Poem written in 1986

After years of being alone

and hearing one-sided conversations,

it is our turn to speak,

but we cannot. We are mute,

though we know how to live

and how to die.

We live life

with the same ideology

that life is full of melancholy.

We die a thousand times

and prove that sometimes

death's hands are gentle

compared to life's ravishment.

We can no longer be touched

with such harsh words always criticizing

our thoughts and ideas.

Our pens slash the pain,

and when we lay our troubles down on paper

our problems become the blue-print

of someone else's pain.

Our words gently whisper to them, "You are not alone.

I know how you feel. I understand."

Maybe there are too many realists

in the world and maybe we hurt to write, but our struggle

is no disease.

Perhaps we are damned

and our innocence tainted.

For the melancholy poet,

the world remains unpainted.

The poet has had a difficult time

fitting into the world,

but we hold no grudge.

We write like only a melancholic can,

not by choice,

but by Someone else's hand.

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no body profile image

no body 7 years ago from Rochester, New York

I love this poem. You are really talented. I'm glad I'm your fan.

quietnessandtrust profile image

quietnessandtrust 7 years ago from Carbon Canyon, California

Very well written...reminds me of my music.


katyzzz profile image

katyzzz 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Brilliant, as is your blue print ( picture), you touched me and yet I am not generally in favour of the work of melancholy.

You show great depth of feeling, Pamela

Pamela Laird profile image

Pamela Laird 7 years ago Author

Thank you. There is a story behind the poem. I wrote this when I was in college after I heard the editor of the literary magazine say negative things about darker poems. Thus the title, IN DEFENSE OF MELENCHOLY POETS.

coffeesnob 7 years ago

Pamela, to me darker poems, or if you will melancholy poems are so different than negative thinking type poems - to me they express the inner depth of a person that I beleive exists in everyone, but the one who writes it is in touch with that deeper part, and by their writing can touch others in meaningful ways. i love your work

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