peas, eggplant, ice cream, ice milk,, kohlrabi, lentils, lima beans, milk, oats, pastries, onions, peaches, , pears, potatoes, pretzels, prune juice, prunes, rutabagas, raisins, radishes, sauerkraut, Sorbitol, and mannitol -artificial sweeteners- , tomatoes, wheat bread, and wheat germ. * yes, i did my share of research, and as an added plus work in the medical industry.

How To Avoid/prevent them

- Check your posture and position. You should be eating sitting at the table, not laying around, or lounging. When you eat or drink laying down, the gas in your stomach cannot escape.

-You should eat slowly, chew thouroughly, and dont gulp, because when you gulp, youll only swallow air, and that produces flatulence. (farts)

- dry up that drip: postnasal drip often leads to air swallowing, and gas production.

- try beano.

-reach for OTC medications containing simethicone. This relieve simptoms of bloatingness, pressure, and fullness due to gas. Gas-X, Mylicon Gas, etc.

-try drinking tea. They contain natural oils that settle the stomach.

-try rocking in a rocking chair. You can't just rock, you have to put your feet on the floor, and put some BAM! into it. ( this tip makes it easier to pass gas.)


Please leave a comment to at least let me know your experiences/accomplishments.


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farts smell 6 years ago

eheheheh great hub, hope the farting is better :D

Lerato 6 years ago

Can Farting make you gain weight.

nightlymistress profile image

nightlymistress 5 years ago from U.S Thats all that you need to know. Author

To answer your question Lerato, no it does not.

rema 5 years ago

this is the thing i really need now...i am having problem with farting after 4 days of experiencing LBM....bad really bad

nightlymistress profile image

nightlymistress 5 years ago from U.S Thats all that you need to know. Author

Has my hub helped you Rema?

allyison 4 years ago

take emezynes to help

digest your food. sometimes your body has a harder time breaking down foods.

not stinky 4 years ago

i cant beleive im even looking this up. but.... over the last few years i have been farting alot... i dont do it at work (unless i reallly reallly have to) but from the moment i get in the car until i go to sleep.. i have these giant farts, and ive been told to happenes in my sleep....if i dont my stomache hurts...i know people who eat bananas,brocolli,salad stuff,and the same things i do,they are never stinky,unless i gotta go to the bathroom..is this normal??

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