Hi everyone! I realize that I've been absent a long time and I hope to change that in the near future.

Many things have happened since my last postings, moving into a more affordable place is one, and a few things have changed for me health -wise.

I over a month in the hospital in late 2014 and this past December the doctors told me I had a GIST in my intestine. GIST is shorthand for a Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor. It is cancerous, but luckily, its not aggressive. They are treating it with chemotherapy pills and so far so good. No nausea and no hair loss. I have joked to family and friends however, that if I DID start to lose my hair, I'd just shave it into a Mohawk. Got to keep the sense of humor--experts say that is very important.

I also found out that the hearing loss I've dealt with for years is correctable and I did get hearing . It's made a big difference in my daily living. I started a GoFundMe campaign, but it seems to have stalled at the halfway point. I'm posting wherever I can think of to hopefully get a little more help. I'm on a fixed income and due to trusting the wrong people, I got myself in a bind that I'm slowly getting out of. The link to my campaign is below.

Help for Shea's hearing

I hope to get back to writing in the future--hopefully I can get inspired once more. It just seems that I've had too much going on to do much writing.

Thanks for your time

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