Increasing Chances of Conceiving - Five Ways to Boost your Fertility

Becoming a parent is joyful; however, how many people are able to conceive without any problems? There are many couples who do not have problems with fertility, but this is not the case with all the couples. In this day of technology, there are various methods of conception and the recent being womb transplantation. Doctors try their level best to see whether there are chances to increase fertility before they ask a couple to choose an alternative method of conception. What are ways to boost your fertility? How to increase your chances of conceiving?


1. Reduce Stress

Is there anyone who is not affected by stress? It is just not the monotony of our work makes us stress, but a couple can also be stressed when they are not able to conceive even after many attempts. Studies show that there is a connection between stress and fertility; this tells us how important it is to reduce stress levels if you are serious about conceiving. There are various ways to reduce stress like listening to music, dancing, taking a break from the routine, etc. Use these techniques and reduce stress to increase your chances of conceiving.

2. Weight Problems

With fashion in mind we see a lot of skinny girls around, don’t we? Being skinny as well as being overweight, both leads to problems in conception; doctors recommend a healthy weight for conception.Director of the division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, William Gibbons, MD says that women don’t think there is a connection between weight and fertility. He says that a healthy body mass index (BMI) is essential for conception. Body mass index of

  1. 18.5-24.9 is considered normal weight
  2. 25-29.9 is overweight
  3. 30 or higher is obese.

Take care of your weight and either reduce weight or gain weight depending on your body mass index to increase your chances of conceiving.

3. Improper Diet

Have you heard of the adage “You are what you eat?” This holds very much true for conception also. Majority of us prefer eating junk foods or fried foods even though we know they are not healthy; indulging in these foods once a while is not going to harm our health, but eating them regularly definitely affects fertility. It is time you switch on to healthy diet to boost your fertility. Eat foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, etc.; include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as part of your diet. You may also consult your doctor and check if it is required to take any vitamin supplements.

4. Changes in Lifestyle

Do you or your better half smoke or drink a lot? Smoking and alcohol consumption reduces fertility levels in both men and women. It is also advisable to reduce the consumption of soda and coffee to increase your chances of conception. According to American Society of Reproductive Medicine, “an intake of 200 to 250 mg of caffeine a day is acceptable.” It is always good to remember the adage “Too much of anything is not good” and changing your lifestyles accordingly. If you are not able to avoid drinking, make it a point to drink in moderation. For smokers, remember that the more you smoke the less your chances of conception are as smoking can reduce sperm counts.

5. Delaying lovemaking

There are couples who wait till their day of ovulation to have intercourse. They might feel that if they make love close to their ovulation day, they have an increased chance of conceiving; this is often true, but doctors advise that waiting too much or delaying lovemaking may hamper sperm counts. It is not necessary to have an intercourse every other day and at the same time waiting for a longer period of time is also not advisable.

Keep these ways in your mind to boost your fertility and enjoy parenthood soon. If you feel that you still have problems in conception, the best solution is to consult your medical practitioner.

Wishing couples in advance happy parenthood!


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