Importance of Early morning walk.

Early morning walk

 Early morning walk is one of the best exercises for our health. A 30 minute walk early in the morning is worth a 2 hour hard core exercise in the gym. It gives us a sense of happiness calms our agitated nerves and cools the mind body and soul. The fresh oxygen that we often miss in concrete jungles of our cities may be easily utilised in the early hours of morning. The freshness and mist that you feel in the early morning is hard to find.

Benifits of an early morning walk.

Given below are some of the benefits of an early morning walk. (These are just a few of the hundreds of benefits that you get from morning walk and a seprate book can be written on this topic but I am only giving you the most relevent)

1- It gives your lungs and blood a rich source of fresh oxygen.

2- Very good for people suffering from high Blood Presure.

3- Gives a good exercise to the lower extremities joints specially knees and ankles.

4- Highly recommended for arthritis patients.

5- Helps to lower LDL (bad cholestrol) and increases HDL (good cholestrol)

6- If you take a hot glass of water mixed with lime juice and honey it may help to reduce your weight very fast.

7- The cool and mistic atmosphere of early morning is very benificial for patients suffering from depression and anxiety.

8- Increases you energy and work efficiency.

9- Helps to control high blood pressure.

10- If combined with yoga or meditation, it is alone sufficient for overall health and no other exercise is needed.

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sisterofdummy profile image

sisterofdummy 6 years ago

I enjoyed reading your hub. I voted it useful because it was, well, useful.

jagruti 5 years ago

it was really helpful wat i wanted it was exactly dat

nomi malik 5 years ago

It is very interesting to know about morning walk and it will be in the knowledge of every one the benefits of morning walk.... its tooo good, i likes ur hub and it gives u a lot of information

priya 5 years ago

i acted upon ur suggestion!! very nice and effective!!!! :D

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Ashish khobragade 4 years ago

I read all 10 importance tips of morning walk & i really like it.,.

esha 4 years ago

very good information

Linda 4 years ago

First time get up an het moving is takes..i work at nite and the morning walk keeps me going..thanks..atl ga.

Sahil Kaliraman 4 years ago

Morning walk is the best exercise for health.

veini goyal 3 years ago

i really liked those 10 points

WWas 3 years ago

I'd probably believe it more if there wasn't any spelling errors.

neetu 3 years ago


after taking lime with warm water there is a pain in feet.and feel weakness pl.suggest a best treatment.

jaszz 2 years ago

Its interesting .......!!!!!!

palak 2 years ago

The freshness and mist that you feel in the morning is hard

Mani 2 years ago

It is good for knowledge

deepika 2 years ago

it`s really working

ayush tripathi 2 years ago

very helpful post for me .from now i go daily for a morning walk

Banshikã Maheshwarï 2 years ago

Very nice nd intrestng..i like it...too useful fr me nd i hd read the alaltn points nd i rely like it..thankxx...

vikas khanchi 2 years ago

Morning walk is best exercise for health 24 months ago

not very much detail

muskan 21 months ago

Nor so good or worst not so detail

gobinda roy 19 months ago

I like morning walk. It is kept of my mind fresh & is very intearesting exercise...


Tania sunger 18 months ago

I like early morning walk . I am daily very exited go for morning walk. it very very beneficial for our health.

abc 17 months ago

Thanks a lot

saksham 16 months ago

it is very good information of morning walk i use this paragraph in copy

Sindhu Devilboy 12 months ago

It is not at all very worst to go on a morning walk .It is very nice.It keep my mind fresh & cool and very interesting too.

fucku 9 months ago

i hate it

farhan khan 8 months ago

Very good information about morning walk

FALGUNI 5 months ago

i loved it

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