Information on Erection Problems

It's quite common for men to experience occasional problems maintaining an erection. Erection problems in young men are common, as are the more talked about problem of erectile dysfunction in men nearing the age of 40. It doesn't have to be a big deal, if it is, indeed, occasional. Sadly, for some, it turns into a more serious problem. A more permanent problem.

These men might only experience partial or brief erections. Some even completely lose the ability to achieve an erection. If the problem becomes permanent, it spreads. The man can lose his self-esteem and his self-confidence, his failure to perform, to get hard, makes him feel like less of a man. It hurts the relationship. It can even hurt the self-esteem of his partner. "Why do I not turn him on?". It follows that erection problems are a serious issue. Luckily, it is also an issue, where medicine has made significant progress, and those whose problems are not mental, but medical, can now receive effective treatment.

Erection Problems in Young Men

First, we will talk about a frequent mental problem, causing the young, inexperienced man to lose the ability to stay hard. When he is hit by performance anxiety.

The pressure these days for a man to be able to perform sexually is enormous. It sometimes seem, that it is the yardstick with which society judges a man. His sexual prowess. It puts enormous pressure on a man about to experience sexual relations for the first time. What is supposed to be something beautiful and something to savor, might become something full of fears, something to get over with. It takes the young man out of the moment. It causes, as a biological defense mechanism, all the blood to flow away from the penis and into the heart, lungs and muscles.

The solution is mental. To stay tough and positive. Realize that this is something wonderful, but at the same time, that there is nothing to be afraid of. If you stay positive and believe that this will be amazing sex, it will in fact be amazing sex. Imagine all the things you will do to your partner. Stay in the moment, concentrate on the foreplay, let your desires take over.

For some, however, the problem is not mental. It is biological.

Erectile Dysfunction

Especially with age, the amount of blood flowing to the penis tends to decrease, making it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection. When the problem is no longer mental, obviously neither is the solution. For a long time medicine offered little help, but in the late 90's the introduction of Viagra changed this. The pill offeres an easy and mostly effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Viagra, or Sildenafil as the active drug is called, was originally intended to treat high blood pressure. It was discovered that, while it wasn't effective at its original purpose, it was very effective as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. This was in no way bad news for Phizer, for whom Viagra became a huge success. Likewise, it was very good news for the millions of men suffering from this condition.

Sildenafil works by relaxing the arteries in t penis, thereby allowing increased blod flow. The mechanism only occurs when there is sexual stimulation. Since the introduction of Viagra, two additional drugs has since arrived on the market, Levitra and Cialis. Both drugs works in similar ways. The main selling point of Cialis is that the drug is effective longer, up to 36 hours, as opposed to around 4 hours for Viagra and Levitra. It has also been introduced as a drug taken daily, at a lower dose, instead of the typical "when needed" approach.

For all three drugs it is important to realize, that there are reports on serious adverse side effects, as well as there are many contraindications. Before taking any of them, it is therefore important to consult your doctor. This consultation should also include a serious analysis of the problem, to be sure that it is, indeed, medical, and not mental.

Erection problems are serious. The ability to stay hard, to perform sexually, is essential to a man's psychological well being and to his chance for a successful, stable relationship. The good news for men suffering from this problem, is that in the vast majority of cases it can be solved, either by the power of your mind or through medical treatment.

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Mark 7 years ago

My erections became weaker with age. I use Extagen. It helps a lot. I have chosen this drug because I don't feel any side effects connected with the intake of it.

ultimateherbal 7 years ago

Herbal supplements can be considered to treat ED.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 7 years ago from Tumkur

There are Ayurvedic pills to remedy this problem. Pills like-Paurush,Vajjekaran. could be safely used. But nothing can give a permanent solution except the mental determination.Change your life style:do not drink, don't take junk food, don't masterbate daily, and the things will be alright.

edguider profile image

edguider 7 years ago

Good hub Thomas. Check out 2 of mine that I have just finished, related to erection problems.....

Mark P 7 years ago

For all of those who think Male performance Products are just for older guys, please read.

Unfortunately there are prescription drugs out there that say "may cause sexual side effects." I took one of these prescrption drugs and now that has ruined my ability to do the deed without assistance. It sucks that this happens, but not being able to get it up is not the fault of the person nor does it make them less of a man. Many times its because of physiological problems or medical reasons.

I started taking the Dr Max Powers HGH Spray and it had allowed me to carry on a somewhat normal sexual life. It seems to be a very natural way to boost male sex drive and erections without harmful side effects.

My point is people: Go the more natural alternative way like the Dr Max HGH Spray. I sure wish I found it sooner that the prescription stuff I took.

I highly recommend it. Thank you

Noznast 7 years ago

If you can't stay hard, I advise you taking Extagen. This drug has saved my relationships.

ultimate herbal 7 years ago

Thats very true, there are many pills available for erectile dysfunction. But what I assume is most important factor could be stress and your level of comfirt with your partner.

More confirtable you are with your partner, the stronger erection you will get.

hansel grehn 6 years ago

there are safe testosterone booster in the market that will boost your testosterone level and achieve strong and harder erection plus you will avoid the side effects of having low testosterone level. for more information about male erection follow the link below:

Steffan Goldsmith 6 years ago

Check out my blog I've found a really effective treatment. It contains 100% natural herbal ingredients, boosts sexual stamina and gives firmer, more powerful erections and longer lasting sex every time. Its awesome, so good it comes with a money back guarantee. I'm ready for action within 1 hour, maintain my arousal for 48 hours and I have increased energy for days. Great price too

Paolo P 6 years ago

Ok, i dont have ED or nothing like that but sometimes when you meet a new partner you may get a bit anxious. This combination with liquor can set up disaster. I'll tell you, the Dr Max Powers HGH Spray is no joke. this stuff is a serious confidence booster.

I took 2 sprays with warm water on an empty stomach around 10 pm. An hour later i felt really sexual. Like aroused n in the mood. The last thing i was thinking about was if i was going to be hard or not. if i was going to do a good job , if i was big enough....... NOTHING.....I just plain out felt really turned on. As my partner and i began foreplay, i was erect in a matter that i had never had. It was like if all the blood was rushing in there.....

The experience was great and we were both extremely satisfied. I had 3 drinks and the pills were still effective. I understand everyone wont have the same effects. An honest review , this product works. Give it a try it may work for u... though from my experience , i dont know why it shouldn't. i dont write reviews , but i feel that people who need some help can use this as guidelines.... Oh yea the only side effects was i had a stuffy nose and very thirsty ....

dawnM profile image

dawnM 6 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

working with married couples and sexual issues, I do run into problems with men and problems with not being able to ejaculate as quickly, die to medications and such, also I believe that as a man gets older her may have more n his mind and is not able to release as well. This is and interesting article thank-you for the information

Gio 6 years ago

Man there is a heap of alternatives for this. I would like to throw one more out there - hypnosis. I brought a CD from this one site here and seriously, it actually worked. I originally brought it as a joke present for my mate and ended up keeping it and using it. There are heaps of CDs like this one around, I have not tried the other ones, but this worked for me if anyone cares to have a look.

Hugh G 5 years ago

Never used stuff from Dr Max Powers before, I was very happy with their HGH spray. I feel its something that should be taken in low quantity just to push you over the edge. I felt stronger, more energitic, had a glow and an even viagra type affect while on this spray.

rg in Calif 5 years ago

have been on methadone and low levels of Hydrocone ( for addiction to pain pills, and chronic pain) plus restoril for sleep. I drink beer on weekends. My penis is getting shorter and i have NO desire for sex. any of you have experience and ideas for me.

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