Injury in accident can occur when there is an accident especially in a car accident. Most of these injuries that occur could be as a result of one not being properly protected or as a result of carelessness on the part of the person injured.



 Protection: to avoid a serious injury in accident, you need to totally protect yourself from any form of accidental hazards. If you are the one driving make sure you put on your seat belts, or even as a passenger you need to protect your self with a seat belt so as not to sustain a serious injury when an accident occurs.

Being protected means a lot while on the road or even at your work place because no one can tell when an accident would occur. 80% of injury sustained in accidents is due to lack of proper protection on the part of the plaintiff or the injured. The seat belt help to pull you back to a steady position when an accident occur even if the accident is a fatal one, at least you may not bump your head on the windscreen or fly out of the car. The benefit of being protected with a seatbelt can never be over emphasized if one must minimize the injury sustain during an accident.


Driving rules: If you must drive then you must stick to the driving rule of the country where you are, don’t confuse other road users with different way of driving. Most drivers on the road don’t know the proper rules and this has contributed to about 30% of road accident. Another aspect of knowing the driving rule is that it helps eliminate the chances of one not knowing where to make a turn or not there by creating a public nuisance on the road which could lead to a fatal accident.

In some countries they have the left handed driving technique while in other countries they observe the right hand kind of driving; all these have to be putting into consideration before hitting the road. Another way to avoid road accident is by going through the driving rules of that particular city.


Carefulness: As with everything one needs to be very careful when driving, there are some road users who cannot see very well, so when a full light is flashed in front of them they lose control and this may result into a serious road accident. There are some drivers too who drinks and drive, though it is not your duty to mind them but you still have to be very care so as not to endanger your own life. Remember that there are people out there who don’t care much about their lives and that is the more reason you need to be careful.


Watch out for others: When on the road make sure you watch out for other people, either road users or passerby, some people might lose country of what they are actually doing and hit the street, so its your duty at that particular moment to watch out for them in other to protect yourself and the people on the road. Your motto should always be safety first. You can make claim on who is wrong or right after you might have saved the situation from serious injury.

Pay attention and be patient: When on the road you really have to pay lots of attention and also apply patients if you don’t want to find yourself in the hospital or better still dead. So many people have lost their lives on the road due to impatient, think of all the better things you can do while you’re alive and the good things you would also enjoy while you’re alive and be patient. Out of 100’s of accident that occur on the road 20 of them are cause by someone not doing the right thin at the right time.


Check your car properly: Before you hit the road make sure your car is in good order, most time a fatal accident can occur if there is a fault in the car, it could be a nut that is not well tightened or the care tires not properly fixed, all these have to be properly checked for and fix before the car can be good for outing.

If you think the car is not in a good order or form, please don’t endanger your live and the lives of other, you can take a public transport or better still call your car mechanic to check out the fault and determine what next to do.


 After all these majors have been in place and an accident occurs, you would want to do the following to make your accident claims


Mark the place: Marking the place of the accident is to help identify the particular place where the accident occurs for future reference. This procedure can be done either with a marker or a sealer tape, just anything to prove that an accident has occur.


Have a witness: This is the person that would testify to be a witness that accident has actually taken place in a particular place.


Exchange addresses: In the case where there is a third party involved then addresses need to be exchanged in order to contact each other when the need arise or if there is a serious injury, to contact the families on those involved.


Seek medical attention: You must seek a medical attention to help determine the level of the injury and give you the proper treatment. Sometime when an accident occurs, the person involved may not know if he or she has been injured seriously or not.


Keep medical record; Keep all records of the medical treatment; this would be a referral when making your accident claim. If you need to contact an accident claim attorney then he would require that you provide him with all these details.

Find an injury lawyer: You need an injury lawyer to file your case for you; the injury lawyer would help you to file your case, take the case to the proper channel and help you to make an accident claim.

When you need to find an injury lawyer make sure you get a registered a well renowned injury lawyer who would help facilitates your making an injury claim.


Above all remember it is better to stay healthy and remain healthy instead of being injured and hiring an injury attorney that would be fighting for your claim while you go through pain. Road accident can be avoided only if you and I could adhere to the necessary things that would ensure our safety.








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