India Bans Smoking in Public Places


Effective from 2nd October 2008, Legislation has been passed banning smoking in public places and it is punishable offense. 2nd October happens to be Gandhi’s birthday (revered as ‘father of the nation’) and success of smoking ban will be a tribute for the great but humble leader. Tobacco smoking in India kills 900,000 people a year, a figure expected to rise to a million by 2010. I don't smoke, it matters less to me. For smokers its going to be a tough time. They need a very strong willpower to give it up. Some habbits die hard. "From 2ndOctober India is going to go smoke-free in all public places," Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Mr. Ramadoss said. "The aim is to discourage the smokers, to make them quit or reduce smoking. Also all non-smoking employees have a right to a 100% smoke-free atmosphere. "The perils of passive smoking are equally bad,” he said. Major health effects of smoking tobacco, is an increased risk in lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. Smoking effects can be slow hair growth, thinning and graying of hair and blockage of carotid artery may cut off the blood supply to the brain cells, which results in stroke (cerebral thrombosis). The worst smoking effect on eyes and nose can be permanent blindness and loss of sense of smell. Smoking affects the appearance of teeth and also results in plaque, loose teeth, gum disease and gingivitis. The most dreaded lung cancer, feeling out of breath, colds and flu, pneumonia, asthma, cough are all smoking effects which will more or less make your life hell. Two immediate smoking effects on heart and circulation are an increase in your heartbeat rate and a sharp rise in blood pressure. Smoking effects are heartburn, peptic ulcers, gallstones and stomach cancer.

A smoker has to makeup his mind to quit smoking. It has to be 100 percent, as anything less than this would not do. It should be understood that it is far easier for a confirmed smoker not to smoke a single cigarette than to struggle with a reduced number. Thus one has to aim at quitting completely. There is nothing like a "reduction in smoking".

“My smoking might be bothering you, but it's killing me” - Colette

“Tobacco surely was designed to poison, and destroy mankind” - Philip Freneau


The government should also implement the ban on manufacture and sale of tobacco products eventhough it looses its revenue.

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cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 8 years ago from North Carolina

That's terrific news, it is about time. People who like to smoke can smoke inside rooms and inhale it themselves, why should we inhale their smoke.

starcatchinfo profile image

starcatchinfo 8 years ago Author



ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

It would be hard, probably impossible, to force a global ban or even a national ban in amerika. However it would certainly be the right thing to do.

jbullet profile image

jbullet 7 years ago

I think this is a very good idea.

HealthyHanna profile image

HealthyHanna 5 years ago from Utah

Interesting. And I agree.

Mohd younis sofi 5 years ago

I think this step which is taken by govt. will be good for feature genrations

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