I Lost my "Bad Fat' by eating a lot of "Good Fat", the Low Carb/ Low Sugar Way!

What Changed My Way of Eating?

Besides feeling poorly, no energy, sluggish, depressed, I hated the way I looked. I no longer wanted to be included in photographs. This was still happening even after starting my Thyroid medication.

Exercise? How could I even begin? It was a struggle just getting out of bed, even though I also had trouble sleeping.

Then one day in the library, I found a book by Jorge Cruise titled, " The 100". After reading this book, I decided I should try it. Basically you cut your sugar in-take down to a certain level. This means breads, fruits and other things that your body turns into sugar as well. This was going to be hard! I was a "bread-a-holic" after all! But I started!

I'm not going to lie to you and tell it was easy , it was HARD! It was DETOX! I was addicted to sugar and with-draw was killing me. I had headaches, I had brain fog. I was a mess.

Then it happened.

Around the fourth day, I had energy that I couldn't contain. I was thinking clearer and I had lost 5 pounds!

Then, I found another book- "Wheat Belly". This book gave me even more reason to leave the bread and grains behind and also, "Processed foods", Foods I had been eating that I thought were good for me, weren't REAL.

Before & After ~ 55 Pounds Lost!

My Typical Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: Eggs, any way, but if fried , real butter or coconut oil! Bacon! or left-over meat from dinner. Sometimes omelets and veggies and lots of cheese! REAL CHEESE! Coffee with a lot of real cream!
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, cucumber slices, green pepper slices, cheese cubes, raw almonds Coffee with a lot of real cream!
  • Dinner: A big portion of any real meat. A lot of vegetables, steamed usually covered with butter or olive oil. Sometimes Veggie Lasagna, or meat and veggie casseroles with a lot of cheese!
  • I only drink water and coffee! I had lemon to my water, sometimes, and I add a lot of cream to my coffee. No bread! No pasta! No wheat or grain products. No processed foods!

Dr. Davis , Author of Wheat Belly

Before & After: Me and my Daddy, One Year Apart

Find Your Own Way!

My way my not be your way. I took tidbits from a lot of different sources but what I do know is that what my Doctors had been telling me for years wasn't working on my weight nor my cholesterol levels!

They told me low fat and lots of grains! I was gaining weight! I will also admit that I have not done much exercise since starting this plan. That is next on my agenda as I need to firm up!

Find YOUR way, some people can tolerate Carbs better than I can. I think I am allergic to them! I joke! But I was an addict! The more I ate the more I wanted to eat! I don't crave them any more! Sweetened items are too sweet! I don't want them! When I do have them, I feel horrible the next day! Like I have a hang over!

I just want people that have struggled like me to know that there is a way, you can do this!

More Information to Come!

I hope to do more in-depth articles on this eating lifestyle in the future as I am learning something new everyday!

I hope you'll stay with me on this journey!

© 2015 Just Toyia

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