"Turning 60 Tomorrow - What's In Store?"

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Design: James Ranka
Design: James Ranka

Help For Us Former 59'ers

In precisely 16 hours, when the clock gears slip into their proper midnight slots, I will be 60 years of age. Why is the fact I will be 60 years old tomorrow morning so difficult for me to accept?

I've prepared a list designed to help me and others suffering through this ordeal at the very least, to cope, and at best, to thrive throughout the so named "golden years."

Aches and Pains

I live with a 'bad' back, shoulder, knee and my eyesight is getting worse by the day. Seems as though the only time I'm not in some form of pain is when I sleep.

Pal up with your family doctor and dentist, because you will see him/her regularly.

Get used to the idea that MRIs, colonoscopies, mammograms, dental work, eye exams will be prescribed–OFTEN! Complaining about these necessities will only make those around you take a quick exit from your presence.

Memory Loss

This frustrating reality is a part of turning 60 . . . accept it.

There is little you can do to combat forgetting what your mate said to you only 30 minutes before. Although this is a progressive ailment, getting more brain to your oxygen . . . make that, 'more oxygen to your brain' is possible through exercise and approved supplements. And lest I forget...


You are NOT 30 anymore, and you're not trying out for the Olympics! TAKE IT EASY, or, at least, take it easier. You're body is in a state of decline now. You are quickly losing muscle mass and endurance.

Weight lifting is a necessity for us 60 year old wonders, but we cannot bench press 350 pounds, or curl 200 pounds these days. Use light weights and aim for increased repetitions. The idea is to tone your body, not to become Mr. or Ms. Universe.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

As I turn 60, I am noticing gravity has taken its toll on my once-beautiful, flawless and non-wrinkled skin. I now see ugly spots, bumps—other ornery things that just simply show up EVERY day, and I hate 'em.

Trying to ward off these growing armies of skin attackers is useless, especially if you've spent a lot of time in the sun. In my younger days, I was a sun worshiper. I always sported a tanned, "healthy" appearance. Little did I know the consequences would be so severe.

Oh yeh - I forgot the chicken neck look. Isn't that a wondrous, comely, facial feature to behold? Plastic surgery helps with this hen-hinged hang, but the latest procedure only holds lift for 2 years or so, and you're back where you started. Save your money for other things like . . .


Turning 60 years old:

  1. I have come to realize I am going to hurt.
  2. I will never look 25 again.
  3. I am beginning to lose memory.
  4. I can't lift 500 pounds over my head.
  5. And I sport spots and other formidable skin terminators, but I can still enjoy life!

The absolute, number 1 on the list of worst decisions a 60 year old person makes, is GIVE UP!

Never, never give up.

I know you hurt–tie those exercise shoes, walk out your door to the car where you will drive to the gym for a workout. Lack of exercise, or worse, NO exercise will allow muscle atrophy to set in.

Before you reach the age of 70, you'll be depending on a cane or wheelchair to make your way around the house. Take care of that 60 year old body and by the time you reach that next milestone, you will be in a healthy position to still enjoy an active life.

  • Remember to exercise your brain . . . read a book, or write one! Hey, there's an idea.
  • Become active in your church.
  • Go to a casino and feed the slots: Just remember, those one-armed bandits stay hungry and they seldom pay for their food (think about it; the humor is there.)

Look Out Here He Comes

Wow, the countdown continues: I'm now waiting only 14 hours to meeting Mister Age 60. I sure hope he turns out to be a nice guy!



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Jenna Pope profile image

Jenna Pope 4 years ago from Southern California

You know what? Life begins at 60! Make the most of it! Great Hub. Voted up.

copywriter31 profile image

copywriter31 4 years ago from Port Neches Author

Thanks, Jenna - Hope you are right. I'll know in, well, it's only 12 hours away now. LOL. And I will make the most of it. Thanks for the up vote!


profile image

Larry Wall 4 years ago

I turned 61 this year. I remember turning 60. I had lost my job of 22 years seven months earlier--when I was only 59. But being out of work at 60 was harder and it is harder at 61 because you know at 62, unless you are absolutely brilliant, everyone knows you can start drawing Social Security, so why bother hiring you. Experience, dedication, knowledge, do not seem to count for much any more. Younger people are cheaper, we all remember those days. My biggest issue is insurance. I am looking forward to Medicare. With the right kind of supplemental policy, you are pretty well covered.

As young people we made plans for tomorrow. As a older person we make plans for the years we are going to live, where our health may be declining, our medical expenses increasing and the aches and pains get worse.

I had a friend whose father referred to those years as the rusty years and not the golden years. He may be correct.

copywriter31 profile image

copywriter31 4 years ago from Port Neches Author

Larry, these are excellent comments and observations. I, too, was caught in the bait fish net, along with hundreds of thousands more at age 58. While collecting my unemployment, I home-schooled my self in SEO copywriting and website design. The online competition in these 2 areas is mind boggling. However, I feel confident with any Internet advertising opportunities that do come my way. Tomorrow I go in for another MRI on my lower back. Our insurance covers 80% - sounds like a lot, but we will still owe close to $300. These tests and meds add up. I hope the golden years don't turn out to become the rusty years. ... I'm just going to take it one day at a time. Thanks for your insight.

profile image

Larry Wall 4 years ago

Just curious and none on my business. Does your insurance have an out-of-pocket maximum per year.

copywriter31 profile image

copywriter31 4 years ago from Port Neches Author

It does, Larry - but I'm not sure of the amount.

profile image

Larry Wall 4 years ago

I asked that because it is a good number to know. I do not know if you are in a situation where you can set up a health savings account, but if you could, it might make it easier when making those co-payments. I had one on my last job and it was great to have. .

Abecedarian profile image

Abecedarian 4 years ago from These United States, Texas

I know how you feel, but it's not the age...it's the miles. A brand new car can fall apart if too many miles are put on it and it's not serviced properly. Most of my relatives are long in the tooth, several hitting 100 or very close to it, so I plan on enjoying every minute of every day, I can still keep up with my kids and my grandkids, it just takes me a little longer to get motivated the next day.

copywriter31 profile image

copywriter31 4 years ago from Port Neches Author

"I can still keep up with my kids and my grandkids, it just takes me a little longer to get motivated the next day." ... your words.

Words to live by . . . I hoped my hub didn't come across as totally negative (maybe it did.) I was trying to express the happiness a 30 minute workout at the gym brings. And I firmly believe 'moving' in place of 'thinking' is the key to a happier life post-60.

Thanks for your comments!


copywriter31 profile image

copywriter31 4 years ago from Port Neches Author

It is 11:59 PM on 8/2 2012. In 1 more minute I will have achieved a lifetime of 60 years. If I don't die, or otherwise stop breathing, I can officially say I am 60 years old!

Seira Girl profile image

Seira Girl 4 years ago from North Carolina

Happy Belated Birthday, copywriter!! Don't you know 60 is the new 40? (Remind me I said that in 9 more years when I catch up to you! lol!) But you're right on about the exercise thing! Every time I'm tempted to skip a workout, I think about my own mother who is wheelchair ridden, and how she'd give anything to be able to just WALK again! It's a great motivator! As I tell everyone - I'll take every year the good Lord gives me - to complain about them would be a slap in His face! Hope you had a wonderful 60th!!

copywriter31 profile image

copywriter31 4 years ago from Port Neches Author

Appreciate your comments, Seira Girl. And every morning when I begin my "waking mode" I'll remember that 60 is the new 40 . . . maybe it will help grease the joints as they snap, crackle and pop. LOL.


answers-questions profile image

answers-questions 4 years ago

Hi copywriter,

Happy birthday !!!

copywriter31 profile image

copywriter31 4 years ago from Port Neches Author

Made another one, answers . . . that's a good thing!

James Nanninga profile image

James Nanninga 3 years ago from DeFuniak Springs, Florida

Hi, I enjoyed reading your hub because it made me think. But I'm a little confused. I'm 65 going on 40 according to my doctor. I feel 40 and since early retirement I power walk 10 miles a day in 2 hours and 12 minutes. I believe that this will keep me active and participating until 100 and more. You just might need to start and aggressive walking plan and it just might keep you young. Thank you

copywriter31 profile image

copywriter31 3 years ago from Port Neches Author

Hey James, thanks for your comment! There was a time, not so long ago, where I lifted weights for 30 minutes and did 40 minutes on the elliptical. For whatever reason, I just do not have the desire, drive, and ambition to do this anymore. Maybe 1 day, these healthy desires will return, but 'til then, I will do the best I can with I have . . . a relatively healthy body and mind.

James Nanninga profile image

James Nanninga 3 years ago from DeFuniak Springs, Florida

Sounds like you need to start with with a healthy Vemma Bold energy drink to get you going. The options to not exercising are not pretty. Have a super day and live long.

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