In Search of a Natural Cure for Yeast Infection

Yeast infections run the gamut from vaginitis to a fingernail yeast infection. Yeast likes warm moist environments which is why vaginal yeast is perhaps the most talked about type of yeast infection in terms of treatments. It is an intimate area and it is something that most women experience at some time in their lives and it is something that they would rather not have to deal with or talk about because of embarrassment and the feeling of uncleanliness and the self consciousness when the urge to scratch that itch becomes so overwhelming that you have to run off and hide in order to scratch the area. Men also get yeast and fungal infections in the groin area known as jock itch and penile yeast infection. For men also the urge to itch in these intimate parts when in public can be quite discomfiting.

Yeast and Antifungal Medications

This leads yeast infection sufferers to seek out the fastest way to get rid of their infection without thinking about the side effects and consequences. Many people would rather not wait for over the counter yeast infection cures like monistat to take effect after a couple of weeks. They frequently want their infection gone in a day or two and this is understandable. However the only way this can happen is with antibiotics and there are certain dangers to going down this path.

Antibiotics can hep get rid of yeast infections quickly whether a simple foot infection or a full blown sysytemic Candida infection. The problem is that antibiotics also destroy the natural flora present in the human body that acts as a counterbalance to candida. This can weaken your immune system and set you up for a second round of candida infection because of a depressed immune system and imbalanced bacterial flora in your digestive tract.Antifungal medication are readily available and will take time to work but they won't kill off the "good" bacteria. Antifungal creams like miconazole, clotrimazole and oral medications like Diflucan are all good places to start your yeast infection treatment. You can then migrate to more natural cures for yeast infections that will help prevent yeast outbreaks in the future as well as maintain your balance of good bacteria. Some of these are simple home remedies that are essentially a free natural cure for yeast infection.

Yeast Infection Prevention

There are some simple precautions that you can take so as not to worsen your yeast infection. You should avoid staying in damp clothing for too long. using douches and feminine sprays or any deodorized pads or tampons will aggravate the infection. Stay clear of them. Avoid clothing made fom synthetic materials like polyester and instead stick to cotton. this allows your infected area to breather. Also make sure that your clothing does not fit too tightly. Drying your genital area thoroughly after a shower (use a blow dryer or fan if need be) helps keep the infected area moisture free and we all know how candida loves moisture. See image below representative of Candida cells magnified.

Candida Cells

Yeast Infection Cures and Diet

Natural cures for yeast infection work best when diets are adjusted to take advantage of probiotic foods in the diet. Probiotics is a fancy term beneficial micro organisms. By introducing specific species of bacteria into the digestive tract and colon you allow a protective gut microflora of bacteria like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium to develop. This happens when you ingest fermented milk. You are essentially building up your live lactic acid bacteria in the battle against anti bacterial substances like vinegar and antibiotics and so this functions as a natural cure for yeast infection.

These probiotics should be non-pathogenic, non-toxigenic, should last during storage and use and must be able to survive and metabolise in the gut. Probiotics although not exactly a direct natural cure for a yeast infection does enhance the intestinal microflora and create other substances in the gut like fatty acids that control other harmful bacteria like E Coli and salmonella. Probiotics can be considered as a natural treatment for yeast infection

Natural Cures for Yeast Infections at Your Health Food Store

As you can see from probiotics are an important part of the diet of a yeast infection sufferer and consuming foods that have a probiotic effect or taking a probiotic supplement will go a long way toward diminishing a yeast infection. Foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, cheese and garlic contain probiotics in the form of live lactic acid bacteria. Garlic is also a powerful antifungal and antibacterial whose health giving properties as a natural cure for vaginal yeast infection can be obtained by both internal and topical application. Garlic is best in its raw form and should be chewed or grated so that the essential oil can be used as a natural cure for yeast infections

Another all natural cure for yeast infection is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil contain compunds known as terpenoids. These substances have which have been found to have antiseptic and antifungal qualities and are responsible for the type of smell that you find in plants like eucalyptus and for the familiar flavors of cinnamon and ginger. Other familiar terpenoids include menthol and camphor. Tea tree oil is commonly diluted and then applied topically to the yeast infected area. Tea Tree oil has long been thought of as a natural remedy for yeast infection.

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