I think I have Adult ADHD-Do Screening Test

Why I wrote this hub on ADHD


If you have found this article because you think you have Adult ADHD that's great as you are the reason I wrote it!

I know I don't know you however I felt strange when I thought I had it so I wrote this to hopefully help others and also to try work out how I felt about the situation.

After having a lot of jobs, moving a lot , not finishing projects, being disorganised my whole life it seemed amazing that there was a reason behind it all.

Funny enough tho I have always been punctual, that was drummed into me at an early age to be early at all times !

Please read to the end & leave a comment if I have helped even in a tiny way !

Thanks ,


I can make these ok but find it hard to do other things
I can make these ok but find it hard to do other things

I think I have Adult ADHD . I and I guess others as well come to the conclusion that maybe this is the answer to why we are the way we are .

What do we do about it ? Keep on going the way we are or do something about it ?

If the way you are is affecting your life and relationship then do yourself and loved one a favour and seek HELP from the right source.

Make an appointment with your local doctor and GO !

After reading an article on the subject of what people with ADHD are like it sounded very much like they were discussing me and every aspect of my life so I have decided to get checked out so I know for sure if I do have it or its just a coincidence

so the first visit is to the local Doctor or GP to start the process .

First of all I have had to have blood tests to rule out anything else that could be a problem and will get the results Thursday 12 August.

If they are all clear the Doctor will refer me to a specialist which means I will travel 2 hours to the coast or down to Perth about 4 hours away

It all makes sense to me if it is proved that I do have ADHD and am hoping that I have so I can get help for it and get so many of my projects finished that I have started over a period of time.

Also it will mean a lot to me as so many people I know just think I am crazy etc, It will be good to say there was a reason for many things I have done or said over the years .

I enjoy the creative side of me - the ideas that come flowing in at 2 am in the morning or while peeling potatoes at the bakery !

Richard Branson is very clever and he has ADHD like many other creative & artistic people so there is hope for me yet !

A lot of famous people have ADHD and are doing really well in life !

There is an article on hubs with a quiz to test for ADHD that I did not just once but 3 times and each time it said I most likely have ADHD and to seek IMMEDIATE HELP .

I went to the doctors and am waiting for results of blood tests before she will give me a referral letter to see a specialist .

As I am impulsive I decided to start this anyway and will fill in if I do have it in a few weeks!

My results of ADHD quiz

Adult ADD/ADHD Screening Quiz Answers

Total score of: 94 (70 or Above, High Probability of ADHD)

Your answers to this adult ADHD screening test score 70 or over, which is associated with a high probability of ADHD.

My manager thinks it is in my head

Please tell me if you can answer this how do I cope with a manager at work who tells you straight up she thinks you are making it all up -- It is all in your head ..I am having trouble dealing with this and couldn't answer her.

It hurts as how can I work with her if she thinks I am making it up ??

Never trust a female boss ??

What do I say ?????????????

True the problem is in your head but not in the sarcastic way she means.

Please help ASAP as I have to face her on Tuesday ..I need answers ASAP Please as I need to know if I can get better when having to deal with that everyday .

Thank you/

Other test results

These Are Your Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale Results

Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale Answers

Total Answers Consistent with ADHD Symptoms: 6 (4 or Above, High Probability of ADHD)

Your answers to this adult ADHD screening test score 4 or over, which indicates symptoms highly consistent with ADHD in adults and suggests that further investigation is warranted

Famous people with ADHD and their quotes

"I'm sorry...I wasn't paying attention to what I was thinking" -Shelley Curtiss

"I was trying to daydream but my mind kept wandering." -Steven Wright

"Punctuality is the virture of the bored." -Evelyn Waugh

"ADD is like going through life, carrying a one-man band contraption with a broken strap." -Julia Smith-Ruetz

"My room may be a mess but it's an organized mess. I know right where everything is." -Brandon Curtiss

"The best non-pharmacological treatment for ADD is exercise, sex, and humor." — Dr. Ned Hallowell, Co-author of Driven to Distraction.

"I prefer to distinguish ADD as attention abundance disorder. Everything is just so interesting . . . remarkably at the same time.” — Frank Coppola, MA, ODC, ACG

"I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with a soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments." — Jim Morrison, musician

"I had a terrible education. I attended a school for emotionally disturbed teachers." — Woody Allen

"The only problem with the world is a lot of people DON'T have ADD" — Andy Pakula, CEO of Think! Interactive Marketing

“Man, I love my ADD. It always reminds me how much I don’t remember.” — Frank Coppola MA, ODC, ACG

"Ah! the clock is always slow, it is later than you think." — Robert W. Service

"Never do today what you can put off til tomorrow." — Matthew Browne

"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." — Thomas Edison

"All human evil comes from a single cause, man's inability to sit still in a room." — Blaise Pascal

"It has been said that idleness is the parent of mischief, which is very true; but mischief itself is merely an attempt to escape from the dreary vacuum of idleness." — George Borrow

"Too much rest becomes a pain." — Homer

"Sometimes a person with ADD feels as if their mind is moving as fast as a speeding train." -- Frank Coppola MA, ODC, ACG

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." — Henry David Thoreau

"It's a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word!" — Andrew Jackson

"Five minutes! Zounds! I have been five minutes too late all my lifetime!" — Hannah Cowley

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible." — Frank Zappa, musician

"Something a guy never wants to hear, 'Tim, the school called!' " — Tim Allen

"If they try to rush me, I always say, 'I've only got one other speed and it's slower." — Glenn Ford

"My parents and my former faculty members would be surprised that I'm standing here. While my name appeared on several list in the dean's office, none of them was the dean's list my parents wanted." — Steve Croft, 60 Minutes Correspondent during a college graduation speech.


Living with ADHD

Latest news !

I have my referral letter to see a specialist and decided to see someone in Perth , I have made an appointment to see someone I found on the Internet.

A Doctor Clarkson in Cottesloe as he specialises in ADHD.

I have to pay to do another quiz online then It will cost me almost $200 to see him the first time so start saving if you think you have it .

I need to go see him as it makes a lot of sense to my life and that of others if I am told I do have it and they can help with it .

I Will let you know how it goes with my visit.

I made an appointment for Monday which is great as I don't have to work afterwards !!

Bye for now !

Ps Just got a call , its been changed to Tuesday which isn't as good , wont be as relaxed as I work after it but don't want to wait any longer so will do it.

Latest update !

I have been to see Dr Clarkson a ADHD specialist today and he  has been confirmed after meeting me and looking at my online test  I have a severe case of ADHD.

It felt strange having this confirmed yet I was pleased to have an answer .

It wasn't something I had ever thought of in the last 30 years , just seemed to come up in the last year.

Now I need to go back next week to start getting it sorted out so I can work out better ways of doing things.

I have an appointment on Tuesday October 12 to see a psychiatrist so will let you know how it goes .

It is coming up fast now !

Some traits of ADHD people

This is not a positive "spin" - It's true!











October update

I have had my appointment with the psychiatrist , It seemed to go well even though I was a bit nervous talking about my life.

 I have started treatment so I will keep you updated  on how I go with it.

I am feeling ok so far but am not sure how I am suposed to feel.

Yesterday I started & finished a new hub, also made 2 sales in one evening at work !! Wow !

Lets hope It keeps going !

Please do let me know your stories if you feel you have Adult ADHD , I would love to hear from you and how you got on with it and any good tips.


My Manager says its in my head

I have never had a female manager before and hope I never do agan!

As well as other issues I have with her I told her about the ADHD and she says it is just in my head and won't talk about it.

As I am trying to work on the diferent aspects on it this is a time you need understanding not bitchy comments from management.

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