Importance of Food

Importance of Food

Importance of Food

This hub importance of food gives you brief knowledge of food and its importance to our health and food essential for our body and also provides you menu for health building  .

Food plays very vital role in maintaining proper health and also helps in prevention and cure of diseases . Good nutritive food makes health ,but at the same time bad or unhealthy food give rise to several diseases. Our cells , tissues and all organs works properly only with nutritious food which we eat .


All body functions metabolic,hormonal, mental, physical or chemical cannot be performed by the body without nutritive food . Food provides us with important nutrition which is important in cure of disease .Bad food is responsible for lowered immunity system of body

Human cells need 45 chemical components and other elements which are called essential nutrients and these all must be present in adequate healthy food, Oxygen and water are the two and other 43 are classified in 5 main category i.e. Proteins , fat ,carbohydrates , minerals and vitamins these all nutrients are vitally important for managing our body functions .

Many researchers claims that various diseases are caused by essential nutrients under supply, but they also claim these diseases can also be corrected when all the nutrients are supplied, in a proper way .

A well-balanced , nutritive and correct diet is thus of utmost importance for the maintenance of good health and the healing of diseases.

Such a diet, obviously should be made up of foods, which in combination would supply all the essential nutrients.


Importance of Grains, Seeds and Nuts in our food :


They all are at utmost importance of all other food which is essential for growth of human. Seeds, nuts and grains are examples of some essential unsaturated fatty acids necessary for health.

- Millet, wheat, oats, barley, brown rice, beans and peas are all highly valuable in building health.

- Wheat, mung beans, alfalfa seeds and soya beans make excellent sprouts.

- Examples of protein rich diet - tSunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts

and soya beans .

They are all excellent sources of lecithin , vitamin B and vit.C and rich source of minerals.


Importance of VEGETABLES in our food :

Vegetables are also important as they are excellent source of vitamins , enzymes and minerals if they are consumed in their natural raw state.


Importance of FRUITS in our food :

Fruits are also excellent source of minerals , vitamins and enzymes like vegetables , the best thing about fruits is that they are very digestive, other importance of fruits are :

- Fruits are highly alkaline in nature i.e. they contains low percentage of protein and fats and a high percentage of water .

- Fruits itself is a complete food .

These three types of nutrients should be supplemented by some other types of special food as milk , honey and vegetables oil etc .


Menu For Health Building

In the morning upon arising :

1 glass full of lukewarm water + 1 teaspoon honey + 1/2 lemon Or a glass full of seasonal fruit juice .

Breakfast :

Fresh available seasonal fruits + a cup butter milk + raw nuts + sunflower or pumpkin seeds

Mid morning snack :

Fruits such as apple , banana .


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mahima khanna 5 years ago

yes it is tru that food is so important to live life for long .food play a very vital role in maintaining proper healyh.

garima kumar 5 years ago

exactly, this simple information will really help taecher's to describe the importance of food in the class.

kirishna 5 years ago

good essay thank you

jenna 5 years ago

These vital informations have been very helpful for my introduction on food and at the same time increase my knowledge on the importance of having a well balanced diet . thank you

jb from mauritius

Nweze princess (esut biochemistry jiga)thnx 5 years ago

At list,this has made me to no the importance of food that am taken and the proper food to take at a particular time.

laeticia antoinette 5 years ago

food is good for ourself every day we must have a good regular food and a diet we must have breakfast lunch dinner....

Neelam 4 years ago

we need food ev everyday y and we get it. wat abt ze other who dnt get it, are staying healthy?? we should thnk abt them, dnt we??

musty kano 4 years ago

hlo gud day my name is musty think you

sanjeev 4 years ago

Food is the first need of human life.without food we can not live more

blessed .e 4 years ago

i think so. we need to maintain healthy growth.

Sam 4 years ago

Eat well live well!

Manya 4 years ago

Excelent!!!!!!!!Really food is very important to any living being!!!!!!!!

harikrishnan 4 years ago


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PREET 3 years ago

its jst really best information to complete my assignment . thnx

khyatika 3 years ago

it is really helpful .

Rishita Kanwar 3 years ago

thnx . my teacher has gave me A grade for this answer

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this is nonsense improve!!!

anna 2 years ago

the food is very important for our health

thanks for this.... i cna answer my homework now.... 2 years ago

thanks for this i can answer my homework now

harman 2 years ago

Instead of eating junk food we must must start eating healthy fruits.......

meenu.c 2 years ago

Eat good food and stay healthy.

gokul 2 years ago

thanks now i could complete my article

Getrude 2 years ago

Tnkz,ready to face de examz

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Thx I need that 4 an essay and thx 2 u I might get a really goo mark!

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a person suffering from hungry, is like a tea no sugar.

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well description

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wow great help

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    Importance of food

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