Wish I Had a Bath Tub Now That I Don't Have One

Make Certain Your Bathroom Has a Bathtub

I have just recently moved house for the ninth time and It was brought to my attention that the bathroom had only a shower, no bath. I thought at the time I wouldn't miss having a bath tub as I very rarely had the time for a luxurious bubble bath anyway, however just lately I have grown to miss having one. My new job is at times back breaking and when I first get home I rush off to the shower, turn the tap on as hot as I can stand it and let the heat soothe my aching muscles. But how much nicer, I think to myself would it be to have a long hot bubble bath.

Goldilocks And The Bath Tub

Just like Goldilocks, I too want a bath that is just right, not too big ( I don't want to risk falling asleep and drowning) not too small ( what is it with these things called half-baths, what is the point if you have to sit in it with your knees up?) My bath has to be just right.

Growing up we had a bath tub and shower in one with one of those awful shower curtains that clung to your wet body, yuk! But at least we had a bath tub I suppose. Just writing about bath tubs makes me want a bath right this very minute. The idea of soaking for a very long time in a tub filled with bubbles is so appealing but you know the times that I have had the pleasure, now that I recall, I generally got bored within the first fifteen minutes even with a glass of wine and a good book. The book ended up all wet and dog eared and the wine ran out too soon, such a waste of water I thought as I let the plug out.


Relaxing time spent on ourselves is worth it.
Relaxing time spent on ourselves is worth it. | Source

Bath Time Can Be Self Nurturing TIme

No doubt about it though a good soak is good for the soul. It self nurtures, can get rid of stress and gives you time to relax and reflect to exfoliate and shave your legs lol Any time spent on ourselves is well worth it I reckon, mainly because we can't give to others unless we give to ourselves. We have to top our pleasure levels up before we can give openly and freely to those we love. I was reminded of this on my last plane flight. The air hostess was going through the emergency drill and as always we were reminded that in the event we may need to use the oxygen mask we should fit ours to our face first before assisting others. Good advice I believe. I find that I get very stressed if I am caught in a position of constantly giving of my time to others and forget to oxygenate myself.

Make Time for Relaxation
Make Time for Relaxation | Source

Making Time for You

Just this week I found myself running in circles doing overtime at work and still preparing meals for myself and the kids, washing the clothes so we would have clothes for work, shopping etc and I had not done anything for myself, not even spent half an hour reading a book or just relaxing with a coffee.

I know I could have asked for help but you know I am one of those people that expect others that are close to me to recognize that they are not pulling their weight and offer at least to help out. But no...I was sadly disappointed. I believe I should not have to point out the obvious to the people around me but I think they believe I have secretly hired a housekeeper...I wish. Well I soon recognized that I was getting cranky and tired and taking it out on the wrong people when all I really needed was to give myself some me time. I took the phone off the hook, lay on the couch with book, of which I read a page before falling asleep for an hour. But boy did I feel better. Self nurture I say and do it often and never feel guilty about doing it :)

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John Scott 5 years ago

I appreciate your bathtub article. We are much too rushed and accustomed only to showers. A bath is relaxing. It is good mental health. Anything that slows us down in our fast-paced society, such as art, especially painting, and walking in the woods, helps your mind to regroup. Hadn't really thought of it in terms of mental health, but yes, a bath is good for mental health. Good job!


athena2011 profile image

athena2011 5 years ago from Beachfront - In My Dreams:)

I enjoyed your hub very much. You paint such a vivid picture of your bathtub experience. I can relate to the thought of what a waste of water when you pull the plug.

A warm bath can be very soothing and calming and is often recommended for stress relief.

Here is a link to one of my hubs related to stress relief;

http://athena2011.hubpages.com/hub/Get-Rid-of-Stre... Let me know what you think when you have a chance to visit.

NiaG profile image

NiaG 5 years ago from Louisville, KY

Love this hub. Very nicely done.

lyns profile image

lyns 5 years ago from USA

Relaxing story, yes we do need this time for ourselves, thanks for sharing this hub. voted up

Leaderofmany profile image

Leaderofmany 5 years ago from Back Home in Indiana

I also bought a house without a bath tub, I thought that I would not miss it. I am looking for a way to put a tub in. Your Hub was very good at making me want it more.

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

Well I had not expected this little hub to attract such wonderful responses. Thank you all for taking time out to read it. My next house will definitely have a bath tub :)

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

John I bookmarked the website you suggested, from what I have read so far it is full of great information. I love the analogy of the mind needing flossing just like our teeth and have also believed for along time that our kids should be taught aspects of mental health in school so that they can help themselves more rather than opting for medications.

Athena, awesome hub full of useful info, looking forward to reading more of yours :)

Raymond Tremain profile image

Raymond Tremain 5 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

Well what you say about having a bath, sure not for me, reason is that when you soak in the bath don't you realize that you are soaking in your dirty scum water then you need to have another to get rid of the scum that gets back onto your body.

A good hot shower for me any day.

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

I had not thought of that Raymond...yuk! maybe I will just have a bath to relax in and then jump in for a quick shower to wash of my scum lol.

Athena2011 5 years ago

Hi Christine,

Thanks for visiting my hub and letting me know your thoughts on it too.

Take care,


Raymond Tremain profile image

Raymond Tremain 5 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

So you are an aussie too Christine, I live in good old Melbourne the best city in the world to live in , did you see the other week where Melbourne was voted the best city in the world to live, and we also are the Sporting capital of aussie, and every day the weather changes.

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

Not to mention the awesome restaurants they have Raymond, the perfect city for me would be a combination of the Brisbane weather and relaxed lifestyle(sometimes too relaxed)and the qualities of Melbourne that you mentioned. I was born and raised in Sydney and don't miss it much.

Raymond Tremain profile image

Raymond Tremain 5 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

Yes Christine except for the floods Brisbane get, well Melbourne and Sydney never saw eye to eye anyway so you're not missing much, so even David Beckham said that Melbourne was the best city to live in.

Take care

Raymond Tremain profile image

Raymond Tremain 5 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

I just had a read of your profile, you say you want to travel, let me say that to do that its one of my adventures I do every year, I've been to China, Indonessia,France, Germany, Austria, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England, USA, Netherlands, so you need to do your work well save and retire.

God loves all

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

I've only been to Thailand and New Zealand but I am saving hard to travel to other countries. What was your favourite country to visit Raymond?

Raymond Tremain profile image

Raymond Tremain 5 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

well I've been to Paris 4 times, BUT I want to go back to Vienna one day, that city so much to see and do, in usa I met many lovely people they all want me back so nxt yr I'm going back, I think I enjoyed Vienna the best, but I can't go past England as my family come from there and I have searched back to 1066 been there now 6 times and still not seen all of it.my holidays are 6 weeks at a time.

wordscribe43 profile image

wordscribe43 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

I love it, your life sounds unbelievably similar to mine. I've finally learned to make time for myself, it's taken years to be able to do this. Granted, it helps my twins and singleton are a bit older now... but, if I don't have that "me time" I'm not a very patient mom. I must tell you I do love my bathtub. But, the thing is enormous and I feel like a huge resource waster when I fill up the darn thing. Anyway, here's hoping you can find your bathtub replacement!

P.S. I know what you mean about always hoping others will notice when it's time for them to chip in. I was like that for years, would always add a little exasperated sigh when I'd begin a chore, too. I've come to finally ask for help, it's not as bad as you think! :-D

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for reading my hub wordscribe:) I am working on asking for help but still find it difficult mainly because my partner has this amazing and sometimes annoying thing called perfectionism and where I might be able to do a quick vacuum he will pull everything out and literally hunt down every fur ball so the total housework hour turns into three lol but wouldn't trade him for anything :)

princesswithapen profile image

princesswithapen 5 years ago

"..a good soak is good for the soul.." What you said here is absolutely right. A soak in the batch tub on a weekend after a busy week is extremely relaxing and unwinding. Times spent in the bath tub are also perfect to reflect, think and day dream. Do you have space to install a bath tub in your new house? You could share the cost with the owner if it is rented. Any which way, I hope you get more time in the future to indulge and unwind!


Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

thanks princess, renting does pose a problem as we never know when we will be asked to move, have thought about buying a spa, at least we could take it with us when we move. Sometimes before i drift off to sleep I imagine I am lying in a tub...it works sort of and I do drift off to sleep more easily. Thanks for your comments :)

FloraBreenRobison profile image

FloraBreenRobison 5 years ago

I have bad balance and find that even with a bath mat, the shower spray is so strong that I have to stand at the back of the tub to make sure I'm not pushed backwards. I can only take a shower in those thin stalls where there is nowhere to fall because it is a tall rectangle. Baths are preferable to me. Therefore, I always wash my hair in the kitchen sink.

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Flora, your bad balance must pose a problem in lots of areas in your life, I guess you would need to be careful just getting in and out of a tub as well. I too have needed at one time to wash my hair in the sink and it's not very comfortable...a pain in the neck actually. Thanks for your comments :)

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