Improve Your Arm Power !

Pull Up
Pull Up

Improve your arm power without going to the gym!

Improve Your Arm Power!

For those of you who are seeking for simple exercises to improve your arm power, I would like to share with you on the exercises I do to help increase my arm power!

I usually do push ups and pull ups to help train up my arm power when I do not have time to hit the weights.

Now as some of you already know, push ups are one of the simplest exercises to improve your arm power. Do not undermine this exercise because it really does help! There are many types of push ups you should do and different push ups train different group of muscles. I am going to further elaborate the types of push ups I do when I train my arm power:

First -

Normal Push Ups - Done with both of your hands shoulder width apart. Make sure your face is about to kiss the ground when you do a push up! For starters, do 10 reps per set and for those who can already do many push ups, do 20 per set.

Then -

Wide Arm Push Ups - This trains not only your arm muscle, but at the same time works your chest muscles. This is done with your arms and legs both very wide apart. I do 20 reps per set.

Lastly -

Diamond Push Ups - This push up put pressure on your triceps and it is very effective in training your triceps. At the same time it also works your chest muscle.

These 3 sets of push ups when done properly will effectively build up your arm power. It trains up your upper body strength effectively, covering your chest muscles, triceps and biceps. If you cannot do 20 reps per set, stick with 10 reps per set and then increase subsequently.

The next exercise that actually helps a lot to increase your arm power is pull ups, or some people call it chin ups. Personally, I feel that pull ups are actually the best gauge for the test of your arm power. Because the number of pull ups you can do actually shows your strength relative to your weight ratio.

Take for example - A big guy who is very strong but can only do 5 pull ups compared with a lean guy who can do 20 pull ups. Put this 2 guys to a canoe 100m challenge. Who will win? The lean guy will win, because he has more arm power as he can pull his own weight better and last longer as compared to the big guy who is very strong but does not have enough arm power to last him through the race. - Thus, pull ups are very important exercises to help improve arm power!

There are are many kinds of pull ups that trains up different part of your muscle, especially different group of back muscles. For those who have not been doing pull ups, you guys can learn how to do more pull ups!

For me, I just do 2 sets of my maximum pull ups a day to effectively build up my arm power. Right now, I am 20 years old. When I was at the age of 14, I struggled to do only 2 pull ups. I started training more and managed to pull 9 when I was 16. When I was 17 years old, I took up kayaking as a sport and my arm power improved tremendously. I hit a maximum number of 33 pull ups when i was 19 years old!

It doesnt matter if you cannot do any pull ups. Try every day, and once you break through the 1 pull up record, you will start doing more. Even if your maximum number of pull ups is 3, so be it. Do 2 sets of 3 pull ups everyday, and I promise you will do 4 pull ups after 1 week. Tested & Proven!

To sum it up, put in effort to train and your arm power will increase without having to hit the weights! Push ups and pull ups are very efficient exercises in helping you to increse your arm power. All you need is just effort, half an hour of your time per day, and install a pull up bar. That's all you need to gaining bigger muscular arms and improving your arm power!

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weeky profile image

weeky 8 years ago Author

hi there Decrescendo. Diet as in nutrition diet?

jacob 8 years ago

Thanks for this information it is really useful

king 8 years ago

thanks for useful information

Mark 7 years ago

i got a few question in my mind. i wonder why i do push ups my arms will be flabby but not lean and tone? does doing push ups and pull ups together will get lean and strong arms and body?

hope you will reply my answer. this is my email:

Bimala Rai 7 years ago

Thank you for the information!

Nidhin Mohan 7 years ago

wide arm pushup images should be given to avoid any sort of confusions.....

karthikai selvan 6 years ago

nice information i try to follow

Nabil  6 years ago

Push ups and pull ups really work for your upper body . Results will be seen after 3 months if you do them on regular basis .

Goog luck for all.

vam 6 years ago

ya, do push- ups daily and keep increasing the count every week...strength in the arms increases exponentially

manimaran 5 years ago

it's very nice i try to follow your sugestion

thank you for your kind information

Rakesh 5 years ago

Vastly valuable & most accepted info

thanks for it!!!!!

karthik 5 years ago

thanks buddy

NuclearDwarf 4 years ago

Epic, thanks.

I will try this and it will hopefully help my Badminton and Gymnastics.

Thanks :-) 3 years ago

i will try this

AZAZ 3 years ago

Thank u bro, i"ll definitely do these exercise.

all the best for your future

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