Ideas to Change Your Life

Surf Information For Ideas

Surf Information for Ideas
Surf Information for Ideas

Ideas are Everywhere

We all have random thoughts streaming through our brains every day. Ideas are everywhere; when you surf the net, talk to friends, watch TV and network via the Facebook/Twitter universe. If you want to change your life, you need unstructured forums for new ideas, innovative and alternative perspectives that expand your personal experience of the world around you. Information washes over you constantly. Put another way, opportunities to make money flow through you every day. Great ideas that could change your life if only you could tune your reception to filter the crap from the million dollar opportunities that touch you all the time.

Destiny can be altered, the plan changed...We are not living in an Adjustment Bureau World

The Eureka A-ha Moment

What if an idea changed your life tomorrow? What if a great idea smacked you on the forehead? Would you realize it? Would you act on it? Would you be open to new opportunities, innovations that could change your life, shape your future into something unexpected and delightful? The "a-ha" moment we can either seize and run with or ignore and regret forever. Archimedes, the Greek mathematician had his eureka idea in the bathtub, a moment so overwhelming in its simple brilliance that he ran naked down the street in delight.

Read about People who had Great Ideas

That was my idea!

Ideas are everywhere but we are distracted and overwhelmed by information; the noise of the media swirling around us. To recognize innovation, to make money of an idea no one else thought of is both easy and extremely difficult. Who hasn't contemplated the success of others and remarked, "hell, I thought of that before him but I didn't do anything about it!"

Sudden creativity is never planned, but nurtured by the right conditions. You have to quiet the mind and open the receptors to new ideas. Your eureka moment is out there, but it will not tap you on the shoulder or shout across the street as you wander by. You need to train your mind to listen and wander the roads less travelled.

Start Today to Change Your Life

The first step in capturing great ideas is to carry a notebook everywhere. When you hear something that strikes you as interesting, write it down. Don't worry about judging the merits of what you heard or saw. That is for later. The essential step of idea awareness is to capture the thought before it leaves. Believe me, ideas are more that fleeting. They run away at supersonic speeds to make room for the next one barreling towards you. Your notebook will be your idea friend, to be reviewed later and mined for those nuggets of gold that spark the innovative idea that will change your life.

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